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Happy birthday and many happy returns Jano Toledo. The same day as when in 1615, Rouen missionaries went to modern day Quebec. They were successful, and Quebec still speaks french today. In 1805, a Napoleonic Spanish French fleet valiantly captured an uninhabited island from the British, a few months before losing everything to Nelson. In 1910, Charles Rolls who co founded Rolls Royce did a non stop double crossing of the English Channel by plane .. first of a long line of idiots. But it is your day, and being a musician .. well .. greatness to play.

Timely, salient .. I would point out that Poles did not lock up Jews in the Holocaust .. anger tends to be greatest when expectation is betrayed. Like when a Jewish holocaust survivor tries to explain to some guy who doesn't get it that the reasons given for the holocaust were mere pretexts and not actually valid. - ed

Wow .. great what dancers can achieve with shadow. I thought I'd see what I could do. A vertical blob. A starfish. An Alfred Hitchcock chair shadow. Brings home the greatness of the choreography .. ed===
My thanks to Moshe Schwartz
There Is No Palestine - Rabbi Meir Kahane

There Is No Palestine
By Rabbi Meir Kahane, Zt"l
(Written in 1974)

There is no "Palestine people" and there is no "Palestine." The lands that today constitute the State of Israel, Judea, Samaria (the West Bank), Gaza and the Golan are parts of Israel, the sole land of the Jews.

The Jewish claim to the Land of Israel is not an ordinary nationalist one. It is NOT merely derived from the fact that ONCE Jews were sovereign there, were the majority, ruled the land under their own government and that never was the land empty of Jews. All this is true but this is not the main claim of the Jewish people. Jewish refusal to give up lands is sometimes based on the logical and self evident fact that to give up lands to a people that has constantly threatened to destroy you is sheer madness, and that Jews dare not trust to their kindly intentions in the future. This too, is true, but again, it is not the reason for Jews remaining on the lands liberated after June, 1967.

The fundamental and REAL Jewish claim to The Land of Israel is based on the fact that there is a Divine grant of the land to the Jewish people, and that G-d gave the Holy Land to the Jewish people in order that it be holy and create a holy society therein. No other arguments - Jewish or Arab - have any relevance to the essential fact that the One who created the entire world and who possesses it, has the power and the right to give it to whomever he chooses and this is what was done more than 3,000 years ago at the time of Moses and Joshua. This is what remains inalienable right today. The Land of Israel in its Biblical boundaries is the Divine decree to the Jewish people, it belongs to the Jewish people in its entirety and no alien trespass has any merit or chance of success.

Zionism is NOT one more movement of national liberation. It is not one more like all the rest any more than the Jewish people is one more like all the rest. The believing Jew as the believing Christian knows that there is a Divine pledge - repeated again and again in the prophets of the Bible - that the Jew will be brought back from the Exile, gathered from the corners of the earth and brought home - to the Land of Israel. The believing Jew and the believing Christian know that this resurrection of the Jewish state and this return of the Jew to his home is a NECESSARY precondition for the coming of the final redemption and the establishment of the Kingdom of G-d.

Zionism, the establishment of the State of Israel, the return of millions of Jews home, the miraculous victories of the few over the many Arabs, the liberation of Judea, Samaria (the West Bank), Gaza, and the Golan, the return of Jewish sovereignty over the Holy City and Temple Mount are all parts of the Divine pledge and its fulfillment.

There can be no "Palestine", a name that was invented by the Romans to symbolize the end of the Jewish people, for that would be to diminish and to force back the miracle of G-d and to go against the Divine era of redemption. There can be no "Palestine" for if there is, then there is no Israel.

In all this we DIFFER FUNDAMENTALLY with the government of Israel which 1) recognizes a "Palestinian" people after years of refusing to do so, 2) that there are "moderate Palestinians" who will both challenge the PLO thesis and leadership as well as permanently accept a Jewish State, 3) believes that peace with the Arabs by concessions is possible, 4) is prepared to give up parts of the Land of Israel to the Arabs, and 5) refuses to allow Jews to settle unrestrictedly in any part of the Land of Israel under Jewish control.

We differ with these stands and maintain that the government of Israel, through its short-sighted, timid and vacillating policy, not only destroys the vision and the dream of redemption but brings potential disaster down on the heads of the Jewish people. We maintain that there must be an immediate program of declaring:

1) There are no meaningful Arab moderates who will permanently accept any Jewish state, of any size. The ultimate Arab goal is the elimination of any Jewish state.

