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Happy birthday and many happy returns Quynh My Truong,Ben Nuffinsus CartwrightDaphne Iris Van Vloten and Matt Sezer. Born on the same day, across the years. Remember, birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

Poll won’t end ALP leadership struggle

Piers Akerman – Tuesday, March 12, 2013 (6:02am)

SOME Federal Labor MPs (and Prime Minister Julia Gillard) will clutch at today’s Newspoll results like drowning men.
Support for Labor has risen three points to 34 per cent while support for the Coalition fell three points to 44 per cent. The Greens were steady on 11 per cent.
In two-party terms, the Coalition’s 10-point lead a fortnight ago has narrowed to four points with the Opposition ahead 52 to 48 per cent.
Gillard enjoyed a six- point leap as preferred Prime Minister to 42 per cent while Abbott’s support dropped two to 38 per cent.
While the national poll was taken at the weekend as Labor was being given a toweling in the Western Australian state election it doesn’t seem to have picked up on the ferocity of the anger directed toward Gillard in WA where former Labor politicians urged her to quit for the good of the party.
The poll may have reflected the massive coverage given Gillard’s Western Sydney stunt and her extravagant multi-billion dollar promises.
If so, it is clear that there are some Australians who still believe her – or perhaps there are just some Australians who think it is amusing to pander to pollsters.
The yo-yoing polls, up two points, down two points, are not doing anything to help end the paralysis which has seized the federal Labor-Independent-Green minority government.
When Gillard announced in January that the next federal election would be held on September 14 she said there would be clear demarcations between governing and campaigning.
All the electorate has seen so far is campaigning (occasionally disguised as governing).
All of her big spending promises have been dependant upon huge State government contributions and the states have become more fiscally prudent as Labor has lost its hold in the Eastern States.
Not to put to fine a point on it, one would not take this poll to the bank if its variation really hinges upon Labor’s attack on 457 visas and the Rooty Hill soiree.
Gillard is now fighting to win back some respect from the electorate and fighting to keep the forces coalescing behind former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at bay.
This poll will not end the ceaseless leadership speculation, and, when the scale of the Western Australian rout dawns upon other voters in other states, it could easily be reversed.


Question Time: Labor dodges, the public abuses

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(3:27pm)

Julia Gillard opens with twice refusing to answer when her government will deliver a surplus.
As she sits down someone - a spectator - yells out “liar”. He is removed.
Treasurer Wayne Swan refuses to say if he’s still planning to repay the debt.
Later, as Gillard beats up her 457 visa scare she is heckled again by a spectator, also crying “liar”.
I wonder if it’s something to do with the protest outside Parliament by the Consumers and Taxpayers’ Association.
I do believe this Government under this Prime Minister has contributed to the coarsening of public debate, with various Labor Ministers and backbenchers, for instance, vilifying the Opposition Leader as a “thug”, “misogynist”, “douchebag”, “Neanderthal”, “nuts”, “sexist”, “rancid”, “Australia’s biggest bullshit artist”, “mendacious”, “deceitful”, “deceptive”, “bully” and more.
Climate Change Minister Greg Combet is one of the worst offenders, but Gillard is responsible for the decision to personally denigrate Abbott..
That said, I am also with Victorian Nationals MP Darren Chester, who is worried about the public’s abuse of their Prime Minister: 
“I am disturbed by the tone of the political debate and the increasingly personal nature of the attacks on our PM,” he said.
“I believe we need to lay off the PM. It’s not Australian to continue to comment in a vicious and personal nature about the Prime Minister.”
Mr Chester said members of parliament must show the way, by focusing on policies not personalities.
“I think we need to focus on the policies and I think the Australian people can learn a lot more about a dignified debate. People in this place have to lead the way,” he said.
That applies to Labor just as much as to the Coalition.
Labor’s Steve Gibbons does not waste this chance to smear and frame Abbott:
This hypocrite is the same lout who tweeted this abuse:
The man is as brazen as he is toxic.


