Friday, September 23, 2011

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Time to stop passing the parcel

Piers Akerman – Thursday, September 22, 11 (08:05 pm)

JULIA Gillard has absolutely no one to blame for the failure of her government’s people smuggler legislation but herself. Try as she might to shift the blame to the High Court, or to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, she is the author of this disaster.

But but but, it was Howards fault
but but but, it was Abbots fault

but but but,
but but but.
sounds just like the diesel engine on the clowns funny car.
but but but.
more circus clowns
but but but.

What a bloody circus.

grumpy of casino (Reply)
Thu 22 Sep 11 (08:19pm)
John Jay replied to grumpy
Thu 22 Sep 11 (10:57pm)

I love it Grumpy.


GB replied to grumpy
Thu 22 Sep 11 (11:24pm)

The greatest farce in Australian political history.
How we long for the next election to remove this
government amateurs whose incompetence knows
no bounds.

Comrade Bill replied to grumpy
Thu 22 Sep 11 (11:32pm)

We had our local MP Andrew Leigh on the local ABC radio station recently. He was spinning like a top trying to sell Gillard’s carbon tax. But a few well placed questions had him reeling. He could not even manage “but, but, but”.

It was “ba, ba, ba,ba, but”. These new Labor politicians are pathetic! Poor Andrew will never fill Bob McMullan’s shoes!

Tony replied to grumpy
Thu 22 Sep 11 (11:33pm)

We voted for the clowns
We give them our money to build the circus
Who are the ones who are laughting ?
the clowns or the poor aussies.
The full system of governance is crooked
Don’t they suppose to serve us or
to impose what they think we ought to have.
As long as we will accept to be the slave of the clowns
nothing will change, they will keep laughting and we will cry.
This is the democracy we all love to have.

Julia will sing
Tony will play the drum
We will row the boat like slave
and they will laught until the next election.
grin LOL

Winjan replied to grumpy
Thu 22 Sep 11 (11:35pm)

Sometimes it feels especially great to be an Australian Grumpy. Especially when the polls read 26% for a dud Government that spent 22 billion dollars and have racked up a debt of over $250 billion with not much to show while the mining boom is out of control.

They front the media & Parliament with their bova boy union push head jerk forward nod & shoulder jerk from side to side indicating their intimidating power status. That alone would tell the electorate that this mob are a bunch of egotistical thugs who surprisingly made the big time & actually believe in their own bullshit.

No but but but Grumpy, and never mind sly global Rudd. Jesus Christ himself or Mohammed couldn’t save this mob. Do the maths, 4000 new refugees swapped for 800 paid up illegals. Duh! What happens to the 801st illegal paid up boaty?....No answer from Ms Gillard or Mr Bowen thank you very much..... excaim

rosyrufe replied to grumpy
Fri 23 Sep 11 (06:38am)

Great post, grumpy!

Peter B replied to grumpy
Fri 23 Sep 11 (06:48am)

Lie after lie, disaster after disaster but it is always someone elses fault. Only complete fools take anything the disaster party says as the truth. Lie after lie, disaster after disaster and blame everyone but the fools who created the mess. Its business as usual for the disastrous Labor party. Another day another reminder.
These clowns are funny but the joke is on all of us.

Frank replied to grumpy
Fri 23 Sep 11 (09:35am)

Yes Tony, I agree, Gillard Rudd Labor and their accomplices have had an absolute ball which will continue apace until
the next election grower e ver more manic by the day.

After which the greatest “ party of the century” costs and assesment of the damage Labor will bequeath to the
people of Australia will begin when Tony Abbott and the
coalition take the helm and the electorate is landed with the
mammoth bills for the trashup and snouts in trough for the ALPs two term champagne and dancing girls mardi gras
Labors not the only one in a sheer panic and funkthat’s for sure.

Geometric replied to grumpy
Fri 23 Sep 11 (09:45am)

Labosr blame game (spin) no longer has resonsance with the
electorate which knows full well who is to blame.

Everytime Labor tries the blame mantra it merely demonstrates
once again its contempt for the Australian people.

