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PM lacks total recall

Miranda Devine – Friday, June 14, 2013 (1:47am)

PM lacks total recall, by Miranda Devine
THERE’S a pattern of behaviour emerging with the Prime Minister. She complains about being the victim of misogyny and sexism but then fawns over men who are renowned for demeaning women.
One minute it’s radio boor Kyle Sandilands; the next it’s visiting muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose alleged sexist behaviour is so well known he is called “The Gropenator”. So enthusiastic have been his past interactions with unsuspecting women, a magazine once labelled him “Arnold the Barbarian”.
Julia Gillard flew to Perth yesterday to have lunch with the Terminator star-turned-ex-governor of California, who is in Australia for a series of high-priced motivational speeches.One of the pearls of wisdom he imparted yesterday to achieve success was “working your ass off”. Gillard insists she met Arnie not to discover his secrets of success, but to discuss climate change.
The pair even “co-wrote” an article on the topic.
She wanted to show that while Arnie is a Republican, they share common ground.
For instance, after two terms as governor, Arnie left California with a near-record low approval rating and a record high deficit, despite promising to balance the budget.
And in his attitudes to women he echoes prime ministerial favourite Sandilands, who famously has abused women in what Julia Gillard might call a grossly sexist and offensive way.
Kyle once called a reporter a “fat, bitter thing” and told her to “watch your mouth, girl, or I’ll hunt you down”.
Arnie has a string of sexist quotes to his name that put Kyle in the shade. For example: “How many times do you get away with this, to take a woman, grab her upside down, and bury her face in a toilet bowl?” he once told Entertainment Weekly about a scene in which he fights a female robot in Terminator 3. Or this: “As much as when you see a blonde with great tits and a great ass, you say to yourself, ‘Hey, she must be stupid or must have nothing else to offer’ which maybe is the case many times,” he told Esquire in 2003.
Or this: “I can look at a chick who’s a little out of shape and if she turns me on, I won’t hesitate to date her. If she’s a good f ... she can weigh 150 pounds, I don’t care,” he told Oui in 1977.
It may seem curious that a woman who claims, “When I see sexism and misogyny, I’m gonna call ‘em for what they are” would fly all the way across the country to meet such a he-man.
But, then, even her partner Tim Mathieson has indulged in a little off-colour banter at women’s expense, advising men to choose female Asian doctors with small fingers for prostate exams.
Is there a disconnect between the PM’s taste in men and her professed views on sexism? Join the dots.



Tim Blair – Friday, June 14, 2013 (7:09am)

Are you a blue-tie wearer who feels vilified by the Prime Minister? Send your defiant blue tie photographs and take a stand against discrimination. You’ll be joining this site’s greatest celebrity:



Tim Blair – Friday, June 14, 2013 (7:01am)

When someone hails Allah while killing a British soldier and quotes the Koran to justify their murderous act, the ABC isn’t immediately convinced that an Islamic component is involved. As one ABC operative subsequently demanded: 
“What proof do you have that these crimes were even carried out by a Muslim man or in the name of the religion?” 
Well, none at all. Apart from the fact it was carried out by a Muslim man in the name of his religion. But our verification-obsessed national billion-dollar broadcaster isn’t quite so fussed about facts when it come to a local menu scandal
The ABC failed to alter its reporting to reflect the dramatic change in the “menu” scandal story as the substance behind the claims fell away on Wednesday evening.
While other media outlets chose to report that restaurant owner Joe Richards had mocked-up the menu himself, and that it was seen only by him and his son, the ABC’s Leigh Sales still led her introduction to 7.30 with the “shocking sexist misstep by a prominent Coalition MP” …
Hours later, Lateline’s Emma Alberici also led the program with the old story.
“An obscene description of the Prime Minister’s body on a menu at a Liberal Party fundraiser has further fuelled the so-called gender wars,” she opened …
It was persistent and misleading tweets from the ABC’s Latika Bourke which contributed to confusion about the timeline …
Bourke yesterday continued to claim on Twitter that Mr Brough “knew” of the menu. She did not respond to questions put by this newspaper.
Mr Brough also said he thought it “extraordinary” that the ABC largely ignored the new information. 
Liberal MPs should convert to Islam and forever dwell within the broadcaster’s safety zone.



Tim Blair – Friday, June 14, 2013 (6:21am)

Prime Minister Julia Gillard rallies her troops, as best she can: 
Her presentation to the party room on Tuesday was said to be one of the poorest ever delivered by a leader.
The PM did not even admit that the government was in trouble. Instead she told them to stand in front of a school gate and try to sell Gonski. 
More than half of the federal Labor caucus will ignore Julia Gillard’s call to man school gates today to campaign for her education funding reforms …
Only 34 of 102 Labor MPs and senators have confirmed they would observe the request to visit schools today at drop-off and pick-up time to sell the Gonski reforms. 
Maybe they’d listen to her if she was a man.



