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Tim Blair – Friday, March 01, 2013 (5:31pm)

Another one for the list
Global Warming Will Cause Eel And Piranha Invasion Of South Carolina 
Seems that at least half of this problem would be self-correcting.



Tim Blair – Friday, March 01, 2013 (12:04pm)

Further to Monday’s post on selective atheism
In a recent Al-Jazeerah interview, Richard Dawkins was asked his views on God. He argued that the god of “the Old Testament” is “hideous” and “a monster”, and reiterated his claim from The God Delusion that the God of the Torah is the most unpleasant character “in fiction”.
Asked if he thought the same of the God of the Koran, Dawkins ducked the question, saying: “Well, um, the God of the Koran I don’t know so much about.”
How can it be that the world’s most fearless atheist, celebrated for his strident opinions on the Christian and Jewish Gods, could profess to know so little about the God of the Koran? Has he not had the time? Or is Professor Dawkins simply demonstrating that most crucial trait of his species: survival instinct. 
(Via Instapundit)
UPDATE. Dawkins in 2011: “Islam is one of the great evils of the world”:

Curious that he should offer a milder view when speaking more recently with Al Jazeera.



Tim Blair – Friday, March 01, 2013 (4:04am)

Why is this young woman leaping to her doom? Possibly because she’s a Fairfax freelancer who is paid far less than her male counterparts. Following claims this week that female writers are paid 80 cents to $1 per word by Fairfax’s Good Weekend while certain male writers receive up to $1.50, one of the magazine’s female contributors is now on strike:


Let’s hope Fairfax’s feminist wing can sort this out. Maybe Anne Summers will be called in to lecture the company on gender pay differences.
UPDATE. Another former Fairfaxer joins Guardian Australia.
UPDATE II. In other ex-Fairfax feminist developments
Outspoken comedian Catherine Deveny has become embroiled in a row with Melbourne Fox FM radio hosts Matt Tilley and Jo Stanley after criticising an old promotional photograph of the pair on Twitter.
Last night she Tweeted the following about the 18-month old photo: “This photo sums up everything that’s wrong with commercial radio. It’s about his head. It’s about her body. Yuk … How could Matt and Jo think this photo is okay?”
Tilley responded: “You’re out of line, lady. And I will say this. If everything about commercial radio is so yuck, then how come some years ago, Catherine Deveny, you kept faxing me scripts, desperate to get on this show? 
UPDATE III. Check out the celebrations at Fairfax’s Sydney tabloid launch.



Tim Blair – Friday, March 01, 2013 (3:51am)

More than ever, global warming is of interest mainly to bossy millionaires
Public concern about environmental issues including climate change has slumped to a 20-year low since the financial crisis, a global study reveals.
Fewer people now consider issues such as CO2 emissions, air and water pollution, animal species loss, and water shortages to be “very serious” than at any time in the last two decades, according to the poll of 22,812 people in 22 countries including Britain and the US.
Despite years of studies showing the impact of global warming on the planet, only 49 per cent of people now consider climate change a very serious issue – far fewer than at the beginning of the worldwide financial crisis in 2009.
Worries about climate change first dropped in industrialised nations but they have now also fallen in developing economies including Brazil and China, according to the survey by GlobeScan Radar. 
Even the Labor government is backing away: 
One of the key research bodies charged with preparing Australia to address the impacts of global warming is in trouble.
After just over five years in operation, the National Climate Change Adaptation Research facility is running out of money.
The federal government hasn’t extended its funding and from June it’s expected to be wound up. 
Good. One less area of expenditure for Tony Abbott to cut.



Tim Blair – Friday, March 01, 2013 (3:00am)

The ABC’s Traceeee Hutchison just can’t get the ocean out of her mind:


It’s the Holy See, Trace. Kind of like your own name.



Tim Blair – Friday, March 01, 2013 (2:15am)

Actress and global warming activist Evangeline Lilly racks up some frequent flier miles: 
I boarded a jet plane this past Friday and traveled 16 hours through the night to Washington, D.C. I was back on a plane again on Monday morning flying the reverse 16 hours back home. I was in Washington with over 40,000 other protesters for the Forward on Climate Rally … 
She apparently flew from warm Hawaii to freezing Washington in order to protest against … warmth. Evangeline really hasn’t thought this through. But at least the trip was educational: 
The journey was long and on the way there I read Tim Flannery’s Now or Never, an inspiring (short) read on the state of the planet in the face of climate change. 
Speaking of our reigning Climate Commissioner, it appears that Flannery is no longer an official Prius person. Toyota’s site seems to have deleted Flannery’s promotional video, which has also been dropped by YouTube.


