Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Plea from Gaddaffi Stalwart?

If anyone knows this person, please alert Interpol and your local police .. these people need to be arrested for their scams

Dear M’min Brother / Sister 

I am scared as to who is receiving this message, but I hope that the
Spirit of Allah will give you courage and understanding. to help me
Please do not use the contents of this message to betray me, I am hidding in the newly declared Tuareg Azawad Republic near Mali; West Africa after the coup to topple the Government of Amadou Toumani Toure which has sparked off serious political tensions between the Tuaregs and the Malian Soldiers.

My Name is Capt. Mohamed Elhweij, I am a Libyan now hiding in Azawad
Republic near Mali. I am tired of fighting wars. I fought alongside Ghaddaffi Forces during the revolution in Libya. There are serious tensions here between the Tuaregs and the Malian soldiers and I do not know when I could be killed that, is why I am sending this letter to anyone that is interested to receive it. I am obliged to fight
alongside the Tuaregs again in a bid to get an Independent State of

Since the government of Ghaddaffi was toppled , we went into exile
before one of his sons was arrested last time near Niamey in Niger
I was in charge of Foreign Finances and Aides during the Ghaddaffi
Regime. I was also responsible for financial transfers made to several
foreign Banks. At the moment, I cannot come out to claim the funds as
the International Court declared us wanted . Let this be a secret
between us as no one can know from me and this is your luck.

Since the death of Ghaddaffi, all his sizeable Assets were confiscated
all over the world by both the AU, EU and US Government becuse of
envy but I have vital information about three foreign Bank Accounts
where we lodged funds before the uprising started in Libya and no one
can have access to such accounts unless I release the codes.
We deposited more than a total of One Hundred and Fifteen Million
Euros (Euros115M) in three foreign Banks and no one has access to
those accounts except me.
We have funds left in a Bank in Spain, London and Burkina Faso, The
funds exist in those Banks as I write this mesage to you. 

What I need from you hence I could be killed any moment and for the
funds not to be taken by those Banks is to claim the funds and help
the M’min Brothers and Sisters of the world.
I did not deposit the funds in Ghaddaffis name but as Charity funds.
There is a Code Deposit that will help you claim the funds when you
contact the respective Banks.

What I need from you is to use your name or company name to act as
the funds Beneficiaryfor the Charity programmed the funds were
originally deposited for. I will give you full details on how to
contact the Banks and how to process the claims.
There is no risk involved and if the funds are transferred to your
Bank Account , do not forget to use part of the funds to develop and
help the suffering masses of the African continent through Investment

If you are imterested to receive the funds on my behalf, do write back
to me quickly for all the details because now that we are fighting in
the war front, anybody could be killed and no one would have access to the
deposited funds again.

Do contact me quickly and let me know your consent or advice and also
let me know whether I can trust you to receive the funds

Thanks for your understanding and keeping this message secret to yourself only.

Cpt. Mohamed Elhweij
Azawad Republic

.. their email is mohammed.capt@gmail.com
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