Helpful Tim

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(2:29pm)

Tim Mathieson, I said on Monday, helped three charities. I’m told by the Prime Minister’s office that the list of charities he’s helped has vastly expanded:
- Kidney Health Australia
- Hagar Australia
- Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA)
- V8 Supercars Men’s Health / Fair Dinkum Sheds
- Menslink
- Blue September
- Mission Australia
- Bowery Mission
- White Ribbon Australia
- Diabetes Australia
- Walk, Ride, Widders (Armidale charity group – raises money and awareness for Men’s health, particularly Indigenous men’s health)
- Boomerangs AFL (Indigenous youth football team)
- Headspace
- Beyond Blue
- Prostate Cancer Australia
- Ovarian Cancer Australia
- FebFast Australia
- Donate Life / Australian Organ & Tissue Donation and Transplantation Authority
- Transplant Australia / Australian Transplant Cricket Club
Apologies to Mathieson.
Another deserving cause he supports is the local panel-beater, having scraped the PM’s taxpayer-supplied car against a safety bollard in front of TV camera crews waiting outside the Lodge yesterday.


Expect another deficit of up to $15bn

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(1:16pm)

Terry McCrann warns the Gillard Government will deliver another big deficit in its desperate last months:
[Treasurer Wayne Swan already has] a seamless record of five budgets and five budget deficits… adding up to $174 billion, with this year’s unfinished fiscal symphony still to be added on.
First, as the debacle over the mining tax has shown - projected last May to raise $4 billion this year, adjusted to raise just $2 billion in the budget update in October, actually raised $126 million in the first six months - the figures were evaporating under their own steam.
But secondly, now that he’s abandoned - actually, finally told the truth about - this year’s budget bottom line, he might as well go for, for want of a better word, broke....
Even if they’d just stayed steady, the projected bottom line would have been a deficit of $5 billion, not the literally unbelievable $1.5 billion surplus. ...
Over the next two months Swan will be trying desperately to [drag] ... spending back into what’s left of this year, and pushing as much as he can into 2014-15.
So this year’s deficit can blow out to who cares what number, to keep next year’s down and hopefully be able to be fiddled into a surplus. Into a projected/promised surplus…
[Then there’s] all the increased spending the Government can’t help itself with adding. The Business Council has estimated the Government has made $49 billion of unfunded commitments.
Then there’s the little thing called an election.


Carr now claims Obeid not his fault

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(11:23am)

Foreign Minister Bob Carr, a former NSW Premier, puts distance between him and Eddie Obeid, now investigated for alleged corruption:
From Obeid’s maiden speech to Parliament:
I willingly pay tribute to my colleagues in the Australian Labor Party for their unwavering support, including Senator Graham Richardson, John Johnson, Bob Carr, Neville Wran, John Della Bosca, Michael Easson, Deirdre
Grusovin, Terry Sheahan, Stephen Loosley and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Leo McLeay. 
How do I make this point, being it took Eddie Obeid 20 odd years to build the power and the influence that he had and for 17 of those Bob was Leader. But the point is that he got into Parliament via the support of the machine. I think in that time there have been eight Party Secretaries, four Secretaries of the Labor Council, five Leaders and to single me out as conferring upon him some sort of special status is just absurd. 
Wasn’t it Bob Carr who made Eddie Obeid a Cabinet Minister?
Well, he made him a Cabinet Minister and not only did he make him a Cabinet Minister, he waltzed into the Caucus room when the vote was happening and very publically voted for him. To send a message that not only am I going to vote for Eddie but here look at this, all of you should vote for him as well and why was he made a Cabinet Minister? For services rendered and support given. I mean Bob has said in the past it wasn’t because of Eddie’s policy expertise. It was because he was a powerful figure, he controlled blocks of votes and it was a fact of life, politically in Macquarie Street that people had to work with and people had to deal with. Ultimately, I fell out with him because I stood up to him and said no to him. I lost my job, I lost my career and I left on very, very bad terms with Mr Obeid. 
Here are some extracts from Hansard on how Bob Carr as Premier defended Obeid:


