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A not so Divine Comedy

Miranda Devine – Friday, March 22, 2013 (5:52am)

SIMON Crean ended the day as a suicide bomber, nobly sacrificing himself in the best interests of his party. But it was telling that his target in calling for a leadership spill was Wayne Swan.
Crean laid claim to Swan’s deputy leadership yesterday afternoon, saying Labor needed a ‘‘ change of leadership, not just a change of leader’’.
It was Swan he meant when he said success has come to Labor when ‘‘ it has been inclusive, when it has sought consensus. Not when it sought division. Not when it has gone after class warfare’’.
In trying to break the paralysis gripping the Labor Party Crean seemed to be the only grown-up in the room, the last link to Labor’s glory days.
He knows the two most successful governments of the last 40 years were partnerships — Hawke/Keating and Howard/Costello.
The most successful prime ministers have had treasurers to carry the load, and offer wise counsel. Like so many in his party Crean knows Swan is the weakest link, the one constant through the dysfunctional reigns of Rudd and Gillard.
His botched mining tax helped bring down Kevin Rudd and his failed budget surplus has weakened Julia Gillard.
Swan is the Treasurer who has presided over five deficits in a row, then swore he would deliver a budget surplus this year and failed to deliver.
He presided over an economy riding high on the mining boom but then attacked the mining industry on class warfare grounds.
When the 2008 financial crisis hit, he was so green treasury secretary Ken Henry and Rudd sidelined him..Instead of growing in the job, Swan fell back on the us versus them philosophy of his 2005 book Postcode, and attacked the nation’s wealth creators.
For Gillard he has been a dead weight, unable to defend the government or explain its policies, scorned by business, and widely considered to be out of his depth.
Foulmouthed and thin skinned, even in the middle of Labor’s War of the Roses he was as oblivious to reality as Comical Ali was as tanks rolled into Baghdad.
This was @SwannyDPM tweeting yesterday: ‘‘@ JuliaGillard is as tough as they make them she’ll win today & on 14 Sept because she’s got reforms for the future.’’
A friend likens Labor to the Opportunists of Dante’s Inferno: ‘‘Those souls who in life were neither for good nor evil but for themselves…
“The law of Dante’s hell is the law of symbolic retribution. As they sinned so are they punished. They took no sides, therefore they are given no place.’’
All damned, except Crean, who had the courage of his convictions and paid the price.



Tim Blair – Friday, March 22, 2013 (4:53am)

From the ABC’s Leigh Sales to former Labor minister Simon Crean: 
Is today’s outcome what you had in mind? 
UPDATE. Stabilidy! Cerdundy! Chris Bowen resigns from cabinet, with Kim Carr expected to follow.
UPDATE II. In a solemn demonstration of Prime Ministerial dignity, Julia Gillard discusses yesterday’s bid to remove her from office … with Kyle and Jackie O.
UPDATE III. Greg Combet: 
“With the fiasco that was instigated yesterday by some of my colleagues, unfortunately, those who don’t feel that they have all the confidence necessary in Julia Gillard as leader, I think it is time that they have a look at themselves,” he said.
“This has got to be an end to it.” 
An election might help. For what it’s worth, Kevni says the game is over
Kevin Rudd says there are now “no circumstances” under which he would return to the Labor leadership. 
So why is he still in Parliament? Anne Summers, Australia’s second-most influential female voice, stands up for the PM: 
Thursday showed Gillard’s toughness and her coolness under intense pressure. This is an asset that Australians of all stripes should appreciate. It’s what we need in a leader. A person who isnot prone to panic. 
In fact, Gillard became Prime Minister in 2010 due to panic over polling and has demonstrated little but panic ever since, as is evident from her frequent short-term ploys to build voter support. Parliament is her personal panic room. And from Mark Latham
This is not the Labor Party of Curtin, Chifley, Whitlam and Keating. It’s the Labor Party of people who should be just kicked straight out the door … 
That process is already underway, at least in a limited sense: 
All up, yesterday’s events forced two Labor frontbenchers and three party whips out of their roles.
Key Rudd supporter Joel Fitzgibbon - who caused a frenzy of speculation on Wednesday with his comments regarding the leadership - said he would be stepping down from his role as chief whip.
Fellow whips Janelle Saffin and Ed Husic are also resigning from their roles, while Richard Marles has given up his parliamentary secretary positions. 
It’s nothing but “stability," “safe hands,” and “experience” from the government. Keep it up, kids.
UPDATE IV. Martin Ferguson



