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Happy birthday and many happy returns Canh Minh Vo,Jimmy Kien and John Ibrahim. Born on the same day, across the years. Remember, birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live. I am sure that isn't a perceptual illusion.


Tim Blair – Friday, March 29, 2013 (5:41pm)

It’s an old-fashioned possum roast
A 1°C rise in temperature could spell doom for a rare Australian possum within a decade, potentially making the tiny, long-tailed marsupial the continent’s first victim of climate change, researchers said. 
If a mere 1°C rise is enough to wipe you out, then maybe you aren’t doing evolution right. The good news for our marsupial mate is that he joins the exclusive First Victim Club (an elite version of the previously covered First Casualty League). Let’s meet some of the other members … 



Tim Blair – Friday, March 29, 2013 (2:05pm)

Kevin Rudd still hasn’t worked out that he’s just the member for Griffith
The former prime minister and foreign minister will speak in Seoul at the Asian Leadership Conference on Tuesday, addressing foreign and security policy challenges arising from Sino-Japanese tensions in the South China Sea.
He then heads to Beijing …
Mr Rudd will later deliver three keynote speeches in the United States, dealing with China and the implications of the United States’ renewed foreign policy focus on the Asia-Pacific region. 
All politics is local, unless you’re Kevni, who will be followed to China by Julia Gillard
Ms Gillard is working to forge an agreement when she meets China’s leaders, President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, after arriving in China next Friday for a five-day tour …
Kevin Rudd, who earlier this month failed to reclaim the prime ministership from Ms Gillard, is in Beijing before her visit, and will deliver an address to the People’s Liberation Army’s National Defence University.
‘’She would be keen to show that Kevin Rudd is not the only person who can do China,’’ said Richard Rigby, director of the Australian National University’s China Institute. 
China? These two can’t even “do” Australia.



Tim Blair – Friday, March 29, 2013 (12:41pm)

A British Labour peer apologises for Jewish conspiracy talk: 
Pakistan-born Nazir Ahmed was suspended from the opposition Labour party when the comments, made to a Pakistani television station, were published in The Times newspaper earlier this month.
Speaking in Urdu, the 55-year-old had attributed a judge’s decision to jail him for dangerous driving four years ago to pressure from Jews “who own newspapers and TV channels” …
He struggled to explain why he made the remarks, saying: “It must have been a twisted mind that said those things.”
When he saw the video on The Times website, “I could not believe that this was me,” Ahmed said, adding: “I cannot honestly say why.” 
It was just a Margo moment.
UPDATE. These types should use sign language.


How students can rule this warming world

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (3:41pm)

Are you some kind of scientist? A student, maybe, with an “affinity” for global warming stuff? Are you prepared to work for nothing but a drink and a “diner” (sic)?
Then you, too, can work on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report as a “reviewer”? Here’s your chance to give governments the world over a blueprint for a radical left transormation of capitalism - an invitation from the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency:

For the Dutch government, the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency will conduct a review of the draft version of a volume of the fifth assessment report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). For this review we need approximately 60 young scientists who have affinity with climate change…
IPCC is the leading international body for the assessment of climate change. Over the years, thousands of scientists from all over the world have contributed to the work of the IPCC on a voluntary basis.... The fifth
assessment report volume that soon will be undergoing expert and government review ...  zooms in on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability related to climate change… The final version of the IPCC’s fifth ssessment report, to be released in 2013/2014, will constitute the basis for future climate negotiations. Especially the summaries for policymakers will have a major influence on future climate policies all around the
world. The IPCC reports are thereby the most influential scientific documents on climate change.
The IPCC offers governments the chance to review their reports.... For the Dutch government review, the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency has chosen to ... conduct a systematic review of the entire [working group II] contribution to the IPCC report… As a member of the review team you will contribute to the quality of the IPCC report. Through this review you will help IPCC in their aim to produce policy-relevant and policy-neutral information on climate change.

