Monday, November 12, 2012

Submission for pedophile inquiry

I will make a submission to this inquiry regarding Campbelltown PAHS in the early 90's. It is ugly and involves cover ups, possibly by current government figures in the ALP .. possibly, through abrogation of responsibility, Gillard herself.

I have clean hands on the issue and testimony with the NSW police naming some of the involved figures. People that have failed or abused me include the ALP NSW and Federal including specific members, and ministers. Also, the NSW ICAC, Coroner, Police, Dept of Education including specific educators. My life has at times been under threat because of my testimony, but by running for public office against a hostile media, I am alive. A child, Hamidur Rahman, died apparently out of neglect directly resulting from systemic failure to deal with the Campbelltown issue.
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