Williams attack Labor’s “licensing regime” for journalists

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(11:15am)

Kim Williams has done more than any other media boss to fight for free speech:
Mr Williams will tell a Melbourne function hosted by the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce tomorrow that threats to the industry remain even though the government appears to have backed away from creating a News Media Council to oversee the press.
The government is understood to favour rules to enforce self-regulation on news organisations, withholding privacy exemptions for journalists who do not sign up to the regime.
“For anyone who values freedom of speech, the idea that journalists and media companies should be forced to join a government-authorised body or lose the protections afforded to them by the Privacy Act and other shield laws relating to their work smacks of a licensing regime for journalists that has no place in a democratic society,” Mr Williams will say. “And the idea that there should be a public interest test - which is a defacto political interest test - on who should own a media outlet sounds positively Venezuelan.”
Mr Williams’s speech mocks the idea of imposing new ownership constraints in the name of media diversity.
“Knock, knock - it’s the 21st century calling,” he will say. “Digital technology has delivered more diversity than you can point a stick at.”
And where’s the evidence of any need for more control over journalists?
Lawyers Laura R. Handman and Alison B. Schary are right - there is no call for the government to decide what the public can decide for itself:
In the US numerous “watchdog” organisations scrutinise press coverage for errors and bias, using the internet and social media to publicise their analysis in real time. There is no reason why a government-backed fairness council would be better suited to guard the public interest than the public itself.
And the Gillard Government should be ashamed to even contemplate a de facto licensing of journalists. Is this really why MP joined the party? 
Another troubling aspect of the Convergence Review is its endorsement of Finkelstein’s plan to link statutory defences for the press to membership in the review council. In other words—if you don’t submit to the judgments of the media standards body, you will not be considered a journalist under the law, raising a spectre of government-controlled licensing of journalists, common in countries such as China.
The Finkelstein report details various so-called “privileges” held by the press. Many of these rights—including the right to protect confidential sources; to provide commentary; to gather personal information when investigating matters of public interest; and to access court proceedings and law enforcement records—are at the heart of the press’s role in a democratic society. Such protections are not “privileges” that place the media above the public, they allow the press to inform the public…
Forcing media organisations to choose between mandatory, government-backed oversight and forgoing the legal protections necessary to function as journalists leaves no room for a free press.
LABOR says its new media ownership rules and measures to lift reporting standards must pass the parliament within a fortnight or the proposed reforms will be junked.
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy issued the threat while unveiling Labor’s long-awaited media reform package, which includes a public interest test for media mergers and a toughened self-regulation system for print and online news media.
The proposed public interest test would ensure a diversity of voices was taken into account for nationally significant media mergers and acquisitions, Senator Conroy said.
It would be backed by a public interest media advocate, which would rule on proposed media mergers and oversee the operation of the Australian Press Council in enforcing media standards.


An apology, not silence, would suit warmist Dr Karl better

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(10:31am)

What Britain’s warmist Met Office actually said about warming since 1997:
The linear trend from August 1997 ...  to August 2012 ...is about 0.03°C/decade, amounting to a temperature increase of 0.05°C over that period
What ABC science presenter Dr Karl repeatedly claims the Met said:
MET office data of static warming for last 16 years is a misconception? @JWSpry @25outsidefifty Yup, world has warmed 0.3C in last 16 years.
Dr Karl repeat his false claim: 
Reader JW Spry tries again to get ABC science presenter Dr Karl - a denier of the 16-year pause in warming - to correct a blatant error
That exchange ends abruptly when Dr Karl is (again) given a link to the Met Office document he repeatedly misquotes, showing the warming trend since 1997 is one sixth of what Dr Karl claims. In fact, statistically insignificant. 
And still no correction or retraction from this warmist.  When will the ABC demand its science presenter acknowledge clear errors?