Tim Blair – Friday, June 14, 2013 (6:19am)

June is dictator appreciation month, which might explain recent bureaucratic tactics in the US.



Tim Blair – Friday, June 14, 2013 (5:32am)

Listen to your taxes slowly and pointlessly draining away.



Tim Blair – Friday, June 14, 2013 (5:29am)

Rupert Murdoch, the executive chairman of News Corporation, has filed for divorce from Wendi Deng Murdoch, his wife of 14 years.
A spokesman for News Corp confirmed that the filing was made Thursday morning local time in the New York State Supreme Court, noting that the “relationship between husband and wife has broken down irretrievably”. 



Tim Blair – Friday, June 14, 2013 (4:53am)

Arnie flops in Sydney
Performing the only Sydney date of a nation-wide speaking tour, Mr Schwarzenegger took to the stage half an hour late for the 21st Century Education summit to roaring applause to an auditorium around one-third full. 
Maybe it’s his material: 
Mr Schwarzenegger … spoke of his devotion to renewable energies and climate change policies. 
That’ll keep the crowds down. Still, the celebrated maid-knocker-up has one major fan: anti-sexism activist and likely September retiree Julia Gillard.


Bolt Report on Sunday

Andrew Bolt June 14 2013 (2:27pm)

The Bolt Report on Sunday on Network 10 at 10am.
George Brandis, Alexander Downer and John Black.
How Gillard made a meal of a sexist menu.
Dealing with boat people who commit crimes here.
Is the Prime Minister a victim?
Guess who’s coming on the show - and why? 


A bigger scandal: The Age vilifies Abbott in a sexist menu, based on a lie

Andrew Bolt June 14 2013 (2:18pm)

Culture wars
The Age editor says sexist and rude menus mocking Julia Gillard are vile:

The Age has long campaigned against sexism and does not regard it as a trivial issue. The emergence, coincidental or not, of a vile example in the form of a menu for a Liberal National Party fund-raiser - supposedly a joke that never made it to the table - is evidence of a culture of sexism in some quarters.
In fact, the menu was not produced for the LNP fundraiser at all, as the editor should know.
It was a private “joke” between the restaurant owner and his son, unlike the sexist and rude menu mocking Tony Abbott which the Age editor distributed to every Age reader this morning in retaliation for something of which Abbott is entirely innocent:
If there was no excuse for the menu drawn up by a restaurant owner as a joke with his son, there is no excuse for this menu drawn up by Age cartoonist Michael Leunig for a collective snigger with more than 200,000 readers. What’s more, the cartoon is based on a lie - that Abbott was somehow implicit in the Gillard menu and needs this payback.
The Age has done to Abbott precisely what it damns when done to Gillard - but done it before an immensely bigger crowd.
Here is the typical sanctimony and hypocrisy of the Left, for which there are not principles, just sides.
To repeat - for many on the Left it is not the principle that counts, but the side:
Lisa, Paul and Baz with the PM, 92.9 FM Perth, yesterday: 
HOST Lisa: Julia ... I’m a big fan and I vote Labor ... Can I just start by just talking about the menu at the Liberals dinner ... This has just been playing on my mind since yesterday. As a woman, does that hurt your feelings? Because I know once a paper took a picture of me and put under it that I had a fat ass and I went home and I cried for about two days and I’m tough as nails. Did it hurt your feelings?
PM: No, Lisa, it doesn’t ... I’m pretty resilient. I’ve needed to be, and you know I’ve had all of this happen before from the Liberal Party and, you know, offensive things happening at Liberal Party fundraisers and the Leader of the Opposition standing next to grossly sexist signs and all of that. So because I’ve had all of that experience, no, it doesn’t personally hurt me.
Julia Gillard to Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey, October 10, 2006:

YELL as much as you like, mate, because you are not worrying me ... the ugly face of the Howard government is on display - the misogynist and the fat man.
The Polliter blog claims a Labor fundraiser involving two frontbenchers had a similarly sexist menu mocking Tony Abbott’s genitals. Note: this is only a claim.
More hypocrisy. Howard Sattler is rightly suspended. But the ABC happily continues to give gigs to Marieke Hardy despite this jibe about Abbott’s genitals in a tweet after an Abbott speech:
“The most conservative instinct of all - the instinct to have a family’. Tony Abbott, I hope your cock drops off and falls down a plughole.
Hardy is disgusted by sexist attacks on a Labor woman:
But she published on her blog - and refused to remove - this far more disgusting sexist attack by one of her readers on a Liberal man, his wife and his daughters (expletives deleted):
Lawrie said…