Every smart arse insult has voters hammering another nail
in Labors coffin. Voters who can’t wait for the funeral to
bury Labors now seriously whiffy body at the next election and
then to move on with Tony Abbott and his government.

The sortie into PC socialism and warm fuzzies for all, except
the politically incorrect who pay Labors vast bills, has failed
miserably. Voters have learned a hard and costly lesson and
will ensure they don;t make the same mistake again.

DD Ball replied to grumpy
Fri 23 Sep 11 (10:08am)

Gillard has this tired old defence line which never seems to work for some reason but which they always seem to trot out .. “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

It didn’t work for Washington as a child, either. “I cannot tell a lie. My sister cut down that tree.”

scotty replied to grumpy
Fri 23 Sep 11 (11:00am)

grumpy, you are correct with the circus clowns comment.

I noticed Crean brought up Howard’s Work Choices in parliament yesterday. Crean again said that workers would be worse off, scaremongering as in the 2007 election. What has happened in the past few years with work choices lite? The worker can no longer come to an agreement with their employer because they have to go through their union. Notice too, how labor says employment levels have increased…….more BS because the criterion used for the stats designates a person in the employed category even if you only work for an hour a week…… talk about lying with stats ….that takes the cake!
Their standard answer is always someone else’s fault… never their own misguided thinking.
cheers ~scotty~

The AWB Investigator replied to grumpy
Fri 23 Sep 11 (11:23am)

Peter B,
I am not surprised the public tend to believe everything is someone else’s fault.
After all, most people seemed to believe bribing Saddam Hussein would make the UN Oil for Food Program in Iraq decide to buy wheat from AWB.
Such is the power of the media in Australia, the people then blamed AWB because of what they saw on Four Corners.
Honesty requires a media which can provide accurate and unbiased information.

Ivan Denisovich replied to grumpy
Fri 23 Sep 11 (04:50pm)

Lie after lie, disaster after disaster but it is always someone elses fault. Only complete fools take anything the disaster party says as the truth. Lie after lie, disaster after disaster and blame everyone but the fools who created the mess

Witness the hollowness of Gillard’s words and her hypocrisy in a speech in April:

The old way saw a victim, the old way offered an excuse.
Some today see a problem, they offer blame.

Gillard has emphatically confirmed that “ending the blame game” was just more empty rhetoric from Labor in their endless quest to claim the moral high ground.

Best treasurer for PM!
Costello, the Fairfax share price in 2003 was above $2:50 cents in 2007 it was above $4:50 cents.
Swan, the Fairfax share price in 2007 was above $4:50 cents today it traded at $0:83 cents.
Labor, in 2007 labor had over 70% support today labor have only 26% support.
Labor, debt and unemployment going up, as always.

IQ (Reply)
Thu 22 Sep 11 (08:25pm)
IQ replied to IQ
Thu 22 Sep 11 (11:13pm)

In 2007 Costello`s Future Fund was worth $62 billion today it`s worth $75 billion.
In 2007 Swans debt was zero today Swans debt is over $200 billion not to mention the $22 billion surplus squandered and the $15 billion raid on unclaimed super and talk of a raid on the Future Fund to turn in a surplus.
Labor have never delivered a surplus without selling a major government assetttt or looking looking into the future raiding the Future Fund.
If Labor had balanced the books today Australia would have one thousand billion dollars in the bank.............interest on debt!!! Never........tens of billions interest on investment coming in every year.

DT replied to IQ
Fri 23 Sep 11 (09:29am)

IQ how wealthy this nation would now be if Howard-Costello standard management had been consistently applied since WW2 without the periods of Labor budget deficits and debt in between Coalition terms in office. It could still be achieved, hopefully voter’s memories will be longer after this disasterous Labor term.

DD Ball replied to IQ
Fri 23 Sep 11 (10:12am)

I was thinking, what if the ALP cut their spending by 1%. What marvellous achievements could be paid for in 100 years? Then I thought, why not just cut the ALP government?

Dear Piers, I think that your article is already past history, though I agree with it completely, from tomorrow the new question will be: When is Rudd calling the election?
Please give us your prediction.

