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Happy birthday and many happy returns Stephanie Granger, Alexander the Great (356 BC), Gregor Mendel (1822), Hazel Hawke (1929), Diana Rigg (1938) and Terri Irwin (1964). Born on the same magical day, across the years. Friend's day in Argentina. In 1592, During the first Japanese invasion of Korea, Japanese forces led by Toyotomi Hideyoshi captured Pyongyang, although they were ultimately unable to hold it. 1779, Tekle Giyorgis I began the first of his six reigns as Emperor of Ethiopia. 1936, The Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits was signed in Montreux, Switzerland, allowing Turkey to fortify the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus but guaranteeing free passage to ships of all nations in peacetime. 1944, Adolf Hitler survived an assassination attempt by German Resistance member Claus von Stauffenberg (pictured), who hid a bomb inside a briefcase during a conference at the Wolfsschanze military headquarters in East Prussia. 1969, The Apollo 11 lunar module landed on the Sea of Tranquillity, where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon six-and-a-half hours later. A day of many augurs. Think you happiest thought, extend your wand and "Expecto Patronum!"


Tim Blair – Saturday, July 20, 2013 (4:00pm)

The ABC’s PNG correspondent Liam Cochrane shares his organisation’s new-found concern over Islamic integration: 
The people I spoke to on the streets of Port Moresby were quite negative in their reaction to it. One man said he was concerned about the influx of people of a different culture, a different religion coming here with different ideas and how that would affect society. Another man said: “Why should we take these people in when the government here in PNG can’t even look after its own people?” 
This was reported entirely without judgment. 



Tim Blair – Saturday, July 20, 2013 (3:26pm)

These serial numbers tell a story:


More than 40 years ago, the machinery bearing those numbers – now recovered from the Atlantic ocean – launched mankind’s first voyage to the moon:



Tim Blair – Saturday, July 20, 2013 (3:17pm)

This site, 17 months ago
No passport, no entry by any means. 
As previously noted, it just takes a while for Labor to catch up
The government on Saturday paid for full page newspaper advertisements across the country stating: “If you come here by boat without a visa you won’t be settled in Australia”. 



Tim Blair – Saturday, July 20, 2013 (2:41pm)

Martin Samuel considers the second-innings dismissal of Australian opener Chris Rogers at Lord’s: 
This may well be the most consistently incompetent sequence of events in the history of Test cricket, in that not a single action was performed efficiently. The ball was atrocious, the shot worse, the appeal was unwarranted, the decision erroneous and refusing to review was a mistake. 
At least he walked off without falling over or setting fire to his hair. Remarkably, Australia’s bowlers have restricted Alastair Cook, Jonathan Trott and Kevin Pietersen to just 274 runs in the first two Tests – an average of 22.8. Yet Australia’s own dismal batting is sending us towards consecutive defeats.



Tim Blair – Saturday, July 20, 2013 (3:59am)

ABC Pacific correspondent Sean Dorney worries about the “resentment” and “culture shock” that may follow the resettling of refugees in Papua New Guinea: 
There are going to be a lot of communities in PNG asking, “Well, what about us?”
PNG does not have a welfare system and the main cities have thousands of people living in squatter settlements.
There is also the issue of culture shock – likely from both sides. Many of these people found to be genuine refugees will have little in common with Papua New Guineans.
PNG is overwhelmingly Christian. 
Imagine similar concerns ever being raised by the ABC about refugees settling in Australia.
UPDATE. The New York Times seeks to explain Australia’s asylum-seeker situation: 
Thousands of asylum seekers fly into Indonesia every year, where they pay smugglers to ferry them in often unsafe, overcrowded vessels to Christmas Island, a remote Australian territory in the Indian Ocean that is its nearest point to Indonesia. Accidents at sea have killed more than 600 people since late 2009, and a long-term solution has bedeviled successive Australian governments going back more than a decade. 
This is wrong. A long-term solution existed under Coalition policies from 2002 until 2007, when an average of just three boats per year reached Australian waters. That solution was abandoned by Labor in 2008, with immediate results:




Tim Blair – Saturday, July 20, 2013 (3:21am)

Following Detroit’s bankruptcy, further bad news for Michigan Democrats: 
Flint’s best-known power couple is apparently splitting with Michael Moore and Kathleen Glynn going their separate ways. 
Moore is now Flint’s best-known power couple all by himself. 


