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Happy birthday and many happy returns Betty Washington Lewis, Jack Worrall and Audie Murphy. Born on the same day, across the years. Audie wrote his autobiography that I used to learn to read (To Hell and Back). On your day in 1685, The Duke of Monmouth declared himself King of England at Bridgwater. In 1887, Victoria Terminus, now the busiest railway station in India, opened in Bombay on the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. In 1900, Boxer Rebellion: The Imperial Chinese Army began a 55-day siege of the Legation Quarter in Beijing. In 1947, Mafia hitman murdered gangster Bugsy Siegel in Beverly Hills, California. 1963, The so-called "red telephone" was established between the White House and the Kremlin, after the Cuban Missile Crisis demonstrated that direct communications between the two nations were necessary. What a day! Rebellion, confusion, building grandeur, and the death of a gangster in Beverly Hills .. it should have been Chicago.

Bloodhounds of the media just Labor’s little lapdogs

Piers Akerman – Thursday, June 20, 2013 (6:28pm)

WHEN the cleaners go through federal parliament later this year they should take their brooms and buckets through the parliamentary press gallery. The self-styled insiders use their annual mid-winter charity hop, held on Wednesday, to promote an image of cloying clubbiness with the politicians whose activities they are meant to be reporting but unfortunately, that has become the 24/7 reality. 


Murderer and rapist Bayley should never be released

Piers Akerman – Thursday, June 20, 2013 (12:45am)

ADRIAN Bayley may die in prison for rape and murder of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher but if hadn’t been given parole after his last rape spree, his victim may still be alive.
Justice Geoffrey Nettle has sentenced Bayley to life with a 35-year non-parole but – incredible as it may sound – he didn’t hit him with the maximum 25-year sentence for the rape conviction.
Bayley was given life imprisonment for murder and 15 years for rape and a non-parole period of 35 years.
Judge Nettle said if Bayley had not pleaded guilty he would have jailed him for life with no parole.
Justice Nettle said while he saw little reason to suppose that Bayley would ever be rehabilitated given his past, he could not exclude the chance of improvement.
“As bad as your crimes are, you will have the opportunity in jail to strive for rehabilitation and I propose to set a non-parole period as an incentive for you to try,” he said.
Tom Meagher, Jill’s husband, spoke for everyone who is fed up with lenient sentencing when he told the ABC 7.30 Report’s Louise Milligan of his utter disappointment with the sentence.
What some readers may not know is that Bayley was a convicted serial rapist before he encountered Jill Meagher as she walked home from a neighbourhood bar last September.
His previous rape victims were prostitutes – sex workers in the current politically correct jargon – and Jill’s husband thinks that may be why his wife’s killer was on the loose.
Having read the police statement given by one of his former victims, it is clear to me that Bayley wasn’t just a rapist, he was a sadistic torturer.
As Tom Meagher told the ABC: “I certainly don’t think the sentence for the rape charge was enough at all. Given what this man has done in the past, I think that 15 years is a disgrace, considering the maximum penalty for rape is 25. And I don’t know what the maximum penalty is for, if it’s not for that man. Who else could fit the bill of a maximum sentence for rape, than Adrian Ernest Bayley?”
The judge said he believed Bayley had shown a small degree of remorse, and gave that as part of the reason for his sentence.
Tom Meagher can’t believe that rationale.
“I don’t see how a man who does the same thing over and over again can really be remorseful,” he told the ABC. “I don’t see how that can be measured in terms of Adrian Ernest Bayley considering he’s faked those things over and over again - well, he’s certainly done that before, at least once that we know. And no, I don’t think that it matters at all.
“It would matter in maybe some cases, but not in a case of a serial offender.