2) There is no "Palestine people" or "Palestine" entity.

3) All of the Land of Israel belongs exclusively to the Jewish people.

4) If there are those who wish to create something known as "Palestine' they are welcome to do so in "Jordan" which in itself is a fictitious state created by the imperialist British by cutting away, in 1921, the eastern part of the Land of Israel. The Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians" had the opportunity to create a "Palestine" in a far larger part of the Land of Israel but refused to do so. They lost that chance forever and if they refuse to create a state in "Jordan" now, but insist upon war, they will lose again and lose "Jordan" in the process because - WHILE WE WILL NEVER BEGIN A WAR FOR THOSE PARTS OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL NOW UNDER FOREIGN RULE, SHOULD THE ARABS BEGIN THAT WAR AND WE LIBERATE STILL OTHER AREAS OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL, THEN THOSE WILL NEVER BE GIVEN UP EITHER.

5) The Arabs today sit in large areas of the Land of Israel promised by G-d to us. For the sake of peace, we are prepared to go to a peace conference with maps to show which lands we claim as our own but declare that we are prepared to declare a state of non- belligerency and not demand those lands back. In exchange for that concession, and as the price they should pay for their aggression of 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973 the Arabs must recognize the State of Israel in the area it now controls.

6) Immediate, unlimited and unrestricted Jewish settlement in any and every part of the Land of Israel including Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan.

There is no "Palestine" people and there is no "Palestine." We are not dismayed by the Arabs, we are not shocked, we are not confused. Above all, we are not fooled by them. Not by their vague and tantalizing hints of "recognition" not by their aura of "moderation" and not by their ingenious effort to create a camp of "extremists" versus "moderates." We are not fooled by those who for 44 years have threatened to do away with the Jewish state, as in 1967 - before they were taught to be more discreet and allow the world a face-saving way to allow Israel to die. We are not fooled by those, who, in 1956 - BEFORE Jews had liberated the lands the Arabs claim constitute the major cause - took arms from the Soviets and prepared to wipe out the Israel of that time. We are not fooled by those who, in 1947 turned down even the pathetic, grotesque tiny state that the United Nations gave the Jews. We are not fooled by those who rioted against and killed Jews in 1921, 1929, 1936, 1937, and 1938. We are not fooled. There are no "moderate" Arabs. There are only clever and less clever, patient and impatient. The final solution for ALL is the same - the elimination of any Jewish State. And so we repeat: There is no "Palestine people" and there is no "Palestine." They are Arabs, part of the Arab nation that lives in many countries, and to where the Arabs of the Land of Israel must and will be repatriated.

Eddie McGuire’s career is just one long gaffe

Miranda Devine – Saturday, June 01, 2013 (10:35pm)

EDDIE McGuire claimed his racist King Kong outrage on radio last week was a slip of the tongue, an aberration in an impeccable public life of service to others and the pursuit of equality. 


Our art culture really stinks

Miranda Devine – Saturday, June 01, 2013 (10:35pm)

Such is the state of modern cultural sensibilities that piles of stinking poop presented as art in a prestigious gallery barely cause a ripple, so to speak. 


A new month, more boats

Andrew Bolt June 02 2013 (4:40pm)

Boat people policy
A couple more boats to start off a new month:

HMAS Bathurst, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel north-west of Christmas Island on Friday.

Initial indications suggest there were 71 people on board…
HMAS Albany, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, separately intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel north-east of Ashmore Islands on Thursday.
Initial indications suggest there are 86 people on board. 
(Thanks to reader Gab.) 


Bolt Report today

Andrew Bolt June 02 2013 (7:24am)

The twitter feed.
The place the videos appear


Kevin Rudd: no “insurgency”

Andrew Bolt June 02 2013 (6:38am)

Not all rowing the same way in the Labor boat:

Kevin Rudd has angrily hit back at claims he is maintaining an ‘’insurgency’’ against Prime Minister Julia Gillard
[Labor MP Michael] Danby criticised Mr Rudd’s decision to support same-sex marriage while announcing his own change of heart on the issue. ‘’I’m not a big fan of Mr Rudd or his insurgency,’’ Mr Danby said. ‘’I’m doing this on the basis of principle, not because of anything he said.’’
A spokesman for Mr Rudd described the comments as ‘’childish, unprofessional and untruthful… Unfortunately, Mr Danby’s accusation that this is part of an ‘insurgency’ is part of the standard script used by those seeking to denigrate the former prime minister,’’ the spokesman said. 


