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Happy birthday and many happy returns Ngoc VuongAdrian Diodato,Joshua Kuswendi and Nathane Toese Tatupu-Leatuavao. Born on the same day, across the years. On your day in 64, The Great Fire of Rome started among the shops around the Circus Maximus, eventually destroying three of fourteen Roman districts and severely damaging seven others. 1545, The English warship Mary Rose foundered and sank just outside Portsmouth during the Battle of the Solent. 1903, French cyclist Maurice Garin won the first Tour de France. 1916, First World War: "The worst 24 hours in Australia's entire history" occurred when Australian forces suffered heavy losses in their unsuccessful assault on the Germans at the Battle of Fromelles in France. 1989, After suffering an uncontained failure of an engine which destroyed all of its hydraulic systems, United Airlines Flight 232 broke up during an emergency landing in Sioux City, Iowa, US, killing 111 people. We didn't start the fire, neither did we sing while Rome burned. But all the same, not a good day to smoke in bed. Sinking the Mary Rose was possibly the best use of it. Bicycling is your forte. Don't go to war, get on your bike .. cheers.


Tim Blair – Friday, July 19, 2013 (4:54pm)

Kevin Rudd’s vow
Any asylum-seeker arriving in Australia by boat will be sent to Papua New Guinea for processing and resettlement.
Kevin Rudd today made the announcement alongside a contingent of PNG ministers and the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
“This is to ensure that the message to people smugglers is made loud and clear that the hopes they sell to their customers is nothing but false hope,” Mr Rudd said. 
Says Kev
“From now on, any asylum-seeker who arrives in Australia by boat will have no chance of being settled in Australia as a refugee.” 
Good. Now let’s see if it works.



Tim Blair – Friday, July 19, 2013 (12:21pm)

Detroit, where you can buy a house for just $1, is now officially bankrupt.



Tim Blair – Friday, July 19, 2013 (12:04pm)

French socialists allegedly attacked by French grape extremists: 
The Carcassonne headquarters of the Aude Parti Socialiste were bombed on the morning of Wednesday 17 July in an attack thought to be linked to a militant group of winemakers.
The perpetrators sprayed the letters “CAV” – Comité d’Action Viticole – onto the building in red and blue although no-one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack …
CAV are a group of militant winemakers that have been active since the 1960s, demanding greater protection from the French government against foreign wine imports. 
They’re a playful little bunch: “Their actions have included dynamiting agriculture ministry buildings, hijacking foreign wine-tankers, vandalising supermarkets, plastering graffiti on agricultural banks and pouring gallons of wine down the drain to express their plight.”



Tim Blair – Friday, July 19, 2013 (11:58am)

The Age‘s Caroline Wilson last November: 
Collingwood should seriously consider sacking Dane Swan. If it has not already …
Fairfax Media could not find one senior person at Collingwood this week prepared to defend Swan. 
Fairfax Media can’t find a lot of things. Readers. Advertisers. Influence. A decent share price. Readable columnists. A moral compass. But let’s move on
Collingwood superstar Dane Swan will postpone early retirement plans and play on beyond next season under coach Nathan Buckley …
The 29-year-old, who tops the league’s possession count, has delivered for Buckley since switching back into a more permanent midfield role in Round 10.
Over the past six weeks, Swan has returned to his scintillating best, averaging 35 possessions a game. 
You were saying, Caroline?



Tim Blair – Friday, July 19, 2013 (4:25am)

It’s a climate of change at the old climate change department: 
Labor’s former climate change department didn’t know whether it was hiring or firing before the agency itself was sacked.
The abandoned stand-alone climate change bureaucracy spent $2.2 million sacking 49 public servants in the months before it was swallowed by another government department in March.
But figures show the agency also hired 62 people in the same period before the merger, with the new salaries estimated to cost up to $5 million annually – based on average public sector wages.
After the merger, the department changed tack again and embarked on another savings drive and made 12 staff as redundant at cost of $555,000. 
All of this spending and cutting, of course, is over something Australia cannot possibly influence in any meaningful way: the planet’s temperature.



Tim Blair – Friday, July 19, 2013 (2:53am)

“What is a job?” sneers millionaire comedian turned preachy warmenist Louis CK. “What do you need money for?” Louis, previously a fan of jet travel, has hit celebrity concern point, where a person’s wealth allows enough spare time to become convinced that common folk are destroying the planet:

Louis last year sold $4.5 million worth of tour tickets in just two days, presumably to people with unnecessary jobs.