Gianni of Hampton vic. (Reply)
Thu 22 Sep 11 (08:26pm)
Tony replied to Gianni
Thu 22 Sep 11 (11:37pm)

What difference is this going to make, he is the one who dismantled the Howard border protection and not honest Julia.

DD Ball replied to Gianni
Fri 23 Sep 11 (10:15am)

Am I right in thinking that if Rudd is put in office before the next election it won’t affect his pension? Maybe Rudd is the cheapest alternative to Gillard on the ALP side. Personally I want the entire ALP out of office, and Abbott as PM.


ABC crosses the boundary

Miranda Devine – Thursday, September 22, 11 (09:41 am)


WHEN Lieutenant Marcus Case was killed in a helicopter crash in a remote part of southern Afghanistan in June, his army colleagues were determined to find an Australian flag to place over his casket.

To give another perspective: nowhere is there a more vivid demonstration of what she is doing to our country, than what this Gillard character did to our flag, in this programme.

The ABC has shown in drama - perhaps unwittingly - what is being played out in real life.

Sage of Sydney (Reply)
Thu 22 Sep 11 (10:21am)
DD Ball replied to Sage
Thu 22 Sep 11 (09:01pm)

It wouldn’t have been hard to amend the situation to make it more realistic. Gillard made several gaffes when she toured as PM, representing Australia. Taking her unmarried partner to some conservative Islamic nations. She touched male leaders inappropriately, as a bogan might.

Maybe the ABC could have filmed her making out under a foreign flag. To add spice, she might have wiped sweat off herself using the leaves of a religious book.

Cutting edge drama.

But then the ABC seem to make choices which insult and denigrate Australia.



Here’s a letter to The American Conservative (HT Craig Kohtz):

Pat Buchanan repeats his familiar litany against free trade and immigration (“Whose Country Is It, Anyway?” Sept. 19). That litany boils down to a simple formula: the U.S. economy declines as American consumers gain better access to lower-priced goods and services, and as American producers gain better access to lower-cost means of production.

In short, competition creates poverty, while monopoly creates wealth.

Economists have repeatedly and utterly debunked such claims for the alleged marvels of monopoly power. I’ll not here repeat any such debunking. Instead, I merely highlight one internal inconsistency in Mr. Buchanan’s own arguments.

He frequently asserts that 19th-century America’s policy of relatively high tariffs, along with its impressive economic growth, proves that protectionism promotes prosperity. End of story; full stop; no further analysis is necessary. Fact A’s simultaneous existence with fact B proves that A caused B.

Well, 19th-century America also had open immigration. So Mr. Buchanan ought to join the ranks of those of us who support a return to that policy. After all, according to the tenets of his own epistemology, the mere fact that booming 19th-century America had open immigration proves that open immigration promotes – or at least doesn’t hamper – vibrant economic growth.

Donald J. Boudreaux

UPDATE: And, in fact, the evidence does seem to indicate that open immigration- unlike protectionism – played a significant role in promoting economic growth in the latter half of 19th-century America.


Quotation of the Day…



… is from page 133 of economic historian Stuart Bruchey’s 1988 book The Wealth of the Nation: An Economic History of the United States:

In my view, there is something to be said for the suggestion that the main attention of the Congress during the years 1888-1890 was fixed on the tariff, that discussion of trusts was frequently interwined with it, and that since some opponents of the tariff had raised the cry that the tariff was the “mother of the trusts,” Congress enacted an antitrust bill to weaken opposition to the tariff.


Two more boats reported

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (11:41 am)

I’m told there are two more boats here, or nearly, with some 100 people on board. Soon to be confirmed.

So that’s another day of misery for Julia Gillard.

(Thanks to the reader who knows who he is.)


Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor confirms:

Overnight, Australian authorities have gone to the assistance of one vessel in international waters and Border Protection Command has intercepted another vessel inside Australia’s contiguous zone.

The vessel assisted was reported to be in an area approximately 100 nautical miles north of Christmas Island in the Indonesian search and rescue region… Initial indications suggest there are 66 passengers and two crew on board.

