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Happy birthday and many happy returns Bacon LuuJacky Dang and Davey Nguyen. Born on the same day, across the years. On this day in 1215, King John of England put his seal to Magna Carta. In 1878, Eadweard Muybridge took a series of photographs to prove that all four feet of a horse leave the ground when it runs; the study became the basis of motion pictures. In 1919, After nearly 16 hours, the Vickers Vimy flown by John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown crash-landed in County Galway, Ireland, to complete the first non-stop transatlantic flight. Suggesting that there is adventure sealed with a big check. Jacky, you deserved so much more ..

Rudd may not be the messiah but he sure is a very naughty boy

Miranda Devine – Friday, June 14, 2013 (11:52pm)

A few snaps from Kevin Rudd’s blitzkrieg of western Sydney on Friday


The Bolt Report tomorrow: blue tie television

Andrew Bolt June 15 2013 (2:29pm)

The Bolt Report on Network 10 at 10am.
George Brandis, Alexander Downer and John Black.
How Gillard made a meal of a sexist menu.
The Coalition announces a new boat people policy on the show.
Guess who has agreed to come on the show - and why? 


How Kathy Lette fooled the BBC’s Philippa Thomas with a menu of misrepresentations

Andrew Bolt June 15 2013 (10:56am)

Professional Australian Kathy Lette of the execrable puns tells credulous BBC presenter Philippa Thomas a string of porkies and exaggerations to damn Australia as a land of misogyny and “dinosaurs”:

She claims a sexist menu was produced for a Liberal fundraiser. She fails to mention that in fact it was a sexist menu produced for the restaurant owner’s son, and was not shown to any guests. She also fails to note it was condemned by the Liberals.
She refers to a Senator Huffnan - presumably Senator Heffernan.
She claims men are having a “cardiac arrest” that an unmarried woman is living with a hairdresser in the Lodge. Hyperbowl, actually.
She falsely claims Gillard is getting comments about her appearance that Tony “speedos” Abbott and John “tracksuit” Howard never did. (This from the same woman who cheered at Gillard using ”Tony Abbott’s testicles as maracas”.
She suggests the attacks on Gillard are just because she’s feisty. No reference is made to Gillard’s lies, incompetence, abuse and politics of division, all of which invites legitimate criticism.
She claims Australia has a very “male dominated and chauvinistic” culture.
She claims “Australian women” are appalled by attacks on Gillard. No mention is made of the feminists who were this week appalled by Gillard’s attempt to make abortion an election issue and to appeal to women to vote for her simply because she’s a woman, too.
The BBC just laps it up. Its listeners are left confirmed in their prejudices, but even less informed than they were before.
(Thanks to reader Geoff.) 


The Sattler scandal: for some it’s not the principle but the side

Andrew Bolt June 15 2013 (10:54am)

Culture wars, Politics - deceits and stuff ups
Stephanie Peatling, The Age, 14 June 2013:
Was Mr Howard ever asked about the intimate details of his marriage? Was Mr Rudd? No.
The worst example I can think of during either man’s time as prime minister was when Mr Rudd’s wife, Therese Rein, was photographed without her permission by a weekly women’s magazine while she was at the gym.

Sydney Morning Herald, 19 September 2005:
Pru Goward, the Sex Discrimination Commissioner, has issued a statement rejecting claims referred to by Mark Latham that she had a sexual relationship with the Prime Minister, John Howard…
Ms Goward said rumours concerning allegations that she had a sexual relationship with Mr Howard had been frequently and strongly denied by both parties.
The Age, 29 October 2006:

Mrs Whitlam, 86, created controversy this week when she criticised the prime minister’s wife as being useless, silly, humourless and not doing enough for the community in a biography.
She also blasted Mrs Howard for holding hands with her husband in public…
“I didn’t object to her holding hands in public. I just thought it was pretty silly and girly,” Mrs Whitlam said.
“I mean good heavens, when she’d been married for 30 years, to be swinging along, you know, hey ho the merry-o, it just seemed silly to me, that’s all.”
Mr Howard has repeatedly declined to comment on Mrs Whitlam’s remarks, other than to say he will continue to hold hands with his wife.