Tim Blair – Friday, March 22, 2013 (1:42pm)

Disgruntled Australians are a common breed, writes ex-Fairfaxer Paola Totaro: 
Yet another political attack against Australia’s leader smacks of a particular strain of antipodean madness. For decades, it is the British who have worn the “whingeing Poms” label. Now, it’s time for Australians to accept the malcontents’ mantle, because it is they who appear incapable of seeing just how lucky they are.
Complaint has become the national default position, seen in a political class – and a mainstream media – who spend more time slinging mud or knifing each other than debating and analysing national policy. No other advanced economy can come close to Australia’s 21 years of growth. 
Leftoids screamed like goats during John Howard’s entire reign, despite the growth of Australia’s economy. With that growth inherited by Labor – they didn’t build that, you might say – the Left now seeks virtue in docile complacency. Let’s see just how pleased they are following the next three years of economic improvement – under an Abbott government.


Gillard’s purge widens: Ferguson quits

Andrew BoltMARCH222013(2:25pm)

Martin Ferguson is about to call a press conference. He may be the next to quit. Ferguson does quit: “The events of yesterday are not what I hoped for.”
The victims so far of the great Gillard purge of Rudd backers.:
Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson - quits.
Regional Australia Minister and Arts Minister Simon Crean - sacked.
Teritiary Education Minister Chris Bowen - quit.
Chief Whip Joel Fitzgibbon - quit.
Parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs Richard Marles - quit..
Whip: Janelle Saffin - quit.
Whip: Ed Husic - quit.
Human Services Minister Kim Carr - quits.
Note: these names include some of the better ministers.
Ferguson, himself a gentleman and man of honour, says Crean’s actions yesterday were “courageous”. He would have voted for him as deputy, and Rudd as leader, because he didn’t believe in “winner take all”.
Says Kim Beazley would have made “a wonderful Prime Minister”.
Says he learned as a union official there was a different way than the old “class war”.
He will stay in Parliament and stay the next term, too, if re-elected.
He urges Labor “not to focus on class work rhetoric” but on building prosperity. (Crean yesterday also had a crack on the “class war” now being waged under Gillard.)
He’s a fine man, Ferguson.
Add earlier purge victims Kevin Rudd and Robert McClelland, and Gillard’s 2010 Ministry is starting to look tatty:
(Excuse me if I’ve misidentified Marles’ forehead, top left.)
Now Kim Carr, another Rudd supporter, is calling a press conference.
Some readers want crosses also to mark the departures of Mark Arbib, Nicola Roxon and Chris Evans. But my red crosses are only for those purged or encouraged to resign on the grounds of disloyalty to Gillard.
Kim Carr resigns.
Says he was profoundly disappointed when he was demoted from Cabinet, but hung on. But this time thought it best to resign.
Thought this week was the last possible to put together the strongest team for the election. “Kevin provided the best opportunity” to win the election and the evidence clearly suggested it.
Said he’s advised Rudd not to challenge yesterday. Said the “numbers were very, very close” and “don’t listen to the nonsense” that they were not.
Crean did a “courageous” thing but “no one followed him”.
The worst would have been a narrow win for Rudd that would have made it harder for Labor.
Carr, from the Socialist left, also criticises the Government’s class war talk. He indicated the “communications” around the “modest” changes to the 457 visa were not what he liked, and noted they were backed by Pauline Hanson.
The strong theme coming through is that Old Labor supporters are appalled by Gillard’s divisive rhetoric.


The Bolt Report on Sunday

Andrew BoltMARCH222013(2:20pm)

On the Bolt Report on Sunday on Channel 10 at 10am: Tony Abbott, Cassandra Wilkinson and Michael Kroger on the bizarre week that was, and what is needed next.
Kevin Rudd, unfortunately, has pulled out.