But it’s the anti-Catholic thought that counts

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(5:56pm)

Gerard Henderson points out to David Marr one or two - or twenty - errors he makes in attacking Tony Abbott and Catholics generally.


Labor’s ABC

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(4:53pm)

Last month, despite plummeting government revenue, the Gillard government could still find an extra $10 million to give to the ABC. The sum did not emerge through the normal channels of government budget process. ABC managing director Mark Scott told a Senate Estimates Committee hearing on February 11 that it had been especially negotiated with the government in late 2012. The ABC normally operates on a three-year funding period, which now grosses it about $1.2 billion a year. The last three-year period ended in 2012 but the government rolled-over one extra year’s funding and let the ABC apply for a new three-year grant in the 2013 budget.
The ABC wanted the additional $10 million, Scott said, entirely for its news division. It would spend it on recruiting more journalists, providing new links between local radio journalists and ABC News 24, and establishing a specialist unit to do fact-checking for news staff.
This was an extraordinary manoeuvre. When I was a director of the ABC from 2006 to 2011, the ABC’s allocation in the May budget was fixed. If the organisation had a case for more money, it had to wait another year and make its plea in the context of all the other demands on the Treasury at the time. No one imagined that if the ABC wanted to do more things, all it had to do was go back to the government mid-year and ask for supplementary funds… There is something fishy here…
The two major ABC unions were ... pleased. Both the Community and Public Sector Union and the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance put out media releases praising the move.
Hence it is pretty clear, at the start of this election year, that the Gillard government and its communications minister Stephen Conroy are using the grant to demonstrate to ABC journalists that Labor is on their side. The unspoken but none­theless unequivocal message is that, if the journalists recognise their self-interest, they should reciprocate.
Earlier today, in question time, Senator Bob Carr in his capacity as the Minister for Foreign Affairs answered some questions relating to democracy in Fiji. His answers were welcome…
Amongst the criteria that Senator Carr rightly set out were that we would expect any changes in Fiji towards the restoration of democracy to include robust freedom of expression, association and the media. I hope that, as Senator Carr spoke about the freedom of expression and of the media, his colleagues in the Labor Party were listening—especially the Leader of the Government in the Senate and the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Conroy. We are soon to face media reforms from Senator Conroy, if speculation in the media is accurate. I hope that Senator Conroy is very mindful of maintaining the utmost level of freedom of expression and freedom of the media in whatever reforms he proposes.
I have concerns, however, that that may not be the case. My concerns are driven by the words of many Labor MPs, by the words of Senator Conroy himself and by the encouragement from some on the cross benches, including Senator Ludlam, who I note is here this evening. Recently we saw Mr John Murphy, of the other place, single out a news entity. His words were: 
We cannot possibly allow News Corporation to own more print or electronic media and that is a top legislative priority to deal with what is becoming a cancer in our democracy.
They are strong words indeed. I would be extremely concerned were the minister for communications, the man who should be the chief defender of a free media within the government of the day, to believe that we have a cancer in our democracy because we have robust and critical media. I would be concerned if Senator Conroy were to believe that somehow restricting that capacity of the media to be robust and critical were, as Mr Murphy says, ‘a top legislative priority’.
Read on. Birmingham is right: Conroy seems unable to understand that the real threat is not a concentration of media - with the exception of the vast expansion of the ABC - from from its disintegration. Either that, or Conroy really does see media critics as enemies who must be silenced.
I know who you’ve called, Steve. You should be ashamed of yourself.
A lovely read from Nick Cater - watch out for when his new book hits the shelves - about the growing revolt against the enemies of free speech: 
Quietly at first, but with a swelling, indignant chorus, respectable Australians of unimpeachable character began howling Roxon’s bill down. The contrivance of describing race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or 14 other grounds for victimhood as ‘protected attributes’ jarred; the inclusion of industrial history, breastfeeding or pregnancy or social origin suggested overkill; the reversal on the onus of proof, obliging alleged racists, misogynists and wheelchair kickers to demonstrate their innocence, seemed a step too far. The ABC’s chairman, Jim Spigelman, a lawyer of some standing, voiced his concerns about the outcome of the Bolt case. ‘I am not aware of any international human-rights instrument or national anti-discrimination statute in another liberal democracy that extends to conduct which is merely offensive’, Mr Spigelman said. ‘We would be pretty much on our own in declaring conduct which does no more than offend to be unlawful. The freedom to offend is an integral component of freedom of speech.’
Ms Roxon has now stepped down, not ostensibly over the bill, although the unexpected controversy may have strengthened her desire to spend more time with her family. It is unlikely to proceed: Australia’s prime minister Julia Gillard has too many challenges in an election year to want to fight this battle. Incredibly, the conservative opposition, which will almost certainly be in government in seven months, is at last muscling up for a fight: the one it should have picked in 1975 and again 20 years later. 