Rudd’s masterstroke. All boat people now to go to PNG

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (4:48pm)

Kevin Rudd’s deal with PNG is undeniably impressive - even if the costs are yet to be explained. It neutralises Tony Abbott’s stop-the-boats attack.
PNG has agreed to take all people coming to Christmas Island. Those found to be real refugees will be resettled in PNG - not an attractive destination.
Those found not to be resettled will be sent to a third country.
The deal, though, will be reviewed annually, meaning it might not last. Rudd says the costs are “not inexpensive”, although any deal that stops the boats is worth billions.
The deal applies from “now on”, says Immigration Minister Tony Burke. The transfers start from two weeks, but Burke concedes women and children won’t yet be sent there until the centre is improved.
The caveats:

- the cost.
- the action to back the promise.
- any legal challenge (although I doubt any will succeed, given PNG has singed the refugee convention).
The political calculus:

Is Rudd to be congratulated for “fixing” the problem he actually did most to create by scrapping the Pacific Solution?
This is a masterstroke from Rudd. It might deliver him the election.  


The Bolt Report on Sunday

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (2:50pm)

On Channel 10 on Sunday at 10am and 4pm.
Kevin Rudd says he’s fixing the boats and has fixed the carbon tax.  So, do we judge him by what he says or what he’s actually done?
Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey on Chris Bowen’s amazing confession. And on cars.
Former Finance Minister and warming sceptic Nick Minchin and former Labor MP Belinda Neal on Rudd’s secret - and weakness.
Attention the ABC: your taxpayer-funded bias is showing.
The twitter feed.
The place the videos appear


Rudd blamed for car sales slump

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (2:49pm)

Yes, any change always has its victims. I just wonder whether Rush-Rush Rudd knew quite how many people his latest announcement would put out of work:

ALMOST half of vehicles sold by Ford, Holden and Toyota are used for fleet purposes, the country’s major carmakers say, but since Labor’s reform of the fringe benefits tax system governing car leasing and salary-sacrifice packaging was announced on Tuesday, car dealers have reported fleet sales and salary-packaging orders “have ground to a halt”
The opposition and motor industry groups have disputed the government’s claim that the system is being rorted by high-income earners buying luxury cars and claiming personal mileage as a work-related expense.
The Australian Salary Packaging Industry Association said just 5 per cent of salary-packaged cars were luxury models and most users of the FBT scheme were government, charity, health, police and education workers…
The head of Australia’s largest independent fleet management company warned ... “ we’re talking about the average salary being under $100,000 and the average price of these vehicles is $35,000.”....
Lease Plan ..., which manages a fleet of 85,000 lease cars nationally, said 68 per cent of cars leased via salary-sacrificing were from the three Australian-based car companies…

NLC chief executive Matt Reinehr said the salary packaging company had no choice but to axe 74 of its 147 employees because of the federal government’s proposed changes, which he said would cost the company’s clients at least $1200 extra a year.

Victorian Premier Denis Napthine last night warned the proposed FBT changes could cut Victorian car production by 10,000 units a year.
Same across the border:
South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill [warned] ... “I am not concerned about the broad federal tax issues but on the impact of the very sensitive negotiations currently under way and progressing well with Holden about a co-investment package...”
Signs of panic from Labor, which is already hinting it could spend more to fix what it broke in trying to find “savings”:
The Rudd government could change its car plan to compensate Australian manufacturers if its reform of the fringe benefits tax leads to ‘’unintended consequences’’, says Industry Minister Kim Carr.
Treasurer Chris Bowen claims most people affected are earning more than $100,000:
Federal Treasurer Chris Bowen says two thirds of people who lease cars earn more than $100,000 a year and Mr Hockey’s figures are not as reliable.
Professor Sinclair Davidson checks out Bowen’s claim:
Eighty per cent of work related car expense claims are made by individuals earning less than $80,000… Individuals earning less than $80,000 make 69 per cent of the dollar claims.
All up the data that I can find from the ATO for 2010-11 are not consistent with Bowen’s claim. But there is an important caveat – it is possible that the data I have extracted are not the data that he is referring to.
I am not yet sure where I stand on the public policy merits of this change. But some things seem clear:

More jobs seem at risk than the Government seemed to think.
There was an appalling lack of consultation.
There is doubt about the Government’s figures on who will be affected.
There seems to be a contradiction between this saving and government grants to the car industry.
This is one Labor cut the Coalition says it will not adopt.
(Thanks to reader Gab.) 


Alan Hunt

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (2:48pm)

I met Alan Hunt when I was a young and shy reporter, and he was Education Minister in Victoria’s Thompson Government, as well as Leader in the Legislative Council.
He seemed an adult, as too few Ministers do now. He was cultured and courteous. i was intimidated and impressed.
One of his five sons, federal Opposition frontbencher Greg Hunt, says goodbye: 


A tale of modern Australia

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (1:58pm)

Reader Bazza has a familiar problem:

Dear Andrew,

I previously had some pipes leaking water in the upstairs bathroom. Whilst they were already fixed I decided to have a plumber check them out regularly.

I called KRudd Plumbing Services who suggested that the lack of leaks was a result of the previous plumber’s efficiency and had consequently loosened off some the joints and made a few “strategic pressure relief” holes in my water pipes.

Water began leaking through the ceiling and into our lounge and kitchen. KRudd Plumbing Services brought some buckets to catch the water and advised that the leaks were good for washing the walls, keeping the furniture clean and could be used for cleaning the carpet and floors.