The first boat to test Rudd

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (3:47pm)

The first boat arrives. How many on board will see Nauru:

The first group of boat people who could be sent to Papua New Guinea under the Australian government’s tough new asylum seeker policy has been intercepted north of Christmas Island.
A brief statement from Australian Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said a boat with 81 passengers and two crew on board was stopped by HMAS Bathurst on Saturday morning, and had been transferred to Christmas Island for health checks. 


Labor’s big trick

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (2:56pm)

Labor wants your thanks for acting to stop the boats and cut the carbon tax.
It wants you to forget Labor brought the boats and gave you the carbon tax. 


Will Labor apologise to the Howard Government?

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (2:36pm)

Kevin Rudd’s Immigration Minister in 2008:
Labor committed to abolishing the Pacific Solution and this was one the first things the Rudd Labor Government did on taking office.  It was also one of my greatest pleasures in politics.  Neither humane nor fair, the Pacific Solution was also ineffective and wasteful.
At massive cost to the Australian taxpayer – I am advised that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship expended $309.8 million between September 2001 and 29 February 2008 to run the Nauru and Manus Offshore Processing Centres (OPCs) – the Howard government sought to outsource our international protection obligations to less developed countries when we should have been shouldering them ourselves…
The Pacific Solution was not about maintaining integrity or public confidence in Australia’s arrangements.  It was about the cynical politics of punishing refugees for domestic political purposes.
Kevin Rudd’s Immigration Minister yesterday:

It will be vessels from now on intercepted or on reaching Australia that will have the new rules applied to them. To send people to Manus Island, the health checks themselves take up to two weeks.
So there will be a delay from the first boats arriving before people begin to be transferred to Manus Island… But from now on, vessels that are intercepted will have the new rules apply to them.
Labor is trying to fix what it destroyed.
Why did it wait five years to do so?
Will it take responsibility for the more than 1000 deaths in the meantime?
Will it take responsibility for the wasted billions spent dealing with the 46,000 boat people who have arrived?
Will it apologise to the Liberals, who warned all along that Labor’s policies were disastrous and were abused for doing so?
(Note: Rudd’s Immigration Minister in 2008 was Chris Evans, not Burke as the link suggests.) 


The Left accepts from Rudd what it hates from Abbott

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (2:15pm)

Boat people policy, Culture wars
With many tribalists of the Left it’s not the principle that counts but the side.
John Menadue, former private secretary to Gough Whitlam and board member of the Centre for Policy Development, March 2012.
One-liners derived from focus groups and dog-whistling don’t add up to an acceptable refugee policy. But that is what the Coalition offers.’Stop the boats … turn them back to Indonesia… take the boat people to Nauru.’
It is important to examine carefully the so-called Pacific solution that Tony Abbott gives us as one-liners. The cost of Nauru in the 2000s was extremely high, both for the people imprisoned and the taxpayer, with minimal benefits to Australia.
John Menadue today:
With some reservations I support the general thrust of the [boat people deal] with PNG ... The RSA has been obviously negotiated quickly. As PM Rudd said ‘many other steps lie ahead’. But this arrangement with PNG based on burden-sharing is a much more promising approach than the recent nonsense about amending the Refugee Convention and describing increasing number of refugees as really only ‘economic migrants’.
(Thanks to reader Baldrick.) 


On The Bolt Report tomorrow

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (2:11pm)

On Channel 10 tomorrow at 10am and 4pm.
Kevin Rudd says he’s fixing the boats and has fixed the carbon tax.  Is he?
On the show: shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey, former Finance Minister and warming sceptic Nick Minchin and former Labor MP Belinda Neal.
The twitter feed.
The place the videos appear


No, Jacqueline, a Muslim MP’s icy windscreen in western Sydney isn’t my proof

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (1:40pm)