If Gillard isn’t the worst Prime Minister, she needs a better defence

Andrew Bolt June 02 2013 (5:57am)

Politics academic Paul Strangio tries to find worse:

The ‘’worst prime minister in Australia’s history leading the worst-ever government’’, asserted one veteran columnist, not concerning himself with any serious comparison between Gillard and the 26 previous occupants of the office.
Yet has Gillard’s performance measured by achievement (and longevity) paled against that of George Reid, the Free Trade prime minister whose 1904-05 government term was mostly spent in parliamentary recess; or Labor’s James Scullin, a one-termer whose government disintegrated as it vainly struggled to craft a solution to the Depression crisis of the early 1930s; or William McMahon, the last and least distinguished of three Liberal heirs of Robert Menzies who spent a lacklustre 21 months in office before he was vanquished by Labor’s Gough Whitlam at the December 1972 election? We could go on.
Not a great counter, given one Prime Minister is bagged as simply “lack lustre” and the other for not being around long.
So what does Strangio extol as Gillard achievements?

... measures such as the first serious response to climate change, a national disability insurance scheme, national broadband infrastructure and a new education funding system have the makings of a substantial legacy...
Go through them: a carbon tax, brought in despite a promise not to, which did nothing to stop a global warming that’s paused anyway. A tax which is now about to be scrapped under the Liberals or fall to meaningless levels under Labor.
A dangerously bureaucratic and expensive disability scheme that is largely unfunded, not in full operation for another six years and yet to be worked out in any detail.
A new funding system that is partially unfunded, untied to any real school improvement and not agreed to by the vast majority of states.
And that’s the best even a Gillard defender can think of?
Worst prime minister. 


Hands on Sam’s tiller

Andrew Bolt June 02 2013 (5:50am)

Fairfax sexist Sam di Brito lets his fantasies loose on an unsuspecting public:
Make all the jokes you want about Gillard’s red hair, she’s anything but flammable. She’s cooler than the other side of the pillow, and I know I’d feel better going to bed with her hand on the tiller than a guy who earned the nickname ‘’Mad Monk’’.


Record rains of the kind they claimed were gone

Andrew Bolt June 02 2013 (5:35am)

Global warming - dud predictions
Melbourne Water’s excuse for not building a cheap dam, rather than mega-expensive desal plant:
Climate uncertainty shows we can’t rely exclusively on dams the way we used to.

Professor Langford argued that we cannot rely on dams for Melbourne’s water in an era of declining rainfall. He favoured the building of the $3.1 billion desalination plant...

Look at [Melbourne Water’s] latest excuse for not building the dam that would have spared Melbourne its insane - and insanely expensive - water restrictions.
“Why aren’t we building another dam?” it burbles, shamed at last into defending its Labor masters’ failure to build what we needed years ago.

“Unfortunately, we cannot rely on this kind of rainfall like we used to.”
We can’t? ...We’ve had a monster September for rain over our catchments - falls 60 per cent above average - and now check the latest forecast.
Melbourne CBD recorded the wettest June day on record after 48.6mm fell since 9am yesterday.

Turn your problems over to God as He can do more in a moment than you can do in a lifetime... God Bless..
I don't know if it is the case, but this came out in 1928 and was very popular .. and might have named Dad .. 
(Pick oop tha' musket) 
Stanley Holloway

It occurred on the evening before Waterloo,
And troops were lined up on parade,
The Sergeant inspecting 'em he was a terror,
Of whom every man was afraid 

All excepting one man who was in the front rank,
A man by the name of Sam Small,
And 'im and the Sergeant were both 'daggers drawn',
They thought 'nowt' of each other at all 

As Sergeant walked past he was swinging his arms,
And he happened to brush against Sam,
And knocking his musket clean out of his hand,
It fell to the ground with a slam 

'Pick it up' said Sergeant, abrupt like but cool,
But Sam with a shake of his head,
'Seeing as tha' knocked it out of me hand,
P'raps tha'll pick the thing up instead. 

'Sam, Sam, pick oop tha' musket,'
The Sergeant exclaimed with a roar,
Sam said 'Tha' knocked it doon, reet! then tha'll pick it oop,
Or it'll stay where it is on't floor 

The sound of high words very soon reached the ears,
Of an Officer, Lieutenant Bird,
Who says to the Sergeant, 'Now what's all this ere?'
And the Sergeant told what had occurred. 