They also pointed out that our leaks were fully compliant with our international obligations under the UN LPWIC (Leaking Pipes Water Inundation Convention).

After six years of complaints and ruinously expensive leaks, my property is jam packed with buckets full of water however, my plumber has conferred with some of our neighbors who have now agreed to consider the possibility of potentially reviewing any loan agreements for even more buckets under the programmatic specificity rules.

I suggested to KRudd Plumbing Services that it may be appropriate to try to fix the leaks rather than harass our neighbors to provide even more buckets to collect the water. I was advised quite rudely that I was exhibiting water racist tendencies and obviously was a water bigot. I checked this out with the ABC and some of the progressive media who confirmed that I was indeed a water racist who should be grateful that I was blessed with such considerate bucket carrying neighbors.

I’m now truly contrite as recommended by the Ministry Of Positive Thinking. I should have been more sensitive to the needs of our neighbors to make money out of renting buckets. I have also written to KRudd Plumbing Services to confirm that we do not in fact need the leaks fixed and are quite happy to have a dream home with hot and cold water running down all four walls.

I guess I’m stuck in an alternative universe as an alien; I’m sitting here quietly whilst I hope for a passing worm hole to come and collect me.
Reader Air Guitar:
Our business ‘Makers Of HAndMADe Buckets’ or MOHAMAD Buckets is a manufacturer of buckets of all colours and sizes from small childrens plastic buckets to large industrial skips. Wed like to offer our services as chief supplier to Krudd Plumbing Services. We have a large off-shore organisation that can ship as many buckets as needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Thomson “very likely” not to dispute the brothel charges on his credit card

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (12:12pm)

It seems former Labor MP Craig Thomson won’t deny in court that the brothel charges on his credit card are his:

FORMER Labor MP Craig Thomson appears to have abandoned his claim that he did not use union credit cards to pay for escorts, with his lawyer today telling a court it was “very likely” there would be no dispute about who used the cards.
Mr Thomson, who is running for reelection in his seat of Dobell as an independent, has applied for the 173 charges relating to his alleged misuse of union funds to be decided by a magistrate instead of proceeding to a judge and jury.
Making the application today, Mr Thomson’s barrister Greg James QC said it was likely there would be no issues about the facts of the case, and the matter instead related to whether Mr Thomson had authority for the spending as national secretary.
What Craig Thomson told Parliament last year:

Turning to credit cards and escorts, I have consistently from day one denied any wrongdoing in relation to these issues. I make it clear—and I hope I have already by painting a picture—that I had many enemies in the HSU…
There was, though, a particular threat that was made that I thought was just part of the routine threats that were constantly made in working in this environment. That was a threat by Marco Bolano in words to the effect that he would seek to ruin any political career that I sought and would set me up with a bunch of hookers.... The account details of my credit cards were known. They were reported. Everyone knew what my credit card account numbers were.
As for my driver’s licence, can I say that there has been a deliberate and massive attempt to paint me in a different light by Fairfax by printing in the paper a copy of my driver’s licence and making it appear as if a copy of that driver’s licence was there on these occasions. That is not what the evidence is. The evidence is that my driver’s licence number was written on three of those particular chits. Let us take a commonsense thing which we all know occurs. If you are asked for an ID and you have a photo ID, you hold it up. The person looks at your face. They look at the driver’s licence and they say, ‘Yes, that is you.’ They do not then go and say that they need to write down details of this and put it there. That just does not happen. Can I suggest that of all places for it not to happen would be when you are seeking those sorts of services where, presumably, a degree of anonymity is what is being sought.
My driver’s licence was also commonly available and on the records there at the union where it was needed for a variety of things including right-of-entry permits....
One of the things that I have difficulties in making an explanation about—and I am certainly not going to use parliamentary privilege to lie or change that—is in relation to phones and how records [of calls to brothels] were on my phones. I do not have an explanation so that I can neatly say, ‘This is what definitively happened. I know that this happens.’..
Identity theft in Australia and around the world is not new… This is something that the Federal Police and our police authorities know is a very common issue and something that can happen in relation to criminals and people acting outside the law. Certainly, if you are looking to set someone up, it is a very easy process. I have here 30 or 40 pages from various websites saying how easy it is. In three steps, you can have someone else’s phone number on a different account. The issue, I am saying, is that these things were not looked at by Fair Work Australia.
One of the other issues is that it was said there was a phone call made from Bateau Bay to one of these escort services. I moved to Bateau Bay in 2009, which is four and a bit years after this alleged phone call took place. I was not even living on the Central Coast when this phone call took place. I do not know how that phone record is on my record. But, again, one would have thought that these would have been things that Fair Work would have looked at.


