Friday, December 14, 2012

When kindness and compassion is feigned

On the way to work yesterday I came across a man hit by a car at Waitara. He was knocked unconscious. A bystander was down on the ground yelling at him "stay with me" if that was going to help!! Can I use this opportunity to implore everyone to please do a first aid course!! I have had been involved in 5 medical emergencies - 2 cyclists knocked over, 1 motorbike rider died in my arms, 2 pedestrians hit (one by me) and a co-worker die at the work Christmas party who I resuscitated. Please go and do the course so at least you have some idea of what to do until help arrives - those first few minutes are critical. Yesterday, I was able to put the man in the recovery position, check his mouth for obstacles and check pulse and breathing under the guidance of the ambo's on the phone. This doesn't make me any better than anyone else but I just hope if this happens to me that someone knows what to do. BTW - his name was Donald McKenzie and I hope he is ok

It is sweet Kayley is willing to put out the announcement. And it is true, first aid is something everyone should study.
Kayley argued for 2Day DJ's who broadcast the prank which resulted in the death of a victim after the studio failed in follow up. Her argument being that the DJ's were friends and young. But the studio isn't.
Kayley is privy to the issue of Hamidur Rahman and has done nothing. Kayley, I feel you should study journalism as well as first aid. Maybe get yourself a conscience too. And drive defensively .. that way you are less likely to hit pedestrians.
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