Friday, June 28, 2013

Former friends

Wow. A massive claim from Kevin Rudd - highly inflammatory, grossly irresponsible and damaging to the national interest:
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  • Chris McMahon Andrew Bolt is a cynical vampire who gets his jollies by exploiting the far right lunatic fringe. Apparently any kind of popularity will do him just fine.
  • Chris McMahon These people despise the poor. They think that if you are not rich it is because you are weak and lazy and stupid. They thus think they can exploit you by getting you to blame "socialism" ... It's a farce.
  • Chris McMahon Andrew Bolt has nothing but contempt for you, David Daniel Ball.
  • Chris McMahon "What has he learned from his past disasters?"

    "So," Hitler asks, "what do you think we ought to do about the Jewish problem...?"

    It's just a dirty little rhetorical ploy.
    It's transparent.
    How can you fall for it?


Letting go is hard. for 20 years they were a friend, but I had to walk away 14 years ago .. they weren't good friends .. scratching, gouging taking. Recently I welcomed them back. They wrote "This is why we cannot be friends anymore ... and that breaks my heart It really does ... . Yes, duh, violence breeds violence. you have just been violent to me; now I am violent to you. Look and learn
I am not beating N#### to death and i am molesting you, either. You cannot be a man of justice till you get things in proportion, David."
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In contrast :

What he said was that Oslo was over, the Peace ‘process’ is over and there is no purpose in flogging an idea that was stillborn 20 years ago and hasn’t magically come to life since. He said simply, that Israelis are fed up with pretending there’s anyone on the other side of the table at all. There is not. Not an enemy, not a partner, nothing. No one. He said that the tactic of talking to yourself at the behest of the President of the US or Tony Blair is a dead end. That the so called “Arab Plan” which was concocted by Saudi Arabia in 2002 and pulled off the shelf last month is still the dead letter it always was. He said the details don’t matter because the whole farce is imaginary.
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  • John Tran To be pragmatic, if both sides were left to the historical traditions and manner of war they are accustomed to.. then its annihilation of one or the other or both..they are immensely proud to the point of death. Now there are concessions given by some...See More
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  • David Daniel Ball Aye ". this is where evil is falsely accepted as honor."
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  • John Tran So all these countries around the world, know that there are emotionally charged maniacs who want all or nothing? Yes I believe they all do.. but I believe they support them to the extent of wanting to hold Israel in check.. I believe they do fear a co...See More
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  • David Daniel Ball It is so sad .. the holocaust was related to the lie of theProtocols of the elders of Zion .. a story that was debunked very early on .. and yet people still quote from it. Later, the Soviets spread a similar story to stir the Middle East against Israel. The lies are documented. And still the smear gets expressed that 'both sides are at fault'
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  • John Tran Yes, everyone I come across just say it off handedly, but without knowing anything. A girl at work says it because she hears it somewhere in the media, and I say "how" and she brushes me off saying "its complicated." I don't. believe both side are always at fault, I believe tradition has it both sides are proud.. but Isreal is certainly willing to give up much pride

I had posted an article on how a Jewish person had been savagely assaulted (15 days in hospital, near death) and their neighbours had said it was justified because they weren't wanted as a people. It has since emerged that the issue might have been homophobic, but that matters little to me. The bigotry is appalling but the law breaking is unacceptable. Chris posted that there was provocation. Another friend, N said she hoped Chris wasn't saying that Jewish people deserve such treatment or that Chris was saying Jews were terrorists. Chris said he had written a book proving as much. I asked N not to respond and affirmed that no one deserved to be subject to terror.

I have a stance on issues I am willing to debate:
Israel is a modern democratic state and deserves to prosper
Terrorism is unacceptable and should never be rewarded.
It is apparent the UN accepts terror as policy among some member states
In Australia, the Pacific Solution was the best, most fair policy of dealing with boat people immigration. It allows for refugees to be placed and discourages the dangerous journey. It allows for more refugee intake from refugee camps. Those who claimed there were alternatives are seen to be liars.

I'm willing to debate, unwilling to accept abuse. I'm not Jewish, except the Nazis would have said I was to be exterminated and they killed many in my family. I am proudly Christian. In stating a basis for my belief I address physical realities that are superfluous to faith but intrinsic to Atheism .. which may be labelled gobbledegook.

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