One of the most critical failings of the media Left - one that particularly crippled the Gillard Government - is a tendency to see conservatives as caricatures.
They are stupid. They are evil. They are narrow minded.
This leads many Leftists to dismiss argument with abuse. In fact, it seems often to absolve them of any responsibility even to understand the arguments of conservatives.
I am often astonished, for instance, how many journalists writing about global warming think climate sceptics “deny climate change” or “deny the science”, when they don’t deny the former at all and are more likely than warmists to cite data and studies.
Part of this problem, I suspect, is that modern Leftists are in fact collectivists and tribalists at heart (which is why for so may what counts is not the principle but the side) and tend to dominate the media class, as surveys of journalists confirm. Leftists in the media class rarely have to debate conservatives, but conservatives in the media class always have to debate Leftists. Debating familiarises one with the arguments of the other. No debate can leave you clueless.
All of which brings be to Jacqueline Maley of the Sydney Morning Herald.
I had long suspected her of, yes, being of the Left, but at least being more thoughtful than many others of that class and of her paper.
So reading her interview today of Ed Husic was a great disappointment. It seems my judgment was faulty, because Maley resorts to the crudest stereotypes, uninformed by any familiarity with the arguments she attempts to mock:
A fortnight ago Ed Husic rose early on a frosty Sunday, scraped ice off the windscreen of his car, and drove to a television studio to do a live interview with controversial columnist Andrew Bolt, who has his own Sunday show. An audience with Bolt, who is very outspoken on the issues of Islamic extremism and Muslim migration, was an interesting choice for Husic, who is the nation’s first Muslim MP.
Husic had that week suffered vile and (of course) anonymous abuse from online trolls for being sworn into cabinet using the Koran.

As it happened, Bolt didn’t chip him for his religion. But he did pronounce that the icy weather disproved the crazy non-science of so-called global warming.
I’m astonished.
Does Maley seriously believe I’d “chip” a Muslim MP “for his religion”? My record suggests instead I’d do no such thing - and have instead strenuously defended Husic for proclaiming his own. Indeed, it was specifically because I’d defended Husic that he came on my show.
And does Maley seriously believe I’d take icy weather in western Sydney as proof of the “ crazy non-science of so-called global warming”?
Who is this “Andrew Bolt” she purports to describe?
He is a fiction of her ego and her imagination. I’m astonished that a woman I’d assumed to be thoughtful could be so thoughtless.
Here is my interview with Husic:


Labor stands for nothing except power

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (11:10am)

Labor Senator Doug Cameron in April:
I think Manus Island has been a mistake. I think Manus Island is not appropriate. It is a penal provision against people seeking refuge and I don;t think it is appropriate. I don’t think we should spend any more money on Manus Island.
Labor Senator Doug Cameron now, after Kevin Rudd promised to send all boat people to Manus Island:

“I think [using Manus Island is] consistent with the refugees convention,” he said.
“I also believe it’s consistent with all of the arguments that have been put forward over many years to get a regional framework and I congratulate PNG for taking the step to provide support for this regional framework.”
(Thanks to reader Alan RM Jones.) 


Australians will want asylum from such rioters

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (10:11am)

Wonder how this news will be greeted in Manus Island?
VIOLENCE flared on Nauru as hundreds of asylum seekers sought to break out of the detention facility yesterday afternoon.
The Nauruan government said the situation was under control at 10pm but that several buildings had been destroyed.
Damage surveyed last night included large sections of new sleeping accommodation, which costs tens of millions of dollars to build, destroyed by fire…
Around around 300 of the 500 detainees are said to have escaped.
A Nauruan MP earlier took to state television to call for big, strong men to head to the processing camp as Nauruan riot police were overwhelmed.
Hundreds of civilians responded to their leaders’ call and there have been reports that a bus carrying detention inmates away had been attacked.
Three interpreters and three medical staff were reportedly held for an hour before being released but it was unclear if they had been injured…
Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department spokesman Sandi Logan denied the violence had anything to do with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s announcement of a “PNG solution”.


Egypt’s 12-year-old hope

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (10:00am)

Reader Malcolm is right about this astonishing boy:

Andrew this 12 year old Egyptian boy is a “must watch”.  At first I thought he was just repeating what he had been told parrot fashion, but as the clip goes on you can see that he has thought about the issues. The Emily List would love what he has to say. If only we had a Prime Minister who had half of this lad’s brains.