Gillard’s new socialism

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(12:22pm)

It’s bad enough that the Gillard Government throws money at car makers for little apparent reward. But this kind of corporate welfare is unforgivable:
Prime Minister Julia Gillard will today announce a $4 million package that will enable the Kingston Vodafone Hutchinson call centre to double the number of permanent employees to 1500.
Why stop there if you think governments should be subsidising employment?  Why not pay employers to create hundreds of thousands of more jobs? Why stop here?
What this really means is the transfer of money from healthy, job-creating businesses to sick ones. 


Paul Murray explains Gillard to Gillard

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(11:20am)

Julia Gillard yesterday said the media misunderstood her. Sky’s Paul Murray says, no,there’s something she doesn’t understand about the criticism she’s getting.
(Thanks to reader Ian.)


$13 million to create not one black job

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(11:12am)

Aboriginal poverty isn’t a function of racism, and throwing government money at “creating jobs” is often a complete waste:
But all the bureaucratic boxes are ticked:
An Indigenous Employment Policy and Reconciliation Action Plan was also being formed.
(Thanks to reader Steve.)


Stone and the decline of the public service

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(11:05am)

He describes a time when Labor was led by people talented and confident enough to tolerate dissent and robust debate, and to retain the services of a conservative such as Stone himself.
Yet the Hawke Government also prepared the way for Labor’s decline in to a party of sycophants, served by a cadre whose dominant characteristic is political loyalty rather than apolitical talent. The age of Tim Flannery.
Stone describes a key turning point:
{Soon after he became Prime Minister, Bob] Hawke told [Sir William] Cole that, when his term as Chairman of the Public Service Board expired on November 1, 1983, and although the government “and he personally had ‘no complaints’ to make about Sir William’s discharge of his duties” during the past five years, nevertheless the government would not reappoint him…
[The] proposal was to appoint as his successor Dr [Peter] Wilenski…
The Treasurer … immediately said that he personally had very strong objections to the whole matter and, in particular, to the proposal to appoint Dr Wilenski…
On Saturday 27 August I telephoned the Treasurer … expressing … my utter disgust both at the treatment … being accorded … Cole and, if anything even more strongly, my repulsion at the very thought of Dr Wilenski as … ‘Head of the Commonwealth Public Service’"…
During [a later] discussion “I pointed out that Sir William was a distinguished public servant who had given his life to successive governments … He had been …Director of the Bureau of Transport Economics; Commonwealth Statistician; Secretary of the Department of Finance; and finally Chairman of the Public Service Board … I had known him personally for over 25 years and I knew him to be a person of the highest character and unimpeachable integrity … I regarded [the decision not to reappoint him] as a wanton act and a disgraceful one …
On Wilenski, “I said that without in any way disguising my personal contempt for Dr Wilenski … [his] appointment would be hailed as a kind of Second Coming by that small coterie of would-be politicians masquerading as public servants … within the great bulk of the bureaucracy his appointment would be treated with shock and dismay … As to [his] qualifications for the post … so far as I was aware he had none”.
True, he had become a department head late in the life of the Whitlam government, but only because “the then Prime Minister ...  wanted to get rid of him from his Private Office [where he had been Whitlam’s Principal Private Secretary] … In short, prior to his political appointment as head of the Department of Labour, [he] had done nothing (other than to ingratiate himself in powerful political quarters) to qualify him to head a major government department. … [He] had absolutely no ‘track record’ as an administrator; his whole career illustrated the key point that administration simply bored him”.
Wilenski was a destructive force in relation to those things in which I personally believed—not least, the apolitical nature of the Commonwealth Public Service…
In the end, of course, despite his Treasurer’s warnings… Hawke was unable to resist the pressure being applied from Gareth Evans, John Dawkins and others (as well as, characteristically, lacking the courage to reverse his own earlier decision).
... the real keys to Peter’s glittering career are to be found in his sheer intellectual brilliance; the courage with which he was prepared to re-examine old certainties and received wisdoms; the strength of his own vision and convictions as a committed, instinctive, true-believing democratic socialist; and his immense human qualities of gentleness, good humour and sheer decency that endeared him to people all around the world, and which made him so remarkably effective a communicator and persuader.
I’m not sure that answers Stone’s criticism.
The comments on the original post have been chewed up. I’ve transferred the post to a different link, so let’s see if it works now.


