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Hiding away boat problem won’t make it disappear

Piers Akerman – Thursday, February 28, 2013 (8:49pm)

IT is not only commonsense but good manners for new neighbours to introduce themselves when they move in next door. 


Sink Sea Shepherd pirates

Piers Akerman – Thursday, February 28, 2013 (6:33am)

THE Sea Shepherd organisation should be chased from the world’s oceans and sunk.
Playing on the emotions of Greens and other soft-minded individuals, founder Paul Watson has created a multinational money-making machine that permits Bob Brown and others to proclaim they are morally superior to the rest of us.
These clowns adopted the skull-and-cross bone symbol of international piracy as an act of bravado and fly the hated flag from their ships (and wear it on their tee-shirts at their cocktail party fund-raisers).
But when a US judge described Watson as a “pirate”, the outlaw said it was just an opinion and one-sided and irrelevant.

Chief Judge Alex Kozinski used the term to criticise Watson and the activist gang in a court of appeal in San Francisco.
The court was overturning an earlier decision which had dismissed claims from Japanese whalers that Sea Shepherd boats had breached an order to stay 500 yards (457 metres) from them.
“You don’t need a peg leg or an eye patch,” Chief Judge Kozinski wrote in the unanimous three-judge panel’s decision.
Watson said the judge had ignored aggression from the Japanese fleet, which has clashed with Sea Shepherd vessels in recent days.
“I guess that puts me in the same boat as Johnny Depp,” Watson told AAP from aboard the Steve Irwin.
“That’s an opinion, it’s certainly not a judgment.
“He didn’t mention anything in there about the fact that the Japanese have destroyed one of our ships (the Ady Gil in 2010), they’ve thrown concussion grenades at us, hit us with water cannons and laser beams.
“It seems to be a very one-sided opinion.”
What a lot of filthy bilge water.
No matter whether you think all whales (or cows, sheep, goats and rabbits) have the right to live without the threat of being eaten or otherwise treated as a resource by humans, the Sea Shepherd group encourages illegal and potentially lethal activity.
Over centuries, seafaring nations have worked cooperatively to establish protocols governing the safe navigation of their vessels on the waters of the world.
The laws are designed to protect humans at sea.
Sea Shepherd breaches these laws. It flouts them arrogantly and its supporters claim immunity because of their higher moral cause – saving whales.
As the chief judge said in his judgment: “When you ram ships; hurl glass containers of acid; drag metal-reinforced ropes in the water to damage propellers and rudders; launch smoke bombs and flares with hooks; and point high-powered lasers at other ships, you are, without a doubt, a pirate, no matter how high-minded you believe your purpose to be.”
Watson rejected the accusations.
“We haven’t rammed a single Japanese whaling vessel down here in the entire nine years.
“We’ve been rammed multiple times.
“The judge obviously has not seen the evidence or the facts; he’s just making an opinion based on his own personal prejudices.”
But footage released this week by both parties shows Sea Shepherd boats well inside the 500-yard limit.
Watson claimed the restriction applied only to the organisation’s US branch.
He said Sea Shepherd USA had withdrawn from the campaign when the injunction imposing the limit was handed down in December last year, and the action was now being managed by the Australian branch.
Like most cowards who act outside the law, Watson tries to make the laws work for his organisation – when it suits him.

The Australian government must support the US courts and act against Sea Shepherd.
Protecting pirates is a crime.
But all Australia’s maritime resources have been diverted to the north and west to ferry illegal boat arrivals to welfare depots and the pirates are free to threaten lives in the Southern Ocean.
They should be destroyed.



Tim Blair – Thursday, February 28, 2013 (5:33pm)

Weightlifter Malek Chamoun featured on Monday’s Four Corners investigation into binge drinking: 
Footage of Chamoun stumbling appears following a quote from NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas about the impact of alcohol-related violence on emergency services.
“An enormous amount of effort and anguish is expended on people who have simply got themselves in such a drunken state that emergency services have to become involved to look after them or patch up the mess that they leave,” Mr Kaldas said. 
But Chamoun wasn’t drunk. He’s legally blind and was being assisted down some nightclub stairs by a friend. “I was even holding my cane,” says the 24-year-old, “but the idiots cut it off in the vid.”
(Via MM)