“Not in a case of somebody who keeps doing it over and over again. If he has a little cry, I don’t know what difference that makes to sentencing at all. It’s baffling, it’s bewildering, to sit there and listen to somebody, sort of coddle this man with ideas of remorse. You know, who cares if he has remorse?”
Mr Meagher said he felt furious when he heard Bayley had served two previous prsion sentences for sexual assaults which involved threats to kill and abductions for which he served less than half max penalty for 16 counts and 5 victims when he was last sentenced.
“I’m still furious when I hear anyone say it,” he said, “whenever I read it my blood boils.
“It sends a disturbing message.
“This man is unrepentently evil.
“He’s been let out, let off, too many times. He’s been let off by our justice system. He’s obviously a complete menace. It sends out really dangerous message to society if you do this.
“I’m aware that his previous victims in the previous case before Jill were sex workers and I’ll never be convinced that that had nothing to do with the leniency of his sentence.
“Which as I said, sends a very disturbing message because what it says to women is, ‘you know, be careful what you do, because if we don’t like what you do, you won’t get justice’.
“And then what it says to people like Bayley is, not ‘don’t rape’, but ‘be careful who you rape’.”
Tom Meagher’s words should be carefully considered across the country.
Not just by the millions who feel his anguish but by the judges and parole boards and “well-meaning” citizens who say that the justice system is too harsh.
In Bayley’s case, it was never harsh enough.



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 20, 2013 (7:42pm)

She sees scary blue ties. She hears phantom attacks
Julia Gillard has accused Tony Abbott of resorting to “personal abuse” when an argument isn’t going his way.
Responding to a question from the Coalition in parliamentary question time on Labor’s plan for the carbon tax, Ms Gillard blasted the Opposition Leader as not being interested in policy and instead resorting to petty political games.
“You can always tell when the Leader of the Opposition isn’t coping with an argument because he goes for the personal abuse,” Ms Gillard said. 
Tell us all about it, Julia. In other Prime Ministerial developments, Gillard is headed to Indonesia next month. This may be one trip that the first waver should avoid: 
Indonesia is deliberating criminalising unmarried couples living together …
“If couples are living in one home and aren’t married, of course they should be sanctioned,” Khatibul Umam Wiranu, a member of the commission overseeing the revision, said. 



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 20, 2013 (7:39pm)



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 20, 2013 (5:42am)

The good news for Labor: they’ve finally won a poll comparison. The bad news for Labor: it’s against Prime MinisterJulia Gillard
A comparison of Age/Nielsen polls in the 2010 campaign with those in the first half of 2013 shows Ms Gillard’s net approval rating has slumped by a massive 33 percentage points.
This implies a 16 per cent swing against Ms Gillard as prime minister, compared with a 6 per cent swing against Labor. Labor is now polling better than its leader. 
Jule E. Coyote has even lost the kids: 
The biggest shift has been among young voters. In 2010, people aged 25 to 39 were one of her core support groups, giving her a 56-34 approval rating. Two-and-a-half years later, they have becomedeeply hostile to her. Only 39 per cent now approve of her, while 57 per cent disapprove, a net decline of 40 percentage points. 
So much for Gillard’s appearances on youngster-friendly TV and radio shows. But what about women? Surely the support from Fairfax’s ladypages and mummy blogger collectives is maintaining the female vote? No: 
Ms Gillard has cultivated female voters as a core support group. But the poll shows that while she had overwhelming support from 2010, with a 55-36 approval rating, they too now reject her. Now 54 per cent of women disapprove of her leadership, while just 41 per cent approve. 
I blame sexism.



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 20, 2013 (5:22am)

In the Guardian, union organiser Godfrey Moase calls for every Australian citizen to receive a basic income of $30,000 per year. No exceptions, no means testing: 
Imagine the creativity, innovation and enterprise that would be unleashed if every citizen were guaranteed a living. Universal income provides the material basis for a fuller development of human potential. Social enterprises, cooperatives and small businesses could be started without participants worrying where the next pay cheque would come from. Artists and musicians could focus on their work. 
Because that is always the most important thing. Always.