Eddie Perfect, John Howard’s Bitches lyrics:

He’s my sun, my moon and my stars
each night he beats me, and kisses the scars

A man of integrity, honour and class,
He’ll lie in your ear while he’s your arse
He’ll laugh at your suffering, take Polaroid pictures
That’s why I’m one of, John Howard’s bitches
Laurie Oakes concedes the attacks on Gillard are not new and not limited to female politicians:

Such accusations are not new in Australian politics, of course. In the 1970s a reporter from the now defunct Sunday Observer newspaper in Melbourne phoned Lady Sonia McMahon with a similar line of questioning to Sattler’s: ”Did Lady McMahon know that people were saying her husband, former Liberal PM Sir William McMahon,was homosexual?
Her response gave the paper the headline it wanted: “My Billy’s no poofter - Sonia tells”.

For many in the Left it’s not the principle but the side. Carmen Lawrence, a national Labor party president for former Premier, endorsed the Rock Against Howard album which included the above track - John Howard is a Filthy Slut.
If it had been a Liberal-endorsed album with a single “Julia Gillard is a filthy slut”, what screams would we hear today? But about the Howard album we heard the media say ... nothing:

When Howard was PM, Lindsay McDougall, of the band Frenzal Rhomb, got musicians to contribute to Rock Against Howard, a CD that included tracks such as John Howard is a Filthy Slut and Gun Him Down.
H-Block 101 sung this advice on handling such politicians: c..., here’s a stunt.
Kick him ‘til he’s dead.
Now guess who endorsed this muck?
Answer: Labor’s national president and a former premier, Carmen Lawrence, sent McDougall a warm note, declaring “It’s time to put an end to (Howard’s) regime of fear.” Greens leader Bob Brown also blessed the project, telling these barbarians how “mean, nasty and repressive” Howard was instead.
Even Peter Garrett, now Education Minister, said the CD was a “good idea”.
Labor’s hypocrisy exposed. And many in the media are no better.
Not the principle but the side. Here’s Gillard herself slurring the alleged sexuality of Christopher Pyne:

Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard mocked the Coalition for choosing Christopher Pyne as the manager of opposition business, rather than Tony Abbott, who did the job in Government.
“In a choice between macho and mincing I would have gone for macho myself,” she said.
“The leader of the Opposition faced with the choice of a doberman or the poodle has gone for the poodle.”

Now watch Gillard pretend she said no such thing:

I never used that terminology.
I’m assuming Gillard would claim that because she used “mincing” in one sentence about Pyne and “poodle” in the next, she didn’t exactly call Pyne a “mincing poodle” even though she called him a mincing poodle.
Got it?
A hypocrite and a liar.
(Thanks to readers Peter, Tom and Peter S.) 


We’re being gamed by illegal immigrants

Andrew Bolt June 15 2013 (10:35am)

Boat people policy
We are being exploited by what the Press Council warns journalists not to call “illegal immigrants”:
AUSTRALIA’S refugee determination process has broken down completely, admitting large numbers of people whose claims to refugee status are fraudulent.
The claims come from a former senior Immigration Department official who says the system favours those who tell lies over those who tell the truth, is easily scammed and has become utterly dysfunctional.
“Having considerable experience interviewing and assessing boat arrival claims, I can confidently say ... that we are approving large numbers of people who are fabricating claims,” he wrote in an unpublished account of the process, obtained by The Weekend Australian…
The Weekend Australian also interviewed a former member of the Refugee Review Tribunal, who ...  said that asylum-seekers on Christmas Island told him they had simply copied their claims from other applicants who had been successful.
The former tribunal member said that transcripts of court cases in which asylum-seeker appeals had been upheld circulated widely on Christmas Island so that claimants, and their advocates, could see what testimony had been successful.
“I would sometimes receive a completely compelling story that was impossible to refuse,” the former tribunal member said. “The problem is I would receive 100 other identical stories with only the names changed."…
He also reported that middle-class Iranian asylum-seekers often arrived in Christmas Island barely a week after leaving Tehran and exhibited an aggressive “entitlement mentality”.
(Thanks to reader Lin.) 