Tim Blair – Thursday, February 28, 2013 (1:31pm)

According to “Dr” Craig Emerson, Julia Gillard’s anthropological exploration of Sydney’s west will include study of the area’s transport issues
Australians expected and deserved to have their leaders engage directly with them and Labor was happy to do so, Dr Emerson said.
Western Sydney had specific problems including the fact people spent a lot of time stuck in traffic commuting to work.
“What we’re working on is making sure there are jobs in western Sydney so that those travel times are dramatically reduced,” he said.
“The prime minister will be engaging with the people of western Sydney, explaining what we’re doing, getting feedback.” 
But it won’t exactly be an authentic western Sydney experience for Julia: 
Sydney’s traffic managers will give Prime Minister Julia Gillard a green light run to Western Sydney on Sunday for her to begin her week-long sleepover at Rooty Hill RSL.
The traffic management centre will coordinate the clear corridor for the PM’s chauffeured car, Ray Hadley has revealed on 2GB. 
Meanwhile, Gillard’s pro-west policy is catching on
A group of asylum seekers is being housed in a commercial building in the centre of Parramatta, in Sydney’s west.
At least ten Sri Lankans are sleeping in converted offices in a single storey house that formerly was home to a drafting and engineering business in Marion St. 
Maybe the PM will engage with them. She might also consider some of the west’s unique local customs
Four men have been found guilty of giving a Sydney electrician 40 lashes with a cable, which they said was a punishment under Islamic law for drinking alcohol and using drugs. 



Tim Blair – Thursday, February 28, 2013 (4:56am)

It’s a sensational triple fail
Adelaide United football club will join a line of creditors hoping to reclaim about $5 million after South Australian-based Unleash Solar went into voluntary administration on Wednesday. 
Solar just doesn’t work here. Must be the lack of sunlight.



Tim Blair – Thursday, February 28, 2013 (4:55am)

From this beautiful gallery of poley bear art, an old school towel ad:


(Via sdog)



Tim Blair – Thursday, February 28, 2013 (4:15am)

Interesting piece in Women’s Weekly:


Check that byline – “by Zoe Arnold”. Who just happens to be Craig Thomson’s wife, a fact that may have been worth mentioning.
(Via Tom D.)
UPDATE. Reader Jaki
I posted a comment there about an hour ago. I mentioned that the author was Craig Thomson’s wife. All comments have now disappeared. 
Why does the Women’s Weekly hate disclosure?


ABC science “expert” Dr Karl makes more false warming claims

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY282013(3:44pm)

ABC science presenter Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is either stunningly ignorant or incredibly impervious to facts which counter his global warming faith.
Challenged on Brisbane ABC radio about his claim there has been no pause in global warming over the past 16 years, he both repeated his error and made yet more.
No matter that the IPCC chief, Rajendra Pachauri, this month conceded no warming for 17 years.
No matter that every one of the major measurements of global warming shows no statistically significant warming for between 16 and 23 years.
No matter that Dr Karl has had his errors brought repeatedly to his attention.
Dr Karl simply will not be told otherwise. Not only that, he once again misquotes a figure derived from the British Met Office, claiming a warming trend six times above what his source document says.
I’ve never seen such misinformation presented with such certainty by someone claiming to be a science presenter.

Listen to his response when a caller rings him on 612 ABC Brisbane (from 2:36 remaining) to ask him to comment on Pachauri’s admission.
First, Dr Karl falsely claimed the reader was referring to a British Mail on Sunday article last year by David Rose, rather than a front-page story in The Australian this month.
Then he falsely claimed the Met had rebutted Rose’s claim, when it hadn’t, only disputing its significance.
Then he falsely claimed the world had warmed in this period by 0.3 degrees, or six times more than even what the Met itself claims.
Dr Karl presents science for the ABC. This presentation was staggeringly false, not least because he’s had the facts repeatedly drawn to his attention.
When Alan Jones, a sceptic, made an error on 2GB about carbon dioxide concentrations, he was pilloried on Media Watch and given a re-education session from the Australian Communications and Media Authority.
Will the same sactions be applied to a fervent warmist for stubbornly and repeatedly making even more fundamental errors?
Those interested in the answer may care to test our thought police by complaining at the links given here.
(Thanks to reader Graham Young of Online Opinion.)


