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Happy birthday and many happy returns Jason J-FoDominic PhilibertIvan LyMichael Ta and Krista Tamba. Born on the same day, across the years. A day on which in 1240, A Novgorodian army led by Alexander Nevsky defeated the Swedes on the Neva River near Ust-Izhora, present-day Russia. 1799, French soldiers uncovered the Rosetta Stone in Fort Julien, near the Egyptian port city of Rashid. 1815, Aboard HMS Bellerophon (pictured), Napoleon surrendered to Royal Navy Captain Frederick Lewis Maitland to finally end the Napoleonic Wars. 1959, Five hundred thousand American steelworkers went on strike, closing nearly every steel mill in the country. 1983, Armenian extremist organization ASALA bombed the Turkish Airlines check-in counter at Orly Airport as part of its campaign for the recognition of and reparations for the Armenian Genocide. Who doesn't enjoy the taste of Swedes? Unlocking the code of hidden languages may seem adventurous, but nothing like the rush of accepting Napoleonic surrender. Those metalworkers didn't give up and neither should the Armenians. Cheers for the day.

Kevvie from Brizzie has 1300 deaths to answer for

Piers Akerman – Monday, July 15, 2013 (12:03am)

LABOR has left Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare holding the (dead) baby after yet another illegal people smuggling operation ended in tragedy.
The search for survivors was called off last night after 88 people had been rescued, and dead baby’s body recovered. Eight people were still missing.
The vessel capsized nearly 90 nautical miles from Christmas Island on Friday though the details of the sinking were relayed from the stricken vessel to a contact in Melbourne.
That’s right. The illegal operation was in touch with Australian contacts thousands of miles away from the disaster.
A fleet was deployed – two navy patrol boats, a merchant vessel, a military aircraft and two maritime rescue planes – but with mixed results.
Recycled Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the event was “a genuine human tragedy” but what would that phony know?
He, more than any other individual, must be held responsible for giving people smugglers the green light to resume their illegal trade after it had been put out of business by the Howard government.
The Greens and the civil liberties lobby also have blood on their hands.
Rudd said the tragedy highlighted “the absolute need for us to continue to adjust our policies”.
It was his adjustment of successful policy that encouraged the people smugglers.
“Working on visa arrangements, working on the criteria which are used by decision makers in Australia on whether or not a person has bona fide refugee status in Australia or not,” he said.
“This is an absolute priority for the government. We will have more to say about this.”
What a load of garbage.
It was his priority to make it easier for illegal arrivals that caused him to weaken Australia’s approach to border security.
This rescue operation would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars adding to the already blown-out budget for border security.
The ongoing costs of assessing and rehousing the new illegal arrivals will run into the millions.
Labor must outline which areas of spending it intends to cut to keep its new Budget surplus promise – particularly as Rudd has also signaled he will tie the carbon dioxide tax to the European carbon price sooner rather than stick to the timetable set by his predecessor Julia Gillard.
Opposition spokesman Scott Morrison said the shocking loss of life demanded a better policy response by the Rudd government.
“This is yet another terrible tragedy. At the rate of current arrivals, such incidents are equally shocking but sadly can no longer be considered unexpected. These latest souls lost follow the more than 1300 others we know to have perished over the last five years.”
More than thirteen hundred lives lost – and Kevvie from Brizzie is responsible. 



Tim Blair – Monday, July 15, 2013 (5:29pm)

Australian poet Caitlin Maling offers a literary view of the Zimmerman verdict: 
I’m at an elite writers’ colony on the east coast of the United States when the news comes through: George Zimmerman is not guilty in the shooting manslaughter of Trayvon Martin. As the token Australian, people take care to explain the situation to me. Martin, an African-American youth, was walking home from buying candy and a soda on the night of 26 February 2012 when he was followed by neighbourhood watchman Zimmerman (despite Zimmerman having been told repeatedly by 911 operators to desist). An altercation ensued and Martin, unarmed, was shot to death. 
There’s possibly a little more to the case than that, but Maling quickly moves to the investigation’s next stage: “The question becomes, exactly what should we be creating now? … The question then becomes not just what should we be creating, but how can we go about creating it? It is not a question I know the answer to.”
Keep searching, detective. Perhaps you’ll find the answer “tonight at dinner with the many multinational artists huddled in these woods.”



