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Happy birthday and many happy returns Cam Kret and Indra Bayu Hapsoro. Born on the same day, across the years. It is Mixed Race Day in Brazil. In 1743, War of the Austrian Succession: In the last time that a British monarch personally led his troops into battle, George II and his forces defeated the French in Dettingen, Bavaria. In 1844, Latter Day Saint movement founder Joseph Smith, Jr. and his brother Hyrum were killed by an armed mob who stormed the prison where they were incarcerated in Carthage, Illinois. In 1905, The crew of the Russian battleship Potemkin began a mutiny against their oppressive officers. In 1952, The Congress of Guatemala passed Decree 900, redistributing unused lands of sizes greater than 224 acres (0.9 km2) to local peasants and having a major effect on the nation's land reform movement. Be like the kings of old and take responsibility for your day. Avoid confronting those who don't see eye to eye, but seek the path of peace. But if confronted with oppression, overthrow it and claim what is rightfully yours. Cheers.

Three years of venom, vitriol and vengeance

Piers Akerman – Thursday, June 27, 2013 (5:34am)

IF Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard did truly care about the people of Australia – or at least the half living on the East Coast - the third Labor leadership battle would not have been played out on the night of the second State of Origin game
But then, Rudd’s return to the prime ministership from which he was ejected just three years and two days before, was never about the good of the people.
The struggle for the Labor prime ministership throughout the life of this dysfunctional 43rd parliament has always been about Kevin.
The picture of former Prime Minister Gillard knitting a woollen kangaroo roo for the next baby Royal was not the final trigger.
The Rudd forces had been gathering momentum for months.
Gillard said as much when she called for the ballot to be held last night, saying the destabilisation could not continue.
She had been battling political foes on two fronts, internally and externally.
She was fighting a civil war against Rudd and she was engaged in her brand of politics as usual – a venal, vitriolic and venomous struggle with Tony Abbott, the strongest Opposition leader the nation has ever seen.
Abbott has now seen off two sitting prime ministers, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, and is favoured to see off Rudd again at the election.
While Gillard was fighting for her political life, Rudd was claiming that “many, many thousands of members of the Australian public” had wanted him to return to the Lodge.
They wanted a real choice at the next election, he said, not just Abbott – the clear implication being that Gillard was not in the game.
He thinks he will really present a viable choice but many of those in Caucus who voted for him hope he will be able to prevent Labor haemorrhaging seats as predicted by recent polls.
They know that there is no basis for any of his claims to be able to restore stable government.
They know him well, they knifed him.
The Caucus vote – counted one-by-one – was 57-45. Too close for either Rudd or Gillard to claim overwhelming Caucus support but one vote is all it takes to be leader.
That vote takes Gillard out of Australian political life as she had previously demanded that the loser of the ballot resign their seat at the election.
She deserved to fall to a political assassin, having risen by the assassin’s dagger.
Famously, she denied stalking Rudd in 2010 saying there was more chance of her playing full-forward for the Western Bulldogs than mounting a challenge.
As Footscray, before it became the Western Bulldogs, it won its last premiership in 1954. Now Gillard has time on her hands she could try out for the team but its doubtful she could improve its performance.
Can Kevin Rudd knit? Who cares. He will have enough on his hands trying to find sufficient capable MPs to form a Cabinet as the Labor Party continues threshing in its death throes. 
Sure, the coupl should be enough to give Labor a boost but, the real vote, the vote that counts will at the election. Whenever that will now be.
Rudd will now have to face Abbott and the Liberal Party machine with its wealth of advertisements – starring members of the Labor Party, including at least one who thought he was a psychopath. The others just thought he was @#@%&*.
He will not be able to present a picture of a unified party as they go into the election, no matter how hard the Rudd camp works.
His record with his own party will haunt him, even if its members now hope he may save some of their skins.
Kevin may have been resuscitated – but so will everything that every ALP MP has ever said about him.
It’s still all about Kevin. 