How Gillard cost WA Labor

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(10:00am)

Yes, Julia Gillard is doing better, says Newspoll. Ignore the field evidence from Western Australia: 
The advice from Labor’s official pollster, UMR Research, obtained by The Australian Financial Review, advised state Labor “to keep its distance from the federal government in the final week of the campaign”. While state factors predominated, “there’s no doubt the federal Labor government’s lack of popularity isn’t helping the state Labor campaign,” the research said…
The research showed that, a week before the election, there was no net swing against WA Labor, compared with a swing of over 2 per cent on polling day, and that Opposition Leader Mark McGowan was leading Colin Barnett on net satisfaction ratings.
The last week of the campaign saw the Liberals run aggressive advertising on the “chaos” in federal Labor, which warned voters that “Labor is a mess” and shouldn’t be rewarded. Ms Gillard wasn’t invited to participate in the state election campaign, a highly unusual snub to a federal leader.
Wonder who in Labor leaked that research?
Whoever it was, Gillard could hardly complain, with her record:
Ms Gillard’s office has vehemently denied the allegations this morning…
In the days before the strike on Mr Rudd on June 23, 2010, his deputy prime minister told some members of the caucus she believed the Rudd government was heading for electoral disaster and gave them copies of the polling to drive the point home…
[Asked on Four Corners] about the internal polling, Ms Gillard said: “I don’t have any specific recall of pages of party polling at that time.”
(Thanks to reader Peter.)


Polite men are actually sexists who like big breasts

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(9:45am)

Turns out, the findings also revealed that the more sexist a man is, the more likely he’ll be drawn to women with bigger breasts… Study co-author Viren Swami explains: “Benevolently sexist men may perceive larger breasts as ‘‘appropriate’’ for feminine women; in other words ... a feminine and submissive woman is likely to be someone with large breasts.”
Ironically, this means it’s the ‘nice guys’ who pride themselves in holding open car doors, offer to pay for dinners and believe ladies are to be ‘admired’ and ‘put on a pedestal’ who are most likely to buy into traditional beauty ideals – like having a ‘feminine figure’ in this case.


Clarkson does what we no longer dare

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(9:24am)

Nick Cater says we need Jeremy Clarkson on TV here because we’re too scared to make his kind of jokes ourselves: 
YOU only have to read The Sydney Morning Herald to see how easy it has become to take offence and how difficult it is to crack a joke. On Friday the tabloid devoted two mirthless pages to the semantic crimes of Jeremy Clarkson, who was reprimanded for sexist, racist and homophobic humour.
Clarkson’s most egregious expressions were published in a handy list. He described one car as “very ginger beer”, which, as you won’t be amused to learn, is slang for a gentleman who is good with colours. He declared Romania was “Borat country, with gypsies and Russian playboys”, and proposed a design for “a quintessentially German car” with Hitler-salute turn signals and a “satnav that only goes to Poland”.
None of that should be considered the least bit funny; we can be sure that these are verbal blunders with no satirical or ironic intent because they are printed under the headline “Foot in mouth”. Nanny blogger Mia Freedman wagged a finger in all the right places, telling the Herald that Clarkson and his fellow Top Gear presenters were “dialling up sexism under the guise of ‘aren’t we being naughty boys’.” Indeed they are, Ms Freedman, and therein lies the program’s charm.
Australians, as we know, don’t make anything any more. We can’t even make people wince in a way that once came naturally; we are forced to import British television programs to satisfy our need for umbrage.
A generation ago, Australia was a net exporter of semantic subversion. The trade peaked in the early 1970s when The Adventures of Barry McKenzie introduced the upright Poms to the one-eyed trouser snake…
A year earlier, Richard Neville, then editor of the satirical magazine Oz, was charged with “conspiring to produce a magazine containing divers lewd, indecent and sexually perverted articles, drawings and illustrations”.
But now? In the age which gave us Nicola Roxon, with her proposed laws against giving “offence”?
Politics has become a bland and humourless business in these cheerless, roxinated times. It is an offence not only to crack a joke, but to be in the proximity of the cracker. As The Australian reported in October: “Treasurer Wayne Swan admitted poor judgment yesterday for not objecting soon enough to an offensive joke.” 