Not Labor, but the Gillard Party

Andrew BoltMARCH222013(8:56am)

Bob Hawke in 1987:
if you can’t govern yourselves, you can’t govern the country.
Julia Gillard in 2013 cannot govern Labor, which is now whittled down to the Gillard Lemmings Party:

Ms Gillard will now move to reshuffle her ministry after Simon Crean was sacked and parliamentary secretary Richard Marles resigned over their roles in the coup.
Backbencher and Rudd supporter Ed Husic said last night he would quit his role as government whip, along with chief government whip Joel Fitzgibbon and fellow whip Janelle Saffin.
And key supporters of the Prime Minister - Defence Minister Stephen Smith and Trade Minister Craig Emerson - said the ringleaders of the destabilisation campaign against Ms Gillard needed to “consider their positions”. 

Government sources said Mr Smith’s call was “channelling caucus anger” towards Tertiary Education Minister Chris Bowen and Human Services Minister Kim Carr.
Bowen resigns. One of the most talented of them.
Mr Rudd wishes to make 100 per cent clear to all members of the parliamentary Labor Party, including his own supporters, that there are no circumstances under which he will return to the Labor Party leadership in the future.
If true, Labor is doomed. Gillard is allowed to preside as Queen of the Ruins.


Apologising for revised history

Andrew BoltMARCH222013(8:11am)

There’s no denying the unimaginable pain of being forced to give up a child. Indeed, many women were subject to appallingly cruel practices that deprived them of any chance of keeping their babies.

But it is nonsense to suggest the government policies supporting the relinquishing of infants by single women before the 1970s were prompted by punitive attitudes simply aimed at punishing ‘’immoral’’ women. As with all social policies, the practices of the time were seen as being in the best interests of the children and their mothers, given the stigma attached to being born out of wedlock and the absence of any financial support for single mothers.

A decade ago, in a submission to a 1993 NSW Law Reform Commission review of past adoption practices, the Post Adoption Resource Centre, which worked with many relinquishing mothers, concluded that ‘’many, possibly a majority of the birth mothers seen at the centre, described the adoption as having been in the child’s best interests in view of their own youth, lack of family support, inadequate finances and unreadiness for parenthood’’.


Not much return so far for $37 billion

Andrew BoltMARCH222013(8:00am)

From the Communications Minister whose attempts to impose internet filters and state control over the free press, another flop:

Instead of passing 341,000 homes by June 30 as envisaged seven months ago, the network will be available to between 190,000 and 220,000 premises.


Gillard wins, country loses

Andrew BoltMARCH222013(7:48am)

 Politics - federal
JULIA Gillard won. But, as with so many of her farcical battles lately, Labor and the country lost.
The Prime Minister survived yet another leadership battle when Kevin Rudd did something shocking in today’s Labor.
He actually kept his word.


The authoritarian Left reveals itself

Andrew BoltMARCH222013(7:40am)

Labor has dropped its plan for state control over the free press. But Cassandra Wilkinson is rightly shocked the plan had such support from the cultural elite:
It is not wrong or surprising that culturally sophisticated people defended art from the censors. It is only surprising that the same people can’t bring themselves to rebuke the proposed censorship of “tabloid media”. It is odd, to say the least, that freedom to report the news as we see fit attracts less support from the Left than freedom to blaspheme or freedom to watch pornography.

Given the progressive Left’s history of supporting freedom from censorship as a minimum condition of political freedom, it is startling that a Labor government would propose greater restrictions on freedom of speech. That the “progressive” Greens committed to support these measures made the hypocrisy complete.
THE Gillard government’s backdown on its outrageous media regulation and anti-free-speech discrimination laws is welcome. But it’s terrible that in 2013, in a liberal democracy like Australia, we even had to have the debate.

Australians should never have to worry about losing their right to free speech. But the sad truth is that the Left has abandoned freedom of speech.