Tim Blair – Monday, July 15, 2013 (5:27pm)

Well, that counts me out
A Syrian rebel group is banning smokers from its new training camp.
The Al-Ansar Battalion says on its Facebook page the camp is open to all those wishing to participate in “jihad in Homs”, where opposition forces are engaged in fierce battles with troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad for control of the city. However, it lays out a number of conditions for new recruits including the ban on lighting up. “Smokers should abstain from smoking during the camp and completely quit smoking by the end of the training,” it says. 
Quitting can cause unusual cravings.
(Via Al-Ansar non-smoking qualifier PWAF)



Tim Blair – Monday, July 15, 2013 (5:24am)

Hello everybody. It’s the carbon tax here, speaking to you from inside the boot of treasurer Chris Bowen’s ComCar.



Tim Blair – Monday, July 15, 2013 (4:58am)

Both Newspoll and now Nielsen have Labor and the Coalition level: 
Kevin Rudd has turbocharged Labor’s vote, propelling it to equal favourite status for the election by eliminating virtually every advantage Tony Abbott had enjoyed over Julia Gillard.
The recycled Prime Minister has single-handedly wiped out the Coalition’s two-party preferred lead to be dead-level at 50-50, the monthly Fairfax-Nielsen poll has found. 
Everything points to an August election.



Tim Blair – Monday, July 15, 2013 (4:55am)

As a political position becomes vulnerable, supporters of that position tend to panic. One symptom of panic is irrational exaggeration. People start screaming like idiots about every little thing.
So, for example, as the catastrophic global warming argument came under pressure a couple of years ago, Australia’s climate change community – by nature already inclined to panic and exaggeration – claimed to be besieged by death threats.



Tim Blair – Monday, July 15, 2013 (4:30am)

Memo to Mike Carlton: if you’re trying to pick a fight with Ian Botham, it’s probably better to be in the same room. Or even the same country. Or possibly the same hemisphere.



Tim Blair – Monday, July 15, 2013 (4:19am)

Excellent local media coverage of good Tim’s epilepsy fundraiser, currently running at $A3744 after originally aiming for £300:


Once again, big congratulations to Tim and wonderfully generous readers.



Tim Blair – Monday, July 15, 2013 (3:53am)

Happy birthday to my little sister, who remains the only member of our immediate family ever to be inside a building when it was deliberately* rammed by a deranged driver.
* Events ruled by courts to have been accidental do not count.



Tim Blair – Monday, July 15, 2013 (3:45am)

“How fast are we going?” asks Fernando Alonso’s interviewer. The Spaniard calmly checks his instruments. “Three hundred.”



Tim Blair – Monday, July 15, 2013 (3:44am)

The US and China are approaching the same level of hyper-regulated state capitalism, just from opposite directions.


Why does Rudd say the carbon tax will fall when the Budget says it will rise?

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (12:59pm)

Carbon tax, Politics - deceits and stuff ups
Is the Rudd Government cutting the carbon tax - or actually raising it?

Rudd claims that switching a year earlier to emissions trading, with the price set primarily by Europe, will cut the tax and lower power prices:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has confirmed the federal government will move to a floating price on carbon one year earlier…
The change would see the current fixed $24.15 per tonne carbon price dumped in favour of a floating price of between $6 and $10 per tonne.

But wait. Here is what the Government’s Budget last year assumed the international carbon price would rise to just two years from now:
Here is what this year’s Budget assumed the international price would be:
Does the Government rule out the carbon tax rising above the current price within five years as its Budget expected just two months ago?
Can it rule out the price actually tripling, as some experts predict?

‘’Our price expectation after about 2015, when we get visibility of future scarcity of permits, is for a considerable increase,’’ says Kobad Bhavnagri, Australian head of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
He predicts the EU price will drop to $5 next year but climb towards $70 by 2020 as Europe’s economy starts to recover and member states cut the current oversupply of permits.
Greens leader Christine Milne last year also predicted big price rises:
CHRISTINE MILNE:  It’s clear when you talk to analysts about where the European price is going to be by 2015. They are all saying that in fact it could be well ahead of where the Australian Treasury modelling is in terms of a higher price. There are some saying that you could have a European price as high as $50 for example.
Even yesterday Milne was predicting the European carbon price to which we’ll be linked will be higher in 2016 than it is now:

CHRISTINE MILNE:  I certainly believe that it will have recovered, that it’ll be higher than the floor price and it should be up in the high 20s as indeed Treasury modelling suggests.
What does Rudd think we’ll be paying in carbon taxes by, say, the end of his first term?