PNG PM flies in with Rudd aid: 3000 places. UPDATE: No, 2400

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (11:31am)

Stand by for Kevin Rudd’s PNG boat people announcement this afternoon or, latest, tomorrow morning. That’s when the PNG Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, will be in Brisbane.
O’Neill promises to take up to 3000 boat people - a substantial number:

KEVIN Rudd will today announce a deal with Papua New Guinea to increase the capacity of the Manus Island detention centre to house up to 3000 people, as part of Labor’s efforts to crack down on people-smuggling.
Manus is already supposed to take 600, but has fewer than half that:
There are currently 215 asylum seekers housed on Manus’ Lombrum naval base.
The man who closed the Pacific Solution will now preside over the biggest version of it.
But meanwhile:

CUSTOMS and West Australian police are on the hunt for an asylum-seeker boat close to the Pilbara coast after it passed an oil and gas floating platform overnight.
Actually, not another 3000 but 2400:
There is currently capacity for 600, but the PM will announce this to be expanded to 3000, and Manus to be the primary regional centre for the whole of the Pacific.
No word yet on what Rudd has paid for these extra places:

Manus Island MP Ronnie Knight said he was informed of the plan by PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on Friday morning…
“My terms are I want the Royal Australian Navy to take over Lombrum Naval Base and protect my waters from illegal fishing.
“I also want the Momote airport expanded and made international.”
(Thanks to reader The Watcher.) 


Reachtel: Coalition leads. Journalists attack Abbott

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (10:13am)

The real news is that a second poll this week shows Kevin Rudd hasn’t lifted Labor to a winning position:

A ReachTel poll for the Seven Network released on Friday shows ... the Coalition lead ...  51 to 49 per cent.
But the purely hypothetical - and anti-Abbott - is what Fairfax journalists run with:

A ReachTel poll for the Seven Network released on Friday shows the Coalition leading Labor 58 to 42 per cent, on a two-party preferred basis, with Mr Turnbull at the helm…
Responding to the poll on Friday morning, Mr Hockey defended Mr Abbott’s leadership… The latest downbeat data for Mr Abbott…
Downbeat data?
Despite all the hype, all the media promotion, all the stories about an unpopular Abbott, all the sugar hit, the Coalition still leads.
If the poll figures for Rudd actually fall, wait for a rapid change in this triumphalist narrative. 


Bradbury claimed a surplus. Now claims annual savings

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (9:50am)

Yeah, an innocent mistake - just like Kevin Rudd’s innocent mistake in making the same false claim six times in two days:

ASSISTANT Treasurer David Bradbury wrongly told constituents they would receive “cost of living relief of around $380 per year” after the carbon tax moves to an ETS. A red-faced Mr Bradbury admitted his claim - made in an email to constituents - was “an inadvertent error.”
As I noted yesterday - it’s not $380 and it’s certainly not “per year”:
In fact, Rudd is merely bringing forward by one year Labor’s planned switch to emissions trading, so any savings are also for just one year, as Treasurer Chris Bowen tried to point out to him: ”It is a one-year figure based on the Treasury’s view of the carbon price.”
Third, Rudd’s claim of $380 in savings for each family is a wild exaggeration at best.
That figure assumes our carbon price will next year drop to the $6 set by Europe’s trading system today.
But the European Commission this month voted to increase that $6 price, with analysts at Point Carbon expecting it to perhaps double in the near future…
Indeed, the Government’s own Budget, released just two months ago, worked on a “modelled price of $38 at 2019-20”, which the Government needs to pay for its hugely expensive disability scheme and Gonski education changes.
Bradbury seems to have a habit of making false claims to his voters:

TREASURER Wayne Swan has been left red-faced after letterbox-dropping voters in his electorate and claiming he had “delivered” a Budget surplus, months before ditching what was only ever a promise… The pamphlet claimed “we’ve delivered a surplus, on time, as promised”, despite the government only forecasting a surplus in the Budget…
Other Labor MPs outed by the Opposition for sending the pamphlets included Darren Cheeseman, Jenny Macklin, John Murphy, Kate Ellis, Martin Ferguson, Richard Marles, Tony Burke, David Bradbury, and Gary Gray.
(Thanks to reader CA,) 


IPCC author will admit error if five more years of no warming

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (9:36am)

Global warming - general
A warmist scientist admits there’s been no warming for 15 years, and another five will be critical:
United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change lead author Hans von Storch told Der Spiegel that climate models are having a difficult time replicating the lack of global warming during the past 15 years.
“So far, no one has been able to provide a compelling answer to why climate change seems to be taking a break,” said Storch…
“According to most climate models, we should have seen temperatures rise by around 0.25 degrees Celsius (0.45 degrees Fahrenheit) over the past 10 years. That hasn’t happened. In fact, the increase over the last 15 years was just 0.06 degrees Celsius (0.11 degrees Fahrenheit)—a value very close to zero,” Storch told Der Spiegel. “This is a serious scientific problem that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will have to confront when it presents its next Assessment Report late next year.

