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Israel Longhorn Project

Help give a gift to Israel during these perilous times. Please share and help fund if you can

Help defend the Galilee: a nonviolent means for solving this problem: This is where there are many Christian and Jewish historical sites. This area is being taken over by local Arabs. You want to help stop it then, help us!

Israel Ranches are being attacked, their land being stolen and their passive European cattle are being mutilated and killed by local Palestinians, jackals and wolves. Israel needs desert cattle that fits its environment and can defend itself and its calves. That breed of cattle is Texas Longhorn. The will be self-sustainable in 5 years. We will help East Africa as well. Help us raise $240,000, to start. A 501c 3 nonprofit # 74-3177354.

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Robin Rosenblatt
Israel Longhorn Project
815 Hill St Apt 5
Belmont, Ca 94002

This is some of the ranches under attack





Help us bring Texas Longhorn Cattle home to Israel.
We need Your Donations to Make this a Reality. 501c (3)NONPROFIT 74-3177354
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life”, that is what we are doing with these cattle.  The quote is from (Moses) Maimonides, a Jewish rabbi, physician, and philosopher (1135 - 1204).
Our Israel Longhorn Project will help 
Israel, and East African Farms and Ranches

Help us bring Texas Longhorn Cattle to Israel.
We need Your Donations to Make this a Reality. This is a Zionist project.

Why am I doing this? I was asked, Simply to help Israel.

¬Israeli cattle, these passive European cattle are being mutilated and killed by local Palestinians, jackals and wolves. Israel needs desert cattle that fits its environment and can defend it’s self and it’s calves. That breed of cattle is Texas Longhorn. 
This is whom the Israel Longhorn Project is helping

¬To solve this problem we need Nachal (an Israeli Army unit that also helps with agriculture projects), The New Shomrim (The teenager group that is protecting the ranches), the Israeli Agriculture police, volunteers and the Israel Longhorn Project all working together.

¬Longhorns crossbreed to Israeli cattle will create a hybrid (heterosis). This hybrid will have high quality meat and be able to function in Israel’s desert environment. Improving Israel’s cattle industry and its quality of the beef.

¬Longhorns can eat invasive shrubs and cacti, decreasing Galilean fire hazards, and lower their feed costs.

¬Longhorns can go further and longer with less water.

¬Longhorns have higher reproduction rates and very low loss rates allowing Israeli ranchers to use fewer cattle and get higher incomes.

¬Longhorns have excellent calving and mothering abilities; they can produce more & healthier calves up to 20 years.

¬Longhorns have horns and know how to use them to protect themselves and their calves from both human and animal predators. This will alleviate the high theft and loss rate. And allow ranchers to go home for Shabbat knowing that both the longhorn and his few cowboys can protect the herd.

¬Longhorns are highly resistant to diseases reducing their medial costs. This increases the amount of cattle that are suitable for kosher meat, fewer signs of disease and parasites.

¬Longhorns even though they are dangerous cattle they can be trained to both voice and behavior commands. Allowing ranchers and even their children to work with them safely.

¬We can alleviate the problem of illegal immigration from Africa. By setting up clinics where African migrants can learn the cattle trade and set up ranches at home in Africa. צהל can help train them to defend themselves, their village and homes creating a sort of African Chalutzim.

¬We can use Israel cattle industry to encourage young American Jews to train in Texas, and make Aliyah to work the land. 

¬Longhorns will be used to help produce meat for those in Israel who cannot even afford a little meat for their Shabbat Dinner.

Israel is now raising America's finest beef cattle -- plump, docile European breeds. Adapted to temperate grassy plains, they were put into Israel’s hostile desert environment where there is little or no grass. 

  1.  European beef cattle have poor disease resistance, genetic diseases and high losses due to predators.

  1.  European beef cattle have higher feed costs, requiring non-native feeds, they do not eat the non-native invasive shrubs, or invasive cactus.

  1.  European beef cattle have high calf losses (as high as 30%) and low reproduction rates. Israel’s Golden Jackal, a small animal, bites the nose of the calf as it is being born and strangles it before it drops from the mother to the ground, dead. The mother cow does nothing to protect her new born calf.

  1.  European beef cattle have poor mothering skills and high rate  of birth complications.

  1.  Due to the high losses, more cattle are required on pasture, causing more environmental damage. 

  1.  An out of control extremely high theft rate of Israeli cattle. 

  1.  Many Israeli ranches use only 3 strand of loose Barbed wire fencing. Thieves don’t need to cut the fences to steal the cattle. The cattle just walk through fences as if it was melted butter.

  1.   Many Israeli ranches do not have enough help. Rancher’s find themselves working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year almost without any time for families or even Shabbat.  

  1.  Massive animal and livestock die off in Kenya and East Africa, due to drought, over grazing, poor management of water resources, poor cattle management and using the wrong type of cattleMore African counties have been asking for our our help.

Help us bring Texas Longhorn Cattle to Israel.
We need Your Donations to Make this a Reality. This is a Zionist project.
We are registered at Guidestar.org, a national nonprofit registry and at jchoice.org, JewishCauses of Choice.
Israel Longhorn Project
Robin Rosenblatt
815 Hill St. # 5
Belmont, CA 94002
650.631.9270 / 03.722.6108
Email is working thanks to Howard from Cong. Beth David, Saratoga, CA

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