$10 a tonne?
$27 a tonne?
$50 a tonne?
$70 a tonne?
And to whom will our money go?
(Original post modified to include this year’s Budget assumptions.) 


Virginia Trioli shows Mark Scott the groupthink he says he can’t see

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (10:05am)

ABC managing director Mark Scott in May denied his former chairman, Maurice Newman, had complained about ABC “groupthink” on global warming. He denied there was any such problem and also denied there was any Leftist bias among its wall-to-wall Leftist presenters of current affairs shows:

I don’t know how our journalists vote. I don’t know what their personal views are.

Hey, Mark, if you really can’t see what Newman was talking about, have a look at Virginia Trioli today on ABC 24 breakfast - from 38 seconds to 1:18 and from 4:18 to 4:34.  


Rudd tries to fix his boat people catastrophe by expanding what he closed

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (9:52am)

Kevin Rudd once scrapped the detention centre on PNG’s Manus Island to seem compassionate.
Now he wants to send even more boat people to PNG to seem tough:

KEVIN Rudd will seek to persuade Papua New Guinea to take the so-called “economic migrants” Labor claims are now flooding Australia’s shores in what could be a significant breakthrough in the asylum impasse.
I’m struck again by the reporting of Rudd’s backflips. Whether it’s scrapping the carbon tax or getting tougher on boat people, Rudd is reported to be fixing problems - when in fact he’s fixing disasters of Labor’s own making, and often of his own.
Meanwhile, more than 100 people people a day are arriving under Rudd’s watch:

As three new asylum boats, carrying 336 people, were intercepted, Mr Rudd flew to Port Moresby for meetings with PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
Among the arrivals announced yesterday was one boat carrying 181 asylum-seekers, part of a dangerous trend that has seen people-smugglers dispatch larger boats with more passengers.
The boat people sure are not deterred by Kevin Rudd:

AN asylum seeker boat travelled to within 50km of the West Australian holiday hotspot of Broome before being spotted at the weekend.
The boat, carrying 84 people, was towed into the pearling and tourist town, with passengers detained locally for security checks. 


Labor set to lose its last mainland state

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (9:38am)

Politics - state
I’ve met Marshall only once but found him impressive:
LABOR is heading to defeat in its last mainland state, with the party in South Australia continuing its fall in the polls just eight months before the state election. 

As the ALP rebuilds its standing among voters ahead of the federal election under Kevin Rudd, a Newspoll conducted exclusively for The Australian shows primary support for the party’s South Australian branch has dropped to 32 per cent…

Today’s survey reveals a resurgent Liberal opposition under new leader Steven Marshall, which has opened a 12-point lead over Labor on a two-party-preferred basis, 56 per cent to 44 per cent.


Britain relies on diesel to produce wind power

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (9:28am)

James Delingpole on Britain’s great green power con - the Potemkin wind farms:
Thousands of dirty diesel generators are being secretly prepared all over Britain to provide emergency back-up to prevent the National Grid collapsing when wind power fails.
And under the hugely costly scheme, the National Grid is set to pay up to 12 times the normal wholesale market rate for the electricity they generate…
The scheme is expected to cost £1?billion a year by 2015, adding five per cent to energy bills.
This scheme is a direct consequence of the renewable energy policy adopted by the Coalition but first developed by Tony Blair in response to EU renewables directives to reduce Britain’s carbon emissions by 20 per cent by 2020.
As more and more wind turbines are built to replace fossil fuels, so the National Grid will become increasingly unstable because wind power is intermittent, unpredictable and unreliable.
(Thanks to readers Rocky and Aard Knox.) 