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 27, 2013 (3:05pm)

John McTernan resigns
Former prime minister Julia Gillard’s chief of communications, John McTernan, has quit and is planning to return to journalism …
Mr McTernan told The Australian Financial Review on Thursday that he planned to remain in Australia for a while and would look to resume writing.
“I will go back to the trade which I love nearly as much as politics, which is journalism," he said.
“As for a book, I’m not sure about that, but I’ll definitely write some opinion pieces.
“My motto has always been ‘will work for food’.” 
Given current freelance rates, he may be aiming too high. Defence minister Stephen Smith is now announcing his own resignation, joining a long list of Labor leavers.
UPDATE. Paul Sheehan reviews last night’s departure frenzy: 
Rudd said there would be a “renewal” of the ministry. A fine word for carnage. By then, the Liberal Party had put out a video on YouTube made up of insulting comments about Rudd by Gillard, Wayne Swan, Craig Emerson, Peter Garrett, Stephen Smith, Stephen Conroy, Kate Ellis, former senator Graham Richardson and former leader Mark Latham, saying Rudd had been “universally despised by his cabinet colleagues”.
Within an hour of Rudd’s victory, Gillard, Swan, Garrett, Emerson, Greg Combet and Joe Ludwig had resigned from the ministry. 



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 27, 2013 (2:19pm)

Having succeeded in his three-year quest to remove Julia Gillard, now comes a plea for friendliness
New Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has used his first address to Parliament to call on MPs to be a ‘’little kinder and gentler with each other’’. 
Gillard and ex-treasurer Wayne Swan this morning kindly and gently ignored Rudd being sworn in as PM. She might also be ignoring Penny Wong: 
Finance Minister Penny Wong revealed on Thursday that she voted for Mr Rudd in the leadership ballot …
Senator Wong said to switch her allegiance was ‘’the most difficult decision of my political life …
“You have to weigh your loyalties and your different principles. And I do not believe the feminist principles which I hold dear would be served by Tony Abbott becoming Prime Minister with the views that he has expressed on women and women’s capacity.” 
So much for the sisterhood. Incidentally, if you go to the former Prime Minister’s official transcript of her speech at the launch of Women for Gillard – the shortest-lived lobby group in Australian history – you’ll find it has already beenerased. Now at the top of an otherwise blank page:


UPDATE. Anne Summers demands feminist resignations: 
Those ministers who honourably resigned last night did not include a single woman.
Not one of the nine women ministers showed any sisterly solidarity.
Do these women seriously think that it was OK for our first woman prime minister to be hounded out of office by bullying, duplicity and an outrageous trashing of her reputation?
Do they seriously think they are not also contaminated by the crude culture of misogyny that has now enveloped so much of the Labor Party? 



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 27, 2013 (1:49pm)

It was probably all over for Julia Gillard when she lost the crucial Werribee welfare demographic. But the Welsh are still on her side: 
Vale of Glamorgan county councillor Ian Johnson said Ms Gillard was still popular in the town she was born.
“As a politician she’s been very successful and has faced a lot of opposition from rivals – and it’s clear that most of that opposition has been because of her gender and not her policies.” 
If you say so, pal. Things might be different now that a typical Australian he-man is in charge: 
While the polls soured, Rudd – never as competent, never as nice, never as tough, never as capable – was waiting in the wings for the moment that the mere presence of his masculine body was enough to bolster their party’s fortunes. 
The writer may not have ever actually seen Kevin Rudd. Here he is with author Tara Moss.



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 27, 2013 (2:21am)

Julia Gillard’s farewell speech was much better than Kevin Rudd’s farewell speech.


Book this

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (6:00pm)

For your diary:  [UPDATE: HOUSE FULL.]
Facts and fallacies about climate change
By Bob Carter and John Spooner
With William Kininmonth, Martin Feil, Stewart Franks and Bryan Leyland

6:30pm Tuesday 2 July 2013
The Avenue Bookshop
127 Dundas Place
Albert Park

In this accessible and beautifully produced full colour book The Age’s brilliant political cartoonist John Spooner and leading environmental scientist Professor Bob Carter combine with colleagues to answer a series of critical and highly controversial questions about the politics and science of climate change.
Some of the information from the book - information you won’t hear from the ABC:
Just 8,000 years ago, there was virtually no summer sea-ice in the Arctic Ocean.
Sea-level rise is natural, and declining in rate.
Australian rainfall has not decreased over the last 100 years.
A previous Australian drought lasted 69 years.
By catchment management, the Murray-Darling Basin now contains almost 3 times as much water as it held naturally.
Global air temperature has not increased for the last 16 years, despite an 8% increase in CO2.
Global ocean temperature is also steady or cooling slightly.
Australian territory absorbs up to 20 times the amount of CO2 that we emit.
The CO2 tax will cost about $1,000/person/year; and rising.
The result of reducing Australian CO2 emissions by 5% by 2020 will be a theoretical (and unmeasurable) cooling of between 0.0007CO and 0.00007O C by 2100.
No scientist can tell you whether the world will be warmer or cooler than today in 2020.


