Wednesday, July 03, 2013


I am told things that I have no control over. In the case of child abuse I have an obligation to report things to the police. It is not my place to investigate. I don't know if there is truth to the claims. This is what a stranger has presented me 

  • HI Mr Ball
    I know a child that, was sexually abused from the time she learnt how to walk.
    I know a child that, had one of her uncle's expose his penis at her when she was 4 years old in her powder blue bedroom.
    I know a child that, had relations with her pet dog (corgie, named Butch), by the time she turned 9 years old and gave birth to three (3) puppies on her front lawn.
    I know a child that, was a prostitute (to one man ONLY) at the hands of her mother and father, by the time she turned 12 years old (Primary School).
    I know a child that, bought a colour television for her parents when they just entered the market place (not every school kid's parents had one back then).
    I know a child that, bought lavish clothes for her biological mother with her prostitute takings.
    I know a child that, really wasn't a prostitute because the money tht was given to her father was taken from her.
    I know a child who, tried to hand herself on a tree during school hours.
    I know a child that, was raped by her other paedophile uncle.
    I know a child that, continues to suffer and is desperately waiting for her justice.
    What is John Howard going to do about this!
    That child is ME!
    signed: Xxxxx XXX XXXX
    DOB: XX XXXX 1966
    - You have my permission to make this statement public.

What I do know about this tragic situation is that the law isn't very good at sorting 40 year old family squabbles. It is very hard to get to the truth. Most laws regulate outside of family relations better. The issue was not well handled when it was written about three thousand years ago when bizarre and terrible family entanglements were recorded. I would like to help the victim. I don't feel sensationalising events is helping them. For me, I needed to embrace God and forgive my abusers. I can't demand things from the abusers .. or the state. I needed to move on. But then I also needed to make sure there were no other victims too. I understand the police have looked at this case before. Not wanting to waste their time. But wishing I were confident that their work were well done. 
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