Greens move to censor more free speech

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY282013(1:42pm)

I have also criticised Scott Morrison’s reported comments, but Sarah Hanson-Young is a bigger menace to human rights by calling in the speech police to punish opinions she doesn’t like: 
As the storm over opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison’s call for asylum seekers living in the community to be monitored by police and conform to ‘’behaviour protocols’’ entered its second day, Senator Hanson-Young also called for parliamentarians to stop vilifying asylum seekers and refugees.
The Greens’ eagerness to censor betrays the party’s totalitarian instinct. 


Dam madness and false prophets

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY282013(8:39am)

HEAR that drumming on the roof? That’s nature laughing at the fools who said global warming had dried up the rain.
It’s nature also mocking the green-maddened politicians who banned new dams, saying they’d never fill anyway. 


Gillard buried her promises on Rooty Hill

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY282013(8:33am)

THE real problem with Julia Gillard’s five-day expedition to Rooty Hill is that she’s been there before.
See, voters remember. Even working-class ones in Sydney’s west, once Labor’s heartland.


One snip and we’ve stopped

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY282013(8:11am)

This vulnerability doesn’t strike me as wise:
An NRMA-commissioned report on the nation’s liquid fuel security released today says the government has allowed the country to become too dependent on foreign supply of liquid fuels.
It says there are no coherent contingency plans to deal with the devastating impact of any cut to overseas supply because of war, economic turmoil or natural disasters, instead adopting a “she’ll be right” approach.
No, there’s no immediate danger. But how long would it take us to react if there were?


Gillard overrides Carr’s dam phobia

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY282013(7:58am)

Old Labor policy on Sydney’s Warragamba Dam: 
1994 An EIS is prepared for the augmentation of Warragamba Dam for flood mitigation purposes. This proposal involves raising the wall by 23 metres and other strengthening work, to enable short or indefinite storage of water above the present full storage level.
1995 August:  The Carr Government rejects the proposed mitigation projectand instructs Sydney Water to commence planning for an auxiliary spillway to safeguard the dam without increasing storage capacity.
New Labor policy: 
INSURANCE premiums for tens of thousands of western Sydney homeowners will be slashed under a federal government plan to finally raise Warragamba dam and prevent a potential $8 billion flood disaster…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard will announce $50 million a year in federal government terrorism re-insurance premiums will be diverted to flood protection across the country, with the plan to raise Warragamba dam by 23m listed as the major priority.
(Thanks to reader Mark S.)


What husband? Craig who?

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY282013(7:14am)

Women’s Weekly forgets to mention one small detail in this piece defending the Prime Minister as the victim of sexism.
The author is in fact the wife of Craig Thompson, elected as a Labor MP and protected for years by Gillard from allegations of ripping off $400,000 from his former union.  She is also a former adviser to a NSW Labor Minister.
Arnold’s piece actually goes on to accidentally rebut its own argument: 
It’s true most Australians would struggle to think of a single achievement of the Gillard Government. Apart from the obvious, that is: imposing the carbon tax Gillard promised we wouldn’t get, crippling the live cattle trade, blowing the Budget and supervising the entry of record numbers of boat people.
That, I suggest, may be Gillard’s real problem.
Reader Phillip, puzzled by the failure of the Women’s Weekly to mention Arnold’s Labor connections, notes the magazine actually has a very cosy connection with the budding author:


Watch my show while it’s still legal

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY282013(6:30am)