IPCC may have to revise its climate models to reflect real-world climate conditions, Storch noted.
“At my institute, we analyzed how often such a 15-year stagnation in global warming occurred in the simulations. The answer was: in under 2 percent of all the times we ran the simulation…
“If things continue as they have been, in five years, at the latest, we will need to acknowledge that something is fundamentally wrong with our climate models...”
From the interview:
SPIEGEL: What could be wrong with the models?
Storch: There are two conceivable explanations—and neither is very pleasant for us. The first possibility is that less global warming is occurring than expected because greenhouse gases, especially CO2, have less of an effect than we have assumed. This wouldn’t mean that there is no man-made greenhouse effect, but simply that our effect on climate events is not as great as we have believed. The other possibility is that, in our simulations, we have underestimated how much the climate fluctuates owing to natural causes.
The worry for Storch - Britain’s warmist Met recently tipped no further warming for another four years:

Global average temperature is expected to remain between 0.28 °C and 0.59 °C (90% confidence range) above the long-term (1971-2000) average during the period 2013-2017...


Rudd gets some help in slowing the boats

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (8:42am)

Resettling asylum seekers in PNG could help slow the boats, as long as there’s no quota:
A key measure in the government’s policy response is a revamped role for PNG, which hosts the Manus Island detention centre, one of two offshore facilities used to accommodate asylum-seekers.
The Australian has been told the two governments have been discussing expanding PNG’s role from a processing hub to a resettlement destination for boatpeople who arrive in Australia.
Currently, all asylum-seekers processed at the Manus Island facility are ultimately Australia’s responsibility, meaning the onus is on Canberra to resettle them once their refugee claims are finalised.
In practice, that means most are likely to end up in Australia, blunting the centre’s deterrent effect. Under the changes proposed it is believed PNG is being asked to resettle at least some asylum-seekers transferred by Australia
There were also suggestions the deal with PNG may be announced as a trial, or pilot program, rather than a permanent arrangement.
Indonesia also reportedly offers help at the margins - although it’s curious it has taken until only now to get this change:

INDONESIA issued 6000 visas on arrival to visitors from Iran in the first four months of this year, and more than 5000 Iranian asylum-seekers have arrived in Australia since January 1.
The numbers demonstrate why Iranians’ visa-on-arrival status in Indonesia is the single distinguishing factor in them becoming the largest group of asylum-seekers reaching Australia by boat…
Of the main refugee origin countries, only Iran’s citizens are able to claim 30-day visas on arrival when flying into Jakarta and other Indonesian gateways.
However, there was an indication last night that the Jakarta administration was finally moving to deal with this glaring flaw in Australia-Indonesia co-operation on people-smuggling. ABC reported that Justice and Human Rights Minister Amir Syamsuddian had signed a directive making visas on arrival more difficult for Iranians to obtain.
What “more difficult” means is not explained.
But Iranians represent only a third of boat arrivals, and the rest leaving from Indonesia manage to get here without Indonesian visas on arrival:
Potential refugees from the other main origin countries overwhelmingly arrive in the country without permits, from Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Unlike Afghan, Pakistani and other Middle-Eastern asylum-seekers, most Iranians arrive in Indonesia relatively cashed up and able to pay “fares” to Australia upfront, which makes them priority customers for smuggling agents.
It’s telling that Rudd’s big success so far is in making it harder for Iranians to visit Indonesia, not Australia.
Reader miney:

Iranians not getting a VoA (Visa on Arrival) means jack if that’s all the change is. They can still get a tourist visa for the same price from any Indonesian embassy. And if for some reason they couldn’t do so legitimately, it costs $100 to have it done the same day (as opposed to two weeks in Aus) in Singapore or KL, which considering you need a telex from Jakarta is technically impossible. I doubt that many tourists are coming to Indonesia from Iran so it’s a change that buys a little bit of political capital at no cost whatsoever.
Reader Baldrick wonder whether Indonesia actually wants to make it easier for Iranians to visit, not harder:

Indonesian Ambassador to Tehran Dian Wirengjurit called on Iranian officials to launch direct flights between Iran and Indonesia, stressing that the move will increase trade interactions between the two countries.
“At present, the lack of Iran-Indonesia direct flights is one of the biggest problems in developing transit between the two countries,” Wirengjurit said in a meeting with the members of Mashhad’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture in Iran on Tuesday.
“Once such a flight route starts operation, the volume of trade transactions between the two countries will increase,” he added.


Degrees of Green

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (8:25am)

Tony Thomas tries to buy himself one of the qualifications cited by Professor Clive Hamilton, former Greens candidate, but $378 seems too high a price, even for Kim Jong Un. 


Will PNG take more boat people, or just ones it promised before?

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (8:04am)

Boat people policy
Kevin Rudd seems about to announce PNG will take more boat people from us:

A key measure in the government’s policy response is a revamped role for PNG, which hosts the Manus Island detention centre, one of two offshore facilities used to accommodate asylum-seekers.
But wait. 
Labor last year got PNG to agree to take 600 boat people:

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen ... says Manus Island will eventually be able to accept 600 asylum seekers and should be ready to take the first group within weeks.
But last month the facility was still only half full:
Late yesterday there were 302 people housed at the Manus Island facility.
The UNHCR last week said there were now even fewer boat people at Manus Island:

...currently housing 250 people seeking asylum in Australia...
Labor promised us last year PNG would take 600 boat people. PNG has just 250. Now Labor tells us PNG will take more. Let’s see what Labor’s latest deal is really worth. 