A loving farewell from a pilgrim on his last journey

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(10:32am)

The Pope has been criticised as a poor administrator. Some argue that by resigning, he has weakened the Papacy.
Yet the enormous love and compassion he has attracted by so humbly leaving his post is extraodinary, and has a power of its own.
His final words as Pope are a wonderful tribute to his faith - an affirmation and not a resignation from it: 
Thank you, thank you from my heart. I am happy to be here with you, surrounded by the beauty of Creation and your friendship that does me so much good, thank you for your friendship, for caring.

You know that today is different from others… as of eight pm I will no longer be the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church. I will simply be a pilgrim who is beginning the last part of his pilgrimage on earth. 
But with my heart, my love, my prayer, with all my inner strength, I will work for the common good and the good of the Church and all humanity.

And I feel greatly supported by your affection. Let us move forward together with the Lord for the good of the Church and the world.

I will now impart upon you all my Apostolic Blessing. Thank you and good night. Thank you all!
I hear goodness. 


That’s some snub

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(10:09am)

Julia Gillard told the LNP’s Campbell Newman she was coming, but not Labor’s Kevin Rudd:
Despite being urged by ministers to capitalise on Mr Rudd’s appeal with voters, The Courier-Mail can reveal Ms Gillard did not even notify the former prime minister about her visit to his Griffith electorate on Wednesday
Contacted by The Courier-Mail, Mr Rudd’s spokesman confirmed he had neither been invited nor notified about the event promoting the G20.


Woodward slams Obama “madness”

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(9:58am)

Under Barack Obama, the US thinks defence just costs too much - unless it’s defending the president from his critics: 
Bob Woodward said this evening on CNN that a “very senior person” at the White House warned him in an email that he would “regret doing this,” the same day he has continued to slam President Barack Obama over the looming forced cuts known as the sequester…
The White House aide who Woodward said threatened him was Gene Sperling, the director of the White House Economic Council, BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith reported.
Earlier ... Woodward ripped into Obama in what has become an ongoing feud between the veteran Washington Post journalist and the White House.Woodward said Obama was showing a “kind of madness I haven’t seen in a long time” for a decision not to deploy an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf because of budget concerns.
The Defense Department said in early February that it would not deploy the U.S.S. Harry Truman to the Persian Gulf, citing budget concerns relating to the looming cuts known as the sequester.
“Can you imagine Ronald Reagan sitting there and saying, ‘Oh, by the way, I can’t do this because of some budget document?’” Woodward said on MSNBC.
“Or George W. Bush saying, ‘You know, I’m not going to invade Iraq because I can’t get the aircraft carriers I need?’” Or even Bill Clinton saying, ‘You know, I’m not going to attack Saddam Hussein’s intelligence headquarters,’ ... because of some budget document?”


Green deniers of the science

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(7:48am)

 Global warming - dud predictions
Do the Greens listen to scientists when they blame global warming for what they clearly think is an increase in cyclones in Queensland?
GREENS leader Bob Brown says the coal mining industry should foot the bill for the Queensland floods because it helped cause them…

“It’s the single biggest cause - burning coal - for climate change and it must take its major share of responsibility for the weather events we are seeing unfolding now,” he said in Hobart today.
Firstly to the natural disasters occurring around the country, particularly in Queensland… But it’s time for parliamentarians to recognise that we are going to be living with extreme weather events every year from now on. We can’t say where, we can’t say when, but what we know in a world that is increasingly warming, we are going to see more extreme events.
But here is a new peer-reviewed paper, Reconstructing tropical cyclone frequency using hydrogen isotope ratios of sedimentary n-alkanes in northern Queensland, Australia:
And here is the Bureau of Meteorology (a bit behind in updating its graphic): 
(Thanks to reader Steve.)