You mean you were within 5 metres of [then Opposition Leader Brendan] Nelson and you didn’t glass the c..t?
You dropped the ball Fits…
Margi said…

I agree with Lawrie. You should have “glassed the c..t” Nelson. You should have taken a piece of glass and torn his face to shreds, only leaving trails of bloody skin dripping from his ugly face and then you should have glassed his ass and balls so much, you castrate him so he could never procreate with his wife. Furthermore, glass the c..t wife and their children, while you’re at it, because they don’t deserve to procreate and have any children themselves, those blood-sucking Liberal c..ts!
Again, for many on the Left it’s not the principle that counts but the side.
(Thanks to reader Heywood.) 


Tip: one Labor MP might blow the leadership open

Andrew Bolt June 14 2013 (12:49pm)

The Liberals were frozen with indecision over whether to dump Malcolm Turnbull as leader. It took one man - Kevin Andrews - to force the issue by offering himself as leader instead.
Result: a series of ballots which delivered Tony Abbott victory by a single vote.
Will Labor’s deadlock similarly be ended by a single MP?
Gary Hardgrave, a former Liberal MP and now 4BC broadcaster, tweets:

A married man, presumably Queenslander, fed up with Gillard and likely to smash the standoff. In the Lower House, there aren’t many candidates:

Of Labor’s male Senators in Queensland, I couldn’t see Joe Ludwig - son of Labor kingmaker and AWU boss Bill Ludwig - rocking the boat. And would the nice John Hogg want to give up presidency of the Senate even at this late stage, with this Senate still to sit until next June?


Even rusted-on Laura Tingle concedes:

Labor has spent this week determined to prove to any voters who still need convincing that it really does lack the capacity for leadership normally associated with the politically ambitious.
Even the Prime Minister’s closest allies privately concede her leadership is finished but self-righteously insist they will not get their hands dirty by pushing her out.
Cabinet ministers look hopefully to Bill Shorten to “do something”.
(Thanks to readers Peter and Gab.)
Simon Benson:
Sources close to the PM have conceded to The Daily Telegraph for the first time that they are concerned about the mood among those previously counted as her supporters. Senior ministers reported to have softened in their support included key ministers Greg Combet, Jason Clare, Jenny Macklin and Penny Wong.
Combet denies it. 


At least the Liberals will spend billions less on making no difference to any warming

Andrew Bolt June 14 2013 (11:12am)

Alan Moran gives more hope that the Liberals are more than Labor-lite:
The Coalition would reduce the $20 billion a year funding on carbon madness by a half to two-thirds. Not a bad start to ridding us forever of the cruel and pernicious impost introduced at the behest of green guerillas, well-funded business lobbyists, gullible politicians and public servants creating career options…
Climate Change Shadow Greg Hunt has announced that the Coalition in Government will replace the $9 billion a year carbon tax with Direct Action – measures of doubtful worth but coming to only $500 million a year.  In addition the Coalition will stop the $2 billion a year (plus admin costs) disgracefully wasteful green subsidies being proffered by the winner-picking “Clean Energy Finance Corporation”.  In the Australian Guardian Energy Shadow Ian MacFarlane has said he will make it more difficult for new windfarms to get planning approvals and the AFR (sub needed) reports him signalling that other budgetary measures administered by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency would be closely examined with a view to making savings.
Moran describes how Labor spends a colossal amount of money to make no difference at all to the temperature - one of the grandest follies in our history:
Both sides say they want to lower carbon dioxide emissions by 5 per cent.
To do this the Government’s policies will cost between $20-$30 billion a year, more than the entire defence budget. Labor’s strategy employs four kinds of measures.
First there is the carbon tax with costs to consumers this year at $9 billion…
Secondly, the Government is spending about $5 billion a year on subsidies to green schemes, half through the Clean Energy Fund’s low interest loans.
Third, there is the renewable energy target, which subsidises windmills and rooftop solar through customers’ electricity bills. The target increases year by year and its annual costs will be $5 billion a year by 2020.
And finally, there are measures such as efficiency standards on housing, refrigerators and other items. These impose up-front costs on purchasers, estimated at $750 million a year for new home owners.