Obama plays race card: Trayvon Martin “could have been me”

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (9:28am)

Barack Obama stokes racial tension and incites the mobs:

You know, when Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said that this could have been my son… Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.
Did Obama 35 years ago attack an Hispanic man, smashing his nose and ramming his head into the concrete path?
Obama’s comments are despicable and irresponsible. They also seem untrue.
Obama heed of his own words when commenting on a case in which a jury found George Zimmerman shot in self defence after being attacked by the taller Trayvon Martin:

Am I wringing as much bias out of myself as I can; am I judging people, as much as I can, based on not the color of their skin but the content of their character?
Paul Mirengoff says the rest of Obama’s speech was much better.
The Left are the racists they denounce:
During a conversation on race and racial profiling on MSNBC on Thursday evening, “Hardball” host Chris Matthews offered an apology to his guests on behalf of all the white people.
“We got to continue this conversation, gentlemen, privately and on television,” he said. “I mean a lot of people out there – I’ll just tell you one thing. And I’m speaking now for all white people, but especially people who have had to try to change the last 50 or 60 years. A lot of them have really tried to change and I’m sorry for this stuff. That’s all I’m saying.”


ABC worries Rudd is sending Muslim boat people to a Christian country

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (9:00am)

ABC Pacific correspondent Sean Dorney warns of possible “culture shock” if refugees are resettled in Papua New Guinea:

Many of these people found to be genuine refugees will have little in common with Papua New Guineans.
PNG is overwhelmingly Christian.
Tim Blair:

Imagine similar concerns ever being raised by the ABC about refugees settling in Australia.
The Age’s Michael Gordon is a bit down on PNG:

The sugar has been taken off the table, and replaced with arsenic.


Rudd’s boat deal. The questions

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (8:50am)

Boat people policy
Kevin Rudd’s idea - to send boat people to PNG and resettle real refugees there instead - sounds good.
The following ideas also sounded good:

- spend Australia out of possible recession.
- give us good broadband.
- build new schools halls.
- cut the carbon tax.
It is the execution that gets Rudd every time, spending too much or spending it badly or simply telling untruths.
With his PNG deal the following important questions need to be answered:

- What is the cost? It is ominous that Rudd has not said what he’s paying PNG.
- How will it be paid for? The carbon tax “cut” is being paid for by a tax change that has already put scores of people out of work and threatens the jobs of hundreds more.
- Was dressing this toughness up by increasing the refugee intake to 27,000 smart? Only two years ago our refugee intake was half that, and still judged generous. Refugees tend to struggle to find work. Are we building a problem for the future?
- When the facilities at PNG be ready to receive all these boat people? Last year we were promised 600 people would be sent to Manus Island. There are just 200 people there in accommodation so bad that children were brought back to Australia.
- Will PNG take all boat people, as Rudd claimed, or some, as the PNG Prime Minister hinted?
- Will exempting, for now, women and children actually encourage people smugglers to stuff boats with them?
- Will PNG uphold their end of the deal? The PNG Opposition is against it. The deal will be reviewed in just one year. Will the cost then rise?
- Will PNG uphold their end of the deal in ways we can live with?
Right now the most important question I want answered is: what will this cost?
And politically the question still is: should we really praise Rudd for spending billions to fix a boat people catastrophe of his own making? Why did it take Labor five years to fix a disaster created when Rudd scrapped the tough border laws, opening the doors to over 46,000 boat people, and luring more than 1000 people to their deaths?
That question about Rudd’s role is like the biggest question about his deal: how much has Rudd’s blundering cost?
Cameron Stewart:

This young boy, who will now never live his parents’ dream, is just one of more than 1100 asylum-seekers to drown since Kevin Rudd relaxed Australia’s border protection regime in 2008.
This national tragedy - more than double the number of Australian soldiers to die in the Vietnam War - has mostly unfolded out of our sight.
Paul Kelly:

The limited capacity for asylum-seekers in PNG means that substantial transfers threaten a humanitarian crisis. The only justification for this policy will be its success.
The absolute key to any success is that it applies to every boat arrival effective from its announcement. But asylum-seekers will need to see people being sent to PNG for the incentive to kick in…
At one level, Rudd invites a deep contempt. On nearly every test, Labor policy created Australia’s competitiveness problem in the first place, just as on boat arrivals Rudd’s earlier policy created the influx.
Greg Sheridan:

Labor has no record over the past three years of successfully implementing complex schemes with many moving parts…
Some sources believe PNG will place an absolute limit of 2000 to 3000 on how many people it will take. This was an important difference in the way Rudd and O’Neill spoke of the arrangement.
Rudd was at pains to give the impression that everyone who comes to Australia by boat will go to PNG.
[PNG Prime Minister Peter] O’Neill, on the other hand, said he wouldn’t place a figure on the numbers but, perhaps ominously, seemed to have a limited number in mind. He said: “We will take as much as we can based on the capacities we have, and we are building new capacities.” That sounds like a PNG Prime Minister who wants to help but has clear limits.
Can PNG really accept more boat people when our own Immigration Minister thinks the existing facilities are too bad to use?

