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Happy birthday and many happy returns Quoc NguyenAndrew Raiss andGraham Donald Sparks. Born on the same day, across the years. On your day in 1253, Mindaugas, the first known Grand Duke of Lithuania, was crowned as King of Lithuania, the only person to ever hold that title. In 1411, Ming Dynasty Admiral Zheng He returned to Nanjing after the third treasure voyage and presented the Sinhalese king, captured during the Ming–Kotte War, to the Yongle Emperor. In 1809, Napoleon's French forces defeated Archduke Charles' Austrian army at the Battle of Wagram, the decisive confrontation of the War of the Fifth Coalition. In 1885, French chemists Louis Pasteur and Emile Roux successfully tested their vaccine against rabies on nine-year-old Joseph Meister after he was bitten by an infected dog. In 1978, A sleeping car train at Taunton, England, caught fire, killing 12 people and causing British Rail to install state-of-the art fire prevention measures. It is wonderful to claim titles and make them your own. It is finer to build them for those that follow you. Battles can be won decisively, adversely, and still you succeed. Don't let sleeping cars lie. If a French chemist wishes to test on you, let them, but pay them in Lire. They prefer that to dollars. Cheers.

The Bolt Report tomorrow

Andrew Bolt July 06 2013 (1:59pm)

On The Bolt Report on Network 10 at 10 and 4pm.
New Kevin’s good first week ends in a mess with two brutal reminders of Old Kevin.
With Ed Husic, the Muslim made Kevin Rudd’s Parliamenetary Secretary, plus Professor Judith Sloan and former NSW Labor Minister John Della Bosca.
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Even the employed have less work

Andrew Bolt July 06 2013 (10:53am)

Official ABS figures show a rise in unemployment. But reader Noah says even the employed are getting less work:
I’ve just used the ABS data on employment and created a figure known as “Hours worked per week per Employable Person”. An Employable Person is the sum of those employed and unemployed. The total “hours worked” figure has only been released since September 09, so I included a month with the least amount of interruptions and seasonal adjustments – May.

May 2010 - 32.16 hours per week
May 2011 - 30.24 hours per week
May 2012 - 29.16 hours per week
May 2013 - 28.77 hours per week

This seems to be a disturbing trend and I believe it highlights the true nature of the workforce at any point in time. 


Penguins thrive in the warming meant to kill them

Andrew Bolt July 06 2013 (10:48am)

Global warming - dud predictions
Wasn’t global warming meant to be killing the penguins? But once again a scare falls to pieces without the media pinning the false prophets:
MARK COLVIN: Scientists monitoring Australia’s most famous population of Little Penguins have had a scare, after some chicks died of starvation because their parents had to go farther afield than usual to find food.
Phillip Island’s nightly parade of the penguins is a major tourist attraction.
A biologist who works with the colony says it’s a problem which could become more common as climate change takes hold.
The little penguins of Phillip Island are experiencing a baby boom.
Last summer’s breeding season was the best in a generation, a dramatic turnaround from the 1990s when either foxes were snatching the flightless birds or they were starving to death.
Research manager of the Phillip Island Nature Parks Dr Peter Dann says the rise in population is “about food”.
“These chicks are fatter, they’ve grown faster, the parents have brought back more food. The parents have been heavier than normal right through the breading seasons,” he said.
Dr Dann says it is a far cry from the 1990s, when food was scarce. 
“It was even worse in 1995, when the main food they were eating during that breeding time was pilchard, and the pilchard had a huge die-off right across southern Australia to New Zealand,” he said.
“A lot of birds were actually dying of starvation and they bred very late.
“One of the curious things about all this is that when Australia’s warmer, particularly in Autumn, penguins start breeding earlier in the following Spring and they breed much better than when Bass Strait’s cooler in Autumn.”
(Thanks to reader Alan RM Jones.) 


By how much will Obama lower the world’s temperature?