Labor MPs refuse Gillard’s order to go to school

Andrew Bolt June 14 2013 (9:51am)

Julia Gillard flexes her authority over her MPs:
... the Prime Minister on Tuesday told every Labor lower-house MP and senator to take their message to parents and teachers.
“All MPs and Senators are encouraged to visit a school gate around school drop-off or pick-up [on Friday], hold a mobile office and talk to parents,” said the message from the Caucus Communications Team, which issued it hours after Education Minister Peter Garrett was banned from any Queensland state school over that state’s objections to the Gonksi plan.
Mutiny in the air:
News Ltd contacted each of Labor’s 71 lower-house MPs and 31 senators for their most up-to-date diary entries and less than half of those who confirmed their plans were visiting a school.
Many had already made school visits this week, so weren’t keen to repeat the experience, others were travelling interstate or overseas.
Some told News Ltd they simply weren’t doing it.
This surely can’t last much longer.
(Thanks to reader CA.) 


Is The Age really saying this alleged jihadist must be freed?

Andrew Bolt June 14 2013 (9:28am)

I’m not sure the “it’s-all-right-then” attitude of the Age reporter is warranted:

Interpol have made a stunning withdrawal of murder and firearms charges against the Egyptian asylum seeker held in detention and hounded by the federal Coalition as a ‘’convicted Jihadist terrorist’’.
The French-based headquarters for the international police issued the withdrawal of the charges to its ‘’red notice’’ against Sayed Ahmed Abdellatif in a statement on Friday morning.
Interpol said its bureau in Cario had asked the red notice ‘’be changed to remove any charges relating to premeditated murder, destruction of property, and possession of firearms, ammunition and explosives without a permit’’.

‘’The remaining offences listed on the current valid Red Notice for Mr Abdel Latif are for membership of an illegally-formed extremist organization and forging travel documents for the organization’s members.’’…
The opposition last week seized on revelations that he was wanted by Interpol yet held in a low-security detention facility near Adelaide to claim the Gillard government had a lax attitude to national security.
That strident criticism is now bound to be questioned.
What exactly is the argument here?
That our authorities were right to overlook an Interpol alert on a boat person on the grounds that maybe some of the charges might one day be withdrawn anyway?
That authorities shouldn’t worry about him because Interpol now says he’s just an alleged member of a terrorist-linked group who allegedly forged travel documents for its members?
And why is the Opposition in the gun for “hounding” this man, when it’s the Government that has since locked him up in heavier security?
The premise of this piece seems driven by an agenda that doesn’t include national security. 


The New Racism: Aborigines not “born to work”

Andrew Bolt June 14 2013 (9:21am)

ANU professor Jon Altman is interviewed about chronic unemployment among outback Aborigines, of whom many live in welfare-backed squalor
IS there a case for Centrelink to say, in the next three months it’s harvest or pruning time. No dole. Here is the phone number?
Altman: ... Not every indigenous person wants to be working in the mining industry ... or agriculture.
ASN: Why not?
Altman: Because they might not have aspirations to work in that way.
ASN: Should they get the dole if they don’t?
Altman: Like other Australians they have citizenship entitlements to the dole ... The transition of Aboriginal people into what Noel Pearson calls mainstream jobs is extremely difficult because that sort of work is a challenge for people not engaged in that sort of work regime for a long time.
ASN: In what way is it more of a challenge than for you and me? I sometimes hate going to work.
Altman: We come from a very strong cultural tradition. We were born to work.


Never mind the facts. How the ABC put Tony Abbott on the menu

Andrew Bolt June 14 2013 (7:42am)

Why did the ABC not let the facts get in the way of a good anti-Abbott smear?
Restaurant owner Joe Richards revealed before 7pm on Wednesday that Labor’s claims about the sexist menu “on display” at a Liberal fundraiser held by Mal Brough were false:

There were never any menus distributed on the tables or in the restaurant. I created a mock menu myself as a light-hearted joke. However as I said, I never produced them for public distribution...I can assure you that no such menu was distributed on the night. As you know, no-one at the dinner was privy to such a menu and it is so unfortunate that an in-house joke between myself and my son has caused you great problems and embarrassment.
Without further evidence, that was the end of story.
Without further evidence, Labor was wrong to say the menu was ”on display” at fundraiser, and wrong to say it gave guest of honor Joe Hockey ”belly laughs”. It was certainly wrong to say Brough admitted he’d ”seen” it. And wrong to suggest any link with Tony Abbott.
This story was effectively dead. It had ceased to be. There was nothing left to it but a rude restaurateur and another example of a desperate prime minister desperately smearing.
But observe how the ABC wouldn’t let the truth stop it from pushing along Gillard’s smear:
While other media outlets chose to report that restaurant owner Joe Richards had mocked-up the menu himself, and that it was seen only by him and his son, the ABC’s Leigh Sales still led her introduction to 7.30 with the “shocking sexist misstep by a prominent Coalition MP”.
This was despite the 7pm bulletin containing a reference to the new confession at the end of its first item as the news broke.
Journalist Chris Uhlmann corrected the record 13 minutes into his pre-recorded 7.30 package with a single line before producers continued with a panel segment involving The Australian columnist Janet Albrechtsen and prominent publisher Mia Freedman discussing the issue as if the new revelations had never been made…
Sales told her guests about it shortly before the [pre-recorded] segment finished filming.
“We’ve just received word . . . that the owner of the restaurant that was involved in the menu issue has put out a statement saying that it was a mock menu that he made and that it wasn’t distributed on the night at the fundraiser and that it was unfortunate that it ended up going public,” she said.
“Janet, does that change things?”
Hours later, Lateline’s Emma Alberici also led the program with the old story.
“An obscene description of the Prime Minister’s body on a menu at a Liberal Party fundraiser has further fuelled the so-called gender wars,” she opened. Halfway through the report, political correspondent Tom Iggulden used the new information to segue back into the pre-set piece about the menu being a Coalition problem…
But it was persistent and misleading tweets from the ABC’s Latika Bourke which contributed to confusion about the timeline.
She initially tweeted on Wednesday “the offensive Liberal menu is real” after talking to Mal Brough but he told The Australian she did not accurately portray what he had told her.
He said he told her he was aware of the existence of the menu because Joe Hockey’s office had phoned him about 9am Wednesday - after news broke online...
The ABC should explain this appalling performance.
And Julia Gillard should explain why she’s still making unsubstantiated claims to appear the victim of Liberal sexism. This is the real story:
LABOR’S two-day gender offensive against Tony Abbott continued to unravel yesterday as supporters of Julia Gillard failed to produce any evidence to back claims a derogatory menu had been distributed at a Liberal National Party fundraiser.
As the man who first alerted the world to the existence of the menu - a disgruntled former worker at Brisbane’s R&R Cafe - admitted he had no firsthand knowledge it ever left the kitchen, the emergence of a second worker who claimed it had been widely seen at the LNP dinner in March appeared to be a hoax.
Again, Brough and the restaurant owner may be lying. But until there is evidence of that, they must be presumed to be telling the truth.
One liar is nailed, and it’s not Brough:

Graham Richardson says it’s not wrong to doubt Brough’s word:

Fortunately for the embattled candidate, the restaurant owner came to Brough’s aid by confessing he had written the offensive menu himself and shown it to almost no one. Apparently it was not distributed at the fundraising dinner and Brough claims he had never seen it.
The sequence of events, though, looked dodgy to say the least. With the furore erupting all around him, Brough went to ground. Only after the real culprit could be found could the Liberal party distribute the concession so Brough could come out with a clean skin.
You can’t blame Labor for challenging this version of events. First, Brough has recent form. When challenged last year about his knowledge about the James Ashby legal attack on Peter Slipper, he tried the Sergeant Schultz defence - I know nothing. Only when confronted with the evidence did he concede he had met Ashby on several occasions.
(Thanks to reader CA.) 


Howard Sattler suspended as he damn well should be

Andrew Bolt June 14 2013 (7:30am)

The suspension should be lengthy:
PERTH shock jock Howard Sattler was last night suspended by Fairfax Media after an interview with Julia Gillard during which he questioned if Tim Mathieson, her partner of seven years, could be a closeted homosexual because he was a hairdresser.
After the Prime Minister ridiculed Sattler’s “vile and offensive” suggestion, Sattler’s employer, Fairfax-owned 6PR, said the questions posed by Sattler were “disrespectful and irrelevant to the political debate”.
An utterly disgraceful interview.
His bio needs updating:

Sattler will claim he was merely putting silly rumors to air to let Gillard end them. But this wasn’t ending unworthy rumors but airing them. It wasn’t disproving them but legitimising them. Moreover, Sattler was actually working up to another question he mercifully didn’t dare ask. And all of it based on zero evidence about a matter of nobody’s business.
It was sly, hypocritical, mean, tawdy, impertinent, offensive and prying. I wonder whether Fairfax will want Sattler back.
Some readers last night claim I am a free speech hypocrite in calling for Sattler’s suspension.
False. Sattler is free to say what he likes. I am free to call him all the names above. Fairfax is free to decide it does not want to broadcast this kind of stuff, although we’re all then entitled to make conclusions about how much licence it gives its broadcasters to speak. For instance, I believe Fairfax betrayed its commitment to investigate journalism when it got rid of broadcaster Michael Smith for asking Gillard well-researched questions about the AWU scandal.
The only free speech issue here is if Sattler were now to be dragged before courts or tribunals to be punished by the state or its agencies. I’d object then.  This should be settled in the free market - a market of citizens with the freedom to decide for themselves what to hear and who to give a megaphone.
Reader watty:
No excuse for Sattler but then didn’t our PM once refer to the Manager of Opposition Business as “mincing poodle”? Pyne: married with 4 children.