Additionally HMAS Albany, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel north east of Christmas Island early this morning....Initial indications suggest there are 60 passengers and three crew on board.


Iranians have worked out that there’s a catch-22 that means they can stay if they just touch our shore, and that includes the trouble-makers:

...the Gillard Government has been urged to take a stronger stand against failed Iranian asylum seekers, many of whom are thought to be causing much of the unrest in the nation’s detention camps.

The West Australian understands the Government has been told by senior officials that it must rethink its approach to handling the growing number of problem detainees in the camps, with authorities warning someone could soon be killed unless a firmer line is taken....It is feared that police responding to rioting and unrest may eventually be left with no choice but to use lethal force to protect their colleagues....

And authorities strongly suspect some of the Iranians denied refugee status have military backgrounds, given the group drills they have been observed performing in exercise yards.

More Iranians have made their way to Australia this year by boat than any other nationality, with 950 asylum seekers arriving. People from Afghanistan come a close second…

Many of these Iranians are now on the “negative pathway” for their visa assessment, meaning they will probably be denied a refugee visa.

But Australia is unable to return Iranians to their home country because Iran refuses to accept them.


Julia Gillard says the latest boats show that Tony Abbott should pass her amendments to rescue her Malaysian solution, and that any boats to come are his responsibility.

Question: so whose responsibility are these two boats?


Rob Oakeshott offers a deal to get Gillard’s fix to the Malaysian deal through the House of Representatives - but not the Senate, unless the Greens or Coalition switch:

NSW independent Rob Oakeshott will move an amendment to the Government’s bill which would entrench in law the regional co-operation strategy - managed by the United High Commission for Refugees - to deal with asylum seekers.

The Government will support the amendment and expects it will also get the backing of other cross benchers such as Tony Windsor, Bob Katter and Andrew Wilkie.


Facing up to a fight for a culture

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (10:45 am)

An important skirmish in the cultural war:

A French police court has issued its first fines against two women charged with wearing the full-face covering Islamic niqab.

Police have issued several on-the-spot fines since the ban came into effect in April but these are the first court-issued fines, with the women vowing to appeal their case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights…

(Thanks to reader Frank.)


Look at me, me, me

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (10:32 am)


This picture of President Barack Obama and other leaders at the Open Government Partnership event at the United Nations says an awful lot about Obama. I suspect the President of Mongolia could explain it best.
(Thanks to reader Terry.)


So much more CO2, so little more heat

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (10:19 am)

The European Commission Joint Research Centre says all that cutting of carbon dioxide isn’t achieving much:

Global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) – the main cause of global warming – increased by 45 % between 1990 and 2010, and reached an all-time high of 33 billion tonnes in 2010. Increased energy efficiency, nuclear energy and the growing contribution of renewable energy are not compensating for the globally increasing demand for power and transport, which is strongest in developing countries.

It’s odd that this explosion of emissions over the past 20 years hasn’t caused a huge rise in temperature over the past decade:


Gore bores

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (10:16 am)

Does Al Gore inflate his ratings figures like he inflates global warming alarms?

It was called ‘24 Hours of Reality’, but Al Gore’s latest climate change campaign appears to have come up against a very inconvenient truth.

The former vice president had said that his day-long online marathon of talks on the environment on Thursday had been watched by as many as 8.6million people.

But it has now been claimed that the number of people logging on for the highly publicised presentations that were streamed around the world was closer to 17,000 people.

(Thanks to reader Craig.)


Thinking with your brain isn’t the vibe any more

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (10:01 am)

Less snow at Spencer’s Creek tells Anthony Sharwood that man is warming the globe:

My gut tells me the snow is disappearing much quicker than it would be if people weren’t spewing all kinds of gunk into the atmosphere.

OK, so this isn’t scientific, but who cares?

But as someone who has not missed an Australian snow season as either visitor or resort employee for 31 years now, the rate of snow decline just feels wrong… In short, and to paraphrase the movie The Castle, “it’s the vibe”.