Extreme hiring events at climate central

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (7:55am)

Global warming policies cost us much more than global warming itself:
LABOR’S former climate change department didn’t know whether it was hiring or firing before the agency itself was sacked.
The abandoned stand-alone climate change bureaucracy spent $2.2 million sacking 49 public servants in the months before it was swallowed by another government department in March.
But figures show the agency also hired 62 people in the same period before the merger, with the new salaries estimated to cost up to $5 million annually - based on average public sector wages.
After the merger, the department changed tack again and embarked on another savings drive and made 12 staff as redundant at cost of $555,000.
What a farce. Meanwhile, the world continues to fail to warm. 


Abbott didn’t say what The Age says, and wasn’t criticised

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (7:11am)

It is a headline the far-Left Age needs not the slightest excuse to write:

As I said, the paper needs no excuse to write it - and has none, too.
Here is the first sentence:
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has attracted sharp criticism for declaring that refugees are not the world’s problem, but Australia’s problem.
First, Abbott did not say what The Age claims. What he actually said was it was “our problem ... to stop the boats”. He said nothing about refugees not being the world’s problem.
Second, nowhere in the story as published does anyone criticise Abbott at all for saying what The Age claims he said.
Only one person is quoted - and guess which independent arbiter of political behaviour:
Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said....
And what in fact did Hanson-Young say?

‘We are facing a humanitarian emergency, not a national emergency...’’
Read for yourself. No criticism at all in the story of Abbott’s claim that boat people are fundamentally Australia’s responsibility to stop. No serious consideration of his point, either. It is enough that the Greens say something, anything, against Abbott to elicit the headline The Age loves to write, again and again and again.


McTernan signs with Murdoch

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (7:03am)

The Murdoch media was the enemy:

Rudd is privately scathing of Gillard’s brand of hate politics, overseen by a man he loathes as evil, communications chief John McTernan…
Labor now stands for so little that Gillard, Treasurer Wayne Swan and McTernan have tried to define it by inventing enemies.
The “rich”, miners, foreign workers, “sexists”, the Murdoch press, bosses - all have been singled out and vilified… Murdoch journalists are “biased” and working for “regime change”, and need the muzzle of new censors.

The Murdoch media is now the employer:

John McTernan, former communications director for Julia Gillard, has reportedly signed up as a columnist with the same media company he blames for bringing his boss down. 


Real Aborigines vote Labor, or so urban ones say

Andrew Bolt July 19 2013 (6:06am)

Media, The politics of race
Karla Grant is SBS’s face of Aboriginal Australia.  She purports to be expert in policies towards Aborigines:

Karla Grant has dedicated a huge part of her career to working in Indigenous news and current affairs, witnessing and reporting on the shifts in policy and attitude towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
Grant also reports for a taxpayer-funded broadcaster which purports to be balanced, offering a range of views:
The SBS, in performing its principal function, must ... reflect the changing nature of Australian society, by presenting many points of view… It is the duty of the Board… to ensure, by means of the SBS’s programming policies, that the gathering and presentation by the SBS of news and information is accurate and is balanced over time ...
But add taxpayer funds to a media organisation and the inevitable occurs:
ABC1’s Adam Hills Tonight interviews Karla Grant on Wednesday:

ADAM Hills: For those who don’t know, can you explain Living Black and what it is?
Karla Grant: Well Living Black is the national indigenous current affairs program, we’re on SBS. It’s a weekly half-hour show and it focuses on indigenous issues . . .
Hills: With an election coming up at the moment, what is the indigenous perspective on it?
Grant: Well, traditionally Aboriginal people vote for Labor, and I think that Kevin Rudd made the apology to the Stolen Generation in 2008, and he’s also talked about constitutional recognition for indigenous Australians as well, so he said that if he was to be voted in the next two years he will hold a referendum so indigenous people can be recognised in the Constitution . . .
Hills: And what is Tony Abbott doing on the other side of politics?
Hannah Gadsby: (sneers) What is he doing? That is a really good question.
Grant: I think there’s bipartisan support for it, but he hasn’t actually come out and said: ‘This is what I will do for indigenous people.’
Funny how Grant missed this. Lauren Wilson, The Australian, June 25:

TONY Abbott has pledged to be a “prime minister for indigenous affairs” at the launch of a brave and harrowing book by an indigenous domestic violence survivor.
And this. ABC1’s Lateline, March 15:

REPORTER Tom Iggulden: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has signalled he’ll make major changes to indigenous affairs policies . . . he’d assume direct responsibility for improving the lives of Aboriginal Australians . . . on how Mr Abbott would tackle entrenched problems in remote communities.
Some possibilities were floated like employing truancy officers to fine parents when kids wag school, rather than the current welfare quarantine scheme, lifting incentives for teachers and health professionals to work in indigenous communities and making it easier for Aboriginal people on missions to buy their own house.
And this. Tony Abbott on Mornings with Linda Mottram, ABC 702 Sydney, March 15:

WE don’t want the process to stall. We don’t want a referendum to go forward and fail . . . what I will be doing from day one is ensuring that indigenous affairs are not just a down-the-order business for an incoming Coalition government. We will be taking this seriously from day one.
I would like a stronger partnership with indigenous people to be a hallmark of an incoming Coalition government. I’d like it to be one of the legacies of my prime ministership, should the public give me that honour . . . we’re serious across the board, but we will be particularly focused on schooling and jobs.
Note, incidentally, how Grant cites purely symbolic gestures by the feel-good urban elite - an apology for the “stolen generations” myth and constitutional recognition - as huge achievements. Meanwhile many outback Aborigines are crippled by poverty, despair, alcohol, illiteracy. violence and welfare dependence.
Here’s another thing that seems to have escaped Grant. In fact, many Aborigines - at least in the Northern Territory - do not vote Labor at all. They vote for conservative politicians like NT Chief Minister Adam Giles (himself of Aboriginal descent) - and like Bess Price:

Price perhaps better represents Aborigines out bush - and not just because she’s actually been elected, not selected:
And in comments that will offend scores of indigenous people — particularly in Sydney and Melbourne — [Price and her husband Dave] argue that the majority of Australians who identify as indigenous speak English, live in suburbs, and have children with Australians who do not identify as indigenous.
“Many of them do quite well in the mainstream economy and society, supplying indigenous Australia with its middle class and the majority of its spokespeople.
“They are regularly asked by journalists to define the ‘indigenous view’ on any issue. Unless they have studied anthropology and linguistics, their understanding of traditional law and culture will come from the half-remembered musings of aged relatives, themselves several generations removed from the traditional life,” they assert.
Asked who they were specifically writing about, Mr Price said the “term would certainly include Larissa (Behrendt), Tiga Bayles, Barb Shaw, and many, many others”.
But here’s the thing. An urban Labor supporter has no trouble getting air time as the face of Aboriginal Australia.
But a bush conservative with strong tribal links - well, that’s someone to shut up:

ABORIGINAL activist and Northern Territory MP Bess Price says she was treated like a “disease” by Griffith University after being barred from speaking to Aboriginal students because of her controversial views
Mrs Price, a grandmother and Country Liberal Party member, arranged to visit the university’s Gumurrii Student Support Unit on Wednesday to chat with students and see the facility for the first time.
The meeting was abruptly cancelled by Shane Barnes, the unit’s office manager, after he said staff objected to her visit for “various personal reasons based on various views she had expressed in the media”.
“The welfare of my staff and students at Gumurrii is my major concern and I would not like to make it an unhealthy experience for all parties,” Mr Barnes said in an email…
Mrs Price and her husband Dave have written a controversial book arguing the culture and suffering of outback Aboriginals is not well understood by many urban Aboriginals and non-indigenous people.
Note, incidentally, the scare word “controversial” twice added by the journalist, when what’s truly controversial - even shocking - is that actually well-reasoned opinions are so casually censored even by a university.
So what would make Barnes consider Price’s views on urban Aborigines too “unhealthy” to be heard?

Further opinions I have on this topic cannot be expressed under the Racial Discrimination Act, which severely limits discussion on Aboriginal identity and “race”. 


When Titanic and Doctor Who cross.




Teaching the local kids a lesson at Panania today.
In truth, was cleaned up 11-5, 11-4.

that is 9 points you couldn't have gotten without effort - ed


TEEN HERO. He chased a car on his bike for 15 minutes to save this 5-year-old girl who was snatched from her front yard in Pennsylvania.


I got my eye on this really sweet spot. Now need to convince it I'm a car. I don't think I can just flash my headlights. Probably won't impress them if I leak oil too. Full of petrol. Clean windows. Licensed. Registered. - ed
I've been thinking lately about finding a relationship... It's like looking for PARKING.

Sometimes people get it fast, sometimes slow.

Some people even take the douchebag way and steal other parking spots, or just as bad, DOUBLE PARK!

Some people may wait patiently, but you may not know if you'll be missing out on better parking spots!

Maybe some people find some reason to park illegally just because they can... And somehow get away with it (in Malaysia at least :p)

Or maybe after a long long tiring search people might give up one day and decide to use valet service! 

Let's not forget to mention about the vvip parking!! On behalf of the rest of the community, screw u!!

... ...

But in the end, what really matters is that I should really stop comparing relationships to parking. The end.