NBN running out of money, with little done

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (9:15am)

Telecommunications analyst Ian Martin on the financial disaster emerging from Kevin Rudd’s NBN:

NBN Co has spent 12 to 14 per cent of its capital budget but less than 2 per cent of premises are passed by fibre and less than 0.5 per cent are using NBN fibre. It has commenced fibre construction to less than 10 per cent of its fibre rollout target. On the foundation arrangements [departing NBN boss Mike] Quigley has set in place and at the current run rate, by the time of the 2016 election NBN Co will have spent about 60 per cent of its capital budget but delivered only a small fraction of the project outcomes due by then…
It’s with revenue that the foundations set by Quigley are most insecure. NBN Co’s revenue targets require rapid take-up of the NBN service and a steady migration to 100Mbps service levels to achieve a 6 per cent increase in average revenue per user every year for more than a decade. Given fixed network revenue has been in decline for four years that assumption is very shaky. It’s not helped that NBN’s special access undertaking over NBN wholesale access prices, now being considered by the ACCC, sets entry level 12Mbps and 25 Mbps wholesale prices at the same levels as currently used for equivalent copper-based wholesale services. However, the copper prices are based on historic cost and wouldn’t be sufficient even to replace the copper network with another copper network. NBN Co agreed to this price constraint for political rather than sound business reasons. 
This could be the single greatest loss of money from a single government project in our history. 


This isn’t an immigration policy. It’s a menace

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (9:09am)

Culture wars, Politics - federal
THE politicians in charge of our borders and immigration laws have betrayed their country.
They have left us poorer, more divided and less safe.
And more cruel.
See the drowned baby boy fished from the sea on Saturday.
Count the eight boat people drowned with him.
Nothing better symbolises this shambles than the media conference later given by Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare. 


Will Rudd’s carbon tax now soar to $38, or will he run out of money?

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (9:03am)

Watch out for Kevin Rudd fiddling the books to hide a huge budget black hole from his latest carbon tax backflip.
Simon Benson:
KEVIN Rudd has punched a $6 billion hole in the budget by confirming he will fast track the introduction of an emissions trading scheme to replace the carbon tax…
Treasury modelling released by the government claimed it would be a “one-off” for consumers, with the price dropping from the expected $25.40 a tonne to a probable floating price of around $6 a tonne…
Treasury forecasts in the budget paper, however, estimate that the carbon price under an emissions trading scheme would still rise to $38 a tonne by 2018-2019.
Actually, those aren’t forecasts at all. They are assumptions - and ill-founded, as Henry Ergas has already demonstrated in analysing the 2015-16 carbon price estimates:

Combet has not provided any information supporting that “forecast”, instead pointing to Treasury’s carbon tax modelling. But contrary to Combet’s assertions, that modelling does not “forecast” a $29 price in 2015-16.
Rather, it calculates that $29 price as the lowest global carbon price in 2015-16 that would be consistent with the government’s aspirations for cutting emissions. The $29 figure was therefore not a prediction of likely prices in 2015-16; it was merely the minimum price needed for deep global emissions reductions to occur.
Reader Peter:

So as well as having to find a way to plug the immediate $6b hole, if the PM’s fair dinkum he’ll revise the forward estimates to account for the difference between the fanciful $38 a tonne in 2018-2019 and a more realistic, single-digit figure. That will have huge budget implications of course: the lion’s share of the Gonski and NDIS spends have been backloaded into that fiscal year.
Alternatively, if the PM honestly believes we’ll be paying $38 a tonne by 2018-2019, he should be honest with people: the cost-of-living pressures he claims he’ll relieve will only be temporary, with the worst of the carbon price yet to come.
Ergas today warns Rudd will be sending billions of our dollars to foreign green speculators:

If Treasury’s modelling is to be believed, once prices get to European levels, achieving the emissions cuts Rudd pledged would require purchasing 80 per cent or more of abatement to 2025 from the European ETS. But even at today’s European prices, that entails a transfer of more than $8bn from Australian businesses and consumers to the speculators who bought the emissions permits of bankrupt eastern European producers of coal, iron and steel.
What environmental gain could possibly come from that transfer, which taxes Australians to pay Europeans for emissions cuts they made long ago? And there will of course be the damage to the budget, with a fall in the carbon price to $10 reducing revenues to 2016-17 by about $14bn. 