About your “balanced” ABC, Mr Scott…

Andrew Bolt June 15 2013 (10:19am)

ABC managing director Mark Scott says it doesn’t matter that every main current affairs show on the ABC is headed by people of the Left. It wouldn’t stop them being balanced, he claims.
Here is the‘s menu of analysis today - every political piece a defence of Julia Gillard or attack on her critics:

Over at The Drum, only a little more “balance” from political commentators entirely of the Left (with the possible exception of Griffiths):

(Thanks to reader Mick.) 


Syria: hope Obama doesn’t arm the terrorists

Andrew Bolt June 15 2013 (10:04am)

Normally, yes - the Assad regime is appalling, using chemical weapons against its citizens:
Three hundred US Marines have been deployed to northern Jordan to pave the way for the West to arm Syrian rebels.
A Patriot anti-aircraft missile system, designed to protect Jordanian territory from attack by Assad missiles, has also been moved into the area.
The trouble is that the rebels are dominated by jihadist groups with links to Palestinian and Lebanese radicals:

In Palestinian enclaves around Lebanon, six new radical groups have beefed up their operations. Composed of former members of radical organizations such as Jund al-Sham, Fateh al-Islam and Osbat al-Ansar, they have been accused of coordinating with the Syrian Islamist rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra, which the US government has labeled a terror organization.
“There are strong indications that these groups are coordinating with radical movements in [the Palestinian refugee camp] Shatila, Sidon and Tripoli,” Abu Ahmad said.
This is a fight in which terrorists fight terrorists, and neither side should be given weapons which can be turned against the West:
The government of President Bashar al-Assad, backed by Iran and Hezbollah, is battling an opposition that includes Sunni jihadists who also reject Israel’s right to exist…
Israel’s main concern since the uprising began in Syria more than two years ago is that sophisticated weapons might be transferred to Hezbollah or other groups it regards as enemies, said Patrick Clawson, research director at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy…
[Israeli Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie"] Ya’alon ...  said Israel had no intention of intervening or interfering in Syria, but had three “red lines” regarding the conflict there:

delivery of sophisticated weapons to terrorist factions

delivery of chemical agents to such groups
threats to Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which Israel captured from Syria in 1967…
Israel has carried out air strikes to prevent the transfer of sophisticated weapons by the Assad government to Hezbollah, with which Israel fought a month-long war in 2006.


Rowan Dean draws up a menu

Andrew Bolt June 15 2013 (9:52am)

It is such a shame Rowan Dean’s columns are hidden behind a pay wall. He really is a terrific writer:

As the Prime Minister of this country, I am often asked: “What is the best way to serve up quail?”
My response is always the same: There are many exciting and unusual ways to put quail on the menu, and they all make a great way of distracting your guests from talking about any awkward topics.
Below is a list of my favourites:
Afghan Quail: This is a highly-prized dish in many remote parts of the Middle East. Although it is very expensive – each dish can cost around $10,000 – I have made sure it is as hassle-free and easy to implement as possible. First, the quail must be imported into this country via aeroplane to Indonesia and then by boat to any of our northern shores.
Note: Dispose of any paper wrapped around the quail and it’s important to put sugar on the table or some other suitable sweetener. (Avoid drowning the quail in salty brine as this can lead to unpleasant and impertinent questions from pesky reporters, which you must not answer under any circumstances.)
Asbestos Quail: A national dish that deserves to be rolled out as slowly as possible to maximise the flavour. The best way to cook the quail is in a deep hole dug up in the pavement or the front yard. If you’re planning an extra large banquet, dig lots of them. My friend Stephen always recommends lighting a bonfire in the hole using lots of hundred dollar bills and seasoning with dieldrin and asbestos powder (blue is best but white or brown will do). It’s best to remove the asbestos entirely before you serve, which is a thoroughly unpleasant job, so first cover yourself completely by employing a dodgy subcontractor.
Rowan’s schtick is to write political satire. But stick him in front of a TV camera to opine and he can get very tough indeed.
(Thanks to reader OnceWasAGlobalWarmingAlarmist.) 