And it’s also the vibe to say no one has been scaremongering, other than the scaremongers:

Now, no one’s saying the snow is going to disappear entirely this century, as predicted by a 2003 CSIRO report with a distinctly doomsday tone. But slowly, it’s going.

(Thanks to reader Mark.)


Mirabella gets the treatment that Gillard is spared

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (09:44 am)

This sliming of Sophie Mirabella seems to me rather vindictive. It strikes me as an attempt by her former lover’s family to use a public shaming to get from her what they might not get from court action.

Naturally, the Leftist Age devotes huge space to it that they have refused to give to another politician’s relationship to a past lover - a relationship involving a lot more money and far more questionable judgements.

But, of course, Julia Gillard is of the Left - and has more power to punish.


Iran’s fascist snubbed

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (09:15 am)

Bravo to the West for turning their back to evil, but how alarming that such a man leads a once-great nation:

THE United States has led a mass walkout of the UN General Assembly as Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched an outspoken attack on Western nations. The Iranian leader again cast doubt on the origins of the Holocaust and the September 11, 2001 attacks and criticised the United States for killing Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden rather than bringing him to trial.

European countries use the Holocaust as an excuse to pay “ransom to the Zionists,” he said. The “diabolical” aims of the West are the cause of wars and the financial crisis, Ahmadinejad stormed.

In a repeat of walkouts at the United Nations and other international events in recent years, a US diplomat monitoring the speech in the UN General Assembly left halfway through the 20-minute discourse.

The 27 European Union nations then followed in a coordinated protest move.

“Mr Ahmadinejad had a chance to address his own people’s aspirations for freedom and dignity, but instead he again turned to abhorrent anti-Semitic slurs and despicable conspiracy theories,” said US mission spokesman Mark Kornblau.

And, of course, he’s a Truther:

The Iranian leader accused the US of using the “mysterious” September 11 attacks as a “pretext” to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ahmadinejad starts his rant with an appeal for the return of the ”Hidden Imam”.


Did Gillard leak against Rudd? Today’s car-crash special

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (09:03 am)

Former Labor powerbroker Graham Richardson says Julia Gillard is so incompetent that she probably even leaked yesterday’s story about Kevin Rudd’s travel expenses:

How is it possible that Labor could get to a point where it was out-rednecking the Coalition on refugees?… Now Labor brings in legislation that nobody wants into a parliament certain to reject it. .: it is almost as if the government wants to keep feeling the pain of failure....

All of this happens in the week that Newspoll comes out and says Labor’s primary vote is down to 26 per cent… Leadership speculation is inevitable in this climate of confusion and desperation. Kevin Rudd is the name on every journalist’s lips…

Rudd, of course, is doing nothing to dampen down this speculation and no doubt he will be emboldened by that stupid leak to The Daily Telegraph. If the Prime Minister or her office had workshopped for a month to find the most ham-fisted, clumsy way to leak a damaging story on Rudd’s largesse on his overseas trips, they couldn’t have been silly enough to come up with this. This one had the PM’s fingerprints all over it

Rudd always had some supporters and the prospect of losing 40 seats has seen that support base grow from about 10 to somewhere in the early 20s.

(UPDATE: On Sky News, Richardson backs off his allegation, accusing Gillard of no more than stupidity in having her office commit to writing a rebuke best done over the phone.)

Talking about finding ways to aggravate Kevin Rudd:

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard knocked back a request for Kevin Rudd to travel on a junket to the US in January to celebrate Australia week, it can be revealed...

Mr Rudd’s proposal to attend the red-carpet G’Day USA event in New York and Los Angeles was submitted in November last year, only two months after he was appointed Foreign Minister. But it was met with a brick wall from Ms Gillard…

Ms Gillard sent Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson instead to rub shoulders with Australian and international stars and models such as Jess Hart and Rachael Taylor and John Travolta…

A written response by the Prime Minister two weeks ago to a Coalition Senate question on notice revealed ... “A number of ministers, including the Foreign Minister proposed to attend an Australian tourism promotion event and undertake related meetings in the US in January 2011...It was decided the Minister for Tourism should attend.”