No, Anne - women won’t vote on sexist lines just to save a Gillard

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (4:50pm)

Professional victimologist Anne Summers is outraged to find Julia Gillard is not a victim of sexist men but of rational women refusing to vote on gender lines:

Those ministers who honourably resigned last night did not include a single woman.
Not one of the nine women ministers showed any sisterly solidarity.
Do these women seriously think that it was OK for our first woman prime minister to be hounded out of office by bullying, duplicity and an outrageous trashing of her reputation?
Do they seriously think they are not also contaminated by the crude culture of misogyny that has now enveloped so much of the Labor Party? 


Kevin Rudd does not commit to a September 14 election

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (3:16pm)

Rudd in Question Time hinted the election would not be held on September 14.  He said he would consider the election date having regard for the G20 summit (on September 6 and 7, and we know Rudd loves such events) and Yom Kippur (on September 14).
He’s back to announcing the election when it suits him. 


Stephen Smith says he’s leaving Parliament

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (3:01pm)

Defence Minister Stephen Smith, whose seat of Perth is in danger of falling to the Coalition, has told Parliament he is quitting politics at the election. It will make his seat harder to defend.
He was once touted as a future Labor leader. In the end, he was run over - even forced by Julia Gillard to give up the job of Foreign Minister to make way for Bob Carr (who betrayed Gillard anyway).
The list of the leaving Ministers, present and past:
Julia Gillard
Peter Garrett
Martin Ferguson
Robert McClelland
Nicola Roxon
Craig Emerson
Also going:

Rob Oakeshott
Tony Windsor
Not many left from the carbon deal that sealed Labor’s fate:



Rudd talks nice to business, then whacks them with the 457

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (1:43pm)

We’ve had a reminder on day one of Kevin Rudd being so eager to please all that he’ll say one thing but do another:

KEVIN Rudd has failed his first test in repairing relations with business by ramming through Julia Gillard’s union-backed crackdown on 457 visa rules.
The new Prime Minister, who last night vowed to work closely with business, had been under pressure from union-affiliated caucus members to forge ahead with the bill.
The bill passed 73 votes to 72, with the support of crossbenchers Tony Windsor, Bob Katter, Andrew Wilkie, Craig Thomson…
The legislation will impose new restrictions on the use of 457 visas, forcing firms to prove they have sought Australian workers to fill positions before bringing in foreigners…
Mr Rudd, who had a hostile relationship with business during his last stint as Prime Minister, had vowed last night to make amends.
“Business is a group that this government will work with very closely,’’ he said after being relected to the post by caucus…
Australian Industry Group chief Innes Willox had earlier welcomed an apparent move by Labor to drop the bill from consideration.
“This investment-destroying and union-inspired proposal was an ill-considered measure unsupported by any proper evidence,’’ he said…
After earlier today taking the controversial changes to 457 visa rules off the parliamentary program, Labor later elevated the bill to its top item of parliamentary business.


Are you ready for more Rudd-speak?

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (10:32am)

From Kevin Rudd’s acceptance speech last night:
But you know something, we have a great future but that future is not guaranteed…
In fact as I rock around the place, talking to my own kids, they see it as a huge national turn off....
With your energy, we can start cooking with gas..
And before the ballot:

I’ve got to zip.


Morgan poll: Rudd pushes Labor to 49.5% to Coalition 50.5%

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (10:25am)

A Morgan poll shows a big bounce for Kevin Rudd that puts Labor almost even with the Coalition - but before the blowtorch is applied:
A special snap SMS Morgan Poll (2,530 Australian electors aged 18+) after tonight’s ALP leadership ballot shows a large swing to the ALP 49.5% (up 5%) since last weekend’s multi-mode Morgan Poll, now just behind the L-NP 50.5% (down 5%) on a two-party preferred basis…
The L-NP primary vote is 43% (down 4%) still clearly ahead of the ALP 38% (up 7.5%). Among the minor parties Greens support is 8.5% (down 0.5%) and support for Independents/ Others is 10.5% (down 3%).
If a Federal Election were held today the result would be too close to call ...