Immigration Minister Tony Burke said in the past couple of weeks he had removed children and families from Manus Island because ‘’the facilities as they are right now are not appropriate for some of those different groups’’. There are now 145 asylum seekers on Manus Island.
Chris Kenny:
If ... the PNG government changes its mind (and PNG politics are highly volatile) Rudd will be caught short. With the stroke of a pen, Rudd could have reinstated temporary protection visas and ordered our navy to turn back boats.
I have one more question. Will the Labor MPs who demonised John Howard’s boat people policies as cruel, inhumane, lacking compassion, harsh, heartless and evil now apologise? After all, they now promise to be much harder on boat people than Howard ever was.
Hypocrites. Every single one of them.
One candidate, however, isn’t for turning:
LABOR candidate for Melbourne and Victorian ALP president Cath Bowtell has attacked Kevin Rudd’s Papua New Guinea solution, arguing it is contrary to the party’s platform and vowing to fight against it. Last night Ms Bowtell told The Weekend Australian she would fight the policy within the ALP because she believed it was a “disappointment” and too draconian...
Is the deal what Rudd actually says it is?
Manus Island MP Ronnie Knight:

There is no mention of resettling anybody in Papua New Guinea. Our policy will not be to settle asylum seekers here, but we will be facilitating them to go to other, third countries ... This is not going down well with locals.
Some of unspecified costs will go to the following:

We’ve agreed that Australia will now help with the redevelopment of the major referral hospital in Lae and its long term management needs.
We’ve agreed to fund 50:50 the reform of the Papua New Guinea university sector including next year by implementing the recommendations of the Australia-PNG education review.
We’ve also agreed to help PNG with the support they have sought in professional management teams in the health, education and law and order portfolios.
...the Australian Government, in support of the PNG Government, will provide comprehensive settlement services to ensure that these refugees can live safely and with security and in time, prosperity, within PNG.
(Thanks to readers Peter and Baldrick.) 


Rudd breaking real things with pretend fixes

Andrew Bolt July 20 2013 (8:43am)

Terry McCrann on Kevin Rudd’s politics of seeming - and of announcing pretend fixes with a very real cost:
We saw Rudd racing around the countryside, making—actually only foreshadowing—major policy changes, with very significant, complex and, classic Rudd, totally unthought-through consequences, seemingly off the top of his head....
Two of the big three changes—ending one year early the fixed-price carbon tax period; and the FBT changes on company cars to “fund it”—came out of the blue…
The truly sobering point is that we could have a PM who might well have moved quite unknowingly to finish off what’s left of the local car manufacturing industry. In order to fund a promise that he almost certainly couldn’t deliver on. Unless he was going to take a leaf out of Tony Abbott’s book and promise to go to a double-dissolution election if the Senate rejected the carbon tax move…
The worst part about that carbon-car trade-off is that even though it might never happen, the very serious damage done was all too real and immediate. Both in the car industry and the salary packaging business....
What’s the justification for moving to the floating price carbon price one year early?…
The answer that it delivers a lower carbon price and so cheaper power to business and consumers is unsatisfactory and deceptive… The government says Treasury says [the carbon price next year] will be around $6 a tonne of carbon dioxide. To have such a figure requires Treasury to guess at not one but two things. What the European price will be and what the Aussie-euro exchange rate will be next July…
To actually “achieve” what it is supposed to be all about—moving away from coal-fired power to so-called renewable energy. Treasury estimates that we need a carbon price of $38 by 2019-20 to “achieve” our aims.
By embracing a $6 price next year, and possibly still low prices after that, Rudd is admitting that the whole expensive boondoggle, formally know as climate change policy, is pointless.

Bad News for the Alarmists at the IPCC - Temperature is still cooling.
A corrupt snake with more heads than members - Democrats
Madmen in need of asylum?
Is Obama up for a daring military raid? I don't mean the type labelling his own troops as sexual deviants, but a raid on FARC
Thank you Obama .. you work in mysterious ways
I was talking about David and Bathsheba today .. David wrote this after he had her husband killed ..

