Thursday, November 22, 2012

Obama Visited Burma

Obama Visited Burma, What Now?

On Monday, President Obama visited Burma. This is the first time in Burma’s history that a U.S. President has paid a visit. Though it was brief, President Obama met with President Thein Sein and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and gave a speech at Rangoon University.
The visit was historic but Burma has a long way to go to realize democracy and human rights for all. USCB needs your continued support.
Despite concerns that Obama would simply stop in Burma to promote positive reinforcement, his remarks at Rangoon University demonstrated that the ongoing human rights abuses and unending armed conflicts have not gone unnoticed by the Obama administration. During his speech he specifically pointed to the armed conflict in Kachin State, the abuse of child soldiers and exploitation of women, and notably pointed to the crisis in Arakan/Rakhine state, where the Rohingya Muslims have become increasingly targeted and subject to ethnic cleansing.
President Obama made it clear through these examples that the world is watching Burma, not only because of the slight progress it has made, but also because of the anticipated progress that has yet to occur. He made it clear that within democracy the military must stand beneath civilians in order to support them, and government officials must be elected through a free and fair process. A constitution that stands for the people, by the people is the only way to achieve freedom, and inevitably continue the progress for future generations.
Even President Obama sees what needs to be done, and he stands by Burma’s democratic movement so long as certain conditions are met and prosperity reaches all within Burma’s borders. 
USCB supports this notion, and we need your continued help to achieve the goals that Burma’s people so desperately long to accomplish. Please consider a donation to USCB this holiday season to support our work, support President Obama and his administration, and support the peoples of Burma.
Happy Thanksgiving,
USCB team
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