Is this the true face of Islam?

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(9:09am)

This is not the action of a “tiny unrepresentative minority” but of the government of Iran: 
Five Iranian Christian converts who were detained late last year will reportedly begin trial in Iran’s Revolutionary Court this week, according to a human rights group following the case.

The five men were among seven arrested in October when security forces raided an underground house church in the city of Shiraz during a prayer session. They will be tried at the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz’s Fars Province on charges of disturbing public order, evangelizing, threatening national security and engaging in Internet activity that threatens the government, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a religious persecution watchdog group.
No doubt Foreign Minister Bob Carr will protest....


Is this the best way to lead our Test team?

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(8:49am)

Imposing discipline is all very well, but a great leader leads by inspiration and motivation, not dictatorial fiat. I suspect Michael Clarke will find his team playing with less pleasure under him, and with less passion.
With fewer good players, too:
Watson, James Pattinson, Usman Khawaja and Mitchell Johnson were all dumped for Thursday’s third Test for failing for a minor disciplinary breach - not completing an assignment by team management on how to make improvements in the team…
“Any time you are suspended from a Test match, unless you have done something unbelievably wrong and obviously everyone knows what those rules are - I think it is very harsh,” he said.
Without a doubt, there will be fault on both sides. But the question remains whether the cure will actually kill. 


Muslim conference in strife, despite excuses for the radicals

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(8:30am)

Keysar Trad tries his old “out of context” excuse:
THE imam of the Grand Mosque of Mecca, who has called for the annihilation of Jews, is scheduled to give the keynote address at the Australian Islamic Peace Conference in Melbourne this weekend…
Sheik Sudais, who has called for violent jihad, has been denied entry to the US and Canada after describing Jews as “the scum of humanity” and “pigs and monkeys"…
Federation of Islamic Councils assistant secretary Keysar Trad said there was no comparison to be made between calls for Dutch anti-Islam activist Geert Wilders to be denied a visa on his recent visit to Australia, and similar calls regarding Sheik Sudais.
“One person may have made comments in anger. The other has made it his personal mission to go around the world telling lies about Muslims,” Mr Trad said…
“People can change and sometimes they say comments out of anger which they would retract when they calm down,” he said.
What lies? And show me where Wilders has ever abused Muslims as Imam Sudais has abused Jews, even calling for God to “terminate” them.
But it seems the ”largest ever Islamic conference in the history of Australia” which I wrote about last month is in trouble, which may be a tribute to the moderation of most Muslims here.
An observer writes (no link):
A large conference planned for next weekend at the Melbourne Showgrounds is facing chaos, financial ruin and possible cancellation. The 1000 volunteers needed for what is billed as “Australia’s biggest dawah conference” have not materialised. [Dawah is the Arabic term for ‘Islamic propagation’].  Last Sunday around 300 turned up to Melbourne University for the final planning meeting for the conference.  Waseem Razvi, the normally confident and charismatic president of the Islamic Research and Educational Academy (IREA) which is organising the conference, struggled to keep control of the crowd, sometimes shouting at them to be quiet. Many left without registering as volunteers. Ticket sales are low… Only 1 in 5 of the 200 marketing and commercial stalls have been rented.
Razvi has been rattled by recent revelations about a previous planning meeting in which he declared the real intent of the conference to a Muslim audience: “We don’t accept every religion. We are there to convey the message that Islam is the only right religion.” Razvi’s list of invited speakers was leaked to the media.  Among them was Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, the controversial Imam of Mecca. Al-Sudais gained notoriety by calling for the annihilation of the Jews, declaring them to be “rats of the world” and the “offspring of apes and pigs”. IREA is so embarrassed by these remarks that they are trying to conceal his identity. Advertisements for the conference, displayed on banners and posters put up around Melbourne this week, show a man at a microphone with an Arab headscarf pulled over his face. He is called the “Imam of Makkah” [Mecca], but the same photo on the official Mecca website has Arabic text underneath which identifies him as Al-Sudais. It is unclear whether his visa, questioned by the Department of Immigration, has been issued. Other visas of listed speakers have apparently been denied…
The mainstream Muslim community will not be represented at this conference. Those absent from the list of speakers include moderate Muslims such as the ABC’s Waleed Aly, or Melbourne University scholar Professor Abdullah Saeed. Instead, perhaps in an attempt to avoid more visa refusals, the conference plans to video live-stream two American preachers with questionable histories. Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, who taught the ‘Christmas Day Underpants Bomber’ at his Al-Maghrib institute, refuses to openly condemn militant jihad, saying ”My hands are tied, and my tongue is silent.” Sheikh Yusuf Estes advised a group of Muslim men on how to deal with disobedient wives: ”Roll up a newspaper and give her a crack. Or take a yardstick, something like this, and you can hit.”