Two Kevins #1

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (8:37am)

Which Rudd would you like?
From today, a new series that tracks Kevin Rudd as he says one thing to please one audience, and the opposite to please another, being a man in desperate need of applause.
Today’s example is from reader Peter of Bellevue Hill, noting Rudd having it both ways on the carbon tax he’s actually cutting, switching instead to emissions trading.
Kevin Rudd, 11 July:
Before you all start reaching for your revolver on the carbon price, let’s be rational about this: the carbon price at present contributes less than 10 per cent to national electricity prices.
Kevin Rudd, 14 July:

The Government is moving in this direction because a floating price takes cost of living pressures off Australian families, and still protects the environment and acts on climate change.” 


How many carbon policies can Labor have?

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (7:19am)

Global warming - dud predictions, Global warming - propaganda
Labor has over six years told us whatever it’s saying on the global warming policy is true and urgent and right, even it it’s the opposite of what it said the day before.
It told us global warming was the great challenge of our generation, needing an emissions trading scheme:
It then told us it was actually too early for an emissions trading scheme when the world wasn’t on board:

It then told us it wouldn’t give us a carbon tax:

It then told us we had to accept its carbon tax:

It then told us that maybe its carbon tax should a bit high and would be cut in two years:

It then told us there was no problem with the tax, and people didn’t care:

It now tells us the tax costs too much and will be cut by moving a year earlier to an emissions trading scheme, ahead of most of the world:

And remember - this latest change is brought by Kevin Rudd, who last year thought the carbon tax was such a great move that he even kissed the woman who brought it in:

Does Labor have any clue about global warming policy? Isn’t it just making it up as it goes along? How much have these changes cost us in government ad campaigns, administrative expenses, tax compensation, business uncertainty, price rises ...?
Now Labor faces a crater in its Budget:
KEVIN Rudd will this week unveil budget savings worth “several billions” of dollars to fund an earlier shift to an emissions trading scheme as part of his effort to neutralise Tony Abbott’s attack on the carbon tax.
Samuel J at the Cat has questions about Labor’s latest global warming policy:
A carbon tax of $24.15 per tonne had no significant effect on global temperatures. What will a carbon tax of $6 per tonne achieve?
Will the Government replace the revenue lost from reducing the carbon tax by increasing other taxes, borrowing more, or genuinely cutting expenditure?
Will the Prime Minister GUARANTEE that the carbon tax will not increase to $20 or more per tonne over the next three years? (As a floating tax, it could be at any level in 2016).
If global warming is the ‘greatest moral challenge of our generation’ shouldn’t the Prime Minister be increasing the carbon tax, not reducing it?
How can we trust the Prime Minister to keep the carbon tax low? If he scrapes into power with a minority Government and the price of the Greens support is that the carbon tax must increase substantially, how can he give the electorate an ex ante guarantee that he will not deceive them once more by increasing the tax?
Dennis Shanahan:

The reality is that over time, not too much time, this decision (to bring forward the move to a floating price for carbon) will be seen to be hollow and yet another distraction from the policy failings in other areas from the Rudd-Gillard governments. Rudd is repudiating Gillard’s carbon tax and her deal with the Greens and trying to paint the Liberal leader as a climate change “denier”. But in doing so he is vindicating the opposition’s campaign on cost-of-living and overreach on climate change.
And bottom line: all these huge schemes and all this talk is about making zero real difference to a global warming that actually paused more than 15 years ago, in contradiction of all the main global warming models:
What we are really seeing is the slow death of the global warm scare, but without the key fearmongers yet admitting they sacrificed reason to faith. 


Nielsen agrees with Newspoll: it’s 50-50

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (6:59am)

Politics - polls
Now Nielsen shows Kevin Rudd pulling Labor back to 50-50 with the Coalition:

Much of the Labor recovery has come in NSW and Queensland, where the ALP brand has suffered most in recent years but where the potential exists to make the seat gains needed to secure a third term.
Too close to call. Too close for Rudd to risk calling an election now.
Yesterday Liberal pollster Mark Textor conceded Rudd’s poll rise might not be the sugar hit we’d all assumed, but a platform.
That means the Coalition has to make its case, not just wait for Rudd to fail.

My bet is that Rudd thinks he can win, and isn’t interested in any “honorable loss”. He will wait to call an election, even it it risks losing any honeymoon effect. Labor’s interests here aren’t quite the same as Rudd’s:

Some of his key advisers think this is probably his peak and are telling him to call an election as soon as possible. Taking all the polls by all the polling firms in the 18 days since Rudd resumed the leadership, Monday’s Fairfax-Nielsen poll is the 10th.