Psalm 51[a]

For the director of music. A psalm of David. When the prophet Nathan came to him after David had committed adultery with Bathsheba.

Have mercy on me, O God,
    according to your unfailing love;
according to your great compassion
    blot out my transgressions.
Wash away all my iniquity
    and cleanse me from my sin.
For I know my transgressions,
    and my sin is always before me.
Against you, you only, have I sinned
    and done what is evil in your sight;
so you are right in your verdict
    and justified when you judge.
Surely I was sinful at birth,
    sinful from the time my mother conceived me.
Yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb;
    you taught me wisdom in that secret place.
Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean;
    wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.
Let me hear joy and gladness;
    let the bones you have crushed rejoice.
Hide your face from my sins
    and blot out all my iniquity.
10 Create in me a pure heart, O God,
    and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
11 Do not cast me from your presence
    or take your Holy Spirit from me.
12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation
    and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.
13 Then I will teach transgressors your ways,
    so that sinners will turn back to you.
14 Deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed, O God,
    you who are God my Savior,
    and my tongue will sing of your righteousness.
15 Open my lips, Lord,
    and my mouth will declare your praise.
16 You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it;
    you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings.
17 My sacrifice, O God, is[b] a broken spirit;
    a broken and contrite heart
    you, God, will not despise.
18 May it please you to prosper Zion,
    to build up the walls of Jerusalem.
19 Then you will delight in the sacrifices of the righteous,
    in burnt offerings offered whole;
    then bulls will be offered on your altar.


  1. Psalm 51:1 In Hebrew texts 51:1-19 is numbered 51:3-21.
  2. Psalm 51:17 Or The sacrifices of God are



I don't believe in rejecting asylum seekers either. I just don't feel killing them is good policy. Amnesty International differs with me on this. - ed

Today the Coalition announced its commitment to help build a children’s hospice in Brisbane.

It is estimated that in Queensland there are 3,700 children who have a life limiting illness and who are not expected to live beyond 18 years of age.

A Coalition government will provide $5.5 million to help build this needed children’s hospice.



Duke lacrosse players. Rodney King. Trayvon Martin.

In 5-minutes, you will understand exactly how the mainstream media perpetuates racial division...




Tony Abbott prematurely rushed to agree with Rudd’s immigration plan to avoid further “negative” claims. But Rudd’s plan is another “back of the envelope” draft that will sink Australia into further catastrophic debt with little effect.

Kevin Rudd’s problem is that he has never worked outside the Public Service and, having only ever dealt with other politicians and diplomats, he is blinded to the common sense of the common man (oops, and woman).

PNG PM, Peter O’Neill and Kevin Rudd have just gifted themselves a shot at their respective elections at a huge cost to the Aussie taxpayer. We are now financing a PNG election too.

Rudd expects his PNG plan to stem boat arrivals... really Kev? So why is the largesse offered to O’Neill ongoing? It is without any cap and beyond anything we have previously gifted to another nation using borrowed funds?

Abbott’s claim that this, “won’t work under Mr Rudd” is a poorly framed, soft admission that he hasn’t really thought this through yet.

Bishop, Morrison and Abbott will have met with O’Neill by now and will have walked away scratching their heads because it will slowly have dawned on them exactly what a desperate Kevin has agreed to.

Kev is no intellectual, he is not native street-smart and does not have the common dogfuck necessary to deal with tribal jifs like O'Neill.

Kev cannot see past the next shopping mall and his crazy PNG plan is naively simplistic, desperate and hastily contrived for all the wrong reasons: Kevin’s and Peter’s chances at re-election.

These are just some of the reasons the PNG scheme is doomed to failure:

1. It is illegal. It breaches our own Migration Act and the UNHCR Refugees Convention to which we (and PNG) are signatories.

2. There will certainly be successful challenges to the High Court both here and in PNG.

3. Limitless and endless costs of an inept and corrupt PNG legal system will be borne by Aussie taxpayers.

4. An extraordinary PNG infrastructure and services bill, including new police forces and new hospitals to be paid for by us.

5. All invoices associated with immigrant resettlement are to be sent to us.

6. PNG already has massive unemployment and unskilled Islamic immigrants will not find work and will not work for $A0.90c per hour anyway.

7. Unemployed Muslims and territorial tribal savages are a volatile mix. Their underpaid, undermanned police forces are already inept and corrupted.