Our offer

We ask you to invest two or three days in the review. Based on your interest and expertise we will ask you to review a chapter of the report… The kick off will take place in Utrecht on the 12th of April 2013 from
13.00 till 17.00, including lunch and drinks afterwards… The panel will select the best reviewer ...  who will go home with an award and 250 euro. The presentation of findings will take place in Utrecht on the 13th of May 2013 from 14.00 till 20.00 and includes a diner.
What Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said of the IPCC:
The first thing I’d say is the IPCC - International Panel on Climate Change - scientists has 4000 essentially humourless scientists in white coats who go around and measure things and have been doing so for about 20 years. They reached a conclusion about, first of all, climate change happening and, second, the high likelihood, defined as 90 per cent plus, of it being caused by human activity sometime ago… 


Australian arrested in Savile case

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (2:35pm)

For some reason we can’t name the man, despite him being identified all over the Internet, but this will force a shift in the shape of Australian popular culture:
A PROMINENT Australian entertainer has been arrested by Scotland Yard detectives in London on suspicion of sexual offences.
Metropolitan Police confirmed officers have arrested an 82-year-old man living in Berkshire.
He was arrested by detectives involved in Operation Yewtree - which is investigating the Jimmy Savile child sex abuse scandal that has rocked the UK.
The man must be presumed innocent. 


Wilders’ party now Netherlands’ most popular

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (10:51am)

Dutch politician Geert Wilders on his visit to Australia this year was vilified, hindered and smeared, while his audiences were attacked. It was the kind of shameful dehumanisation and incitement to hate that forces him to live under constant heavy security.
What wasn’t deployed against him here was rational argument on the points he makes on issues I believe also trouble many Australians.  He was abused, not answered.
Much the same happened in Hollard to another Dutch politician - the fascinating, eloquent gay sociologist Pim Fortuyn, who was eventually murdered by a green in part for saying what Wilders says now, that importing many Muslim immigrants can be a threat to the kind of social freedoms, not least free speech and gay rights, Western nations take for granted.
Fortuyn, like Wilders, was Euro-sceptic, as he explained to director Theo van Gogh, later himself murdered by a Muslim extremist. Here the two soon-to-be-assassinated men discuss the EU:

But here’s something to shame Australia’s politicians, not a man or woman of whom dared to meet Wilders. The latest poll says Wilders’ PVV party is the most popular in The Netherlands:

The PVV would win the most seats in the House of Representatives if an election were held now.
That is the finding of a poll by Maurice de Hond on…
With 24 seats, the party of Geert Wilders would have one more than the VVD, with 23. The PvdA would have 18 seats, according to the latest poll, giving the two ruling parties a total of 41 seats. That is the lowest total since the election in September 2012, when the parties of Diederik Samsom and [Prime Minister Mark] Rutte together won 79 seats.
(My translation.)
Europe’s bail-out of busted Cyprus, involving yet another transfer of money from the Dutch to the south, seems to have swung more votes behind the Euro-sceptic Wilders.
Fortuyn was one of greatest and bravest political debates I’ve ever seen. One of his most famous fights:

And note his warning at the beginning of this clip about who would be responsible for his murder:

Reader Harald:

It may be worth pointing out some differences between elections in The Netherlands and Australia. First, in contrast to here, in The Netherlands there are no seats represented by local members. Instead, in The Netherlands the national political parties propose a candidate list to all electoral areas in the country. This list of candidates is usually not changed radically. That means that every voter, regardless of where he/she lives, is presented with largely the same list of candidates. In case of the PVV, that means Geert Wilders is at the top of the PVV candidate list, no matter what voting booth you walk into on election day.
As a consequence 1.5 million Dutch voters voted for Geert Wilders personally. Not a local member of the PVV party; no, they ticked specifically HIS box. Geert Wilders sits in parliament, with a personal mandate the size of which does not exist in Australia.
Second, in contrast to the Australian system, voting is non-compulsory in The Netherlands. Actually 80% showed up to vote in the elections of 2012. That means the 1.5 million people made their way to voting booth to vote for Geert Wilders at their own volition. If voting had been compulsory, as it is here, probably Geert Wilders would have personally received closer to 2 million votes.
In my discussions with colleagues who think this man is some extremist wingnut, this bit of context did help to rectify that misperception.
(Thanks to reader Michael.) 


Lewandowsky accused of defamation

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (10:17am)

Manic warmist Stephan Lewandowsky, the Perth academic, is in all sorts of strife with his bizarre and statistically sloppy papers linking global warming sceptics to the kind of conspiracy theorists who think the moon landings were faked. (Talk about self-projection.)
He’s been pinged for, how shall we say it, making claims that don’t accord with the records, and now his latest paper has again been withdrawn from circulation by a journal while complaints of defamation and inaccuracy are checked out.
From the complaint:

I am mentioned by name and identified as having been the first to have mentioned in public Recursive Conspiracist Hypothesis number 4 - namely that Sceptic blogs were only contacted after a delay. This hypothesis is quite true, as Professor Lewandowsky has admitted. Nonetheless, the fact of having been the first to make this accusation leads to me being accused of exhibiting the following symptoms of conspiracist ideation: nefarious intent, nihilistic skepticism, “must be wrong”; “no accident”, and unreflexive counterfactual thinking.
From the journal:
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are taking this email very seriously and will temporarily remove the article while we investigate your claims. Please feel free to forward us any further information that will assist us with our investigation.
I prefer debate to legal action, but a defamation hearing would at least allow Lewandowsky’s conspiracy theory to be property tested. 