Election now

Andrew BoltMARCH222013(6:56am)

Please, Prime Minister, take the one decisive and urgently needed step that can advance our country and call an election.

Myer chief Bernie Brookes, Grand Prix boss Ron Walker, Harvey Norman owner Gerry Harvey and Australian of the Year Ita Buttrose were among those to voice their discontent. 
“Surely it is time for the public to have a say in who governs our country,” Mr Brookes said.

Mr Harvey said: “The average guy on the street is thinking, ‘Why don’t they just get it over and done with and have an election?’.”
Minority government has become a monumental blunder for Labor. The claims of the independents in 2010 to back Labor on the grounds of stability are rendered absurd. The nation badly needs an election.


Fiasco: Crean had no clout

Andrew BoltMARCH222013(6:31am)

Depending on who you chose to believe, Rudd had between 44 and 49 votes and that was not enough.
Then along came Crean who believed he could bring six or seven votes with him. This heroic bunch were supposed to file one by one into the Chief Whip Joel Fitzgibbon’s office and solemnly pledge their fealty to Rudd.
The Rudd supporters were reinvigorated. They believed they were back in the game and they were entitled to be optimistic.
Crean is the venerable old man of the party. He and his family have played major roles in the Labor Party for more than half a century. He had seniority. He had experience. He had gravitas. What he didn’t have was numbers.
When yesterday morning came, only one Crean-ite made the trip to Fitzgibbon’s office… The fact that two MPs almost certain to support Rudd were overseas didn’t help either.
By lunchtime yesterday the count could not go past 47 - hardly the mass caucus draft Rudd would have hoped.
No numbers, no challenge. The maths is simple, and those criticising Rudd for being chicken are just repeating Gillard’s spin.
And while Gillard is poison and Rudd popular, I cannot be this emphatic:
And there it all died. There is no talk of continuing the war. Every Rudd-backer I have spoken to has run up a white flag.
Even so, no one will believe the declarations it’s over and they’re all working together as a team to stop that nasty Opposition Leader from winning the election, and that, yes, of course they can do it with Gillard as leader.

They might mean it when they say it, although that is doubtful, but as soon as the next bad poll emerges, which is any day now, off it will go again. The wobbles and the night sweats will set in, they will toy with each other, muse about another tilt, Rudd will tease and stalk, and still fall short. Gillard will probably stare them all down again because she is, as she keeps telling us and on this she is right, tougher than all of them.
JULIA Gillard and all the ministers and MPs who support her are declaring Labor’s problems and leadership farce “at an end”. While the Prime Minister’s leadership is now stronger, Labor’s problems are far from over - in fact, they are entrenched and enhanced.

The Gillard government’s shortcomings are not just about the personal animosity and rivalry between Gillard and Kevin Rudd, they are deeper flaws about policy failure and corruption, short-term politics over long-term governance and a departure from proper process.
Tony Wright:
Simon Crean believed the Labor Party needed something approaching a bomb to blow a hole in its thin facade as a competitive political outfit.

He could hardly have imagined that instead, he would become a suicide bomber, abandoned to wander down a lonely alley and detonate himself, leaving the party he has served for a fair slice of his adult life a smoking ruin.

He began the day as a respected party elder and Minister for Regional Australia and the Arts. He ended it a backbencher, sacked by the Prime Minister he had long supported. 
Crean was supposed to break the stalemate by declaring that he had lost confidence in the Prime Minister. In the leadership spill that would eventually follow, he was counted on to bring three or four other votes to give Rudd a winning edge.

But while he certainly broke the stalemate, he turned out to represent a faction of one. 