Mr Rudd’s office yesterday said even if it had been approved, he would not have been able to attend because of the Queensland floods.

It was, of course, financially prudent to send only one minister to this glorified junket. It was not politically prudent to have Rudd now made to look like a grasper put in his box by Gillard - even though Gillard was quite right to try to stem his jet-setting ways.

The Coalition has created a lot of mischief - successfully - by betraylng a confidence and peddling hotly contested rumors:

A FEDERAL Labor backbencher has outed herself as the MP Opposition Leader Tony Abbott was referring to while rumours circulated in Canberra that foreign minister Kevin Rudd was calling colleagues to test support for a leadership challenge…

However, NT Labor Senator Trish Crossin has vehemently denied Mr Rudd spoke to her this week about a return to the ALP leadership, saying the call actually took place three or four weeks ago.

Senator Crossin said the former prime minister talked about an Aboriginal football team, of which he is the patron…

CLP Senator Nigel Scullion, also from the NT, revealed himself as a witness to the conversation, which he said happened on Tuesday.

“We had a broad ranging conversation as one does over a couple of bottles of wine and as part of that conversation there was an indication that the person she’d been speaking to when I came into the room was in fact Kevin Rudd, who talked about whether he was going to run or not run,” Senator Scullion told the Nine Network.

“And she said ‘Well, I think he’s a bit reluctant to do those sort of things but he appears only to have ... he’s only nine votes short or something.”

Rudd denies he’s ringing MPs, and I suspect he’d indeed be circumspect:

Mr Rudd, who is in New York for UN meetings, yesterday categorically ruled out angling to retake the Labor leadership, amid rumours he was testing party numbers to unseat Ms Gillard.

The Foreign Minister said yesterday that claims he had been talking to Labor colleagues about a possible leadership challenge were incorrect…

On Wednesday, Coalition MPs were spreading rumours that Mr Rudd, who has recently ended a two-month convalescence from heart surgery, had been “working the phones” from New York. It is understood Mr Rudd has not been canvassing support, but several MPs previously hopeful of a Gillard recovery have confirmed they believe she will be unable to recover from her long period of poor polling, particularly while Mr Abbott confounds progress on the asylum-seeker issue. It is understood several MPs are promoting Mr Rudd among their colleagues.

But Dennis Shanahan is certain:

It has begun. The destabilisation of Julia Gillard’s leadership is under way, there is no knowing where it will end or what the result will be, but be in no doubt - it has begun.

Phillip Coorey hears much the same:

During the last fortnight of Parliament, MPs, especially those in marginal seats, say they have been approached by colleagues loyal to Mr Rudd and told that they would lose their seats if there was not a change.

‘’I was told ‘if you want to keep your seat, you need to change’,’’ one MP told the Herald…

‘’The atmosphere is despairing but the speculation is low key,’’ said one MP who believes change to be inevitable but not soon. ‘’It will happen, the question is when.’’


But the carbon dioxide tax costings will be child’s play

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (07:18 am)

But I’m sure the Government’s costings on the carbon dioxide tax’s effect on the entire economy are more accurate:

CHILDCARE centres are jacking up their fees as much as $25 a day to pay for the extra staff required to meet tough new quality regulations next year.

Working parents will typically be charged at least $20 a week more for childcare from January, despite federal government calculations that the quality reforms would cost parents 57 cents a week, rising to $8.67 a week by 2014.

(Thanks to reader CA.)


Teach more about the Stolen Generations, but this time the truth

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (07:04 am)

A NEW history curriculum must be delayed because it is insulting to indigenous people and in need of critical improvements, the National Sorry Day Committee says.

The committee says the curriculum does not include enough study of the stolen generations and the effects of colonisation…

The group wants grade 3 students to learn about National Sorry Day alongside other significant days such as Anzac Day.

Perhaps more indeed should be taught about tne National Sorry Day - including the committee promoting it. For instance, children should know that a co-patron of the committee, Lowitja O’Donoghue, claimed to have been stolen as a child when she was not. We should also teach children that so hard is it to discuss the truth about our past that the entire nation held a sorry day for Aboriginal children stolen from their parents for racist reasons, even though no one has yet been able to name even 10 such cases.