Andrew Bolt July 06 2013 (10:40am)

Charles Krauthammer is - typically - brilliant in dissecting Barack Obama’s messianic warmism, and includes a US version of the Bolt Question (TM):
The economy stagnates. Syria burns. Scandals lap at his feet. China and Russia mock him, even as a “29-year-old hacker” revealed his nation’s spy secrets to the world. How does President Obama respond? With a grandiloquent speech on climate change.
Climate change? It lies at the very bottom of a list of Americans’ concerns (last of 21 — Pew poll). Which means that Obama’s declaration of unilateral American war on global warming, whatever the cost — and it will be heavy — is either highly visionary or hopelessly solipsistic. You decide:

Global temperatures have been flat for 16 years — a curious time to unveil a grand, hugely costly, socially disruptive anti-warming program.
Now, this inconvenient finding is not dispositive. It doesn’t mean there is no global warming. But it is something that the very complex global-warming models that Obama naïvely claims represent settled science have trouble explaining. It therefore highlights the president’s presumption in dismissing skeptics as flat-earth know-nothings.
On the contrary. It’s flat-earthers like Obama who refuse to acknowledge the problematic nature of contradictory data. It’s flat-earthers like Obama who cite a recent Alaskan heat wave — a freak event in one place at one time — as presumptive evidence of planetary climate change. It’s flat-earthers like Obama who cite perennial phenomena such as droughts as cosmic retribution for environmental sinfulness.
For the sake of argument, nonetheless, let’s concede that global warming is precisely what Obama thinks it is. Then answer this: What in God’s name is his massive new regulatory and spending program — which begins with a war on coal and ends with billions in more subsidies for new Solyndras — going to do about it?
The U.S. has already radically cut CO2 emissions — more than any country on earth since 2006, according to the International Energy Agency. Emissions today are back down to 1992 levels.
And yet, at the same time, global emissions have gone up. That’s because — surprise! — we don’t control the energy use of the other 96 percent of humankind.
(Thanks to reader Richard.) 


It is obscene that we cannot freely discuss this

Andrew Bolt July 06 2013 (9:35am)

Free speech
Our laws against free speech are so absurdly oppressive that lawyers tell me I cannot take the risk of discussing important issues raised (very briefly) in this Guardian article:


Rudd wants to spend money Labor doesn’t have

Andrew Bolt July 06 2013 (8:32am)

A week and a half later, we still have no idea what new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd actually stands for.
Take the economy. The only promise made so far has been by not Rudd but the new Treasurer, apparently promising to stand by the government forecast of an $18 billion deficit:
The new Rudd government will stand by the budget handed down by former treasurer Wayne Swan in May, his successor Chris Bowen says.
That remains the government’s budget; those forecasts remain the government’s forecasts,” he told the Nine Network.
But how does that commitment fit with the big-spending instincts of Rudd, desperate to buy himself out of trouble?
Paul Kelly:

The Prime Minister wants to regain Labor’s economic credentials after its failed budget surplus pledges, but there is still no clear sign how he will prosecute this case or what policy changes he will push.
Consider the ideas already floated or the expectations raised around the revived Rudd PM. They include cutting tax on small business to 25 per cent; the bringing forward of the floating price on carbon; new infrastructure initiatives; restoration of support payments for sole parents; and new measures to stem boat arrivals.
Each item on this wish list aims to solve a political problem troubling Labor.
Collectively, they constitute a huge risk for Rudd because they amount to a significant fiscal policy easing at exactly the wrong time…
The terrible truth is unfolding. Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan have left Rudd with a budget that allows no room to move… Rudd inherits a long-term fiscal situation with huge commitments on the disability scheme and school funding, a three-year “return to surplus” deadline and no scope for new spending pledges.
Note: Rudd isn’t calling a quick election. He wants time to win this thing. But the Queensland coroner’s report on Rudd’s insulation debacle and the boats, boats, boats suggest the honeymoon may already be over, and this is as good as it gets.
That sets up a clash between Rudd’s hope of winning the election, and Labor’s hope of losing by as little as possible.  Between Rudd wanting time to govern and Labor wanting a dash to the polls.
Then there’s Rudd’s vanity. How desperate he’d be to represent Australia at the G20 meeting in September…
But this is now Rudd’s party. Who can tell him what to do?
Or as Zanetti puts it:
(Thanks to reader Marg.) 


From Labor, the party of compassion

Andrew Bolt July 06 2013 (8:28am)

The smell of hatred:
Kevin Rudd in parliament, June 27: 
LET us try, just try, to be a little kinder and gentler with each other.
Chris Uhlmann on the ABC news website yesterday:

THE level of hatred that has been the hallmark of the Rudd-Gillard years is astonishing and it has not faded. One departing Gillard government staffer asked if I had read the book Perfume, the story of a perfume apprentice in 18th-century France who murders young women to extract their aroma. “That’s Kevin Rudd,” he said. “He’d kill you for your scent.”


