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Happy birthday and many happy returns Evelyn Agripa,Joshua Cole and Kenny Tran. Born on the same day across the years. Remember birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.


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Gun control just part of US crisis

Piers Akerman – Monday, December 17, 2012 (6:13am)

THE Connecticut primary school massacre must create a debate beyond gun control.
Guns were the tools and there is absolutely no argument that reducing the number of firearms in the general community reduces the number of gun deaths, either accidental, murderous, or in suicides.
The United States has, by some counts, as many as 280 million guns in the hands of private citizens.
It is impossible to see how those guns could ever be removed.
Guns are part of the US scenery.
Gunman Adam Lanza had access to assault weapons, he blasted his way into the school where he slaughtered 20 children and six adults, he shot his victims with assault rifle and used several pistols, most of his victims were shot multiple times.
The more difficult issue is the breakdown in the US culture.
Gun control advocates will call for a crackdown on guns and petition President Obama for reform to make it more difficult for people to buy their hardware but how many Americans will address the shredding of the fabric of their society.
It has not gone unnoticed that this murderer came from a broken home, as did Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, the man who killed 77 people in a bombing and shooting rampage in July, 2011, as have almost every mass killer in modern times.
This is not to say that most single mothers are not capable of raising a child alone, just that the record shows that killers are more likely to have been raised in single parent homes.
Single parent homes are rapidly becoming the norm in the US – they are a symbol of the social collapse.
For the people of Newtown, Connecticut, gathered to mourn the loss of their children today, the symbols of Christmas, the red and green lights and sweet carols, will be forever entwined with the most profound sense of loss.
Some may add their voices to the chorus calling for gun control, some will not, preferring to leave what they perceive to be a political battle to politicians.
Hunting is part of life for many Americans and increasing numbers count on game to provide a change of diet.
But as the parents of the fortunate survivors hug their children to them, Americans should consider the greater risk their society faces, the loss of the family and ultimately the bonds that make a civilisation. 



Tim Blair – Monday, December 17, 2012 (2:52pm)

Greenpeace child-frighteners launch a seasonal assault: 
If we don’t slow Arctic melting, Santa won’t be able to live at the North Pole anymore. Where do you think he should move to? 
The South Pole, obviously. Plenty of ice there for ol’ fatso to re-establish his elf-based amusements construction empire.
(Via Holly B.)
UPDATE. It’s too late for Santa:




Tim Blair – Monday, December 17, 2012 (11:10am)

Social media is awesome! It’s totally bringing down Australia’s rich and powerful, and in their place establishing a just and peaceful culture for all to share.
Last week saw the latest triumph of social media, as Sydney’s Nic Lochner and Vinay Orekondy ended their campaign to have Alan Jones sacked by radio station 2GB. “Organisers declare victory,” reported media analyst site Mumbrella. Onwards!
The pair of activists launched “Sack Alan Jones” following Jones’s comments in September about Julia Gillard’s father dying “of shame”. An incensed Lochner, 22, explained the motivation behind his quest: “The sort of things Alan Jones has said in his private life make his position untenable as a public commentator.”
Then followed rage-filled petitions on Twitter and Facebook, and finally last week’s victory announcement. “With Alan Jones well and truly held to account, we believe the time has come to formally declare this part of the campaign to be over,” Lochner and Orekondy wrote in asnappy1692-word note to Sack Alan Jones followers. “We believe that this is the correct decision both strategically and morally.”
That’s all fantastic, except for one thing. Jones hasn’t been sacked. 



Tim Blair – Monday, December 17, 2012 (4:53am)

There is always a bigger picture. In the case of the latest horrific US mass shooting, the bigger picture is this:
There are around 310 million non-military firearms in the US, basically enough to equip every man, woman and child with a deadly weapon. Close to 5.5 million new firearms are produced within the US every single year – two million more than the entire amount of firearms owned by Australians. Another three million firearms are imported to the US annually. Nearly 50 per cent of Americans have at least one firearm in their house. The market for firearms has increased constantly since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, with Smith & Wesson expecting almost $400 million in gun sales during 2012.
And the rate of firearm-related murders keeps falling.



Tim Blair – Monday, December 17, 2012 (4:51am)

Instead, try a bike lane
Firefighters have warned of the dangers of driving into a petrol forecourt when your car is on fire.
(via Peter R.) 