How low can Latham get?

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(8:15am)

Former Labor leader Mark Latham has said many low and contemptible things. His attempt to vilify the Opposition’s finance spokesman. Andrew Robb, over his battle with depression is astonishing. Vile.


Newspoll gives Labor false hope

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(8:00am)

Along comes Newspoll to keep Julia Gillard back in business, hoping against hope: 
JULIA Gillard has regained her lead over Tony Abbott as the nation’s preferred leader and Labor’s primary vote has risen after the Prime Minister used her week-long campaign in western Sydney to pledge action on traffic congestion and foreign worker schemes…
Labor’s primary vote had risen three percentage points in the past two weeks to 34 per cent…
Ms Gillard’s support as preferred prime minister jumped six points to 42 per cent as support for the Opposition Leader slipped from 40 per cent to 38 per cent.
The Coalition’s primary vote fell three points to 44 per cent, with the Greens steady on 11 per cent. Based on preference flows at the 2010 election, this translates into a two-party-preferred lead for the Coalition of 52 per cent to 48 per cent, down from a 10-point gap two weeks ago.
Meanwhile, Essential Media’s poll does not see this big recovery, giving a 2PP result ofLabor 45 per cent to the Coalition 55.
I’d be surprised if many Labor hard-heads not trusted these occasional flickers of life Newspoll claims to detect. But one way or another, the paralysis continues: 
Senior Labor figures last night declared the party was now in a state of “anarchy” and that a “three-way stand-off” had emerged between Mr Rudd, Ms Gillard and her senior cabinet backers such as Wayne Swan, Stephen Smith and Stephen Conroy - who sources claimed were seeking any option that would block a Rudd return.
Mr Conroy denied he had been calling MPs seeking support for Mr Shorten.
I’ve heard Conroy’s real problem is to get Shorten to put his hand up.


Oakeshott waiting for Budget hope

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(7:24am)

Rob Oakeshott is waiting to decide whether to drop out: 
The independent member for Lyne ... had promised he would announce in mid-March whether he would run in this year’s election. But with that deadline up at the end of this week, Mr Oakeshott told The Australian he was now likely to delay any statement until after the federal budget is delivered on May 14… 
I doubt the Budget will bring much hope.
Mr Oakeshott also wants to put to bed rumours that have been sweeping Port Macquarie about a “secret deal” between him and Peter Besseling, his good friend, former adviser and the current mayor of Port Macquarie-Hastings.
If the whispers are to be believed, Mr Oakeshott and Mr Besseling could both run as independent candidates in Lyne in an attempt to split the conservative vote and cruel the chances of Nationals candidate David Gillespie, who, according to the polls, is the overwhelming favourite…
Mr Oakeshott was blunt..., saying: “That’s utter bullshit.”