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 20, 2013 (5:19am)

Big call from Dennis Shanahan: 
The Labor Party is heading towards a change of leadership next week.
Julia Gillard’s supporters and defenders are slipping away, and Kevin Rudd faces increasing pressure to drop his unrealistic conditions of being drafted and to stand.
At some stage the trajectories of the Prime Minister’s ebbing support and the growing realisation that the former prime minister must challenge will intersect and force a resolution.
Right now it looks like Rudd by Friday week. 
Fairfax’s Mark Kenny is of similar mind: 
There is still an expectation that on Thursday June 27, the final sitting day of Parliament, the festering leadership imbroglio will again boil over. 
And from the Courier-Mail
A respected Labor elder who previously backed Prime Minister Julia Gillard has warned she cannot win the election and urged her to hand over to Kevin Rudd …
“I think she’s a much better person than he will ever be,” the senior Labor figure said on the condition of anonymity.
“But Rudd is a much better campaigner.
“I’d prefer her to be the prime minister, but it’s over.” 
Labor is still working out that it’s not about campaigning. It’s about Labor.



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 20, 2013 (3:07am)

wrenching interview with Tom Meagher, whose wife Jill might still be alive were it not for a soft legal system that allowed her killer to be free despite 16 rape convictions.
Remarkably, the system delivered one final insult to Jill Meagher and all of Adrian Ernest Bayley’s previous victims. The rape component of his sentence was just 15 years – ten years less than the possible maximum. As Tom Meagher asks: 
“I don’t know what the maximum penalty is for, if it’s not for that man. Who else could fit the bill of a maximum sentence for rape, than Adrian Ernest Bayley?’’ 
Good question. In prison, Bayley will now receive a level of protection that Jill Meagher was denied.



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 20, 2013 (2:48am)

Tony Thomas reviews the UN’s latest democratic triumph – a global poll to discover what the people of the world care most about: 
As the UN puts it modestly, “Now citizens from around the world have an exciting opportunity, as never before, to be part of the new goals to end poverty and create a sustainable environment from the earliest stages of the process.”
The results of the poll to date are that worldwide, we people of the world view the fight against climate change as the least important of 16 issues suggested by the UN. 
They should have offered further issues. Then climate change would be running even lower.
UPDATE. Barack Obama still hasn’t got the message.



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 20, 2013 (2:15am)

“English metropolitan life in the 21st century,” muses Mark Steyn. “If you miss one beheading story, there’ll beanother one along in a minute.”



Tim Blair – Thursday, June 20, 2013 (1:52am)

Life imitates 30-year-old art.


Gillard’s last friends speak

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (7:56pm)

The louder they support her, the more it’s clear how desperately she needs it:
THE nation’s two most powerful union leaders have publicly backed Julia Gillard’s leadership of the Labor Party and urged caucus members to unite behind her.
Attempting to put a lid on swirling leadership speculation, Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association secretary Joe de Bruyn and Australian Workers Union boss Paul Howes said the entire union movement was behind the Prime Minister.


2GB tonight - with some of Palmer unspun

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (5:26pm)

On with Steve Price from 8pm. Listen live here. Talkback:  131 873. 

With Hedley Thomas telling us the truth about Clive Palmer.
Listen to all past shows here.     


There is evil, and it can’t be paroled

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (2:12pm)

After the tragic Jill Meagher case, another possible example of politicians and judges not recognising that some sex offenders and murderers simply can’t be reformed:

A man accused of an attempted rape and stabbing at a Sydney bus stop was out of jail on parole after serving 22½ years of a 24-year sentence for murder.
Terence Leary was jailed in 1991 for the murder of 17-year-old Vanessa Hoson in January 1990, but ... was paroled in August last year, after being refused parole on six occasions between 2005 and 2010. The man’s 15-year non-parole period expired on January 13, 2005.
NOTE: The arrested man has not been found guilty of anything regarding this attack and must be presumed innocent.
As I’ve argued:

ADRIAN Bayley and Leslie Alfred Camilleri showed us this month that evil exists and can’t be taught away.
Bayley raped and murdered Jill Meagher last year while he was on parole for five other rapes - and on bail while appealing against a sentence for punching a man in the head.
He’d also raped two teenagers when he was 19 and served time for sexual assault.