Tim Blair – Monday, December 17, 2012 (4:46am)

Anne Summers, Australia’s second-most influential female voice, defends Julia Gillard’s girls-only gatherings
All this will be mocked, of course, by the misogynists and Neanderthals who don’t get what has happened.
‘’There was very little of the hard-nosed scepticism you’d encounter if a group of professional journalists were asked to Kirribilli House,’’ Jonathan Holmes said on the ABC’s Media Watch in October of the July ‘’PM Tea’’ meeting. 
Holmes is a misogynist because of that? Big call, Anne. The bloke might have some problems withwomen, but they’re mainly because he’s a political fact-dancer rather than a lady-hatin’ cave dweller. The Media Watch host responded on Twitter: 
Acc[ording] to Anne Summers, this makes me a “misogynist and Neanderthal”. Really, Anne? 
No reply from Anne, so Holmes reached out once more: 
@AnneSummers do you really think that kind of language is justified? Shd I call you a hysterical haridan? Where does it get us? 
It’s “harridan”, by the way, Jonathan. And where it gets us is Anne’s imaginary planet of Gillard success: 
It is probably impossible to over-estimate the admiration and affection for Gillard among women, especially young women, after her ‘’sexism and misogyny’’ speech on October 9. All of the websites represented on Monday plugged the speech approvingly … 
Bless her. Because Summers is number two on the female influence list, she tries harder.


  • David Daniel Ball However, by contrast (not to disagree) I have had the privilege to work in schools with many exceptional high achieving students. Adored and highly respected older teachers don't directly exhibit those behaviours. Those dinosaurs know their work and aren't diverted except with a redirect back to work with intense focus. Eg An old boy school allowed girls into its senior years and a forty year practising teacher addresses a girl, whose older brother had attended and whose name was Ian Muddle "I hope you won't muddle through all your subjects like your brother" Arch reply "I'm sure I don't know what you mean" "As a new junior student, Ian would write his first initial and last name on each book for each subject. I Muddle Math. I Muddle English.." These students fondly remember thirty years later to a gathering of students. Students will delight in the freedom they have with the cantankerous and expert who control and direct as benevolent dictators.



  • Jason FoNg *Not that there's anything wrong with that* Lol, he's so PC, he can't even deny he's gay.



Girls are almost top of the early death list per country in Afghanistan .. but men aren't in the top ten.


Unspeakable evil slammed America in the beautiful little town of Newtown, Connecticut, just days ago. No words can express the collective shock and sorrow shared by Americans who know the murder of innocent c

hildren is the most horrendous crime imaginable. The Connecticut state motto, “Qui transtulit sustinet,” promises that only God can sustain us. Though still insufficient and unfulfilling for the grieving families of these beautiful babies in the Lord's arms now, perhaps those words are all the inconsolable loved ones can hold on to at this time. May God show His sustaining love to them right now. Please Lord.

It may seem, especially after Friday, the world is spinning fast and furious and out of control. Many political, economic, and societal problems attempt to weigh down our spirit so heavily that some despondently give up after being deceptively led to believe there is no real hope for anything getting better. And despite 24-hour news cycles with constant information flooding our eyes and ears with much white noise, TV's talking heads really have nothing meaningful to offer.

So the world spins furiously, but there is a reason its literal and figurative centrifugal force tightly holds us here together for such a time as this. Until God loosens the tie that binds us to this temporal earth, we are in it together, and we are expected to do our part to make it better. So, now is the time to speak truth, however politically incorrect some may deem it, and focus on what really matters so our nation's spirit can be lifted as we unite in the cause for a better world built on real hope. First, all truly is hopeless if your faith and hope are put in any politician or media elite. That is because the average person is more truthful and responsible than the average politician or media elite.

Those who let themselves be terribly disappointed in political leaders as they ignore real problems, aided along with a complicit media bombarding us with irrelevant distractions in order to avoid facing the reality of a fallen culture, should know those distractions are to hide from a finger pointing to the main contributors to much of our problem. To stop distracting would result in acknowledging the political and media machine's starring roles in our failing society. So, as they too often tear down those who try to do good, while elevating and celebrating corrupt selfishness, they dumbly assume we don't know it is they who significantly contribute to our upside down world today. We've learned our lesson. Don't put your hope in Hollywood or Washington. Instead, build resolve and seek truth more aggressively than ever at such a time as this.

