Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jesus Family Center's Mission Statement and short history

To present Christ to all people, regardless of their cultural background, in a life changing way, and to establish a fellowship of believers who are committed to God’s purposes and to each other in caring, loving relationship which transcend culture, race and nationality.
The mission of Jesus Family Centre is to...
REACH out to all the ethnic groups found in this area and to see God establish His redeemed community within each of these people groups.
BUILD a church which expresses the diversity of the communities in the area and also the unity of Christ in His people; displaying that in Christ racial and cultural barriers can be crossed and people can build a strong loving relationship, expressing that in Christ we are all one.
SEND out from the fellowship called and anointed people with vision to be involved in the great commission of Jesus, which is to go and make disciples of all nations.
Jesus Family was birthed out of a vision placed in the hearts of David and Chih Yunn Boyd, the senior pastor and his wife.
In 1989 a small fellowship was started in a house in Cabramatta. The church has moved location several times with meetings being held in a local Scout Hall, Community Hall and in School Premises. The current location in the centre of Cabramatta was purchased in 2002.
From the beginning, Jesus Family Centre has attempted to reach out to all people groups, and this has been reflected in the multi nature of its congregation and its leadership.
In 1993 the church became one of the initial members of the New Life Churches of Australia, which began as a daughter organization of the New Life Churches of New Zealand.
In August 2003 the church adopted a small church in Bankstown.
Jesus Family Centre is a mission-focused church. Its primary focus is to work with those who have gone out from the church to be involved in church planting. We have already seen churches planted in Nepal and Peru, and are planning to plant several churches in Ethiopia next year. As well as this we are working in partnership with churches in Myanmar and Vietnam to advance God’s kingdom.
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