'Sam, Sam, pick up tha' musket'
Lieutenant exclaimed with some heat,
Sam said, 'He knocked it down reet! Then he'll pick it oop,
Or it stays where it is, at me feet 

It caused quite a stir when the Captain arrived,
To find out the cause of the trouble,
And every man there, all except Sam,
Was full of excitement and bubble 

'Sam, Sam, pick oop tha' musket',
Said Captain for strickness renowned,
Sam said 'He knocked it doon, Reet! so he'll pick it up,
Or it stays where it is on't ground 

The same thing occurred when the Major and Colonel,
Both tried to get Sam to see sense,
But when Old Duke 'O Wellington came into view,
Well the excitement was really quite tense 

Up rode the Duke on a loverly white 'orse,
To find out the cause of the bother,
He looked at the musket and then at Old Sam,
And he talked to Old Sam like a brother 

'Sam, Sam, pick oop tha' musket'
The Duke said as quiet as could be,
'Sam, Sam pick oop tha' musket,
Coom on lad, just to please me 

'Alright Duke,' said Old Sam, 'just for thee I'll oblige,
And to show thee I meant no offence',
So Sam picked it up, 'Gradely, lad' said the Duke,
'Right-o boys... let battle commence.'



This place is called Pop, Choc & Rock at Chatswood Westfield


Log .. Soldier .. log .. - ed

Anyone seen this. Labor is so worried about community's resentment they're now genuinely trying to impersonate the Liberals with the 'Liberal Blue' colour and lack of 'Labor' mentioned anywhere on them.
The local press gave him a free pass from campaigning last time. Now he is running in Liberal colors - ed

If you're not in Sydney, Australia to see the Vivid Sydney 'Doctor Who' light show tonight, fear not – the whole show from Thursday night's rehearsal is now available.

Enjoy it here:

Was honored and inspired by the community of Republic, WA today. Todd and I travelled to this incredibly beautiful northwest community to honor the Class of 2013 as they received their diplomas and headed out into the real world. Republic is a special place – it might be small, but it is big on the values that built this great country. Republic exemplifies what makes America great – and it was an honor to thank them for it. To the Tigers of 2013 – thank you again for inviting me and inspiring me. Always remember your roots and never forget that kids from small schools can do big things. Our republic’s future is up to you! 

- Sarah Palin


I remember her dying in the show, and Archie's denial. She led a long life and had two children and didn't divorce her husband. Blessings.

well, actually, puppies .. -ed
For The New month: Be fruitful, Multiply, Replenish, Subdue and Dominate In Jesus Name,Amen.

Madu Odiokwu Pastorvin

The sower sows the word.(Mark 4:14, NKJV)

Scripture tells us that the Word of God is like a seed. Just like planting a seed in the ground, when you “plant” the Word of God in your life, it will produce a harvest—the blessing and fruit of God’s promises!

How do you sow the Word? By simply putting it into practice. By obeying it and applying it to your everyday life. Those next few verses in Mark 4 tell us that the seed of the Word can be sown into different types of soil. The soil represents our heart condition. The key is to make sure that nothing steals the Word of God out of your heart. Don’t allow bitterness and offense to fester. Don’t compare and be envious of others. Instead, choose forgiveness and keep an open and humble heart toward the Lord. As you dwell on His Word and stay close to the Father through prayer and worship, that seed will take root. It will grow and develop and bring to pass the harvest of righteousness in every area of your life.God bless you.

4 her

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Prothonotary warbler
Long, thin bill, bright golden yellow and gray plumage, and a fairly short tail. Its name comes from a resemblance of its plumage to the garb of court clerks, known as prothonotaries. The female is similar but less brightly colored.

Distribution: Breed from Florida west to Texas and north to Minnesot1, southern Ontario and Pennsylvania. Winters in pristine rainforest habitats from southern Mexico to Venezuela.

Habitat: Wooded swamps.

Behavior: Song is a repeated series of "tweets. " Often seen poking into the saturated logs of the swamps, where it resides. Feeding ecology and diet: Mainly insects.

Reproductive biology: Unusual for warblers, it builds its mainly moss nests in tree holes such as old woodpecker holes, or in nest boxes. Average clutch size is three to eight, with speckled light pink eggs that hatch in about two weeks.
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