Camilleri pleaded guilty this month to murdering schoolgirl Prue Bird in 1992. He is already serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of two schoolgirls in Bega in 1997, soon after being released on bail for the alleged abuse of a 12-year-old girl. By then, he already had 146 convictions for non-violent crimes…
Bayley could not be reformed in the years he spent in jail. As for Camilleri, had he been jailed for as long as many would expect for 146 convictions, two girls might have lived.
Can we really give Satan parole or put him through an offenders’ course?
Well, if you don’t believe in Satan, that question is stupid.
And girls and women may die.
Another case, in Victoria:

The petition of Andrew, Gillian and Daniel Corp for the parole reforms as stated below. On 1 February 2010 our daughter/sister Elsa Janet Corp was violently murdered by a parolee, who had been known to the police and had been convicted of drug-related and violent offences. He was on a suspended sentence when accused of another violent offence but was nonetheless released into the community by the parole board on 13 January 2010; he murdered Elsa on 1 February 2010.
Another example:

Colleen Irwin, 23, and Laura Irwin, 21, were discovered stabbed to death in their home at Altona North, in Melbourne’s west, on January 28, 2006.
Victorian Coroner Dyson Hore-Lacy today found that the girls’ neighbour, William John Watkins, raped and stabbed them to death…
Detective Senior Constable Brett Gallaughar earlier told the inquest ...  Watkins had a string of offences, including a conviction for rape, aggravated burglary and theft.
For those offences he was jailed for four years and three months, but was released after two years…
“I have been asked (by the sisters’ parents Shirley and Allan Irwin) to raise concerns about Watkins’ criminal history and why he wasn’t incarcerated (at the time of the girls’ deaths),” he said.
Another example:
[Peter Norris Dupas’s] first victim was a 27-year-old woman with a five-week-old baby. She said Dupas, was a regular visitor to their Mt Waverley home before he asked her on October 3, 1968, if she could lend him a sharp knife so he could peel some potatoes. A minute later Dupas – dressed in his school uniform – lunged at her stomach without saying a word…
Before he killed Nicole Patterson on April 19, 1999, Dupas had been convicted of rape three times…
His [first rape] victim was a married woman he asked for help after claiming his car had broken down outside her Mitcham home. He hid in the house while she was looking for a screwdriver, then threatened her and her 18-month-old baby with a knife before raping her…
Police discovered that within the next fortnight, before he was arrested, Dupas had tricked his way into two other homes with the same ruse but left without assaulting the women…
The then senior detective committed his fears to paper in a report that predicted, on June 6, 1974, that Dupas would “possibly cause the death of one of his victims if he is not straightened out’’…
Dupas was arrested again while on leave from Mont Park [psychiatric hospital] – and on bail for rape – after a series of incidents on the Rosebud foreshore.
At least three times he entered a toilet and shower block and watched girls showering before being caught in a police stake-out… Dupas was convicted of loitering with intent and offensive behavior over the Rosebud offences and fined $140.
Six months later he was convicted of the Mitcham rape and sentenced ...  to nine years’ jail with a non-parole period of five years… He was released from jail on September 4, 1979.
On November 9 he began a reign of terror in which he attacked four women in 10 days – and which ended only when he was arrested again…
Despite his previous rape sentence of nine years and the increased number and nature of offences, Judge Leo Lazarus sentenced Dupas to only 6 1/2 years – again with a five-year minimum… He was formally released from jail again on February 27, 1985.
Four days later he raped a woman at Blairgowrie back beach… Judge Leckie sentenced Dupas to 12 years’ jail, with a minimum of 10 years before parole… Dupas was released again in March, 1992…
His victim [the next year] was ...cut on the hands as she fought to prevent him raping her… Judge Leo Hart ... sentenced Dupas to three years and nine months’ jail, with a minimum of two years and nine months, on a charge of false imprisonment.
After his release on September 29, 1996, ... the body of sex worker Margaret Maher was found at the side of Cliffords Rd, Somerton, around 2pm on October 4, 1997. She had been strangled, and her left breast cut off and placed in her mouth…
Less than a month later, Mersina Halvagis was tidying her grandmother’s grave at Fawkner Cemetery… Dupas struck suddenly and savagely, stabbing her more than 30 times…
DUPAS ... killed Ms Patterson at her Northcote home in 1999… He stabbed her 27 times and mutilated her body in a similar fashion to his attack on Ms Maher.
Readers Gab and Scott are astonished by this sentence today:

A MAN who plied three girls with alcohol and drugs before raping them could serve as little as two years in jail.
The Brisbane Supreme Court was told the 47-year-old dad raped the girls, one aged 13 and two 14, on Christmas Day 2011 after forcing them to take speed.
The Catholic Church has been pilloried for falsely assuming pedophile priests could be treated or reasoned out of abusing children. Are our politicians and judges - and the experts on whom they rely - similarly naive about rapists and killers? 


University staff vote Greens. Pity the poor students

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (9:33am)

An indictment of university staff, who we pay to defend reason from its enemies:
The National Tertiary Education Union has turned its back on the ALP to focus a $1 million election campaign on ensuring the Greens maintain the balance of power in the Senate.
But what clearer example could there be of how universities have been captured by the far Left? No wonder they are in decline.  


Isn’t it more controversial to lure boat people to their deaths?

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (9:10am)

Greg Sheridan says it would be too “controversial” to pull out of the Refugee Convention, but when he details how it actually works it seems crazy not to:

The convention dates from 1951 and was designed to deal with people fleeing persecution across land borders in Europe. It had the Holocaust in mind. The idea was that if someone, generally a government, was trying to kill you because of your race or religion and you fled to escape death, you would not then be forced back to your persecutor.
Sadly, like most things associated with the UN, it has grown into a sort of grotesque parody of itself, with vast unintended consequences…
It is clear, and sometimes explicit, in the convention’s wording that it envisages people fleeing directly from persecution in one country to haven, temporary or permanent, in an adjacent neighbour. So how is it that, ostensibly under the auspices of the convention, there are now Iranians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Somalis, Afghans, Pakistanis and others arriving in Australia’s north and claiming to be refugees?
Australia’s status as a signatory to the convention acts as an enormously powerful magnet, attracting all manner of aspirational immigrants, drawn by Australia’s material riches and generous welfare, who can then use the convention to qualify for immigration status they would never get otherwise.
(Thanks to reader Peter.) 


They’d rather lose the jobs than cut the wages

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (8:59am)

It’s not just Holden complaining about high labor costs in the car industry. But Labor and the unions won’t listen:
Toyota Australia complained about high labour costs and sagging productivity at an emergency summit of car industry leaders with Prime Minister Julia Gillard but was brushed off by union opposition.
The meeting was convened two weeks ago after Ford decided to stop making cars in Australia from 2016, leaving only General Motors Holden and Toyota.
At the Melbourne summit, chaired by Ms Gillard and Industry Minister Greg Combet, Toyota executive David Buttner raised the problem of high wages and poor labour productivity. One well-placed source suggested Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary David Oliver insisted that ­productivity and wages would not be covered by the meeting, which was ­promoted by the government as a way to find solutions to protect the viability of the industry…
The communique following the meeting didn’t mention labour relations or productivity, which experts say is one of the industry’s main problems.
(Thanks to reader Peter of Bellevue Hill.) 


Why nice men have turned off Gillard and her sexists

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (8:43am)

Culture wars, Politics - federal
NO, LADIES, the Prime Minister isn’t in strife because she’s the victim of men being sexists.
She’s the victim of women shouting “sexists!” instead.
That’s why so many men turned from Julia Gillard in disgust last week. It wasn’t just because they were offended to be called sexists for concluding their Prime Minister was, on the evidence, incompetent, divisive and deceitful.
It was also because they were infuriated by a tiresome hypocrisy. 