Teach this, too, about an industry of victimhood:

Even the then Bracks Government’s Stolen Generations Taskforce, chaired by Aboriginal spokesman Jim Berg, conceded there had been “no formal policy for removing children” from Aboriginal parents in the state. Indeed, while the Taskforce could find 36 organisations helping the state’s “stolen generations”, it could not find one truly stolen child, even though it ran advertisements pleading for them to come forward.

That is the true message of Sorry Day.


Fair Cop buyers knock off early, too

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (06:58 am)

Another failure for the two women:

CHRISTINE Nixon’s book, ‘Fair Cop’, has failed to make the bestsellers list, despite extensive media coverage and promotional events across the country.

The latest Nielsen BookScan figures show 4300 copies of Ms Nixon’s memoir have sold since Prime Minister Julia Gillard launched the book on August 3.

Actually, it’s also a flop for a third woman, Melbourne University Press head Louise Adler, who seems to commission books by the truckload - perhaps more than is wise.


Drowning or bouncing?

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (06:52 am)

Does anyone really know if the West is sinking or just bouncing?

INVESTORS have staged a global flight from risk that sent US stocks plummeting and 10-year Treasury yields to 1940s levels, after a gloomy outlook by the Federal Reserve renewed fears of a global economic slowdown.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 391.01 points, or 3.51 per cent, to 10,733.83, as investors barrelled out of stocks and into “safe” assets like the US dollar, which surged.

The vulnerable Australian dollar had dropped to US97.62 cents by 6.20am AEST… The local currency has fallen about 12 per cent since its post-float peak of $US1.1081, touched on July 27.

In response to the steep fall on Wall Street, the Australian share price index futures contract fell 71 points, suggesting the benchmark S&P/ASX 200 will decline about 1.8 per cent in early trade.

The US blue-chip measure fell more than 500 points in late trading, averting its lowest close in a year with a late-session lift....

A weak reading on manufacturing in China contributed to the slowdown fears. Adding to the grim mood was a lack of appreciable progress in containing Europe’s debt crisis, which has weighed on markets for months.


The dead should matter to the Left

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (06:49 am)

Mark Latham nails the Left’s blindness to the consequences of their self-righteousness:

Labor senator Doug Cameron on ABC Radio’s The World Today on September 2:

WE should stop making asylum-seekers the problem and vilifying asylum-seekers. It’s not their problem that the only way they can get here is through people-smugglers.

Mark Latham in The Australian Financial Review yesterday.

NORMALLY, when families are killed, as many were on the cliffs of Christmas Island last December and in scores of other boatpeople drownings, it is regarded as a problem. Not for Cameron, however. He sees no problem in asylum-seekers bypassing United Nations processing centres and paying people-smugglers large amounts of money to sail to Australia. Apparently he is untroubled by the use of ramshackle vessels for this task. Cameron and his colleagues must be incredibly, indeed barbarically, stubborn not to abandon the left-wing shibboleth of onshore processing.


Here NSW goes again

Andrew Bolt – Friday, September 23, 11 (05:57 am)

Different NSW Government, same old stuff:

A STATE government minister was accused of a gay sex act in public but police will not take the matter further because the people who first made the allegation declined to make a complaint.

Premier Barry O’Farrell’s office said the minister was “ready to roll” with lawyers and mount defamation action if he was named. He denied the allegation, first aired on Channel 9.

But the consolation is that this is an unproven allegation about conduct that the complainants themselves thought not worth investigating anyway.

