Monday, October 08, 2012

Media Survey

From Kevin Dyke

"Last week i emailed various media outlets, MP's etc asking for their response to some of the claims made in the interviews with Bob Kernohan. This is the response i received from Stuart Bocking of Radio 2UE "Hi Kevin - I couldn't care less... what a boring old story and such a tired website". Stuart Bocking is on air at 2UE right now, from 9AM to midday.

This is part of a really concerning issue for our country. If the media's response is driven by anything other than the truth we're in trouble. It can't be driven by considerations like whether or not it's boring. I find it immensely tedious to continue to examine documents and to continue my enquiries, but some things matter more than whether or not you're bored.

I am here doing this today, without a proper job, because some things really matter. Character is one of them, and no issue should concern us more than the character of the nation.

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