Rudd needs to speed with L-platers at the wheel

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (8:55am)

Kevin Rudd has a very practical problem to confront as he goes to the election:

Rudd also has to look at what policy changes he needs. Climate change, asylum seekers and schools are certain to be on his To Do list.
On climate change, it could be as simple as saying he’d switch to a floating price - going straight to the intended emissions trading scheme - although that might need legislation.
It would have revenue implications ...
On asylum seekers, Rudd might be able to do a Peter Beattie and admit he got it wrong in his first term and say he’d change course…
On schools, Rudd will reshape the Gonski plan. He likes the policy but thinks it’s incomprehensible in its current form.
The problem?
The man who was in charge of the Gonski education changes, School Education Minister Peter Garrett, has quit.
The man who was in charge of the Budget, Treasurer Wayne Swan, has quit.
The man who was in charge of the carbon tax, Climate Change Minister Greg Combet, has quit.
Also gone: Prime Minister Gillard, Trade Minister Craig Emerson, Communications Minister Steve Conroy and Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig.
Put simply: there will be several new ministers on L plates struggling to get up to speed - and on some of the issues which most urgently need changing and which will most need defending.
Think also NBN. Think high government spending as the economy slows. 


Kevin Rudd has revenge, but no policies

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (8:32am)

KEVIN Rudd has his revenge. He knifed the woman who knifed him three years ago and is Prime Minister again.
But Julia Gillard has done her best to make sure he won’t enjoy his victory long. She made Rudd take the leadership back in a way that makes it much harder for him to win the election.
Rudd needed the party to unite behind him. He needed the power brokers to admit to a terrible mistake and invite him to replace the woman who failed.

That is why he promised in March there were “no circumstances” under which he’d be leader again.
Instead, Gillard and her backers again put their own interests above their party’s and made him brawl for it. They wanted him to have blood on his hands and he now does. They wanted him to seem deceitful and now he does.
In doing so they also forced some ministers to reveal themselves as double-dealers. 


What a Labor promise is worth

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (7:54am)

Kevin Rudd:
Kevin Rudd, February 27, 2012: 
TO Julia I would say this ... You will have my absolute support in your efforts to bring us to victory. I will not under any circumstances mount a challenge against your leadership. I go one step further. If anyone turns on Julia in the 18 months ahead ... Julia - you will find me in your corner against them.
Rudd, March 21:

WHEN I say to my parliamentary colleagues and to the people at large across Australia that I would not challenge for the Labor leadership I believe in honouring my word. Others treat such commitments lightly. I do not.
March 22 statement:

MR Rudd has said consistently over the last 12 months that he would not challenge for the Labor leadership and that he would contest the next election as a local member of parliament at the next election. ... Furthermore, Mr Rudd wishes to make 100 per cent clear ... that there are no circumstances under which he will return to the Labor Party leadership in the future.
Rudd, doorstop, March 22:

IN political life we live by our word. We live by whether we honour our word. And the good people of Australia observe that over a lifetime ... I have said time and time again that I would not challenge in the future for the leadership of the Labor Party - I believe in honouring my word. Furthermore, had I done the reverse and simply gone out there and challenged, each and every one of you here today, as journalists, here in Brisbane and around the country, would quite rightly have attacked me for a loss of credibility for having walked back on my word.
Bill Shorten:

Workplace Minister Bill Shorten, as reported by AAP at 3:13pm yesterday:
LABOR powerbroker Bill Shorten has not switched support to Kevin Rudd.
A spokesman for the minister told AAP on Wednesday: “The minister’s position has not changed and he will not be adding to the media speculation on this matter.”
Shorten just three and a half hours later:
I believe the Australian people want a choice at this coming election. I believe that Kevin Rudd leading us to this election will provide Australians, my colleagues and those who support the Labor Party, the best chance of Labor winning office after this election.
Niki Savva:
Speaking of fibbing, both sides were convinced they had Shorten. According to highly placed sources he gave repeated assurances to Gillard’s people telling them as late as Monday that: “I am sticking with her.” On that basis, and after a conversation with his wife Chloe on Tuesday, they once again claimed he was “solid”.
On Tuesday and again yesterday the Ruddites were adamant they had him. Shorten was either being extremely clever, extremely devious, or extremely indecisive. Maybe all those things.
Anthony Albanese, now Deputy Prime Minister under Rudd:


Labor minister Anthony Albanese has given the media a serve when asked by Radio National’s Fran Kelly whether Julia Gillard will be the leader at the end of this week.
“Yes. There’s a scoop for you, Fran.”
Soon after 4pm, Gillard announced her decision live on Sky News to call a caucus ballot… Rudd supporters convened quickly in the office of Chris Bowen, one of the top tacticians behind the challenge. In the room were Anthony Albanese
AWU secretary Paul Howes, June 2011:
I’m 100 per cent positive, I’ll bet my house on it, that Julia Gillard will lead Labor to the next election.
Environment Minister Tony Burke:
Another Labor frontbencher Tony Burke has reaffirmed this morning that he would resign from the ministry if Kevin Rudd is re-elected Labor leader joining a significant number of Gillard backers who would not serve if Ms Gillard is deposed.
Burke confirms he will serve under Rudd.
Resouces Minister Gary Gray:
June 21:
[Rudd] doesn’t have the courage and the strength that’s required to do this job. What he can do is spread confusion. What he can do is get himself into the media. What he can do is create a lot of torment. What he can’t do is govern and what he can’t do is lead the Labor party.
Gary Gray says on ABC Radio National he will keep serving under Rudd.
Even after removing the crosses on the returning Kevin Rudd and Chris Bowen, it is extraordinary how many from Gillard’s ministry - sworn in just three years ago - have fallen.


You voted for Rudd. Who - or what - will you get?

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (7:43am)

Tony Abbott asks a good question:
In 2007 you voted for Kevin and got Julia. In 2010 you voted for Julia and got Kevin. If you vote for the Labor Party in 2013 who knows who you will end up with.
A. Kevin Rudd
B. Tony Abbott
C. Bill Shorten
But the real question for now is what you’ll end up with. Rudd the Democratic Socialist? Rudd the Christian Democrat?  Rudd the Populist? Rudd the Howard-lite


Where’s this petition that spooked Gillard?

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (7:38am)

Did Kevin Rudd trick Julia Gillard into calling the leadership ballot she lost?

A PHANTOM piece of paper helped to kill off a prime minister last night, when mere rumour lured Julia Gillard into making a fatal mistake.
After staring down her enemies for days, Gillard called a caucus ballot to decide her leadership in a bid to head off a formal petition that would force a vote.
But talk of the petition spread much faster than the paperwork itself.
Last night, as Kevin Rudd was restored to the leadership three years after his tearful removal, the petition remained a mystery as those who backed the leadership challenge conceded they had never seen the document, let alone signed it…
Hours after the ballot, Labor caucus members privately insisted the petition that helped fell a prime minister had existed, and that at least a few had signed it.
But they also admitted that the document may never be produced.


Why Julia Gillard should not scare my daughter with her gender card

Andrew Bolt June 27 2013 (12:02am)

Culture wars, Politics - federal
Even at the end, the gender card is played:

Ms Gillard said there had been a lot of talk about her playing the “gender card”.
“The reaction to being the first female prime minister does not explain everything about my prime ministership, nor does it explain nothing about my prime ministership,” she said.
“It explains some things and it is for the nation to think in a sophisticated way about those shades of grey.
“What I am absolutely confident of is it will be easier for the next woman and the woman after that ... and I am proud of that.”
My column:
Dear ex-Prime Minister, I am writing as the father of a much-loved 14-year-old girl you inspired.
At her grade six valedictory dinner my daughter told the audience her ambition was to be Prime Minister, too.
She got a big hand. I was so proud.
Back then there was something I admired in you as well.
At your first press conference as Prime Minister you waved away a question about being our first woman in the job.
“Well there may be some firsts. When you look back in the history books all the photos are in black and white, so first woman, maybe first redhead.
“We’ll allow others to delve into the history.”
You were no one’s victim then, and demanded no favors or excuses.
I praised you for your “secure sense of self”. You’d “steered away from the identity politics of the Left”.
But you changed, and have betrayed the women you inspired.
See, two years ago you started to trade on your gender.
“I’m Australia’s first female prime minister,” you declared in a speech to Emily’s List, dedicated to putting Left-wing women into Parliament..
“Today I think of all the women who made my journey possible.”
Your tribal appeal for women to vote for women has been pursued ferociously.
You shout “misogynist” and lash out at sexists, real or imagined.  Two weeks ago you even warned women to beware of “men with blue ties”.
You seemed to imagine men at war with women, but that’s not my daughter’s world. The men she knows would do anything for her.
Yet your loyal female MPs repeated your victim story, insisting no political leader has suffered such abuse.
But everyone in politics gets abused. Only two days ago your Ministers abused the Opposition Leader as a “drunk” who “didn’t care” when boat people drowned.
You lost your job not for what you are but what you’ve done: your broken promises, your blown budgets, your open borders, your politics of division.
Please now consider the young women who dream to be leaders, too.
Don’t preach defeat. Don’t tell them a lie – that sexist men will drag down even a good woman. Even a Prime Minister.
Sexism did not stop you becoming Prime Minister, and sexism did not now take that job from you.
Your failure is your own. You were given a chance and you blew it.
Tell all our daughters the truth. The world is theirs. 