Rudd promises he’ll be nicer to his colleagues next time

Andrew Bolt June 15 2013 (9:11am)

Kevin Rudd, talking to school children, promises his colleagues he’ll be Doctor Kevin, not that old Mr Hyde:

KEVIN RUDD: One of the things I have been slow to learn is the importance of simply, privately and publicly, acknowledging the good work of others even though I think it. I think it, I know it, I respect it.
SAMANTHA HAWLEY: When asked later about his comments, Kevin Rudd had this to say.
KEVIN RUDD: All of us make mistakes and every government’s made mistakes, including the one which I led as well.
Paul Toohey isn’t buying:
SELF-CERTAIN, intolerant, dismissive, good with ordinary people but reclusive from his own parliamentary caucus, Kevin Rudd was the closest thing to a little dictator we’ve had in modern times…
I’d describe Rudd as a person who suffers a deep intellectual pain, which has crossed to the physical. It pains him that he counts himself among the world’s greatest diplomat-philosophers… The only way he will stop hurting inside, and hurting others, is to be given back his country. 


Gillard gives a pass to Arnold

Andrew Bolt June 15 2013 (8:31am)

Miranda Devine on a prime hypocrite:

THERE’S a pattern of behaviour emerging with the Prime Minister. She complains about being the victim of misogyny and sexism but then fawns over men who are renowned for demeaning women.
One minute it’s radio boor Kyle Sandilands; the next it’s visiting muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose alleged sexist behaviour is so well known he is called “The Gropenator”....
Julia Gillard flew to Perth yesterday to have lunch with the Terminator star-turned-ex-governor of California, who is in Australia for a series of high-priced motivational speeches…
Arnie has a string of sexist quotes to his name that put Kyle in the shade. For example: “How many times do you get away with this, to take a woman, grab her upside down, and bury her face in a toilet bowl?” he once told Entertainment Weekly about a scene in which he fights a female robot in Terminator 3. Or this: “As much as when you see a blonde with great tits and a great ass, you say to yourself, ‘Hey, she must be stupid or must have nothing else to offer’ which maybe is the case many times,” he told Esquire in 2003.
Or this: “I can look at a chick who’s a little out of shape and if she turns me on, I won’t hesitate to date her. If she’s a good f ... she can weigh 150 pounds, I don’t care,” he told Oui in 1977.
(Thanks to reader watty.) 


Not surprising Howard Sattler thought Gillard deserved less respect

Andrew Bolt June 15 2013 (8:30am)

Howard Sattler’s left hand already showed a lack of respect. But this is a diminished Prime Minister who has invited far too much familiarity - and let herself be pawed by people with whom she should not consort:


Australians will never vote for a Prime Victim. We want unity, not this division

Andrew Bolt June 15 2013 (7:35am)

Julia Gillard has turned Australians against each other as a deliberate and despicable campaign tactic.
She tried to turn women against men, the poor against “greedy” miners, unionists against bosses, workers against foreign labor. She has played the gender card and stirred up anti-Catholic bigotry. Her staff deliberately whipped up a mini race riot against Tony Abbott on Australia Day last year.
This divisiveness - the bitterness, the anger, the abuse - has helped to lower the stature of the Prime Minister.
It has also exposed Gillard to abuse herself. For instance, by turning women voters against men, she has invited an inevitable retribution. That does not condone the sexist nature of some of that blow-back to her own appeals to sexism, but does suggest she has recklessly played with fire.
Gillard has even tried to exploit the fury she’s helped to unleash to portray herself not as the Prime Minister but the Prime Victim. She is offering herself as not a symbol of unity but of division. See how I’m picked on, she cries. Vote for my wounds. Vote against those who inflicted them.
Some feminists of the Left suggest Gillard is proof that sexism is rampant because the hatred of her is so wide and so vehement. They might have a point if it were not that Gillard has not just provoked that anger by her deceits and incompetence, but has cultivated it by stoking hatreds herself.
We won’t know if the public is too sexist to accept a female Prime Minister until we get one who is competent and determined to unite us.
Peter Hartcher says a panicked Gillard has once more tried to win by dividing Australians - this week by claiming Abbott would threaten the right to abortion:

It makes her the first prime minister since the ill-fated Billy McMahon in 1972 to introduce abortion into an election campaign…
The persistent theme that the government has pursued, however, and held on to as a political tactic, is divisiveness. Unable to unite the country, Gillard is specialising in dividing it.
The government sought to divide workers from the wealthy in the hope of winning the affections of the workers. It demonised foreign workers on 457 visas in the hope of winning the votes of local workers. The Prime Minister attacked misogynists and men in blue ties in the hope of winning the support of women over men…
But the attempt to exploit abortion took Gillard into a league of political desperation unseen since McMahon… Neither main party has any intention of changing the status quo. It is a settled matter.... It is merely posturing and innuendo by Gillard in an attempt to create a fear campaign…
Rodney Cavalier, a Labor historian and former NSW minister, ...  was so ashamed of Gillard’s blatant opportunism that he sent me his commentary for publication…
“The nation’s present Prime Minister has been reckless in raising an issue that will end in grief for women and men who believe in a woman’s right to choose, if ever the party political support for abortion should be put to the test… Only an opportunist bereft of all hope would want to provoke a test vote for outlawing what is well settled.”
What makes Gillard’s tactics unforgivable is that a leader should unite, not dangerously divide.
What makes them so stupid is that no one really wants to be led by a victim. No one really votes out of sympathy. Gough Whitlam played the victim, too, in 1975 and 1977, to much applause from the sympathetic. Yet he led his party to two terrible defeats.
In the end, no Prime Minister is a victim. Not by definition. And certainly not by the inclination of the voters. After all, victims are weak. And some victims are just symbols of a grievance which divides.
Paul Kelly:

Gillard’s misogyny speech of October 9, 2012, was a political electric current that energised her supporters, but its enduring impact is highly equivocal. Its unleashed passion made her a more interesting figure. Yet from the June 2013 perspective such passion has not brought fresh votes to Labor. The speech is a feminist icon; but it has not helped Gillard.
On the contrary, it has entrenched views of Gillard as a polarising leader prepared to play gender politics. That is a negative.
Chris Kenny:

History will judge Gillard harshly for her part in the deliberate divisiveness we have seen through the Australia Day fracas, the misogyny rant, the resort to class warfare and, now, astoundingly, an attempted abortion debate.
Wherever there has been cohesion and bipartisanship, she has attempted to insert a wedge.
(Thanks to reader Peter of Bellevue Hill.) 


Gillard on the skids

Andrew Bolt June 15 2013 (7:05am)

Julia Gillard loses the protection of the Australian Workers Union:

“The AWU continues to support Julia Gillard and we believe it is in the best interests of the movement to remain united behind the Prime Minister,” AWU national secretary Paul Howes told The Weekend Australian.
But the key national union leader and influential Labor Right figure says the union will not be directing any MPs to support Ms Gillard in any caucus ballot.
“...How MPs vote in a leadership ballot is up to them.”
The comments by Mr Howes, who appeared on national television on the night of the coup against Mr Rudd urging he be replaced by Ms Gillard, come as Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten - a key AWU parliamentary figure - is seen as pivotal to Ms Gillard’s fortunes.
One western Sydney MP - a Rudd supporter - calls for Gillard to quit:

“I believe it is now in the interests of the Australian Labor Party for the Prime Minister to stand down and for Mr Rudd to lead us to the next election,” said [John] Murphy, the member for Reid.
Paul Kelly:

Senior cabinet ministers have told Inquirer there is a sense of inevitability about a leadership change. The statements to this paper by Australian Workers Union chief Paul Howes constitute a tacit surrender from within Gillard’s power base.
But as News Ltd’s Samantha Maiden noted on Sky this morning: would Howes really announce that Labor MPs were bound to follow the AWU’s edict?
I suspect Rudd would make the contest very competitive - if Gillard went quietly - but a ReachTEL poll suggests Western Sydney voters would still prefer Tony Abbott:
Tony Abbott was preferred prime minister among 64 per cent of voters compared with 36 per cent for Ms Gillard. The Opposition Leader led Mr Rudd 52 per cent to 48 per cent.
In fact, ReachTEL detects a fall in support for Rudd in western Sydney over the past three months:
But under Gillard, a complete wipeout:

A ReachTEL poll of more than 2600 [Tasmanian] voters… points to a 17.6 per cent swing against Labor and a 6.3 per cent swing against the Greens.
The seats of Bass, Braddon and Lyons will be won easily by Liberal candidates… Independent Andrew Wilkie is likely to be returned in the seat of Denison...
Peter Hartcher says Gillard’s decision to announce a September election in January triggered the landslide:

In the 19 weeks since she announced the date, the opinion polls suggest an electorate locked into a grim and fixed determination to remove the government.
“The polling turned bad for the government at the end of January, early February,” reports the Herald’s pollster, Nielsen’s John Stirton.
On the other hand...
A minister with the Prime Minister’s ear insisted she has ‘’no intention’’ of caving in to publicly applied pressure to hand the job back to Kevin Rudd, slapping down newspaper reports that frontbenchers Jenny Macklin, Greg Combet, Penny Wong and Jason Clare, had quietly softened their support.
Apparently speaking on Ms Gillard’s behalf, the minister said those reports were ‘’plain wrong’’ and an attempt by saboteurs to ‘’confect momentum’’ and to ‘’intimidate’’ the Prime Minister and her supporters into retreat.
‘’That’s not going to happen,’’ the minister said.

(Thanks to reader Janama.)  


Erie Pa Rally

We will be getting together this day to stand strong as one to send a loud voice
to our leaders that we will not stand for anyone trying to take our freedoms anymore. please join
me and others as we come together and get the word out. at this time i will be planing to have speakers
gun shop owners and others to speak with us on this day. If i cant get alot to join me i will run this solo. we
will walk up state street to 12th. If you would like to help me msg me and also spread this event everywere
please dont miss this event. Also we will be standing for a bit outside pat toomey office in erie to get our point across.
Erie, Pennsylvania 16501



Man-Made Global Warming WRONG - The Ten Reasons.

10 Reasons why Man-Made Global Warming is Wrong.



Help! Do you have any idea what this is on#WhatsTheSaying
Allyson Christy
Once again, a reminder that the World Council of Churches, sanctimoniously mounted atop a familiar high horse, spews a vitriolic agenda; one aimed at utilising and stirring tired pots of scapegoating, habitual lies drenched in centuries of foul hatred and a sustained lifeline connected to ignorance and stupidity.

To wit, herein.....

"Any honest and unbiased reader of the Bible knows otherwise, and should reject this anti-Jewish theology. Anybody, the WCC included, who singles Israel out as the sole villain that threatens world peace, who points fingers at Israel, the least troublesome element in the Middle East, is, by definition, anti-Semitic. Masquerading such sentiment as Christian love only adds insult to injury." - Tsvi Sadan, Israel Today







Allyson Christy
And too, a means at diversion under the shadows of scandals....

"United States military support for Syrian rebels will include small arms, ammunition and possibly anti-tank weapons, according to two officials familiar with the matter. The weapons will be provided by the CIA, the officials said.