Judith Gibson defends the free speech of a poor bouncer

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (8:43am)

Judge Judith Gibson deserves your praise for showing such sturdy good sense:
A Sydney journalist who sued a trendy Oxford Street nightclub for defamation, claiming it falsely and “maliciously” declared he was too drunk to enter, has lost his case in the District Court, with a judge rejecting his version of what happened and finding that his complaint was “trivial”
Richard Sleeman, a well-known sports writer and radio producer, ... claimed that on December 23, 2011, as he stood in a queue at The Palms on Oxford nightclub, a doorman singled him out and said in a loud voice:  “You’re way too drunk, you can’t come in. ‘Go away and sober up somewhere else.’”
The 62-year-old strenuously denied that he was drunk, claiming that he had in fact been discriminated against because of his age… This had destroyed his reputation as a campaigner against alcohol-related anti-social behaviour, and left him fearful of going into any licenced premises with a doorman or security guard…
In the Sydney District Court on Wednesday, Judge Judith Gibson found ... that, had they in fact been shouted into the street, the comments were potentially defamatory, but that they were a necessary part of the bouncer’s job.
Gibson’s previous tangles with stupid defamation cases that seem to cost more pain than they resolve include this case, in which 14 Korean-language papers were sued:

TWO computer-illiterate barristers, problems with translators, the death of a defendant, numerous adjournments, appeals and frayed tempers have plagued a long-running case that a judge has described as a “strain on court resources and staff”.
The 23 judgments by NSW District Court judge Judith Gibson also raise concerns that the court is not equipped to deal with megalitigation. The defamation trial she presided over ran for 75 days, as well an earlier three-week jury hearing. There were close to 4000 transcript pages, 34 witnesses and more than 1000 pages of submissions.


But I’m not game to say a word of criticism

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (8:18am)

I thought we weren’t allowed to comment on such trivialities as a new hairstyle of a female politician, but thankfully that work has been done for us by the impeccably Leftist Age and Sydney Morning Herald


Punters vs pundits

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (8:16am)

The pundits back Rudd, the punters Gillard.
Dennis Shanahan:

Julia Gillard’s supporters and defenders are slipping away, and Kevin Rudd faces increasing pressure to drop his unrealistic conditions of being drafted and to stand…
Right now it looks like Rudd by Friday week.
Mark Kenny

...there is still an expectation that on Thursday June 27, the final sitting day of Parliament, the festering leadership imbroglio will again boil over.
Each-way bet from the ACTU:

[After] ACTU secretary Dave Oliver said “we don’t get to choose who the leader is”, the message was out to the aligned MPs they were free to move and vote.
Gillard understood the importance of Oliver’s statement and the Prime Minister’s supporters pressured him to clarify his remarks.
Oliver later tweeted: “The ACTU’s opinion that the Gillard government should be re-elected based on what it has delivered for working people remains unchanged.”
But Sportsbet punters give the edge to Gillard:

Niki Savva supplies the form guide:

Rudd is an evil control freak who betrayed his own side during the 2010 election, was a bad-tempered prime minister who treated underlings, ministers and senior public servants with contempt, and couldn’t deliver anyway.
Gillard is stubborn, refuses to heed advice or accept responsibility for mistakes, uses her gender as a crutch, then when she has to make a call it’s invariably the wrong one. Other than that, she’s a nice person.
Former Labor leader Mark Latham says we’re all being conned:
Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has no intention of challenging for the leadership. He looks at politics through the prism of vanity and the worst thing that could happen is to run against Tony Abbott and lose.


About the ABC’s defence of its pet billionaire

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (7:39am)

I’ve asked before why the ABC has cheered on a billionaire buffoon trying to buy his way into Parliament.
Was it that Clive Palmer hates Tony Abbott? That he flatters ABC hosts?