So ALP NSW chief Robertson is seen kissing Bob Brown, but that isn't news worthy. That is ok with me.
NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell says he believes the word of a senior government minister who has denied allegations he was caught in a public sex act.
As images go, this suggests one builds up their deposits until they are flushed with excess.
IT sounds like something from the creepy '70s science fiction film Soylent Green - but this latest form of body disposal is a slimy reality.
I thought the science was settled?
Nothing is supposed to go faster than light. But on Thursday scientists at the world's largest physics lab say they clocked subatomic particles doing just that.
Obama shrinks
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I have an interview with detectives at Fairfield Police station next week. It is to do with Hamidur Rahman and the coroner's office. I understand the interview will be recorded. I want to thank Zaya Toma and Andrew Rohan, Liberal for Smithfield for making it possible for me to speak on my behalf.
My other car is Adaptiv
From grenades and rifles to drones, fighter jets and tanks, the 2011 Defense & Security Equipment International show (DSEi) held every two years in London had it all. So what was best in show this year?
Cool science
It sounds like science fiction: While volunteers watched movie clips, a scanner watched their brains. And from their brain activity, a computer made rough reconstructions of what they viewed.
Obama is shrinking
President Obama put some local pressure on the top two Republicans in Congress Thursday, using a speech near a bridge connecting their home states to demand they support his jobs bill. Republicans countered that the stimulus bill he's pushing wouldn't do much to rebuild the bridge anyway.
Rudd v Gillard. Who gets to drown?
Andrew writes for Melbourne's Herald Sun, Sydney's Daily Telegraph and Adelaide's Advertiser. He runs Australia's most-read political blog, is on MTR 1377 mornings. He’ll host Channel 10’s The Bolt Report each Sunday at 10am
Unbalanced article fails to show why he was convicted.
THE US state of Georgia has executed controversial death row prisoner Troy Davis after a last-ditch delay.
Bizarre. Karaoke singer kept hidden six women, two whom he killed. Communist.
A CHINESE man has been accused of murdering two women and keeping four more as sex slaves in a dungeon for two years.
They say they are doing their best
DONNA Thomas has been waiting eight years for any clues about her two-year-old son's death but says her torment has been made worse by police doing nothing about his case.
A guilty person would behave no differently
CONVICTED sex offender Malcolm Arthur Fox has abandoned his appeal due to stress, but maintains he is an innocent man.
Would you buy a virgin from that man?
WHEN she took delivery of her new car, Emma Coombe expected it to have close to zero kilometres on the clock.
Garret supports the NSWTF behaving like HSU
THE state plan to give government schools limited autonomy is under attack from Federal Schools Minister Peter Garrett for sending out "mixed messages".
SHE is the sister of Sydney double killer Bruce Burrell; a woman who admits to hanging on to a gun he owned after he was jailed for murdering Kerry Whelan.
Stop supporting the government
INDEPENDENT MP Andrew Wilkie believes Prime Minister Gillard is trying to "cook the books" by introducing draft laws that would resurrect its controversial people-swap deal with Malaysia.
IT'S not cheap enough yet for everyday use, but getting valuable hydrogen from water and food-scraps just got a little bit closer.
Thank you
SUICIDE prevention campaigner and founder of R U OK? Day, Gavin Larkin, has died after a 19-month battle with cancer. He was 42.
Thank you ALP
THE great Aussie dream of secure home ownership is rapidly fading for Generation Y with just one in 40 expected to own their properties outright when they retire.
Lol, the same criticism applied to the first series.
THE latest transformation of Charlie's Angels is not a reboot made in heaven, according to top US critics.
Welcome. Seek Gillard
THE six-tonne satellite on a death spiral heading for Earth is likely to smack down in the Pacific region early on Saturday, scientists said last night.
A win for members. A loss for ALP
UNION boss Michael Williamson stood aside as secretary of the Health Services Union yesterday as the organisation announced an independent review of its finances and contracts in the face of corruptio...
Channel 9 desperate to support ALP
A STATE government minister was accused of a gay sex act in public but police will not take the matter further because the people who first made the allegation declined to make a complaint.
He still spent $1 million in nine months. That isn't frugal.
PRIME Minister Julia Gillard knocked back a request for Kevin Rudd to travel on a junket to the US in January to celebrate Australia week, it can be revealed.
Drugs are bad
AFTER confronting career criminal Azzam Naboulsi, Sonya Shaikho realises her life could have changed in a split second.

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