Saturday, May 30, 2009

Headlines Saturday 30th May 2009

Western Distributor: head on collision
Police are asking for witnesses to come forward after a man fled following a serious head on crash in Sydney.

National swine flu toll hits 209
A cruise-ship, with swine-flu passengers, will stop in Queensland today as the national toll hits 209

Deceased recieve $900 stimulus
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull trade blows over stimulus payments to dead people.

Wealthy rort Rudd's tax bonus handout
RICH taxpayers are claiming multiple $900 bonus payments while battlers are missing out.

US asks Rudd to take Gitmo detainees
A new request from the United States to resettle Guantanamo detainees will be considered by the Rudd government

Private school girls told to cover up
STUDENTS ordered to wear leggings at functions to reduce the risk of sexual assault.

Ad called for Obama assassination
A NEWSPAPER says an ad calling for the murder of Barack Obama was an "honest mistake".

Rapists have had phones in jail 'for years'
THE two mobile phones the rapist Skaf brothers were found with in a high security prison were used to call friends and family.

Nadal makes short work of Hewitt
Australia's Lleyton Hewitt has been knocked out of the French Open by the irrepressible world No.1 Rafael Nadal in their marquee third-round encounter.
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Tim Blair
It’s another instant web fame moment.
Tim Blair
Natalie performs the Hoedown Throwdown. In a monkey outfit:

In this instance, I'm a furvert. - ed.
Who better to help strip NSW bare?
Andrew Bolt

The sacking was an absurd overreaction to start with, but the revelations since make the Rees Government look even more ridiculous:

THE senior policy adviser whose allegations of harassment brought down a minister was a London lap dancer before rising through the ranks of the NSW Government, she told friends. Tina Sanger, whose accusations of bullying and touching against Labor MP Tony Stewart led to his dismissal last year, also told them she was a former lap dancer at the exclusive men’s club Spearmint Rhino in Melbourne…

An investigation by The Daily Telegraph has also revealed that Ms Sanger did not hold the qualifications she relied on to get a government job. Salford University in the UK has confirmed Ms Sanger does not have a science degree - or any degree - as claimed in her CV.

Who vets these people?
They want to be remembered for spending this much?
Andrew Bolt
The trouble with losing billions is that you no longer care about wasting millions:

MORE than $3.6m is to be spent buying plaques and signs to ensure Australian schools display their gratitude to the Rudd Government for its education building blitz.
Fitzgibbon was a Chinese target: claim
Andrew Bolt
You’d be astonished, of course, that the Defence Minister’s landlady didn’t decide all by herself to lavish cash and attention on her tenant, and introduce him to 60 Chinese generals:

ASSOCIATES of the businesswoman Helen Liu claim Chinese intelligence services asked them to cultivate a relationship with Joel Fitzgibbon and his father, Eric Fitzgibbon, after they were flown first-class to China in 1993. Sources with close ties to the company that paid for the trip also allege that Chinese agents had electronically monitored the pair during their visit.

Regardless of the truth of these particular claims, Joel Fitzgibbon is such a naif that he cannot be allowed to serve as the Minister in charge of our security. The very idea is a joke.
Gillard spares waiters
Andrew Bolt
Julia Gillard concedes a principle to save thousands of jobs threatened by her pro-union plans:

RESTAURANTS and cafes will be spared paying large wage rises to staff as part of the Rudd Government’s rewrite of industrial laws after Julia Gillard, bowing to employer pressure, moved to create a separate award for the industry.

Michael Stutchbury approves but wonders why only the restaurant sector is spared this job-killer:

But this still concedes a principle that challenges the whole award “modernisation” program she has outsourced to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission: that work and pay conditions should be tailored to the varying needs of different industries… Other industries hit by award modernisation, including fast-food operators, pharmacies and many other retailers, should now demand work and pay rules that suit them rather than unions and industrial judges.
We’re now the uncivilised
Andrew Bolt
When Australia is too brutal for India to tolerate, and our police too ineffectual, what on earth must we conclude about ourselves? It’s a remarkable inversion of perceptions from the days I was a boy.


If only our own authorities were as horrified as Indian diplomats by our slide into brutality:

A FORMER ACTU research officer and ALP policy committee president who pleaded guilty to possessing and accessing more than 4000 images and videos of child pornography has avoided an immediate jail sentence.

Australian Federal Police seized a computer, an external hard drive and several CDs and DVDs containing child pornography after a raid last year on the home of Stephen de Rozairo, who was the chief executive of a western suburbs-based youth training organisation at the time.

The Victorian County Court heard yesterday that officers found 4282 images, three-quarters of which were cartoons, and 53 videos involving children between one and 16 years old, some of whom were gagged or bound.
Rudd can’t say “billion”, Oakes can’t say “spin”
Andrew Bolt
Laurie Oakes explains away the most bizarre spin of Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan:

Rudd and Wayne Swan played into Turnbull’s hands when they botched the post-Budget sales pitch through an apparent reluctance to use the figures - a deficit of $57.6 billion and debt peaking at more than $300 billion.

“Apparent” reluctance? Judge how merely “apparent” it was in this interview and this. Yet Oakes insists:

But those pundits who put this down to misguided “spin” are off the mark. It is the result of old-fashioned, unadulterated incompetence.

The advice of the spin-doctors - accepted by the Prime Minister and the Treasurer - was that the Government should embrace the numbers, not run away from them.

Swan did not leave the deficit figure out of his Budget speech deliberately. It was supposed to be there. Stuff-up, not spin, was the explanation.