The Australian
’s Hedley Thomas, who has revealed some serious questions about Palmer’s business and his credibility, brilliantly tackles Steve Austin of 612 ABC radio Brisbane:

AUSTIN: The Australian newspaper feels unfairly treated by me yesterday in an interview with Clive Palmer, one of the wealthiest men in Queensland.
Thomas: Regrettably, Steve - I’ve known and respected you for a long time - I think he’s enjoyed a very soft run from you. He ran to you, went on your program and claimed a bizarre Watergate-style conspiracy, including alleged document theft allegedly involving myself and News Limited in a hacking and a break-in, and of course this just changed the subject. I think journalists should blow the whistle . . . say, “Hang on, Mr Palmer, can we just go back to the actual issues of substance rather than these claims about a break-in?” This is just a red herring and I think you swallowed it.
Austin: Your news organisation reported six weeks ago that his office was broken into, as did other media organisations. If it’s just a red herring how could he have organised it six weeks before your story appeared?
Thomas: Steve, what is the link between the break-in and the reporting of Mr Palmer’s own documents which are part of a court matter that is on the public record? Is that the new standard for the ABC? That someone just has to say “I might have been broken into, I might have lost documents through the hack of a computer”, and it just goes away? It’s a thought-bubble and you’ve invested too much time in giving it some substance. It’s hot air. There’s been no receipt by us of any stolen material; by asking questions about it you just seem to be inflating this thought-bubble to the point of silliness . . . For whatever reasons he does seem to have enjoyed a very charmed run with the media.
Austin: Could it not be possible, Hedley, that he has been hacked, that something has actually occurred?
Thomas: Look, Steve, I think it’s probably as possible as Mr Palmer’s claims last year, that the CIA was running the Greens with their helicopter spy flights over Townsville. I mean, he thinks the Titanic is going to sail again. All of these things are very possible, Steve, but I’m not dealing in the area of might be, would be, possible, we deal in the realm of evidence and factual documentary material. You chose not to ask Mr Palmer about the factual substance of the documents we relied on, some of which are actually available on the public record in court but haven’t been previously looked at by a journalist. You chose to allow Mr Palmer to pump some air into a thought-bubble and fly away with it.
Austin: You’re able to editorialise, Hedley, I’m not able to editorialise.
Thomas: Well, you allowed Mr Palmer to editorialise for you yesterday.
Big-promising Palmer, the ABC’s favorite billionaire, peddles a popular conspiracy theory of the Left to dodge questions:

MINING tycoon Clive Palmer has lashed out at questions about the state of his private companies, declaring it to be none of voters’ business, as he runs for the prime minister’s office backed by more than 100 candidates ...
Mr Palmer stood by his claim about receiving $500 million in annual royalties from Chinese companies despite a strong denial from one of his partners, CITIC Pacific, and the release of company accounts showing no such payments…
Asked if he would release his company accounts before the election so voters could know the state of his financial interests, Mr Palmer said he signed statements under corporate law and that should answer any voter concerns. “It’s none of their business, really,” he said…
At his South Australian campaign launch in Adelaide earlier in the day, Mr Palmer denied The Australian entry. He defended the decision and attempted to link News Limited to an alleged break-in at his company’s offices.
“It’s up to us, who we invite,” Mr Palmer said. “It’s a freedom of choice. Rupert Murdoch gets on the telephone and tells people what to do. I’ve had my office broken into. I’ve had all of our files stolen. We’ve seen what’s happened to News Limited in London, and that’s how they operate. So I just don’t condone a criminal organisation.”
Terry McCrann doesn’t rate Palmer.


The ABC hypes another end-of-the-world scare

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (7:25am)

Global warming - propaganda, Media
FORMER ABC chairman Maurice Newman claims ABC staff are biased and preach the global warming faith.
“A powerful group has captured the corporation, at least on climate change,” he says.
ABC managing director Mark Scott denied that last month, but I hope he heard his ABC hyping the Climate Commission’s alarmist report this week.
Take ABC 24’s interview with Climate Commissioner Will Steffen and retired admiral Chris Barrie.  