Kevin Rudd reintroduces himself

Andrew Bolt June 26 2013 (10:39pm)

Kevin Rudd pays tribute to Julia Gillard in his speech tonight - intelligence, energy, sense of purpose, tough. “She has been a remarkable performer.”
But there has been too much “negative, personal” politics “all round” and this “must stop”. There has been an “erosion of trust”. (This is the backhander.)
Why standing? Not in nature to “let an Abbott Government come to power in this country by default.” He is “steeped in the power of negative politics” and lacks “a real, positive” plan.
Sick of the personal politics.
(How much of this is directed at Gillard as much as Abbott?)
Warns the global economy is slowing and the mining boom is over. There are new challenges, including to productivity. Must look at growing the pie as well as distributing it. Offers to work with business, like, he says, he’s done before. (Another coded attack on the Gillard-Swan legacy - this time on their class war and attacks on business.)
Rudd offers a plea to young Australians “to please come back” to politics - as in, to Labor.
(Rudd is selling sunshine. He offers not a single policy. This is an extremely weak speech for such an important moment. It seemed just thrown together.) 




4 her


Learn about our plan here:


Why was Nik Wallenda praising Jesus during his death-defying walk? His answer may surprise you:

During the Grand Canyon stunt, Wallenda’s mic picked up what he was saying. “Praise God” and “Praise you, Jesus” were among the phrases uttered.
At one point, Wallenda thanked God for calming the wind. But, he told Sean, “I believe that God’s given me a very unique talent and I use it to give glory to Him. [...] I don’t believe that God holds me on that wire in any way. It’s not as though I’m praising God’s name while I’m walking, saying ‘God hold me up here, I’m going to fall.’”
Hannity asked why so many people have a fear of heights. Wallenda answered, “You call it fear, I call it respect. […] I go on top of a skyscraper and I look over the edge, and I believe just like anyone else, I look and say I don’t want to go down there. But I’ve trained my whole life to stay on that wire.”






Great blue hole of the coast of belize.

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Wyatt Roy
You can excel - ed
That’s it…The 43rd Parliament has adjourned for the last time. This term has been an amazing and deeply humbling experience. It has been an honour to represent our great local community in the Parliament over the last few years. Now for the campaign ahead


Larry Pickering

I received a call from the Brisbane Courier mail, “Larry Pickering? Anne Summers says people like you are responsible for Jill Meagher’s rape and murder, do you have a reply to that?” They couldn’t print my reply.

At the time I hadn’t heard of this unhinged man-hating dragon, mainly because I don’t read the socialist Press or Fairfax.

Now I hope you don’t mind because I can’t bring myself to call her a woman (real women are wonderful) so I will refer to her as “thing”.

It’s this “thing” who encouraged Julia Gillard to embark on a fateful gender tirade that contributed to her knifing.

It was this “thing” who encouraged Government payouts of $5,000 for late/full term abortions (covered here two posts back).

It’s this thing who enjoys degrading men by shagging toy boys less than half her age.

This “thing” plasters lipstick all over her filthy mouth in an attempt to appear human but it doesn’t work, and someone should explain the purpose of lipstick and rouge, the colour red in humans and primates, is to indicate arousal to the opposite sex (and I can’t see that working either).