The vicious Mr Latham

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(7:12am)

Former Labor leader Mark Latham displays all his party’s famous “compassion” with this vile reference to Coalition frontbencher Andrew Robb, who has triumphed over his depression:
The chances of a troubled character like Robb successfully planning the transformation of northern Australia are zero.
That vicious jeering appeared in Latham’s Financial Review column. Whoever edits the opinion page should have edited out that word to avoid having the paper trashed by association.
ALP frontbencher Mark Latham said today he might apologise to former Liberal Party president and car crash victim Tony Staley for calling him “that deformed character” if he and the Prime Minister apologised for their campaign against Paul Keating.
On ABC Television on Friday, Mr Latham referred to “that deformed character Tony Staley”, but said he was sorry if people thought he was referring to Mr Staley’s physical appearance.
Mr Staley, a minister in the Fraser government, uses two walking sticks after a serious car crash in 1990.
On Monday on Sky News, Latham let loose with language that would have a conservative driven off air: 
We’re becoming too democratic. The miners make the mining policy, the clubs make the pokies policy, a bunch of blackfellas under a humpy with a hunch of goonys [cask wine bladders], they’ll be in charge of indigenous affairs.
A question I’ve felt driven to ask before: is the Financial Review comfortable with using Latham as a commentator?  And what does it say about Labor that such a man was its leader? 


Labor’s compassion

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(6:56am)

 Boat people policy
Labor’s more ”compassionate” border policies haven’t just given us 1000 dead boat people
Sri Lankan refugees have been sleeping up to 10 to a house and on the bare floor of several near-derelict houses in Parramatta, in Sydney’s west, that have been slated for a multi-million-dollar redevelopment as luxury flats.
Judge policies by outcomes, not intentions. 


The Liberals cannot waste a big win on doing nothing

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(6:46am)

The timetable for reform is worrying slow, if seemingly politically expedient:
THE Productivity Commission would be charged with overhauling the nation’s workplace laws if Tony Abbott wins power - but major changes to the Fair Work Act would be delayed until after the 2016 election under a plan being “actively considered” by the federal Coalition.
Defying business demands for major changes to Labor’s workplace system, senior Coalition figures said yesterday the proposal was designed to neutralise a looming multi-million-dollar campaign by Labor and the unions to convince voters that the Opposition Leader would reintroduce aspects of John Howard’s Work Choices regime if he won the September 14 election.
Under the proposal, which has been canvassed with senior business figures, a Coalition government would appoint the Productivity Commission to conduct a wide-ranging investigation into the Fair Work Act.
Following a lengthy investigation, the Coalition would undertake months of stakeholder consultation on the commission’s recommendations before seeking a “mandate” for any proposed changes at the 2016 election.
I’d hope the Opposition could wait until closer to this election before deciding to put on hold for three years the reforms the economy needs - which in turn could help generate the national income the Liberals will need.
If the polls show Labor irretrievably stuck in the death zone, with no room left for even hope, the Liberals may well consider it has buffer enough to seek a mandate now for at least limited reforms.
It can’t waste a thumping win by spending the next three years twiddling its thumbs as the economy stagnates. Ask Ted Baillieu what voters think of inactivity.


Change in intellectual climate measured

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(6:35am)

Twenty years is too long to to keep a fad going on nothing but hype, dud predictions and taxes. And when the climate doesn’t change and money runs short...:
Fewer people now consider issues such as CO2 emissions, air and water pollution, animal species loss, and water shortages to be “very serious” than at any time in the last two decades, according to the poll of 22,812 people in 22 countries including Britain and the US.
Despite years of studies showing the impact of global warming on the planet, only 49 per cent of people now consider climate change a very serious issue – far fewer than at the beginning of the worldwide financial crisis in 2009.