Labor confronts the Gillard factor

Andrew Bolt June 20 2013 (7:08am)

Labor has its scapegoat:
A comparison of Age/Nielsen polls in the 2010 campaign with those in the first half of 2013 shows Ms Gillard’s net approval rating has slumped by a massive 33 percentage points.
This implies a 16 per cent swing against Ms Gillard as prime minister, compared with a 6 per cent swing against Labor. Labor is now polling better than its leader.
Yes, men have turned away from a woman they once narrowly endorsed, the sexists.
But what of the two demographics Gillard has particularly courted by snuggling up to Kyle Sandilands, yukking it up on The Project and showing her wounds to Women for Gillard?
Surely the young and the female have… Oh, wait:

The biggest shift has been among young voters. In 2010, people aged 25 to 39 were one of her core support groups, giving her a 56-34 approval rating. Two-and-a-half years later, they have become deeply hostile to her. Only 39 per cent now approve of her, while 57 per cent disapprove…
Ms Gillard has cultivated female voters as a core support group. But the poll shows that while she had overwhelming support from 2010, with a 55-36 approval rating, they too now reject her. Now 54 per cent of women disapprove of her leadership, while just 41 per cent approve.
What are these women? Misogynists? 


Israeli tour guide Binyamin Tropper, who thought he was the first to discover the major historical artifact, was astonished to find out that authorities had known about the pillar for decades -- and had been keeping it a secret all that time.


.. I thought maybe it was just something left over after something was disconnected, like a trailer, but then I noticed the license plate .. - ed


‘Evidence of the depth and breadth of Obama’s radicalism’: President suggests Catholic schools are divisive ==>
Why did the traffic light turn red?

You’d turn red, too, if you had to change in the middle of the street.




Madu Odiokwu Pastorvin
Heavenly Father,I thank You.I adore you.I worship You and bless Your Holy Name.I thank you Jesus,for the Blood that You Shed for me. You have been gracious enough to allow me to score a great success. I humbly thank You for your help, and I hope that I will continue to receive it. Let me never forget that without You I would never have been able to achieve anything. True, I made use of my talents but they were given to me by You, and so was the drive that impelled me to use them. May I always strive to utilize all my talents to the very best of my ability---whether I achieve success or not. For I will in this way be achieving the goal that You have set out for me in your wisdom and becoming the person that You want me to be. Amen.






Church tells girl to burn in hell
WHAT started as a five-year-old girl selling lemonade outside a church has sparked a twitter tirade of the most unholy kind.



4 her



Check out this photo! You are accustomed to looking up at thunderstorms from the ground, but take a look at what a thunderstorm looks like from above! (via @EarthPics)
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We only have 10 days left to raise $59,950.
I need your help more than ever.
This is a crucial test for grassroots conservatives.  Reporters, pundits and big donors are taking stock of our organization.
So it is critical that we hit our $100,000 goal by July 1st!
The conventional wisdom in Washington, D.C. is that the grassroots conservative rebellion of 2010 is over.
So we have to prove that our movement is stronger than ever.
We have to prove that we are ready to go toe-to-toe with Barack Obama's massive political organization.
And we have to prove we can raise the funds to beat back the torrent of left-wing schemes coming out of the White House.
We've posted a special counter on our website so that the liberal politicians, the bureaucrats, the left-wing media, and even Barack Obama himself can watch in real-time as the American people take a stand.
But that also means the pressure is on.  We have to raise this $100,000 RIGHT NOW. 
Over the past year Patriot Voices has made a real difference.  We helped stop the liberal campaign for gun control.  We stood up for life every chance we could.  And we defended our national sovereignty against the UN.
However, we can't let up now.  Our conservative values are under assault every single day.   And too many of my Republican colleagues on Capitol Hill are tired of fighting.
That's why WE must pick up the slack.  Politicians in Washington won't stop Barack Obama.
This is a job for We the People.
Thank you, and may God bless America and the conservative movement!
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Rick Santorum 
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Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for June 19th. Enjoy!

From the Blog

The Amnesty Mob vs. America

You can try to put “conservative” lipstick on the lawless amnesty mob...

Dem’s ‘if it saves just one life’ rationale for gun control doesn’t apply to late term abortion legislation

Yesterday, co-chairs of the House Pro-Choice Caucus Rep. Dianna DeGette of Colorado and Rep. Louise Slaughter of New York held a press conference in opposition to the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act...

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Stop Common Core Link of the Day

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A brief history of the monstrosity otherwise known as Common Core.

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And ... Our Hate Tweet of the Day

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Ooo ... them's fightin' words!


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