Photo: Like = amen!

Hoax alert: The NSW Police Force has received numerous enquiries on social media about this letter.

While police promote safety awareness messages on a regular basis, this letter is a hoax that is designed to create unnecessary fear in our community. 

The incidents outlined are, to the best knowledge of NSW Police, entirely fictitious. There is no known gang in NSW called the 'Bloods' that usesthis method of initiation. This particular hoax has been circulating the internet for 20 years and adapted to different locations in the world.

The NSW Police Force actively uses social media, however, any serious crime is the subject of mainstream media release as well as social media posting. We urge social media users not to share the hoax letter.

For more information about this hoax, please see:



News for fans in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne: as of this afternoon, the adult ticket price for Bill Oddie's shows will drop to $55.00 in Brisbane and Sydney and to $50.00 in Melbourne. If you've been waiting to buy your tickets be sure to take advantage of this late booking offer! Here are the links for purchasing tickets to these shows:
* BRISBANE (June 20th at The Tivoli): 
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4 her

no .. not funny .. thought provoking or curious .. wtf - ed

Taking the PM’s advice- talking to parents at the gate of Woodford SS - Under Labor this school will be worse off


“Is your partner gay?” is a question that plays right into the hands of Gillard’s mad feminists. Howard Sattler of 6PR is a serial offender appealing to the extreme Right, the fringe element that gives Gillard oxygen. 

She deserves to be attacked on her policies, her criminal background and her gross incompetency. “Is your partner a poofter”, is a non sequitur.

I have no idea what Tim Mathieson’s sexual preferences are. He is not the Prime Minister and has no influence on Gillard’s deceitful “reforms”.

It is extremely galling to see Mathieson living the life of Riley while ordinary Australians suffer under the weight of Labor’s profligacy.

I understand the image of him waving to cameras before entering a VIP plane is offensive.

My information is that Gillard had tired of his outrageous antics and the relationship had soured. He had decided to buy a block of land at Eildon and spend time fishing.

The latest footage of him and Julia playing happy families at Kirribilli House was engineered by John McTernan, obviously to discount gossip that she and McTernan were an item.

Mathieson is a menace, a liability, and I don’t believe he should have been let near The Lodge but once again that comes down to Gillard’s poor judgment.

Sattler’s questioning of the PM was of course aimed at ratings but it does show the extent to which Gillard has lost the respect of the public. It reflects voters’ sheer frustration in a Prime Minister they can’t rid themselves of.

Gillard will stop at nothing to continue her un Australian ideology and everything possible should be done to stop her, that’s a given.

But the voters who will change this Government are those at the centre of the political spectrum and they will shy away from the extremes of jocks like Sattler.

If Sattler’s interview was aimed at garnering votes for Gillard, he succeeded.


Allyson Christy
Timing is always so guided under a precision-based, politicised agenda. Timing, within any political sphere, is everything, after all, and of the essence to any agenda; needed or otherwise. 

Amid rising scandals, it seems fitting that the White House now formally acknowledges a 'red line' was crossed specific to Syria.

"Congress has been notified that the United States will acknowledge that Syria has used chemical weapons on a small scale multiple times and a "red line" has been crossed, according to congressional sources.

The intelligence community has concluded that sarin gas was used and 100-150 people have died, a senior intelligence official said Thursday.

The Syrian government and rebels have accused each other of using chemical weapons on the battlefield, prompting the United Nations to call for the deployment of an international team of investigators. Both sides have denied using chemical weapons.

The Syrian government has been battling a rebellion for more than two years." - CNN Breaking News

The NSA Director walks into a bar.
Bartender: I've got a new joke for you.
NSA Director: Heard it.


Holly Sarah Nguyen'
The promise of Gods words are YES and AMEN...


Hamas continues its efforts to teach children to support terrorism against Israel. This summer, Hamas will run summer camps to spread its extremist ideology among Gaza's youth:

Share the truth about Hamas' idea of education.
Allyson Christy via Martin Sherman
"No matter how often the doctrine of political appeasement and territorial concession failed to win approval at the ballot box, it nevertheless continued to dominate the policy-making decisions of governments – even of those elected in express opposition to it.

Astonishingly, time and time again, the prescriptions of the vanquished became the policy of the victors.

It is thus an accumulated consequence of individual decisions and actions driven by the short-term pursuit of prestige and profit of a group of empowered individuals, and which trump considerations of the long-term interest of the wider collective.

It will not be remedied by electing different politicians...but by promoting, emplacing and empowering new competing civil society elites who can challenge the incumbents and displace them from their positions of unelected influence....

The first step in advancing this crucial revolution is to engender a total revaluation of the strategy of giving by right-wing benefactors.