8. PNG has a malaria and tuberculosis epidemic without a decent hospital.

9. Costs estimates are open-ended, “we don’t know what we will need yet”, say O’Neill and Rudd.

10. There is no housing available in PNG and when a Muslim jumps the queue on a native, look out for an all-in machete and bush knife war.

11 Our costs in Australia will not diminish, they are set to increase.

12 Massive restructuring of Manus Is. is underway to cope with another 7,000 illegal immigrants Rudd has secretly agreed with Indonesia to resettle in exchange for a 25,000 increase in live cattle exports.

This is a home-made, international Rudd catastrophe unfolding before our eyes that Australians will never be able to accept or pay for.

Kev’s message to illegal immigrants is simply this: Keep boarding boats boys because our Navy will be delighted to escort you to Christmas Is. and within two weeks you will be sent to PNG where you will have access to a Westminster court system that will not fail you. Remember, Australia is paying.

You will then be able to legally apply for refugee status directly to Australian Immigration because now you will be able to claim fair dinkum persecution far worse than what you say you escaped from.

You will temporarily be homeless and jobless in lawless PNG (that’s intended) but if our Immigration Dept sits on its hands, it’s just a short row-boat trip from there to Australia.

If you think Rudd’s NBN is a stuff-up, wait ‘til you see this one pan out and eventually we will need billions in more bribes to stop the boats leaving Indonesia anyway, which is what we should be doing now because people smugglers are miles smarter than our Uncle Kev.

Neither O’Neill nor Rudd has any idea what this election campaign thought bubble will cost so let me have a rough conservative guess:

$14 billion so far, and escalating.

PNG bribes, between $15 to $20 billion and ongoing.

Legal aid costs, already approach $1 billion but will now skyrocket.

High Court challenges both here and there, mmmm, maybe $1 billion.

Extra personnel both here, on Manus Is. Nauru, Christmas Is. and in PNG $1.5 billion per annum.

Our taxpayers' gifts to PNG corruptly diverted to politicians’ accounts, I’d say, aw... at least $2 billion.

Our Uncle Kev has actually managed to come up with this kneejerk expensive fiasco and all within 10 days of think music.

Abbott’s statement that he “welcomes” this new Rudd initiative will live to haunt him.

You have to remember this is Kev and Kev already has a rap sheet as long as your arm.


.. nb .. Democrats dropped that bomb on civilians twice .. GOP never have. - ed
This is extraordinary, suggesting that it was the IRS chief counsel’s office, not rogue agents in Ohio, who engineered the key abuses in the targeting scandal, including the extraordinarily-intrusive questionnaires that asked conservative groups for donor lists, Internet login information, social media pages, and even the political and charitable activities of family members.
Hull went on to testify that he had not seen anything like that in almost 50 years of work at the IRS.
To be clear, IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins is a political appointee, appointed by President Obama in 2009 – the top lawyer in the agency. The involvement of his office – as early as 2011 – represents a dramatic escalation of the IRS scandal.
The previous IRS explanation – a bureaucratic mistake, originating in Ohio – was bad enough. This explanation is much worse. With the involvement of the IRS’s top legal office more than two years ago, the questions now become eerily reminiscent of earlier Washington scandals.
What was discussed at the more 100 meetings between the IRS Commissioner and White House meetings?
Why was President Obama’s political operative, Stephanie Cutter, included in meetings with the IRS?

How will Glee make a drug abuser's possible suicide hip and fun?
Anybody remember being mugged 35 years ago?
Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin 
Dance me through the panic 'til I'm gathered safely in 
Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove 
Dance me to the end of love 
Dance me to the end of love 
Oh let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone
Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon
Show me slowly what I only know the limits of
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love

Dance me to the wedding now, dance me on and on
Dance me very tenderly and dance me very long
We're both of us beneath our love, we're both of us above
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love

Dance me to the children who are asking to be born
Dance me through the curtains that our kisses have outworn
Raise a tent of shelter now, though every thread is torn
Dance me to the end of love

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in
Touch me with your naked hand or touch me with your glove
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love


A friend posted the following which I thought was rather humorous and needed sharing. Many of you would appreciate it. Read the footnote!

Another part of our welfare reforms – in effect from this week. What do you think?”
I don't think UNSW has a quality problem. I think they would like to move to a post graduate model and the government won't let them. Exclusivity is a selling point to foreign students with lots of cash. So I guess they want to capture that market.