Gillard’s foe in the battle of Rooty Hill

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(6:12am)

She’s too young, really, to be a federal MP. Yet there is lots to like about the Liberals’ candidate for Chifley, a seat the Liberals once thought was impossible to win, given its 12 per cent margin:
Isabelle White is ... already a Blacktown councillor…
“ I don’t think it is really fair to judge a person’s experience on their age, you don’t know what someone has been through in their life,” she said yesterday.
“I have got a younger brother who has autism, I had an older brother who passed away, he had leukemia.
“In my life I have watched my parents struggle through having a child in hospital with a chronic illness and another child who is severely disabled.
“These are the challenges that face a lot of families in the area....“‘
Ms White, who is studying education at Sydney University and between council duties is a shift manager at a local Gloria Jeans, has doorknocked two entire suburbs.
If I were local Labor MP Ed Husic, I’d worry. If I were a Liberal, I’d be pleased for the party’s future:
She is being assisted by the youngest MP and the longest serving in LiberalsWyatt Roy, 22 and Philip Ruddock, who was first elected in 1973.
Labor’s handicap is that it’s led by a leader who cannot be exposed to contact with voters - even ones in heartland Labor territory:
Of the more than 1000 people the Prime Minister will address at Parramatta on Sunday night, 800 are Labor Party members and the remaining 260 registered to attend are Labor supporters.
Ms Gillard will address the rally at the University of Western Sydney before going to a Labor Party dinner for 300 people at a nearby hotel… 
She will then spend the first of five nights staying at the Rooty Hill RSL club ahead of a week in which she will be joined by her cabinet and will make policy announcements for the region.


Morrison was verballed

Andrew BoltMARCH012013(12:08am)

The story that started the latest moral witchhunt:
Coalition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison has called for an immediate freeze on the provision of bridging visas for asylum seekers, after it was revealed a man released into the community on a bridging visa had been charged with indecent assault.
Mr Morrison said that a review was needed into the guidelines for how boat arrivals were released into the community.
He said that such a review must detail a “requirement” to notify police and neighbouring residents about people on bridging visas or community detention in their area and the establishment of “behaviour protocols ... with clear negative sanctions for breaches of such protocols”.
Opposition immgration spokesman Scott Morrison said on Wednesday that local residents should be notified when asylum seekers were housed in their area, and called for new behaviour protocols for asylum seekers housed in the community…
Cabinet minister Peter Garrett describes the call as “a major dog whistle” which has been exposed by one of the coalition’s own MPs…
Labor Senator Doug Cameron was unimpressed.
“The dog whistle you have just seen is the worst politics I have witnessed for many years in this parliament,” he said, adding there was no evidence refugees or asylum seekers in Australia were criminals. 
Even I criticised Morrison, on the assumption that the report above was correct.
In fact, it wasn’t quite - or was ambiguous enough to allow some creative moral indignation.
I’ve gone through transcripts and tapes of Morrison on 2GB and Sky News, as well as at his press conference, and the nearest he came to saying that neighbours should be alerted to boat people in their area was this:
Well I think especially say in the case of what we saw with Macquarie University that certainly the residents of that same facility should be aware of something of that nature happening in the place where they live.
Where someone’s charged with an offence?
No, no what I’m talking about is if that facility is taking on asylum seekers on bridging visas into that residential complex then I think there’s a simple courtesy that needs to be provided to other people, that they simply know that that’s taking place.
Morrison is saying that if boat people are moved into a student dorm, then other students should be told about the strangers in their midst as a courtesy. Same deal with the residents of the old people’s home in Adelaide who found lots of young Sri Lankan men suddenly living with them.
Is anyone seriously arguing against such a suggestion? Is anyone seriously claiming this is racist talk?
Morrison is being verballed by people whose own morality is shonky enough for such work.


Aye, the old lady Moscow is grand

"Right then Clara Oswald. Time to find out who you are."

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ARAB Israeli woman exposes "Israel Apartheid" myth!! 

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February 28, 2013~ On this day 47 years ago,JOHN WAYNE received the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes. "He became the cinematic symbol of the strong man of few words who could solve every tricky situation and problem." - The Golden Globes

Can you find a man in the pic? 


Scientists have unearthed one of the earliest animal fossils ever found, an extraordinarily well preserved fossil of a 520-million-year-old sea creature.



Sometimes you've just got to give yourself what you wish someone else would give you.


