Wednesday, November 07, 2012

US Loses 2012 Election

The US evangelical right missed an opportunity here. Those who voted against Romney's religion supported Obama's atheism. Under current Obama policy US debt will exceed $22 Trillion in 2016 with a weaker military


Obama win celebrated in post-racial US

Andrew BoltNOVEMBER072012(7:59pm)

Sign of a future I’ll touch on in tomorrow’s column:
In the past week, conservatives who usually disagree with each other about many things, including Fred Barnes, Peggy Noonan, Dick Morris, my PJM colleague Roger Kimball, George F. Will, Karl Rove, and Michael Barone, among others, provided analysis and arguments, all of which led to predictions of an inevitable Romney victory. Instead of the outcome they all looked forward to and assumed would be inevitable given Obama’s failures and the state of the economy, they found that their theories collapsed as the returns poured in.
That theory? That a terrible economic record would sink the incumbent.
Well, welcome to the new age of identity politics - a time when seeming trumps doing, identity trumps performance and receiving beats giving. Ominous signs for Tony Abbott. And the West.
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