Wednesday, September 28, 2011

US Campaign for Burma Success

Americans Demand President Obama's Leadership
for Burma's UN Commission of Inquiry Establishment

Thanks to all the hard work of our members who helped us gather 13,000 petition signatures demanding the Obama administration take action to end crimes against humanity in Burma! Today, U.S. Campaign for Burma's Executive Director Aung Din delivered the signatures to Ambassador Stephen Rapp, the Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues. The petition calls on President Obama and his administration to provide stronger global leadership to end crimes against humanity in Burma. The petition signatures were delivered today specifically to mark the 4th anniversary of Burma’s military regime’s violent suppression of the 2007 Saffron Revolution. Read our press release here.

Specific appreciation should go to all the volunteers who went to U2 concertsthis summer and gathered petition signatures. We are very thankful to everyone who signed the petition and told others about the need to bring justice to Burma.

A year ago President Obama finally declared his support for an UN Commission of Inquiry into crimes against humanity in Burma, but he has yet to turn his words into action. Civil war and human rights abuses are escalating in Burma and U.S. leadership is crucial to bringing justice to the country. Recently, the regime announced it would create a human rights commission and has stacked the commission with officials who have repeatedly denied the existence of human rights abuses in Burma. Read who's who in the Human Rights Commission.

In the past seven months civil war has restarted in Northern Burma after decades old ceasefire agreements between the regime and ethnic groups were broken by the Burmese army. This has lead to the displacement of 70,000+ new people as well as an increase in human rights abuses such as sexual violence and forced labor. This is in addition to decades of attacks against ethnic minority civilians resulting in the displacement and destruction of over 3,700 villages. This increase in crimescontinues despite the fact that Burma claims to have transitioned into a “civilian” government.

Join our new campaign Fight the Lies, Expose the Truth to demand real change, not phony promises. Sign up today to host an event at your school or community that tells the true stories of what is happening in Burma. The regime doesn’t want the world to hear the stories of refugees, child soldiers, activists and more – so stand up, tell the stories, and break the regime’s propaganda! Find out more here.

In gratitude and solidarity,

US Campaign for Burma Team

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