The Fall of Man is almost here...

The Bible Series premieres this Sunday, 3.3.13 at 8/7c on History.


The monsoon and cyclone season used to mean a sharp decrease in illegal arrivals. Not any more because those who propose getting here by boat can read polls. 

Tony Abbott is certain to win the next election and is certain to stop the boats, so the panic driven deluge has started.

The number of arrivals is approaching 35,000 since Labor purposefully dismantled the Coalition’s border protection policy and Gillard now has no hope of coping.

The Prime Minister’s stupidity has reached jaw-dropping new heights.

Her first idea was to pay the average citizen up to $300 per week to house the overflow. No response to that dangerous little thought bubble.

Then her “expert” panel who predictably advised a mix of Howard’s solution and the Malaysian solution. But unfortunately someone forgot to tell the panel that the High Court had already ruled Gillard’s Malaysian solution illegal. So that didn’t work. Mmm.

So now Gillard has adopted the new “I give up” solution and has allowed thousands of unprocessed illegals loose on the community. Blimey! But there’s more!

These unprocessed, unknown people are not allowed to work! Now there’s a recipe for certain disaster.

Gillard’s lack of foresight is mind-blowing. Those loose illegals who eventually pass the processing test in 2 or 3 years will be able to stay. But those who knew they would never pass will have disappeared.

So why bother processing any of them? We will get the same result!

Gillard is simply adding to the more than 60,000 people who are illegally in Australia right now and we have no hope of knowing who or where they are. Well done Ma’am.

STOP PRESS! Pickering Post has learnt today from a reliable informant at the reopened Curtin Detention Centre in WA that the centre is being “cleaned out”.

Illegal immigrants who display traits of violence are regularly sent to Curtin Detention Centre.

This week there has been movement at the centre.

Charter jets are coming and going at all hours of the night and locals suspect these people are being distributed around Australia on bridging visas.

These detainees, males between 25 and 45, have proved to be violent. Four murders committed at the centre have so far gone unreported.

One informant who works closely with the centre said he was told (tipped off) that a certain detainee was to be murdered. Two days later that same detainee had his throat slashed.

“It appears that these blokes have had some sort of military training. You can tell by the precision (with which) they carry out the hits” the informant said.

“It is shocking what is going on here and authorities have been told not to pursue this stuff.”

Well Julia, you have certainly done another fine job with this one.

Hope you are safe out there at Rooty Hill.



Gillard / Labor / minority govt 'will cut and divert almost $7 billion from the national health and ageing budgets by 2016, according to departmental analysis of critical spending since the 2010 election.' 

Will this money be used to house and support asylum seekers?

In the image below, during Superstorm Sandy, New Yorkers in lower Manhattan took advantage of charging mobile devices at BioLite CampStoves.

The portable BioLite CampStove and the larger BioLite HomeStove burn 90 percent cleaner than conventional wood-burning stoves and it converts waste heat into electricity that can be used to charge small electronic devices. [Want more details? Read the full story here:]

I just got the new Fireplace app! Actually radiates heat to keep you warm, and can adjust the heat settings! 99cents in the AppStore!




#shadowboy theatre show opens tonight at Old Parliment House #enlighten #oldparlimenthouse #all #humans #welcome

Morning by the Merced. Early after sunrise, clouds form off of the face of El Capitan as the emerald green Merced river slowly passes by. — atYosemite National Park.
The devil keeps you oppressed and depressed by getting you to look to yourself and your failures. Jesus lifts you up and out of your troubles when you look to Him and His finished work for you.
Former student of mine, 30 something, takes dad to hospital in ACT. He is suffering cramps and vomiting. Counts at least five others with vomit symptoms in waiting room. Takes medicare card for Dad, reasoning that he won't be asked for paperwork and she will be on hand to help. Goes outside after 45 minutes to attend to car parking. Comes back to find her dad was taken to a room and treatment refused because he wasn't carrying his medicare card. ACT Government can make bad decisions quickly .. In their defence, he is Cambo Chinese and has only lived in Australia for some 30 years .. Zaya Toma, we are conservatives for a reason .. - ed

As you got up this morning, I watched you and hoped you would talk to me, even if it was just a few words, asking my opinion or thanking me for something good that happened in your life yesterday. However, I noticed you were too busy, trying to find the right outfit to wear.