HMAS Taxi picks up 101 fares

Andrew Bolt July 06 2013 (7:30am)

Boat people policy
Reader Jeff of FNQ has a question after reading this press release:

Australian Maritime Safety Authority - AMSA
AMSA coordinated the response to a vessel requesting assistance approximately 42 nautical miles south of Java with support from Defence, Customs and merchant vessels. AMSA received a request for assistance at approximately 5.15am today. A broadcast to shipping was issued by AMSA this morning and two merchant vessels responded. Aircraft tasked by AMSA located the vessel at approximately 3pm. The merchant vessels arrived on scene at approximately 5pm. HMAS Larrakia was also tasked to respond and arrived on scene at around 5pm. A total of 101 people were safely transferred onto HMAS Larrakia and are now en route to Christmas Island.
Jeff’s question:

As HMAS Larrakia was within 42 nm of Indonesia why aren’t the people on board taken to Indonesia?
I am surprised that more of the same is being sold as a “lifeline” to Rudd:

INDONESIA has offered Kevin Rudd a political circuit-breaker on asylum-seekers, proposing an “action-oriented” regional summit that would include countries such as Iran and Afghanistan and seek immediate solutions…
The conference will involve major countries of origin, transit and destination, though it was not made clear how it would differ from the Bali Process, which involves the same countries seeking the same regional solutions.
Rudd is pushing as a success an Indonesian hint that Australia should not do precisely what it’s entitled to do - and send Indonesian boats back to Indonesian waters:
Yesterday’s summit also offered Mr Rudd another opportunity to slap down Tony Abbott on asylum-seekers, with the joint communique reflecting Indonesia’s disdain for the Opposition Leader’s turn-back-the-boats policy.
“(The leaders) stressed the importance of avoiding unilateral actions which might jeopardise such a comprehensive regional approach and which might cause operational or other difficulties to any party,” it said.
Although there was no public mention of Mr Abbott at yesterday’s meeting by either Mr Rudd or Dr Yudhoyono, Indonesian officials made clear that communique point was intended to be read as rejection of his approach, which would involve escorting asylum-seekers back to Indonesian waters.
Why did Rudd not stand up for Australia’s right to turn back boats? Is political advantage more important than national interest?
The new conference announced yesterday by Rudd and Yudhoyono:
As co-chairs of the Bali Process, the two Leaders reaffirmed their commitment to continue to develop a regional solution, involving countries of origin, transit and destination which covers elements of prevention, early detection and protection, to combating trafficking in persons and people smuggling and other related transnational crimes. They stressed the importance of avoiding unilateral actions which might jeopardise such a comprehensive regional approach and which might cause operational or other difficulties to any party. The Prime Minister of Australia welcomed Indonesia’s initiative to invite key origin, transit, and destination countries to a conference to explore concrete operational and policy responses, including regional approaches and efforts to enhance border security, in addressing irregular movement of persons.
What already exists:


4 her

Pretty clear. Kerry on his boat. But changing winds soon hit.

Karen Gillan Doctor Who




15% discount makes it cheaper on the inside .. - ed





Tribe in India that has passed down for generations the art of manipulating tree roots to create a system of "living" bridges.

Read more Here :

Must I Repeat? Quit Making Things Up!

Outrageous. Once again the cover-up is worse than the “crime.” Secretary of State John Kerry WAS on his boat while Egypt fell into turmoil resulting in an overthrow of its new government ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood that the Obama Administration had so recently supported and may still support. (That, however, we do not know because President Obama's absolutely dithering foreign policies, his "leading from behind," and his benign statements on the Muslim Brotherhood make no sense to sensible people.)

The State Department categorically denied Kerry was on his boat. Yet CBS had pictures to prove it. Goodness. There is no need to lie, even on such a "little" thing as the location of a government leader during a military confrontation happening in real time. (Benghazi? Ring a bell? There still isn't anyone in the media who'll find out where our Commander-in-Chief was that night.) Come on, Obama Administration! It's no big darn deal that Kerry was on his boat! We expect, and deserve, to assume that our highest ranking public servants to whom We the People have given the most responsibility are always working – even when they're clearing their heads and breathing in some fresh air on a yacht, or sweating away stress on a basketball court, or yukking it up with pals on the fairway... let's trust they're always preparing for the proverbial 3:00 AM phone call.

Being on his boat isn't the issue. Blatantly deceiving the American people is the issue.

Our government, yet again, either had no idea where the boss was, or worse yet, they lied to us. (Oops-a-daisy. Correction. In Obamaspeak, we were told the "least untruthful statement.") Our government directed its swift-ly boat changing denials to what one can only surmise is their perception of who we are: a nation of sheep – heads down, grazing away, gullible, ignorant, and undeserving of truth.