I only know one source of truth and real hope. I call out to this hope with only childlike faith because I am so overwhelmed by the miraculous answers to my prayers that the comforting, secure hope I cling to is too inexplicable for a simpleminded person like me. Plus, because I am not a perfect Christian – and have never met one – I dare not judge others’ “Christian quotient,” and inarticulately explaining my faith is too often interpreted wrongly, hence, my thankfulness in being allowed via the Good Book to have a childlike faith that's good enough for God. Further, I do not wish to force my beliefs down anyone's throat – and simple faith does not do that. Though I'll share my faith unapologetically, I beg fellow faith-filled fallible human beings to quit pretending anyone's effective in forcing others to see the light; please also quit pretending you are holier than thou. You are not. I am not. We're merely fortunate enough to have been knocked to our knees at some point in life and grabbed hold of the opportunity to accept undeserved grace and forgiveness that allows a rebirth and its accompanying peace that passeth all understanding. I cling to it not because I am bitter, but because there is nothing better.

May this Christmas season give you a glimpse of the faith to which millions cling to, and are willing to live and die to self for. As you watch this video, even if you've never prayed before, you can ask God for revelation to what occurred 2000 years ago, what it means for today, and why we celebrate the babe born in that Bethlehem manger over 2000 years ago. And I offer this not because I have all the answers, but because many ask me from where does my hope come? How do I hang on? What do I cling to? Here is a glimpse of the foundation of my faith. May you be shown through this short clip and song that the unanswered questions, the horrible suffering, and the sacrifice of One birthed opportunity for new life and real HOPE for all of us today.

Friends, please watch this, and please don't lose hope. We mustn't lose hope! Look up! And put your time and effort in working so hard for your family and loved ones around you. Don't wait for a fallen world's politicians and pundits to do it for you. You can have within yourself the ability and opportunity to help make America strong again, and her people joyful again.

- Sarah Palin>


Boulder - The other slush fund involving the sub prime. Michael Smith discovers old newspapers reporting her involvement and appearance at the Boulder Town Hall meeting in 1992 a year before she facilitated the creation of the AWU slush fund.



Despite the Coalition being well in front in all the most recent polls (and Labor’s vote being back down to where it was at the start of the year when K.Rudd challenged Ms Gillard because of her poor performance) t
oday’s Fairfax paper’s make a big song and dance about Tony Abbott’s so-called "approval rating".

Following is a transcript of a recent call I received perhaps explains why.....

CALLER: Mr Kelly, thank you for taking my call, I’m ringing to say that I don’t approve of Tony Abbott’s performance !!

ME : Look, thanks for the call – but may I ask; what specifically don’t you like about Mr. Abbott’s performance ?

CALLER: He is too slow, he hasn’t done enough !!!

ME : Thanks, but exactly what is he doing too slowly ?

CALLER: He hasn’t got rid of the that #@*!*# Julia Gillard fast enough. I’ve voted Labor all my life, but Abbott is not working fast enough to get rid of her – that’s why I don’t approve of his performance.

ME : Look, I appreciate your thoughts, but in our democracy, short of a military coup, all Mr Abbott can do is hold the government to account until an election is called.

CALLER: Yes, but Abbott is not doing it fast enough, I’ve had a complete gutful of this Labor Government, their waste, their lies, it makes me want to vomit - I want them gone, and gone now !!!

ME : So you will vote for Mr Abbott at the next election, even though say you don't approve of him for not getting rid of the Government quick enough ?

CALLER: Absolutely, I’d rather eat razor blades than re-elect this Labor Government, but I’m going to continue to disapprove of Mr Abbott until he gets rid of that that #@*!*# Julia Gillard once and for all !!

Please share.


I only joked about the reelection of Obama and the end of the world .. survivalists are creepy ..


We don't know, but if we do a test, we still won't know, but scientists can then decide what they want.


Christians have also come under attack by Muslims in the town of Bichi in Kano state. Violence was sparked by an accusation of blasphemy against a non-native Christian tailor, Chibuke, who accidentally mispronounced t

he name for a popular outfit while talking with a Muslim neighbour; he inadvertently said, “the prophet has come to the market”.

Muslims accused Chibuke of deliberately blaspheming against Islam and launched a violent response. Armed with cutlasses, knives and other weapons, they rampaged through the town, attacking Christians and their property.

Residents said that four Christians, including Chibuke, were killed, although only two deaths have been officially confirmed.

Seven churches, eight shops and a house were torched.

Kano police have arrested 22 suspects in connection with the violence.>
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