On Thursday, the White House said Syria had crossed a "red line" with the use of chemical weapons against rebels and added -- without specifics -- that the United States would increase the "scale and scope" of support for the opposition.

"What we need, really, is weapons and ammunition, and especially anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles," Salim Idriss, the head of the rebel Free Syrian Army, told CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Friday." -CNN Breaking News



Noe Vela and I are working on a new project called A Mythological History of Mexico. Here's one of his illustrations, which shows the dual god Ometeotl as s/he begins to dream and plan creation.


Life is duty poem, by Ellen Stugis Hooper, recited by Kathryn Hepburn in Rooster Cogburn
- Film Clip -

At this link:

Can’t afford a pricey trip to Africa? Consider these#ObamaMiddleClassVacationIdeas ==>


At St Clair shops campaigning with Ray King. We are getting a fantastic response.

" This week on the Tribal Update, the weekly satirical newscast produced by Latma, the Hebrew-language satirical media criticism website I run, we bring you an interview with one of the European Muslims who traveled to Syria to fight in the war there.

We also bring you an interview with a senior member of the gay community to discuss Gay Pride Week and the recent arrest of a senior member of the community on allegations of serial rape of teenage boys along with the arrests of three relatives charged with carrying out the murderous attack at Tel Aviv's Bar Noar gay youth bar."

Enjoy the show!

" One of the IEI's minor investors is Australian news mogul Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is interested in IEI because there are also massive deposits of oil shale in Australia. If IEI's pilot is successful, Australia will doubtlessly follow Israel's lead in developing its own energy independence through oil shale development."

Rupert at his age is way ahead of the rest of us as always.

4 her




Madu Odiokwu Pastorvin
Heavenly Father,I thank You so much for Your gift of my heart and show me any area in my life where I may be hiding. I choose today to stand in faith and invite You to move mightily on my behalf. I choose to hold onto my peace and release anything that would hold me back from the blessings You have in store. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Madu Odiokwu Pastorvin
I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid (John 14:27).
Life is too short to live upset and offended. If you allow your circumstances to control you, there will always be some reason to get discouraged.You may say, It’s the economy. “It’s the stock market. That’s why I’m so down.” No, quit giving away your power. God is still on the throne. The economy in heaven is doing just fine, and as long as you’re connected to Him, everything is going to be alright! Decide today to hold on to the gift of peace that God has given you so you can move forward in the victory He has in store for you.Jesus said," “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid”. Next time you’re tempted to get upset and frustrated ask yourself, “Is this worth giving my peace and power away? Be happy all the time.God bless you.



around ten to two -ed




Beautiful building in Dresden, Germany designed to collect rain and turn it into music. ~ not actual music...but makes the rain interesting! Love the design





As we go into this busy summer weekend, I wanted to stop and share with you about a speech I gave last night at the Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference that is getting quite a lot of attention.  
Too often in recent elections, our Party has focused solely on growing businesses and business owners, but in the process we've ignored the line worker at the car plant or the waitress at the restaurant or the stay at home mom or dad for that matter.  
I made the point that the Republican Party should not simply be the Party of business owners, but also be the Party of the average American worker - especially those who are worried about their next paycheck. 
The Republican Party IS the party of empowering all Americans and we MUST start communicating that message immediately if we are going to start winning national elections. Governor Mike Huckabee agreed and said we need to reach out more to "the average person Rick Santorum is talking about."
I discussed the need to reach all segments of the economic ladder with a conservative message of empowerment, and not simply rely on talking to the company boss.  This was the theme of my presidential campaign and is the reason we started Patriot Voices. 
Read more here and consider sharing it on social media and forwarding to those who would be interested. 
Thank you and have a terrific weekend!
Rick Santorum signature 
Rick Santorum

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(Gang of) 8 Men Out: Republicans lose congressional baseball game to Democrats 22-0

Hopefully this isn’t a metaphorical precursor to the 2014 elections: The Republicans lost to the Democrats Thursday night 22-0, and the home plate umpire wasn’t Lois Lerner...

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