Confronted with photographic evidence, the State Department merely tossed the public a handful of hay today in its tepid effort to kinda-sorta explain the whole thing away. Something about, well, yeah, so the evidence contradicted all their public claims, but… eh, no harm, no foul. And like good herder dogs, with calm authority to avoid commotion, the bureaucrats barked the suggestion that we all just move along now.

No. You move along, little doggie. Enough is enough. It's unacceptable. Remember, the nation's Mama Grizzlies don't just rise up to swat away threats to protect the next generation. They also school, scold, and signal to teach a lesson. One lesson taught all children is if you lie on the little things, you'll lie on the big things.

George Orwell wrote of a time when citizens could no longer trust big government, and by wearing down the citizenry through doublespeak and lies a tired country finally retreated to its dark and depressing demise.

America, we shall not go there! Why? Because if we know from our nation's forefathers that weariness is not in our blood! It's not in our DNA to retreat. Have faith that there are enough patriots in our exceptional nation willing to fight together for what is right. Proof of this is all the families still encouraging and supporting their loved ones who choose U.S. military service. And proof of a unified commitment to defend our republic is what the independent tea party movement is all about. Disregard the constant criticism, mocking, and flagrant lies about this diverse, proud movement that still spew from big government cheerleaders and their lapdogs in the media. Despite harassment and intimidation, commonsense conservatives are rising up again to get a better view of what is ahead. They are identifying threats to our Constitution and our children's future. The permanent political class angrily bemoans this because they know our diverse working class – those who make the world go 'round – can shake off the slumber, unify, and effectively encourage others to come out of a 2012 hibernation and demand accountability at the 2014 ballot box. It's there we prove the average, everyday American's ferocious strength when exercising that beautiful belief in loyalty only to a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Until then, we mustn't have the fighting instinct of sheep. Pay attention, do your own homework on candidates and political machines, turn off media that would disrespect you by continuing to deceive, and keep the faith.

While celebrating America's glorious Independence this week, be secure in knowing that there are more of us who support men and women ready and willing to fight on our behalf for freedom and truth than those who would continually deceive us. Thank God. And thank a Vet.

State Department: say you're sorry and don't ever do this again. CBS News: thank you for doing your job on this issue.

Happy 4th of July weekend, America.

- Sarah Palin

Kevin Rudd's Pink Batt Policy:

4 Deaths
1,000 Electrified roofs
93 House fires
160,000 Dodgy installations



Final day of ‎#harrisoncraig ‎#thevoice ‎#tour
Addressing the British House of Lords, Dragon Slayer McKitrick proposes a carbon dioxide tax based on temperature. If temps go up, so does the tax.

If temperatures drop, will we see tax refunds?

"One day, I shall come back…"

Revealed for the first time at Comic Con' France - here is the reconstruction of the First Doctor's console which was used for filming the upcoming docudrama 'An Adventure in Space and Time'.


Having an amazing time at ‎#manonthemoon / MercuryOne events in Salt Lake City to celebrate Independence Day. Here's a pic with one of my favorite stalwart conservatives on Capitol Hill, TX Rep. Louie Gohmert and his lovely wife!

‎#ShabbatShalom and a restful ‎#weekend from the‎#IDF. Share with your friends to wish them one too.

Without Reservations – Claudette Colbert & John Wayne
- Film Clip -

At this link:


Pastor Rick Warren
I find joy in every day, not because life is always good, but because God is


