Monday, October 08, 2012


by Larry Pickering


Former Federal President of the ALP, Michael Williamson, will no doubt become a guest of her majesty in due course. The trouble is that “due course” will take years and buckets more full of stolen HSU members’ funds. Members’ $20 million in hard sweat is lost forever with the assistance of Craig Thomson

Dozens of union bosses are running their shredders white hot, scissoring credit cards and phoning mates to get stories straight. Wives are being told not to believe stuff about brothels and bath houses.

The ALP, in its current form, is about to become an obsolescence that will take a generation to rebuild.

It is riding an invisible tsunami at sea, in denial of the damage onshore. The Gillard Government has decimated the Union movement, destroyed Labor’s voter base and polarised an entire nation.

The ACTU has been noticeable only by its silence as its union movement begins to crumble under the weight of endemic corruption.

The union movement and the ALP are one and the same. They are chained to each other in a sordid game of mob-style politics that decent Aussie folk cannot begin to comprehend.

Phase two of the regime’s demise is to attempt to shut down criticism and demonise opponents. Jones was an opportunity not to be lost. This site is under constant attack, Abbott has been vilified in the filthiest possible personal way.

Foreign professional attack dogs have been engaged to indecently defame any who oppose.

Unions bosses are about to sing like canaries in a desperate attempt to self-preserve. But it’s too late for them. Their culture of criminality is slowly being exposed and Gillard’s expensive attempts to gag honest union bosses are faltering.

She will soon be without executive power and the ability to fund the payola and bribery necessary to keep a lid on the simmering scumpot.

Soon, blind supporters in the media who once professed objectivity will be left standing naked, exposed for their bias, rendered valueless as future independent commentators.

The bevy of vicious females who have over promoted each other into the Cabinet, supported by grovelling unionist hacks, is degrading the feminist movement into future political oblivion.

Union worms are out of the can, exposed and crawling for cover, leaving mucous trails in all directions... and all trails lead to the ALP.

Quite sad really.

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