But this “thing” has now turned on her own kind, criticising Labor’s women politicians who are refusing to jump ship in sympathy with Gillard. Only men, in thinly veiled disgust, have so far tossed in the towel.

Even lesbians like Wong have turned their backs on Gillard.

Julia sits alone, banished to a back bench, mulling over what might have been without her coterie of gender terrorists.

If you wish to dry retch and peruse the sewage that pours from this “thing”’s noisy red orifice you will have to read today's Fairfax Press or watch the ABC, because only the far Left will stomach her disgusting, vile drivel.

Understand this, Summers, it’s obnoxious vermin like you who emboldened Gillard to take the misogynist road.

It was you who applauded that nauseating crap and it is you who are responsible for her downfall. Live with it!

We real men adore real women and a thousand “thing”s like you will never drive a wedge between us.


A Fact (Photographic Proof!)>


John Wayne: American Legend

From his difficult childhood to the biggest Film star ever. Biography with Photos, film, clips and interviews with colleagues in this AE “Biopraphy” series dvd.

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Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6)
Father God,I thank You for the promise of living a long, satisfied life. I stand strong on Your Word today knowing that victory is on the way. I choose to stay in the game and press forward to fulfill my destiny. I won’t shrink back, give up or lose heart, but I will stand strong in You in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Madu Odiokwu Pastorvin
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She lacked poise and grace in parliament .. but in leaving she showed a glimpse of what it is like to be freed from a lunatic asylum - ed


Friday Fotos Monsoon: Storm Cell in San Tan Park

The War Illusionist Jasper Maskelyne

This is the unique story of the British Stage Magician, Jasper Maskelyne who, when war broke out, offered his ‘special skills’ to the War Dept. He promptly enlisted in the British Army and attempted to convince the Generals that his skills as an illusionist could be put to use against the Germans.

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There is an Eco Bridge in Netherlands. It allows Animals to cross the highway easily.


Romanian Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa writes that high ranking Soviet politician Yuri Andropov, through an initiative to seed the Muslim world with anti-American and anti-Israel sentiment, sent hundreds of agents and thousands of copies of propaganda literature to Muslim countries during the decade.
According to Pacepa: “By 1972, Andropov’s disinformation machinery was working around the clock to persuade the Islamic world that Israel and the United States intended to transform the rest of the world into a Zionist fiefdom.



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Chris Heins'
Stuck in my head: "Solomon Grundy,
Born on a Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday.
That was the end,
Of Solomon Grundy."

He was week - ed

Madu Odiokwu Pastorvin
But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.(John 4:14, NKJV)
Remember that Jesus is the only one who can truly satisfy your inner thirst. Turn to Him, receive from Him, and you will find rest and refreshing for your soul. God bless you.


I have not found anything to verify this statement - ed
Joel Rubinfeld, the Brussels-born co-chair of the European Jewish Parliament, said, “The reports concerning this case are extremely disconcerting: It sounds like something from 1930s Germany. Especially disquieting is the authorities’ apparent inaction.”

Earlier this month, prosecutors in Brussels decided not to file charges in a 2011 case in which a 15-year-old Jewish girl was attacked outside her school by five boys who called her a “dirty Jew” before hitting her repeatedly in the face.

“A pattern of indifference emerges,” Rubinfeld said.

Subsequent detail suggests the attack may be homophobic, not anti semitic. Regardless, we know it was bigoted and the bigots have broken the law. Although some excuse such attacks.. -ed



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I was traveling well inland, and had been traveling for many hours by now and was sort of losing my mind and singing the entire Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album with a Garth Brooks imitation voice (and it works!) when I came across this unusual sight… a lighthouse in Maryland. I knew immediately that this spot was for me! The building is actually part of a church called the World Lighthouse Worship Church. I found that interesting. The high stratus clouds really added to the effect as the sun was setting. I grabbed a bite to eat nearby afterwards and then continued my long trek to my next destination… alone… into the oncoming night… singing in a Garth Brooks voice…

Taken while on assignment last May as part of Yahoo's OTR campaign as the weather photographer.
 — in Grantsville, MD.
Queensland defeated NSW 24-6. NSW played a tough, brilliant game with technique and strength .. but NSW players weren't equipped to play that kind of game. In keeping with the evening, one expects NSW to resign - ed

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Happy Hump Day.


June 27Mixed Race Day in Brazil





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