Dennis Jensen
IPCC lead author Hans von Storch essentially lets the cat out of the bag on global warming fear mongering. Speaking on the relative lack of warming over 15 years (and cooling over the last 12) in der Spiegel: 
"SPIEGEL: What could be wrong with the models?
Storch: There are two conceivable explanations—and neither is very pleasant for us. The first possibility is that less global warming is occurring than expected because greenhouse gases, especially CO2, have less of an effect than we have assumed."
Shouldn't the "possibility" that less global warming is occurring than expected because greenhouse gases, especially CO2, having less effect than assumed be cause for celebration? Instead, he says the possibility is "not very pleasant for us"! Why? No doubt because the IPCC scare, and therefore funding, will go away. This is political, not scientific.

Good men stood up to hold the Nazis to account. FDR didn't. - ed
For a country in which 3 million Jews were murdered during the Nazi era to bar Jews from freely practicing their faith is a disgrace and an outrage. - ed
the prison guard was cruel
not because he was a human being but because of his situation and how it impacted on his ethical conscience or lack of it. He would probably blame the system, or his superiors, or some other external influence, but the Jewish principle is that of Elazar ben Durdaya in the Talmud (A.Z. 17a) who finally saw that he had to stop blaming others and accept that “it all depends on me myself”.

A human being does not have to go along with wrongdoing. He should have the moral courage to resist even at a high cost.>

Right now, someone is watching you, and examining your thoughts. Just like in 1984, they are judging you. A child. It was ever thus. - ed

Appalling. And the bastards excuse it saying "There is wrong on both sides" - ed

Actually, I prefer RIP to the 1300 boat people killed by his 'compassionate policy' .. for those who lost their jobs .. good luck .. avoid the boats. - ed

The Lighthouse — at Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park.
He (Nelson Mandela) was a terrorist but he definitely changed in prison. He is a bigot, but not a simple one. The transformation from terrorist to peacemaker was profound. But his antecedent beliefs and embrace of communism color his stance on things. When I say he is a bigot, I don't mean in the sense of a KKK member, but rather someone who mistrusts US policy because it is US based, and believes their God is profit and they hunger for oil. He has a naive view of world affairs but he isn't like the evil propagandists who hate Israel ..
PM Denies Talks on Basis of 1949 Lines, But Not Freeze

Binyamin Netanyahu's office denied that he accepted pre-'67 lines as the basis for talks with the PA. But what about the building freeze? 

In a statement, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's office denied that Israel had agreed to accept the 1949 armistice lines as the basis for renewed negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. Israeli officials had been quoted in earlier press reports as confirming the claim made by a top PA official. - David Lev and Chana Ya'ar
Israel could define this as a possible instance of what the Geneva Convention terms Genocidal War Crimes. Israel and its civilians are being attacked with a form of biological warfare.
The Israeli cabinet debates destroying future Iranian genocidal nuclear warfare a thousand miles away. Somehow the same Israeli cabinet is impotent to stop current Palestinian Authority bio-warfare only 3 kilometers away. In fact, Israel may yet reward the Palestinian Authority's bio-warfare with more land! .

Can anyone imagine the cries of “Zionist Biogenocide” against Israel if it were to contaminate the Palestinian Authority aquifers the way the Palestinian Arabs are doing so to Israeli aquifers? .”



4 her






Thank you, Lord - ed




Tony Nguyen
Hi, I'm looking for a fridge and washing machine for someone in need, please let me know if you can help bless someone.
Thank you.


Madu Odiokwu Pastorvin
Pray Along.
Father, today I bless and lift You up because You are worthy. I dedicate myself to You afresh and anew. Keep me close to You and help me see Your goodness as I obey Your Word and honor You in all that I do in Jesus’ name. Amen.


If you fully obey the LORD your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the LORD your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the LORD your God.
(Deuteronomy 28:1–2, NIV)

God rewards the people who seek after Him. Every time you obey His Word, His blessing will follow. If you’ll learn to obey Him in the small things, if you learn to pass the small tests, there’s no limit to how high God will take you. The scripture says, “When we fully obey God, blessings will chase us down and overtake us.” You can’t outrun the good things of God.

He has big opportunities, new levels of favor, healing, restoration, vindication, promotion, planned in your future. As you stay faithful to Him, you’re going to step into the fullness of your destiny and be all that God has created you to be.God bless you.


Treasure of the Sierra Madre – We don’t need no stinking badges!
- Film Clip -

At this link:



I bet it hasn't been dusted recently - ed
I bet our entire universe is just in a tiny glass jar placed neatly on a shelf in an alien child's room as a science project he got a C- on.


Pastor Rick Warren
God prefers a humble prayer from a thief than a prideful prayer from a theologian. Luke 18:10-14


Pastor Rick Warren
Shedding tears may be a sign of a man's enormous strength. "Jesus wept" John 11:35


Pastor Rick Warren
I don't have to understand all God does in order to trust him. I just know he's good, wise, and loves me.

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Alternate headline: Jesse Jackson unwittingly seeks way to link Zimmerman case to global warming...

Ja-harem time: Tiger Beat terrorist on Rolling Stone cover

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