For one cannot win a war without a war chest..." - Martin Sherman


A rare hunk of poop from a Tyrannosaurus rex will soon be making its way to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.

The fossil was deposited about 65 million years ago in southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada, and will be appearing in the "Putting Dinosaurs in Their Place" exhibit, opening next year.




What's a derecho? Meaning "straight" in Spanish a derecho is an impressively far-reaching and long-lived windstorm that is quite rare and difficult to predict, and as its name suggests, this type of storm packs powerful straight-line winds, in contrast to the spinning winds of a tornado.

Here, an ominous line of clouds portends the approaching derecho in La Porte, Indiana.

David Tennant:
"Yea, Course I knew Matt Smith was leavingDoctor Who, I told him it was for the best, because once I got back into the TARDIS, I knew I wanted to come back, Not sure how they will write it up, but yea, it's me, am the new Doctor.........(smirks!) I'd love to, but am so busy right now, Broadchurch is back next year, I want to do Star Wars too, It was hard saying goodbye again, but it's been so much fun, I'm sure I'll be back at some point with Matt, and maybe one day, Chris too with the new Doctor, isn't it 10 years since the return of Doctor Who in 2015? *WINKS*"

Earlier in the week I was at Revesby station, it was good to chat with local residents.


GG Robert Downey, Jr. consoles a young boy in tears because Iron Man isn't in his costume.

Congressmen Gosar (AZ-04), Salmon (AZ-05), Schweikert (AZ-06) and Franks (AZ-08) are hosting a Congressional Field Hearing in Prescott, Arizona, on July 1st to discuss the IRS and other abuse scandals and hear directly from their constituents about their concerns with this out-of-control federal government. This is a PERFECT way to kick-off the Fourth of July week and usher in Independence Day! 

We need more members of Congress to engage We the People in town hall style meetings to discuss all the government abuse scandals just as they did in 2009 and 2010 with Obamacare. Those Obamacare town halls became a hallmark of the Tea Party movement, and we need that same energy now more than ever. Let the people come together and speak up. Now is the time.

In a Pew poll taken last January, 53% of Americans believed the federal government is a threat to their own personal rights and freedom. Imagine what that percentage would be now that we know more about all of these abuse scandals? A majority of Americans now feel that their government is a threat to their liberty -- not just bloated, incompetent, and bankrupt, but an actual threat to their liberty.

I look forward to addressing this justified distrust of our out-of-control Big Brother government at the "Road to Majority" conference in D.C. this Saturday.

- Sarah Palin

Watch the video about the July 1st event here:


Taco Pie!! >>> Food Fanatics <<<



‘Founding Founders’? White House creates gender neutral birth of a nation ==>

Best John Wayne Movie Quotes
- Film Clip -

At this link:



NSW Minister for Sport and Recreation, Graham Annesley yesterday joined Chris Spence, Member for the Entrance, together with his Central Coast parliamentary colleagues, Chris Holstein, Member for Gosford, and Darren Webber, Member for Wyong, to formally hand over the $1.2 million final instalment for the upgrade of Pluim Park at Lisarow.

“The football community of the Central Coast were made a promise prior to the 2011 election and I’m very proud to say the NSW Government has honoured its $3 million commitment for the redevelopment of Pluim Park,” Mr Spence said.

“The funding from the ClubGRANTS scheme has assisted Central Coast Football to upgrade the playing surfaces on three fields including drainage, irrigation and returfing, together with an extension to the car park,” Mr Spence added.

Minister for Tourism Major Events Hospitality and Racing, George Souris, who is responsible for the ClubGRANTS scheme, said the program helps local communities by allowing registered clubs to claim a maximum of 2.25 per cent in tax rebates on their annual gaming machine profits over $1 million when they provide financial or in-kind support for locally-based community programs and services.

“Category Three of the ClubGRANTS scheme was introduced to provide a contribution of gaming machine profits by clubs to a State wide funding pool to support large scale projects associated with sport, health and community infrastructure.

“The investment in Pluim Park is a great example of clubs contributing to the well-being of their local communities,” Mr Souris said.

Minister Annesley added, “As Minister for sport I’m always keen to see money invested in sporting infrastructure which provides an opportunity for more people to participate in sport and recreational activities.

“Apart from work on the playing surfaces the money has also provided new office space and amenities plus a much needed upgrade to the grandstand,” Mr Annesley said.



This place has become a regular part of my photographic life, teaching others the how to's with the Aperture Academy while avoiding being overtaken by the ocean waves. I always get one shot in for myself. This is my shot from last Saturday. — at Fort Cronkhite.
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" The world knew about the Holocaust and did nothing, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said from the Auschwitz death camp Thursday, vowing that Israel would take matters into its own hands to prevent a second Holocaust.