When you ran around the house getting ready, I knew there would be a few minutes for you to stop and say hello but you were too busy again. At one point, you had to wait fifteen minutes with nothing to do except to sit in a chair. Then, I saw you spring to your feet. I thought you wanted to talk to me but you ran to the phone and called a friend to get the latest gossip instead. I watched patiently all day long. With all our activities, I guess you were too busy to say anything to me.

I noticed that you looked around before lunch. Maybe you felt embarrassed to talk to me and that is why you didn't bow your head. You glanced at three or four tables around you and you noticed some of your friends talking to me briefly before they ate but you didn't. That's okay. There is still more time left and I hope that you will talk to me yet.

You went home and it seems as if you had lots of things to do. After a few of them were done, you turned on the television. I don't know if you like television or not. Just about anything goes there and you spend a lot of time each day in front of it not thinking about anything and just enjoying the show. I waited patiently again as you watched the television program and ate your meal, but again you didn't talk to me.

I guess you felt too tired at bedtime. After you said goodnight to your family, you plopped into bed and fell asleep in no time. That's okay because you may not realize that I am always there for you. I've got patience, more than you will ever know... I even want to teach you how to be patient with others as well.

I love you so much that I wait everyday for a nod, prayer or thought, or a thankful part of your heart. It is hard to have a one-sided conversation.

Well, you are getting up once again. Once again, I will wait with nothing but love for you. I hope that you will give me some time today. Have a nice day!

Your friend,
God. - from Holly
The federal government is facing sequestration tomorrow, which would mean an automatic, across-the-board, two percent cut in the federal budget. 
Sequestration was the President's own idea to force everyone to get serious about reform for the long-term.  But instead of putting any solutions forward, President Obama has focused his energy on a nationwide campaign to scare Americans about what is happening. 
Why would we want to make the same amount of cuts to critical defense spending as we would to less important, non-emergency spending like the National Science Foundation or the Library of Congress?  The number one responsibility of the federal government is to keep us safe, so cutting critical military and defense priorities is senseless. Surely President Obama knows this, but he's manipulating the process in a ruthless way to scare the American people.
Let's tell him what we really think.  I will be on cable news shows over the next few days questioning President Obama's motivation in all of this.  Will you join me and other Patriot Voices members in this effort?
Call the White House now at 202-456-1111 and tell them to stop scaring the American people with their sequestration shenanigans.  Let's show them that the American people are too smart for these scare tactics and manipulation.  And help Patriot Voices keep up this fight by making a donation of $25, $50, $100 or whatever you are able.  We'll be mobilizing our grassroots army to fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment which, had it passed years ago, would have prevented the mess we find ourselves in today. 
Thank you for standing with us. 
God Bless,
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Rick Santorum
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God wants you to come to Him about anything and everything, big or small, in your life! Check out today's devotional. Be sure to click "like" to help spread the word! Thanks, all!
For when you were slaves of sin, you were free in regard to righteousness. What fruit did you have then in the things of which you are now ashamed? For the end of those things is death. But now having been set free from sin, and having become slaves of God, you have your fruit to holiness, and the end, everlasting life.—Romans 6:20–22

Jesus’ righteousness for your sins; His health for your sicknesses; His abundance for your poverty—this is what I call the divine exchange!

Today, you have everything Jesus deserves as the Son of God, because at the cross, Jesus took upon Himself everything you deserve as a sinner. That is the sum total of God’s grace, His unmerited favor!

Whatever blessing or breakthrough you need today, come boldly to God’s throne of grace, knowing that you are the righteousness of God in Christ, and freely receive.

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Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for February 28th. Enjoy!

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Joe Biden’s shotgun self-defense clinic, part III

Lesson #1: If you want to keep people away, buy some shotgun shells...

Donna Brazile wants to know why her health insurance premium just went up

In what Twitchy has referred to as the funniest Tweet of the day, Donna Brazile, longtime Democratic political strategist, current vice chair of the DNC and big supporter of Obamacare, is puzzled...

Reps. Waters and Ellison insist House debt clock be turned off during Democrat speaking time

Al Gore took similar issue recently when he was trying to tout the environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet while at the same time his current weight, cholesterol level and what he ate for dinner the night before were displayed on a monitor above the stage...

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