Health fascists fume: Bloomberg’s soft drink ban blocked

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(12:58am)

Prick with a Fork notes a judge has more brains than New York mayor Mike Bloomberg,striking down the mayor’s ban on selling super-sized soft drinks, which he calls “arbitrary and capricious”. 


Exactly what in this boat people disaster is good?

Andrew BoltMARCH122013(12:35am)

Former Labor minister Gary Johns describes a classic case of the Left’s besetting weakness - to judge by the seeming, not the achieving: 
I once watched a former vice-chancellor preening himself in front of a UN cheer-squad audience of academics and public servants in Brisbane on the refugee question. He cited the poem Mending Wall by Robert Frost, which underscored the unkindness of fences as barriers to neighbours. The vice-chancellor spent his address criticising the Howard government’s refugee policy.
He cited the ancient proverb “good fences make good neighbours” and Frost’s romantic interpretation of it. In a great flourish the vice-chancellor declared, “Good fences make good neighbours: the hell they do!” and strode from the stage to rapturous applause. There is more wisdom in the western suburbs than in the elite.
Since Labor scrapped those laws lashed by the vice-chancellor we have seen: 
- a huge rise in boat people arriving, with a record 17,000 coming last year alone.
- at least 1000 boat people lured to their deaths.
- boat people sent out from choked detention centres on bridging visas, forbidden to work, to live in empty offices and abandoned houses, sometimes sleeping on the floor.
- taxpayers forced to pay $5 billion to handle the influx.
- relations with Indonesia damaged by the bungling.
- genuine refugees denied places here by queue jumps.
- Labor defending itself by demonising legally-arrived foreign workers instead.
Where is that vice-chancellor now with his poem and cheap theatrics?


March 12Arbor Day in China and Taiwan
Franklin Roosevelt after one of his fireside chats





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Hi everyone! Here's the MichelleMalkin.com newsletter for March 11th. Enjoy!

From the Blog

Attention, parents: Common Core opt-out form now available

Courtesy of Truth in American Education, you can now exercise your parental rights to protect your children from the nationalized Common Core racket...

Dianne Feinstein: It’s ‘legal to hunt humans’ with high capacity magazines

This one slipped through the cracks late last week but it’s worth mentioning...

Husband of Gabrielle Giffords buys an AR-15

While reading this keep in mind that Kelly has been saying that the purpose of an “assault weapon” (definitions vary) is to “kill a lot of people, very quickly”...

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And ... Our Hate Tweet of the Day

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The time change makes some people especially grumpy.

Just so everyone knows Labor are about to scaremonger about the quality of our South Western Sydney Local Health District and Campbelltown Hospital. Here are the facts:
1. Labor did nothing in this area.
2. There are no budget cuts to the South West District.
3. We have increased the District budget by almost $77 million to more than $1.3 billion this year.
4. We have employed 104 extra nurses in the district.
5. We have almost 80 extra full time equivalent medical staff working in South Western Sydney hospitals since the election.
6. We are spending $139 million to upgrade Campbelltown Hospital. I don't understand why Labor didn't do this in government.

Labor after two years of losing office are still playing spin politics as opposed to forming policies or admitting to the fact that they had 16 years to fix the mess and they didn't.



Got my ass kicked by 8 year olds in a springroll eating competition. ..totally underestimated those little ninjas...#lol #welldone #springrolls #instadaily #tweegram #kitchenninja

US burger chain Carl's Jr plans to open 300 stores in Australia over the next ten years. Will you welcome a new fast-food chain to the country?http://bit.ly/ZgA9BY

Different from whom? - ed

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