For the second time I know of, the Communications Minister - once a friend - tries to stop Channel 10 from airing my show, plus now another with News Ltd links:
CABINET ministers have canvassed a startling intervention in news and current affairs to prevent television networks from striking partnerships with other media companies in a sign of last-minute changes to reforms due within weeks.
As Wayne Swan joined the discussion, Senator Conroy suggested expanding his reform package to ban free-to-air TV networks from outsourcing news and current affairs to other media companies…
And the high-level focus on the program appeared to ignore similar deals at the ABC in which Four Corners aired reports by journalists from Fairfax newspapers…
While the Prime Minister rejected the minister’s idea, the talks about such a contentious new measure indicate the fluid state of a reform package…
Greens leader Christine Milne accused News of exerting influence over Ten and singled out the creation of a Sunday TV program featuring News columnist Andrew Bolt and the agreement this month for the two companies to co-operate on Meet The Press…
Meet The Press attracted 74,000 viewers in the five mainland state capitals last Sunday. The ABC’s Insiders show drew 99,000…
Four Corners aired several programs by Fairfax journalists Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie investigating alleged bribery at the RBA’s note-printing subsidiary and a program in 2008 by Fairfax journalist Marian Wilkinson on the impact of global warming on the Arctic.
Watch The Bolt Report while the Gillard Government still lets you. It is back on Ten from this Sunday, 10am. We’ve asked five Labor Ministers to appear, but it seems some would rather the program be made to vanish.
First up, Barnaby Joyce, Peter Costello and Michael Costa. We’ll cover everything from the Battle of Rooty Hill to what the Foreign Minister had for lunch. Tim Flannery might even get a guernsey.


Can Lawson get Nurse to admit what Emerson won’t?

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY282013(12:32am)

I really was too gentle on Trade Minister Craig Emerson when he refused to admit he was wrong to deny the world hadn’t warmed for 16 years.
Someone who refuses to accept a clear, unambiguous fact, and in return offers only spurious and clearly irrelevant arguments is plainly not interested in the truth.
But let’s now see if Lord Lawson, Britain’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer, has more luck getting the Royal Society’s Sir Paul Nurse to withdraw the same false claim. The question is whether Lawson can be even clearer than I was, or whether Sir Paul can show more intellectual integrity than Emerson. 
Sir Paul Nurse
The Royal Society
6-9 Carlton House Terrace
London SW1Y 5AG
February 25, 2013
Dear Sir Paul
My attention has been drawn to a speech you gave last month at Melbourne University, in which you chose to criticise me by name in terms which bear no relation to the truth. In the interests of accuracy, I have obtained a full transcript.  I recognise that, as a distinguished geneticist, you are not a climate scientist, and may therefore feel ill at ease discussing the complex issue of climate policy.  But that is no excuse for wanton misrepresentation both of the issues involved and of my own position.
So far as the latter is concerned, you claim that I “would choose two points and say ‘look, no warming’s taking place’, knowing that all the other points that you chose in the 20 years around it would not support his case”.  That is a lie.  I have always made clear that there was a modest degree of recorded global warming during the 20th century (see, for example, my book An Appeal to Reason, which you have clearly not taken the trouble to read).  However, so far from choosing any arbitrary ‘two points’, I was drawing attention to the fact that this warming trend appears to have ceased, since – contrary to the predictions of what you describe as “consensus scientific opinion” – there has been no further recorded global warming at all for at least the past 15 years, as even the IPCC Chairman, Dr Pachauri, has now conceded.  Whatever the precise reason for this, it cannot simply be dismissed or denied.
Again, you assert that the reason I do not share your position is that I am one of those “who have political or ideological views that lead them to be unhappy with the actions that would be necessary [sic] should global warming be due to human activity… Because these actions are likely to include measures which involve greater concerted world action, curtailing the freedom of individuals or companies and nations, and curbing some kinds of industrial activity, potentially risking economic growth.”
There is nothing ‘political or ideological’ about my dissent from your position.  It is true that I value individual freedom, and consider it immoral to be recommending measures which would hold back growth in the developing world and condemn hundreds of millions to avoidable poverty.  But my objection to the policy you favour (see, again, my book, where it is clearly set out) is that it is not cost-effective…
In conclusion, I hope that, on reflection, you will recognise that there should be a difference between the behaviour appropriate to a President of the Royal Society and acting as a shop steward for some kind of scientists’ closed shop.  Not to do so can only bring the Royal Society into further disrepute, which cannot be in the public interest.
Yours sincerely,
The Rt Hon Lord Lawson
The Global Warming Policy Foundation
The full letter at the link. 