When murder looks like abortion

Andrew BoltMARCH222013(5:52am)

Whatever we think of abortion, surely no one can seriously support the killing of healthy late-term babies, which we do in Australia.
Once we accept the killing of healthy babies eight or nine months in the womb, what is to stop us from killing babies outside the womb? Indeed, pro-abortion ”ethicists” here have argued there is no difference (which is true) and we should be allowed to kill babies after birth:
As the authors say: “If criteria such as the costs (social, psychological, economic) for the potential parents are good enough reasons for having an abortion even when the foetus is healthy, if the moral status of the newborn is the same as that of the infant and if neither has any moral value by virtue of being a potential person, then the same reasons which justify abortion should also justify the killing of the potential person when it is at the stage of a newborn.”
And a prominent American abortionist agrees not only in principle:
Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist now on trial in Philadelphia charged with seven counts of first-degree murder--he allegedly cut the spinal cords of late-term aborted babies who were born alive--apparently used to joke about the large size of some the infants he aborted and in one case, according to what a co-worker told the grand jury, said, “This baby is big enough to walk around with me or walk me to the bus stop.”
And if they do offend, do not support the practices which have consequences so horrific you cannot bear to see.


“Clear air” won’t save her

Andrew BoltMARCH222013(5:26am)

Labor keeps making the mistake of thinking Gillard just needs “clear air” to sell the public lies, spin, waste, debt and failure:
Ms Gillard now appears almost certain to lead Labor to the September 14 election, with her supporters calling for unity to give the government clear air and allow it to sell its policies and lift its primary vote above the low 30 per cent range, where it has now been trapped for months. 

Clear air? Hey, didn’t Gillard supporters say she’d actually got that clear air in February, 2011? 
CLEAR air. For the first five months of Julia Gillard’s prime ministership, it was the one thing she craved, but never had.... Gillard finally found her clear air during the break between Christmas and New Year. While the rest of the country went to the beach, she sat at a computer in a room with a view at Kirribilli House and wrote what she calls her ‘’schemer for the year’’, setting out timelines for delivering on a host of difficult issues, from pricing carbon to workforce participation.
Didn’t they say she’d had clear air in August 2011?
Granted more clear air than she has had since the election a year ago this month, Gillard put to bed the health and hospital reform deal, kicked along the national broadband network, sealed a forestry deal in Tasmania and began preparing the ground for today’s aged-care report by the Productivity Commission. 
Didn’t she get clear air after her leadership win last year?
It was the clear air Gillard craved and the opportunity to recast her frontbench on merit, revive the government and address some policy horrors.
If Gillard lacks “clear air” it is because of two things.
First, her performance is utterly shocking. She is deceitful, wasteful and incompetent.
Second, we still - mercifully - have a free press which occasionally points out those failures.
Julie Owens, Labor MP for Parramatta, is counting on her voters being as uninterested and uninformed as she claims: 
(Thanks to reader Jules.)

It is probably no coincidence that when Gillard and the ALP were riding high(er) in the polls, at the end of last year, it was when any chance of a Rudd comeback had been thoroughly dismissed by the media and there was no obvious public dissent within the ranks.

The descent in the polls for the party and for Gillard personally can be tracked to the Rudd comeback talk. 
Amazing. Summers seriously claims that leadership speculation caused Gillard’s bad poll figures, rather than the other way around. 
To maintain that fantasy, Summers somehow omits a few salient facts that better help to explain that fall in the polls. Here are just a few: since December, Gillard has abandoned her “no ifs or buts” promise of a surplus, admitted her mining tax raised peanuts, promised billions in fresh spending of money she doesn’t have, set new records for boat people arrivals, created a hate campaign against foreign workers on the basis of dodgy claims, announced a September 14 election date widely regarded as a stunt, promised “days of governing” only to embark on a five-day campaign of western Sydney, promised “stability” only to promptly announce two resignations, tried to impose “anti-discrimination” laws so draconian she had to drop them and tried to impose state control over the free press.
Might that not explain why voters have switched off this government? Why Labor in desperation might wish for another leader?
But, no, to Summers it all comes down to sex in the end - sex and a lack of clear air to sell crap to the peasants:

Imagine if ... the Rudd forces in the ALP were to set aside their petulant and self-indulgent conduct and throw their energies into promoting the government and its impressive legislative track record. What would the polls make of that?
Thursday showed Gillard’s toughness and her coolness under intense pressure. This is an asset that Australians of all stripes should appreciate…

The trouble is Australians are not used to such toughness in a woman and there are plenty who feel uncomfortable with it… Being a tough female prime minister makes Gillard a unique target...
Er, like the great and long-popular Margaret Thatcher?  
Gillard’s sin is not toughness but incompetence. She is not a victim but perpetrator. 
SO, Labor has opted to stick with the current chaos and quite frankly the worst prime minister in our history leading our worst ever government - over going back to the previous chaos and what had then been the worst ever prime minister and government.