Labor makes the cuts the Liberals won’t have to

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (9:57am)

The pain Labor inflicts will be a Liberal Government’s gain:

The opposition has said it cannot guarantee it will unwind any changes the federal government makes to superannuation in this year’s budget, despite its denunciations and claims that the reforms would be a ‘’smash and grab’’ raid on the savings of Australians.

“We don’t want to see any increase in taxes targeting superannuation,” [shadow assistant treasurer Mathias] Cormann said yesterday. “But if the government increases taxes on superannuation in the budget and spends all the money as they usually do, we cannot give a guarantee that we will fix up all the damage on day one.”
How much more damage will Labor do before the September 14 election? 


Why not “the earns” and “earn nots”?

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (9:47am)

There are, of course, others way to describe the phenomenon noted in The Age:



No finer cover shot

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (9:38am)


Bolt Report on Sunday

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (9:25pm)

It’s over? Not with the Budget to come and Rudd’s forces already on the move…
Respected banker David Murray on the financial strife we’re in. Plus Belinda Neal and Peter Reith, and, for Easter, academics reading from the Gospel of St Marx.
Channel 10 at 10am on Sunday. 


Good intentions do not excuse blank cheques

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (9:30am)

Noel Pearson’s name - and political contacts - save a program I am assured does good, but comes at an astonishing cost:

THE Queensland government has backed down and will extend Noel Pearson’s Cape York Welfare Reform trial after earlier announcing it would not fund the program after 2013…
The Newman government’s decision came after Mr Pearson called for a federal takeover of indigenous affairs if Queensland failed to fund the radical trial, amid evidence the program has cut crime rates, improved infrastructure and services and helped school attendance levels…
Earlier today Mr Newman insisted he was not abandoning the program, but wanted to see a wider, more cost-effective rollout…
Tony Abbott weighed into the debate, saying he wanted the Cape York reforms expanded to communities across the country. Mr Abbott said he was a big supporter of the reforms..
[An independent assessment] finds that, since the trial began in July 2008, the Cape York communities of Aurukun, Coen, Hopevale and Mossman Gorge in far north Queensland have experienced improved school attendance, care and protection of children, and community safety…
The Cape York welfare trial has received about $100 million from the federal and Queensland governments.
$100 million is incredible, given the four towns between then have fewer than 3500 people, according to census figures. 


A humble Pope, at war with “evil masters”

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (9:23am)

This new Pope has made his mark with astonishing speed:

POPE Francis washed 12 young offenders’ feet, including two girls at a Rome prison as he pushes for the Catholic Church to reach out to the needy.
In an apparent break with tradition by Latin America’s first pontiff, local prison ombudsman Angiolo Marroni said that one of the two girls taking part in the ceremony was Muslim.
“Whoever is the most high up must be at the service of others,” the Pope said at the start of the Holy Thursday ceremony.
This has some relevance here, in this political climate:

Earlier on Thursday, the 76-year-old Argentinian pontiff told Catholic priests at a mass in St Peter’s Basilica to stop their “soul-searching” and “introspection”.
“We need to go out ... to the outskirts where there is suffering, bloodshed, blindness that longs for sight and prisoners in thrall to many evil masters,” he said.
“Prisoners in thrall to many evil masters.” It will be fascinating to see who he defines as the “evil masters”.  


The Big Australia Gillard claimed she’d limit

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (8:33am)

We have half a million Australians out of work. The economy is flattening. The cities are so full that city traffic is often a nightmare. We’ve run out of money for big-scale building of new roads and train lines.
So how on earth does this make sense:
JULIA Gillard is steering the nation’s population on a course to more than 40 million by 2050, despite warning just three years ago against “hurtling towards a big Australia”.
New figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today show net overseas migration jumped by almost a third, to 228,000, in the 12 months to September 30 last year.
When the Prime Minister vowed, in the 2010 election campaign, to work towards a “sustainable Australia”, net overseas migration was running at about 176,000 a year.
Add the birth rate, and we are increasing our population by the equivalent of the city of Adelaide every three years. Do see anything remotely like that scale of infrastructure being built to accommodate them? Do you see a robust enough sense of community to absorb that level of immigration without friction? 