Should we be upset that one of the new ministers in the Federal Cabinet swore his oath on a Qur'an?
This week as the Governor General swore in the new cabinet, Mr Ed Husic, chose to swear on the Qur'an rather than the Bible or make an affirmation.  A ‘non-practising’ Muslim from Bosnia, Mr Husic was sworn in as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and Parliamentary Secretary for Broadband.
Swearing is a strange symbolism, by which we persuade and reassure people of our integrity in making promises.  Christians should not need to swear for we should be people of our word.  As Jesus said in response to Pharisaic hypocrisy, “Let what you say be simply “Yes” or “No”; anything more than this comes from evil.  (Matthew 5:37 cf James 5:12)
The Christian’s truthfulness will not be increased by swearing, but swearing reassures our hearers that we are telling the truth and gives them something to refer back to when our truthfulness comes under question.  There is nothing wrong in swearing an oath when required.  The 39th of our 39 Articles is “Of a Christian man’s Oath” handling the question of doing that which Jesus seems to be forbidding.  We do not swear because we need to but because our hearers need reassurance.
Within the scriptures we see the apostle swearing “God is my witness” (Romans 1:9, Phil 1:8) and God himself swore that the people of Israel would not enter his rest (Hebrews 3:18).  Swearing is a way of giving solemn assurance to the hearer that you mean what you are saying and will back it up before a higher court to whom the hearer may appeal.  And that is why we swear in God’s name or on his book.
There is no point swearing by something less than yourself.  For an oath to be believable you have to point to something, like God, greater than yourself.  However, to which god can somebody be held accountable?  At first glance you can only swear by the true and living God.  For swearing by Molech is of not much consequence, as Molech is a powerless imagination of the ancient Ammonites - hardly reassuring to the modern listener.  Yet you must swear by the god that you believe in.  If you were an ancient Ammonite there is no point swearing by Yahweh, while to swear by Molech would indicate your sincerity.
Mr Husic is the first Federal cabinet minister to swear on the Qur'an.  For Mr Husic swearing on the Bible was not an option and he didn’t want to make a simple affirmation.  As a Muslim, it is the god of the Qur'an whom he acknowledges as greater than himself and to whom he would be accountable for his promises.  For some people it is insulting to swear on a book that is seen as fomenting so much war and terror around the world today.  For others it is no real promise as the book is one of lies and its god is not the true and living one.  For many others still it further marginalises Christianity from our nation and its historic establishment.  Even if these are true, they give absolutely no excuse for the abuse Mr Husic has had to endure.
Australia is a Christian nation, not in the sense of it being run by and for Christians with an established religion that all must follow, but in the sense that Christianity informs the people, heritage and culture.  As a Christian nation we have freedom of religion, which involves limiting government to matters secular, while allowing free expression of religious beliefs.  It is part of our wonderful Christian heritage that a Muslim migrant can become a Cabinet minister and express his religion without fear or favour.
When Christianity has ruled in government, both Christianity and the government have been distorted.  We win people to Christ not by government fiat but by prayerful persuasion to the truth.
The fact that Mr Husic is a non-practising Muslim is no more a problem than the non-practiscing Christian swearing on the Bible.  Even the non-practising recognize that they are not God and are answerable to some higher power than themselves.  The Muslim who swears by the Qur'an can at least be held to its teaching, and does not put himself in the place of God.  The practice of swearing an oath is therefore better than a simple affirmation.
Affirmations have been in use for some centuries because of the conscience of people not wanting to invoke God in their promises.  Some of these are tender Christian consciences, who misunderstand Jesus’ prohibition on swearing.  However, others will only make an affirmation because, as atheists, they refuse to refer to a higher being than themselves.  They are like Napoleon placing the crown on his own head for there was nobody greater to crown him.  So they are not answerable to anybody or anything other than themselves.
With an affirmation we have to take the word of a politician seeking more power on the basis of their ‘say so’.  Often this doesn’t matter in practice as most of the oath-taking politicians are practical atheists and most of the affirming politicians unconsciously practise Christian values.  However, theoretically those who affirm are swearing by themselves for they have no greater source of moral reference to which they can point or to which we can call them to account but themselves.  Of such arrogance comes tyranny.
The New Testament understands the problem of the atheist.  In Hebrews we read of God swearing by himself.  For when God made a promise to Abraham, since he had no one greater by whom to swear, he swore by himself, …  For people swear by something greater than themselves, and in all their disputes an oath is final for confirmation.  So when God desired to show more convincingly to the heirs of the promise the unchangeable character of his purpose, he guaranteed it with an oath.”(Hebrews 6:13f)  But then again he is God.





Pastor Rick Warren
Anything we do out of love will be remembered in eternity. Anything we do out of ego is forgotten quickly.



Pastor Rick Warren
In relationships, there's no trust without truth.




Remember that bad company corrupts good character. Let go of friends or influences that you know are dragging you down. Trust God to bring the right people and connections across your path. Let go of wrong relationships and move forward in the blessing He has prepared for you!

Father,I thank You for directing my steps. I ask that You help me choose right relationships. Give me courage to let go of the wrong relationships so I can make room for the right people You have ordained for my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 8.33.07 AM
Photo credit: John W. Pope Civitas Institute
Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for July 5th. Enjoy!

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Lois ‘I have done nothing wrong’ Lerner demands immunity from prosecution in return for testimony

Put another way, Lois Lerner is demanding guaranteed legal protection from the people whose taxes fund paychecks she continues to receive...

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