He regrets nothing
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President Barack Obama concluded his 51-hour trip to Israel today with a jam-packed morning that spoke to some of the more emotional sites in the Jewish state. He traveled to Mount Herzl to visit the graves of Theodor Herzl and Yitzhak Rabin, then went to Yad Vashem and delivered an address, quoted here.

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4 Her, so she can see herself through my eyes









After the events of the last 24 hours, it is clear there is a deep, irreconcilable split in the Australian Labor Party.

The resignation of five frontbenchers in just a day demonstrates that, despite Julia Gillard’s claims to the contrary, the matter has not ended.

Well well well, an interesting development in the LACK of Greenland ice melt.

This is an interesting admission:

The melt extent algorithm used by Greenland Ice Sheet Today has been overestimating the melt extent, and as a result, daily images posted on this site in February and March may have indicated melt where none occurred.

This makes you wonder what other kinds of issues remain undetected in the satellite data. NSIDC has had to issue corrections in the past, when it was pointed out that their data and reality didn’t match. – Anthony

From NSIDC: An early spring re-calibration for melt detection

The algorithm for the Greenland Ice Sheet Today daily melt extent has been revised to account for unusually warm winter snow layers and residual meltwater deep in the snow. Meltwater from last summer’s intense melt season did not completely re-freeze through at least mid December. The adjusted algorithm shows greatly reduced melt extent for early 2013. This much lower extent is more consistent with available weather and climate records.

See here for NSIDC statement :

FOr more information here :



Rudd says important to bind the wounds and be inclusive. Hmm that seems odd with mass resignations today!



From Sleepy Hollow





Photo from Ministerial Wing of Federal Parliament earlier today.
HARMONY DAY ....... my speech in Parliament just before Question Time yesterday..........

Mr CRAIG KELLY (Hughes) (13:56): I rise to speak on this wonderful day of Harmony Day—a day when we can all come together and hold hands and sing Kumbaya! Let the sun shine in! 

But, on this Harmony Day, what a rabble and a farce we are seeing on the other side of the House. 

But the problem is not with the personalities; the problem is with the policies.

We have seen the most disgraceful array of policies from that side of the chamber, from GroceryWatch to the carbon tax.

We have seen Australian families and small businesses putting up with almost a doubling of their electricity prices under this government.

We have seen a loss of control of our borders.

We have seen the pink batts tragedy.

We have seen the overpriced school halls, the mining tax, the live cattle disaster, the set-top box fiasco—the list goes on and on and on.

And now we are going to see the most farcical question time in the history of this chamber.

It is time for this government to finally call it off—to go. The public have had enough. Your time is over.

It is time for an election, to give the public their say, to get rid of the most incompetent and untrustworthy government in our nation’s history. (Time expired)








Mitt Romney tweets wedding photo on 44th anniversary; Haters hate ==>

Another sunrise shot from Mono Lake. This picture was taken a very short time after the last one I posted just this morning. Here the sky erupted in a glorious explosion of warm colored hues.

I like to think that if there was once life on Mars that this is what it would have looked like.
 — withMiguel De La Cruz and Darvin Atkeson at Mono Lake.


Morning at Mono Lake

OMG! Is this for me?

Our reader Jennie shared this hilarious picture of her cat staring intently as moose raid the bird feeder! Alaska!

See more member photos tonight at ->
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God created everything in the universe. He has the answer to everything! Doesn’t it then behoove you to seek His wisdom for every situation?

If you are facing a financial debt, God can miraculously cancel your debt. But He wants to go one step higher, and show you how to avoid getting into such problems in the future.

God’s wisdom will always help you out of a crisis, and give you specific answers to your problems! 

So beloved, ask God for wisdom today! The Bible tells us that wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7).
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