Boost your chances of getting a job or passing an exam… by thinking about your ancestors for five minutes

The findings, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, suggest remembering the hardships of grandparents, great grandparents and even long forgotten ancestors, seems to have a direct benefit on the brain’s ability to cope with demands on its intelligence.


We're hiring in our Sydney CBD store!! Immerse yourself in the world of high end, luxury handcrafted boutique chocolates, ethically sourced, and share your passion with customers every day! Full-time position - looking for an applicant who wants this as their career! Email applications asap.

Madu Odiokwu Pastorvin
Are You Vulnerable to Sexual Temptation?
Let me start off by saying no one is immune to sexual temptation. It doesn’t matter what your job is, how old you are or how much time you spend with Jesus each day. We all have the potential to fall sexually.Even women/men of God are not exempted.

1 Corinthians 6:18-20 says,"Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body. Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body." And 1 Corinthians 7:2 says as well,"But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband." He who commits adultery lacks sense and he who does it destroys himself.I urge you to flee from sexual immorality.God bless you.


Pastor Rick Warren
To stop worrying over what people think about you, just realize they aren't! Like you, they're thinking about themselves.


Pastor Rick Warren
Power from being close to power players is fake. Power from being close to God is real.


Pastor Rick Warren
God uses pressure, heat, and time to create diamonds. In both rocks and people.


4 her




united with israel alerts                              newsletter
Israel Alert Newsletter 11 Av 5773July 19, 2013
A new EU directive bars its 28 members from cooperating with Israeli entities that are based or even partly operate in eastern Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights. The boycott includes "all funding, cooperation, and the granting of scholarships, research grants and prizes" to Israeli entities in those areas.
The EU also now requires that all documents signed with Israel include a clause claiming that areas beyond the 1967 green line do not belong to Israel and are excluded from the agreement. The European Union may make exceptions for Israeli governmental bodies located over the green line, such as the Justice Ministry, as long as its activities are carried out within the pre-1967 borders.
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Nefesh B'Nefesh, an organization that assists Jews immigrating to Israel from North America, is actively promoting 'Aliyah' to southern Israel via its 'Go South' program. Director Ravit Greenberg recently told United with Israel, "The mission of the Go South Program is to raise awareness among potential immigrants before they move to Israel. Southern Israel is an excellent choice!" 
Nefesh B'Nefesh assists new immigrants to integrate into Israeli society. The 'Go South' program hosts employment search workshops, social events for both singles and families, and holiday activities for English speaking immigrants in southern Israel.
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Israeli teenagers participating in the International Olympiad in Informatics, a yearly computer science competition, took home multiple medals from this year's event held in Australia.
Daniel Hadas, age 18, from Ayalon High School in Holon won the gold medal. Tom Kalvaria, 17, of Kfar Hayarok High School in Ramat Hasharon and Ohad Klein, 17, from Amit Yeshiva in Kfar Ganim won silver medals, and Ron Ryvchin, 18, from the Samaria ORT School in Binyamina, won a bronze medal.

Druze Entrepreneur to Promote Wind Power
A Druze entrepreneur, Kanj Hussein, has been given permission by the Israeli government to build a wind power farm in the Druze village of Hurfeish, in the Galilee. The wind turbans are expected to provide electricity for over 2,000 households.
The Public Utility Authority claims this was one of many wind power initiatives the Israeli government is promoting. Hussein's wind power project is the first approved within Israel's Druze community. The Public Utility Authority has approved four wind farms, of which Hussein's is one.
Fruit Trees
rockets into roses
Jerusalem Mint

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Slavery in America, Saudi-style

Yes, there’s a war on women in America...

Meet Chris Matthews, self-appointed spokesman for white people everywhere

You can get the back story for reasons of context here, but regardless of why Matthews said it, the only necessary info is that Tingles informed his two black guests that he’s “speaking now for all white people”...

Gov’t officials: Obamacare exchanges could be delayed

Train wreck update: Some workers are already losing their employer-provided health insurance even though the employer mandate has been pushed back at least a year, and the government exchanges they were supposed to be able to go to for coverage might be delayed...

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Because surely disgusting displays of racism and lefty double standards aren't worth shining a light on.


July 20: Friends' Day in Argentina and other Latin American countries
Claus von Stauffenberg





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