Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Asian ESL Student piece

Asian ESL student asked to use the first nine numbers in a piece of creative writing, twice.

“I am in the office. Early morning. Phone rings. The Boss asks me a question. I say “I don’t know what you ONE.” He explains. I go TWO the shops. There is a bargain. Buy one, get one THREE. I check my letter to see if it was what the boss asked FOUR. It is. I tell the shop keeper I like these. They look FIVE to me. But I hadn’t eaten or slept for a long time. I felt SIX. Shopkeeper said I had to clean it up. It was either I cleaned it or SEVEN. He asked why for I was six. I said it was something I EIGHT. Suddenly, some guys break into the shop, carrying Nine. They might have had guns too. I said “Don’t use the NINE. Sorry, it was something I EIGHT.” They no want SEVEN to clean up my SIX. I clean up FIVE. Make sure it was what was asked FOUR and if some of them were THREE. Then I go TWO the office. Boss was unhappy. It wasn’t what he ONE. “
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