The first one found the parties stood at exactly 50:50, and so does this latest one… Indeed, the average of all 10 polls is 50:50.
‘’There is no trend there,’’ says the Fairfax pollster, Nielsen’s John Stirton. It was an immediate realignment, and it’s not budging.
The conventional wisdom is that when you get a honeymoon, take full advantage by going to the polls. Rudd could call an election now for next month.
And the conventional wisdom has a sound historical basis. ‘’After the initial boost’’ that comes with the advent of a new leader, ‘’no-one has ever carried it higher by election day,’’ with the possible exception of Tony Abbott, says Stirton. Leaders either manage to sustain their honeymoon levels of support or they lose some of it by election day.


Tasmania’s premier should now say of Rudd what she said of Abbott

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (6:30am)

Global warming - propaganda
Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings 30 May 2013:
Last week when I released the State Budget I warned that scrapping the price on carbon would cost Tasmanian tens of millions of dollars through reduced dividends from Hydro Tasmania ... That is exactly why I have said that Tony Abbott becoming Prime Minister would be bad for Tasmania.
Reader Baldrick asks:

Will Lara Giddings now admit that Kevin Rudd being Prime Minister is bad for Tasmania?


Why are these thugs still here?

Andrew Bolt July 15 2013 (12:01am)

THE Maribyrnong detention centre contains evidence we put too low a price on admittance to Australia.
Inside are dozens of foreign citizens - convicted criminals - enjoying their right to appeal against decisions to throw them out.
Take Ivan Abela, a Maltese man jailed for raping his de facto. She told a court she’d also found him raping her 12-year-old, yet he’s still here after serving his sentence. Amazing. 


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Meh, Hilary Clinton was a disgrace too, saying much the same kind of thing about dodging sniper bullets. Thing is, while it disgusts conservatives, ALP seem to think it witty. - ed

Artist Peter Cook sculpted this natural chair by controlling how the tree grew its branches.

Discovered some hidden talent at Bankstown EKC last Saturday.


Amazing photo of Waterspout Strikes Tampa Bay, Florida.




Holly Sarah Nguyen
Today I will do what is possible. I will leave all that seems impossible to GOD!!

"Is there anything the ALP wouldn't do?" I asked myself that question, and then it struck me .. they would never govern responsibly. - ed

Lord on high, hear my prayer. In my need, you have always been there.
That didn't go well. I shelled out $110 to get my treadmill working .. but it won't. I had thought my Jazfit 5503 had blown a fuse .. but that isn't it. So now I need to trawl through five years of papers to see where the warranty is .. it is there somewhere, purchased less than a year ago .. I think .. - ed
Thanks to Matthew Allen ..

Fool me once (Kevin07) shame on you.
Fool me twice (Julia10) shame on me.
Fool me thrice (Kevin13) I'm a labor voter.>


Katy Perry race-baits after Zimmerman verdict (Bonus: Inadvertent Obama slam) ==>



The Green Berets – Trailer
- Film Clip -

At this link:


Singer Toni Braxton: ‘Today I am embarrassed to be an American.’ ==>

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Precisely what was it that constituted his good behaviour? - ed

.. it is a beginning .. ed



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"They are being given “forged” IDs before being sent to fight in the rebel-held southern province of Daraa...."

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For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins(Matthew 6:14–15, NIV)

In life, we all have unfair things that happen to us. We can choose to hold on to the hurt, become bitter and angry, and let it poison our future; or, we can choose to let it go and trust God to make it up to us. You might say, “Pastor, you don’t know how I was raised.” “My ex-spouse caused me a lot of pain.” “This friend betrayed me.” “I just can’t let it go.” But realize that you don’t forgive for their sake; you forgive for your own sake. When you forgive, you are taking away their power to hurt you. But if you hold on to that offense and stay angry, you are only poisoning your own life and disconnecting yourself from God.

Forgiveness is like a door on your heart. If you shut the door and refuse to forgive, then God cannot forgive you. But when you open the door and allow forgiveness to flow from you, then His forgiveness can flow into you. Choose to forgive and open the door to receive God’s life, peace and healing today.God bless you.


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4 her



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