But once you kill heathy babies near term, what’s the difference?

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (8:27am)

As I’ve noted already in this case: Where is the line to be drawn once ethicists seem to sanction murder?

Once we accept the killing of healthy babies eight or nine months in the womb, what is to stop us from killing babies outside the womb? Indeed, pro-abortion “ethicists” here have argued there is no difference (which is true) and we should be allowed to kill babies after birth: 
As the authors say: “If criteria such as the costs (social, psychological, economic) for the potential parents are good enough reasons for having an abortion even when the foetus is healthy, if the moral status of the newborn is the same as that of the infant and if neither has any moral value by virtue of being a potential person, then the same reasons which justify abortion should also justify the killing of the potential person when it is at the stage of a newborn.”
And a prominent American abortionist agrees not only in principle:
Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist now on trial in Philadelphia charged with seven counts of first-degree murder--he allegedly cut the spinal cords of late-term aborted babies who were born alive--apparently used to joke about the large size of some the infants he aborted and in one case, according to what a co-worker told the grand jury, said, “This baby is big enough to walk around with me or walk me to the bus stop.”
No more lines at all:

It’s one of the macabre mysteries in the case of Kermit Gosnell: Why did the West Philadelphia abortion doctor keep the severed feet of fetuses preserved in specimen jars?


Everything in the NBN is shrinking except the cost

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (8:16am)

I think this is the first time the Opposition has said NBN chief Mike Quigley should be sacked for poor performance. MP Paul Fletcher, a former Optus executive:

IF NBN Co were a private company, chief executive Mike Quigley would be gone by now…
Mr Quigley has set a number of targets to be met along the way to deliver the plan and consistently failed to deliver on those targets.
According to NBN Co’s first corporate plan, released in December 2010, the fibre network was going to pass 317,000 homes by June 30 last year. It achieved less than 40,000.
That same plan set a target of 1.269 million homes by June 30 this year. To avoid missing that target too, NBN Co issued a new plan in August last year, sharply reducing its target for June 30 this year to 341,000 premises…

On Thursday, NBN Co formally admitted what everybody suspected—saying it now expected to fall well short of the 341,000 target.
NBN Co is receiving very large amounts of taxpayers’ money; $2.8 billion by June 30 last year, with another $20bn to be put in over the current four-year period…
It is time for the board—under newly appointed chairwoman Siobhan McKenna—to face up to the obvious.


And then Gillard’s friends were two…

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (8:10am)

How Gillard divides even her own friends is how she divides the nation:

WHEN Julia Gillard celebrated her 50th birthday in September 2011, only three other federal MPs were at the party for family and friends.
One was her oldest political mate, Brendan O’Connor, who she appointed to Cabinet six months later, coincidentally on his 50th birthday. Wayne Swan was also there. He has become extremely tight with Gillard, despite the role she played tearing down the leadership of his other close mate, Kim Beazley.
And the third MP at the party was Simon Crean.
Now Crean has deserted Gillard, backed Rudd, called for an end to the politics of division and been sacked as Minister.  Having seen how her politics of division have divided Labor and even her own allies, Gillard should realise what damage they’ll do to the country, too:

It would be silly to ignore some of Crean’s wisdom about class war and Labor values.
“I think the way in which Labor has always acted most effectively is when it’s been inclusive, when it’s sought consensus. Not when it’s sought division, not when it’s gone after class warfare...”


No bank run in Cyprus, now cut off from Europe

Andrew Bolt March 29 2013 (7:57am)

Cypriot calm may have saved Europe - for now:
CYPRIOTS have stayed calm as banks reopened after a nearly two-week lockdown, with the first capital controls of their kind in the eurozone saving the island from a catastrophic bank run.
President Nicos Anastasiades tweeted his thanks to the citizens of the bailed-out eastern Mediterranean nation for their “maturity” after they patiently formed queues at banks that had been shuttered since March 16.
Dozens of people were waiting outside banks when doors finally swung open, but the lines had vanished when they closed six hours later, and security guards posted at most branches had little to do.
World stocks were largely up and the euro recovered versus the US dollar, despite lingering fears the crisis could spread to Italy, Spain and Slovenia.
But it is astonishing that the euro project, envisioning a borderless Europe, relies for now on the kind of border controls last seen when half the continent was under communist control:
Banks were handing customers lists of the curbs including a daily withdrawal limit of 300 euros ($A370), a ban on the cashing of cheques and a 1000-euro ceiling on money being taken abroad by travellers.