“The Allied leaders knew about the Holocaust as it was happening. They understood perfectly what was taking place in the death camps. They were asked to act, they could have acted, and they did not,” said Netanyahu. “For us Jews, the lesson is clear. We must not stand idle before the threats of annihilation. We must not bury our heads in the sand, or let others do our work. From here, the place that provides testimony for the will to eradicate us, I, the prime minister of Israel, the Jewish state, tell all the nations of the world: The State of Israel will do whatever is necessary to prevent a second Holocaust.” "

Flashback Friday #TobyMaguire at #FoxStudios #ff#GreatGatsby #KitchenNinja
Allen West Guardian Fund
Dear Fellow Patriot,

Benjamin Franklin once said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

We're in grave danger of sacrificing our liberty in the name of safety. The president and his security advisers have prioritized intruding on the privacy of patriotic Americans, like you and me, over monitoring the actions of known and suspected terrorists. But they aren't succeeding at keeping us safe!

After September 11, 2011, we did not have a single terror attack on U.S. soil again until Barack Obama entered the White House. Under President Obama, we've been attacked twice. On November 5, 2009, Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on Fort Hood, killing 13 and wounding 30. On April 15, 2013, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev used two bombs to blow up the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing 3 and wounding 254.

That's 16 dead and 285 injured at the hands of Islamic extremists on American soil on Obama's watch.

We can't stand for this. We must elect hard-charging conservatives, preferably with military experience, to hold the White House accountable and ensure their decisions preserve our national security and constitutional rights. That's why I'm asking you to donate $25, $50, $100 or more to the Allen West Guardian Fund right away.

Now that we've learned the National Security Agency is monitoring our phone and Internet records, I want to know why they weren't listening to Anwar-al-Awlaki and his conversations with Major Nidal Hasan. I also want to know why they didn't pay more attention to the Tsarnaev brothers' travels and connections to Chechen Islamic terrorism after Russia warned them about their activities!

Fellow Patriot, this isn't national security. It's a national circus. And it's unacceptable. We can't allow the Obama administration to carpet bomb Americans to cover our cowardice in confronting Islamic extremism. We need to go head-to-head with them to combat their radical agenda.

The Guardian Fund is already vetting the 14 candidates we'll be supporting and let me tell you—we have some great prospects. But your support today is critical to ensure we have the resources to launch them to victory.

Can I count on you to donate $25, $50, $100 or more to the Guardian Fund today?

There's a lot at stake here, not the least of which is our national security. Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Allen West
Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)

Paid for by the Allen West Guardian Fund.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Contributions to the Allen West Guardian Fund are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Allen West Guardian Fund
PO Box 1862 | Boca Raton, FL 33429

Donate Now Button
Our $100,000 Stand Up for the Grassroots money bomb is off and running.
But we've got a long way to go if we're going to show the naysayers what we're made of.
We are still $81,229 away from our goal!!
The national media and the Republican GOP "establishment" are closely watching our progress. 
They want to know if Patriot Voices and our national network of grassroots volunteers can rival the big money special-interest Super PACs.
So it is critical that we hit our $100,000 goal by June 30th!
Now more than ever, we need to show the big-government liberals in Washington, D.C. that grassroots conservatives will never, ever back down.
We are in the middle of a historic political battle.
It's a battle not just between conservatives and liberals.  But one between special interest Washington cronies and the American people!
Every single day, a new case of government corruption pops up.
The IRS is harassing conservative activists.  ObamaCare bureaucrats are engaged in insider trading of Medicare stocks.  The Justice Department is spying on reporters.  And State Department officials are covering up narcotics rings and sexual assaults!
And the ONLY people fighting back are grassroots groups like Patriot Voices!
This is our chance to show the world that government threats and intimidation aren't slowing us down.  We can and will continue to stand up for freedom and against big-government abuses of power, no matter what!
We've posted a special thermometer on our website so that the liberal politicians, the bureaucrats and the left-wing media can watch in real-time as the American people take a stand.
Then, please forward this email to everyone you know who is interested in defending the conservative grassroots movement and standing up to Barack Obama's bureaucrat bullies.
Please, make the very best donation you possibly can right now.
Thank you, and may God bless America and the conservative movement!
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Rick Santorum 
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Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for June 13th. Enjoy!

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Biden: Al Gore was elected President of the United States

At a fundraiser for Massachusetts Rep. and Senate candidate Ed “it’s not math, it’s just arithmetic” Markey, Joe Biden threw out some red meat for the audience, and redder meat for the Goracle...

Ed Markey explains deficit: It’s not math, it’s just arithmetic

Insurmountable debt and huge deficits explained, part LXIII...

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