Pirate Bob

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY282013(12:08am)

LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: ... Bob Brown, looking at the video, it doesn’t appear to be so much a case of the Japanese boat deliberately ramming; it’s more that the Sea Shepherd is putting itself in a position where it can’t avoid being rammed. Why is Sea Shepherd engaging in this dangerous behaviour?
BOB BROWN, DIRECTOR, SEA SHEPHERD: Because both those Japanese ships are there illegally. One’s breaching international law as a whaling factory ship in a global whale sanctuary… The Japanese are there illegally. Sea Shepherd’s there to uphold the Australian law - the Federal Court has ruled that the Japanese whaling is illegal - and international law; it is an international whale sanctuary. So it’s Sea Shepherd that’s upholding the law and nonviolent against this violent, illegal and very dangerous operation by the Japanese whaling fleet.
Bob Brown, now Sea Shepherd’s chief shill, is completely wrong. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has reversed a lower court decision and granted the Cetacean Institute (representing Japanese whalers) a preliminary injunction against Sea Shepherd.  Judge Alex Kozinski lays into Sea Shepherd:
Ahoy there, Pirate Bob: 



Character will out, Ben

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY282013(12:04am)

My wife and I learned to our cost that Ben Naparstek, then editor of The Monthly, could and did say things to his advantage that were factually untrue, inventing even my wife’s tears.
We also learned he would not apologise when challenged.
No matter how far the man once billed as a wunderkind may rise in Fairfax, where he now works, I will know this of his character - and more.
It turns out that the man who has replaced him as editor of The Monthly now knows this, too. John van Tiggelen, who I found to be fair, now writes to Naparstek:
Dear Ben,
It’s probably time to put a few things down in writing. Till now I’ve cut your sense of professional ethics a lot of slack. After all, we were friendly; you helped me get this job; I couldn’t help but feel affection for you and your oddball ways. But I no longer find the latter quite so cute.
The lustre that came from commissioning a smear article about me, even defaming my wife and trashing my late mother, seems to have dimmed for young Naparstek
Since Naparstek’s appointment, Good Weekend—once seen as the Fairfax crown jewel—has seen an exodus of award-winning writers including Fenella Souter and Greg Bearup. Naparstek last night told The Australian he did not want to enter into a slanging match with van Tiggelen, other than to say, “John’s assertions about our word rates are totally incorrect.”
The central accusation by van Tiggelen is that Naparstek has attempted to poach writers from The Monthly by offering them an inflated word rate for their work, an amount as high as $2.50 per word for one unnamed writer. This is a very high word rate for an Australian journalist, especially given Fairfax’s financial woes and its cuts to staff and budgets.
Naparstek is accused of telling female writers 80c a word is as high as they can be paid.


Butler gives Gillard more to repent at Rooty Hill

Andrew BoltFEBRUARY282013(12:01am)

Julia Gillard hasn’t even started her expedition to Rooty Hill to make peace with the natives, has already got one more thing to apologise for:
JULIA Gillard wants to be taken seriously in western Sydney but one of her ministers thinks her week-long stay in the region is all a bit of a joke.
Mental Health Minister Mark Butler told Adelaide radio this morning that he preferred not to stay at the Rooty Hill RSL because it sounded a bit too “Benny Hill”.
“I stay at the Penrith Panthers when I’m in western Sydney because I’m not sure I could check into the Rooty Hill RSL with a straight face,” the urbane South Australian said.
(Oops. Thanks to readers who pointed out I’d blamed the wrong MP.)





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A huge canyon, more than 800-foot-deep, has been discovered on the floor of the Red Sea, using an echo sounder that rendered 3D images of the feature, as seen below.

Lights on Bixby
I spent a couple of cold nights at Bixby Bridge waiting for the right moment that combined headlights, tail-lights and lights on the hill in the distance before I got this one. It was almost completely dark as I took this shot, and a long exposure created the light lines.

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In November, one of the most powerful tribal figures in northern Sinai told CNN that it was likely that long-range missiles had been smuggled through the tunnels "most likely hidden among other merchandise that is loaded onto big trucks that go through the big tunnels."

Ibrahim Menai, who reportedly owns several of the smuggling tunnels that connect Sinai with Gaza, said Bedouin smugglers got weapons from Sudan by sea on small fishing boats and by land through rugged mountain terrain.

"The weapons that are smuggled to Gaza are mostly Grad missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, and recently during the Libyan revolution, advanced shoulder-held anti-tank missiles came through," Menai said." - excerpt


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