"Change of Our Lives" is casting for Vietnamese-Chinese extras. All ages and genders. Shooting in May. PM me to join in the filmic fun!
Maria Tran


4 her







Except the proposal isn't to ban it, but to make it a life preserving choice, not a lifestyle choice - ed

Ladies and gents, we officially present to you FUSEFEST 2013! Can't wait to perform next to all these great Sydney artists May 12 @The Basement! Tix are $30 and all profits go to Heart Reach Australia. It will be hosted by the CLEO bachelor of the year nominee, Andy Minh Trieu! Instead of easter presents, please buy a ticket or 2 :-) xx 


Grinding garlic to put in our mash and sauces, we go through an awful lot.

The Alamo

With Britain facing its coldest Easter on record, and with fears that at least 10,000 sheep may have perished from the record freezing temperatures – farmers are resorting to dressing sheep in woolly jumpers to prevent them from freezing to death.

It is unknown if the UK’s Department of Global Warming is issuing grants to farmers to buy the woolly jumpers to prevent sheep from freezing to death from the record cold.

The longest recorded marriage lasted 91 years and 12 days.


so long as there isn't capital punishment this is meaningless - ed

Diablo Oak — in Rock City, CA.

McCloud — in McCloud, CA.

Santorini, Greece.




Nixon was a good bloke .. but people don't look good when they are assaulted over decades daily by the press. Have you ever heard his "Checkers" speech? He wrote it himself .. neither Clinton nor O could do that. But more .. he was a warm, loving man and a very good President who made tough choices, compared to O or C who made decisions appear tough. - ed





The Mesquite Sea. Death Valley, April 2009. — atStovepipe Wells.

One more Death Valley Desert Dunes image for today.







Last week, President Obama visited with Israel and Palestinian authorities on their turf. Here's what you need to know about the trip: 

  • Palestinian Arabs to Obama: "We don't want anything peaceful, only bullets and missiles."
  • Obama to Israel: "I genuinely believe that you do have a true partner in President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayyad."
  • President Abbas to media: "As far as I am concerned, there is no difference between our policies and those of Hamas."

It's time for Obama to give up the ostrich with its head in the sand routine. That's why I'm asking you to verify your support to the Freedom Center and the defense of Israel today. Please follow this link right now to confirm you're support. 

When you also donate $50 or more or sign up for a $10 or more monthly donation, I'll send you a signed copy of my autobiography, Radical Son

There will be no peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority as long as the Palestinian Authority is run by terrorists who want to destroy her. And rightfully so! But for whatever reason, Obama just can't wrap is mind around this concept. Instead, he continues to make asinine comments, like "Peace will have to be made among peoples, not just governments..." and "Given the frustration in the international community about this conflict, Israel needs to reverse an undertow of isolation." 

Israel needs to know we stand with her, now more than any other time in her history. That's why I'm asking you to confirm your support of the Freedom Center today. 

The time to stand up for our great ally is now. Thank you in advance for your continued support. 

David Horowitz
President & Founder

P.S. After President Obama's visit last week, Israel needs to know we stand with her, now more than ever before. That's why I'm asking you to confirm your support of the Freedom Center and the work we do to defend Israel. Please follow this link to confirm your support, and don't forget that when you make a tax-deductible donation of $50 or more or sign up for a monthly donation of $10 or more, I'll send you a signed copy of Radical Son

The David Horowitz Freedom Center
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On Tuesday, April 2nd, there is a critical Congressional runoff election in South Carolina's first district. The winner of this runoff will be the Republican nominee for the seat vacated by Tim Scott who was recently appointed to serve as a U.S. Senator from South Carolina.  
In this critical race, I have endorsed Curtis Bostic because I know he will be the kind of leader we need in Washington, standing strong for the principles that are important to you and me. 
With the election less than one week away, every dollar you contribute will make a difference.We're counting on you to donate $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford right now.
Curtis is a fighter and he can win this race with your help.  He has been outspent and faces Mark Sanford -- an opponent with near universal name recognition in South Carolina.
Curtis' groundswell finish to a runoff spot signals a win for the strength of his grassroots supporters and his robust conservative family and fiscal values.
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