Tuesday, November 06, 2012

ZEG, political cartoonist

He burned me, apparently on the orders of David Goodridge. Still, he is a talented cartoonist. And a soldier. And a highly trained policeman. He deserves the dignity of work.
Date: 11/06/2012
I wanted to see if my Linkedin connections could help me. I am a person with skills & experience in editorial cartooning/caricature & character design as well as radio production (on & off air). I am asking you to help me to find a job. I have been unemployed now for 10 weeks and I am pretty sure I will not even be able to afford the phone & internet, let alone the mortgage repayments in just a few more weeks. Believe me I have been applying everywhere and even tried to submit employment/marketing ideas to radio stations and media editors that no one has done or heard of before. I know this plea for work leads sounds pretty desperate and although I still have a little pride left, I would ask you to forgive my lack of humility in this my time of need.

Godspeed to you

Stephen "ZEG" Gunnell
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