Really? Then how odd it was that this “stuff up’’ was repeated in Swan’s Budget speech to the National Press Club, where once again the only figure he failed to give was for the deficit. And that in later interviews he baulked again and again at giving the figure. Can Oakes seriously claim this was not spin, but a mere oversight?

Apparently yes:

And when Rudd kept saying that the debt would peak at “around 300” - without using the words “dollar” or “billion” - it was not a cunning ploy to avoid giving the Liberals a line they could use in their election commercials.

The PM is simply a sucker for jargon. Saying “300” instead of “300 billion dollars” is Treasury-speak. Having sat around with Treasury boffins for weeks preparing the Budget, Rudd started talking like them.

And if you believe that, Oakes has another line to sell you - that the Opposition is bungling by linking the wild spending of Rudd to that of Gough Whitlam:

Whitlam, Labor’s 92-year-old folk hero is such a loveable, great-grandfatherly figure these days, and his period in office was so long ago, that using him to frighten the horses just doesn’t work.

What on earth has got into Oakes?
Pearson: Kerry will have to quit
Andrew Bolt
Christopher Pearson draws conclusions from the alleged tequila talk - post-Budget - of the ABC’s Kerry O’Brien:

In reply to one (Liberal) staff member’s remark that he had a high regard for Peter Costello, O’Brien reportedly said: “Well, good luck to you then ... I don’t. He doesn’t like politics; he has always been the first one out of here (Canberra) on Thursday. Peter Costello does not have the nation’s interests at heart; he is only in it for himself, always has been, always will be ... He needs to get out ... He is a sponge… Costello was lazy, he simply rode on the consequences of the Keating and Hawke wave of economic reform.” ...

Before the group dispersed, one of the staff members tells me O’Brien offered them “a group hug” but they politely declined…

Throughout the life of the previous government, Coalition MPs from John Howard down tended to assume that an interview on O’Brien’s program (7.30 Report) was bound to be hostile. On the strength of these reported remarks, that assumption appears warranted…

(O’Brien’s) reported remarks about Costello would suggest partisan bias and possibly contempt. Laziness and being in politics only out of self-interest are grave accusations. Indifference to the nation’s interests is graver… If the member for Higgins were ever to return to a leadership role in his party, some Liberals would expect O’Brien to stand down from his position.
SUV beats Prius
Andrew Bolt
Bad news for Monk, and worse for Prius in this epic clash of motoring values (pic here):

AUSTRALIAN actress Sophie Monk was taken to hospital today by paramedics after she was in a car crash in Hollywood. TMZ reports she was driving through Hollywood in a black Prius when a collision occured with another driver of an SUV… The driver of the other vehicle did not appear to be injured, it was reported.
25 now dead since Rudd became “kinder”
Andrew Bolt
Another seven people lured to their deaths since Kevin Rudd introduced “kinder” policies on boat people:

A WOODEN boat that sank off the coast of Indonesia, killing at least seven passengers, was carrying Afghans who were on their way to Australia, an official says.

This now makes 25 people at least who have died trying to reach Australia since Rudd softened our laws. Is kindness best measured by intentions or results?
All about how whites feel
Andrew Bolt
Is nothing to be asked of Aborigines, then?

The raison d’etre of Reconciliation Victoria was to improve the lives of Aboriginal Victorians by changing, through education, the attitudes of the 99 per cent of the population who are non-indigenous.

And is it really true that Aborigines are simply held back by the bad thoughts of whites? In this way the reconciliation is not just useless, but entrenches the very divisions it claims to deplore.
Then the peacock said to the parrott…
Andrew Bolt
I can’t say, it having been a private meeting, just how Kevin Rudd greeted me when we last met, but the man has a very telling habit of choosing to be addressed as Mr Prime Minister while asserting his superior position by bestowing nicknames on those he addresses. For instance:

Alan Jones must have been thrilled to see the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, making his way towards him at a cocktail function he was MC’ing at Parliament House on Wednesday night - until the PM opened his mouth to greet the radio host… But we can only speculate as to what flashed through the mind of Jones when Rudd smiled widely and greeted him as “the Parrot”.

What is one to say in return without diminishing of the office of Prime Minister? I’ve said before that power and self-assertion is Rudd’s essential motivation in public life. Hence the spin, of course.
No reporting is misreporting
Andrew Bolt
From The Age’s “sensitive” coverage you’d assume the attacks here on Indians and Bangladeshis were just one more expression of the appalling racism of mainstream Australia:

THE Indian Government has demanded that Australian authorities do more to protect Indian students after a series of brutal attacks in Melbourne that have left victims in hospital…

In the latest assault, four students were attacked with a screwdriver by gatecrashers at a party in Hadfield, in Melbourne’s north, on Saturday night… On Monday, Baljinder Singh, 25, a student, was stabbed in Carnegie as he walked alone at night… Earlier this month, Sourabh Sharma, 21, was bashed and robbed on a train and last year two students working as taxi drivers were assaulted.

The attacks have received widespread publicity in India, adding to foreign scrutiny of Australia’s record on racial tolerance following claims of racism levelled this week by former Telstra chief Sol Trujillo.

“Australia, land of racism’’ said a headline in the influential Economic Times. News blog sites were also swamped with comments accusing Australians of racism, and the story has featured prominently on Indian television news.

Notice that while the ethnicity of the victims is freely mentioned, that of the attackers is not? All we can gather is that the attackers must be Australians of the kind also responsible for insulting Trujillo and our “record” on racial tolerance.

Indeed, the Sydney Morning Herald confirms exactly that impression:, a website in Mr Theerthala’s home state, said, ”Westerners are not as competitive as Indians, and so resort to violence to show their frustration at being academically overshadowed.”

But would you leap to that (false) conclusion if Australian reporters were as frank and informative as those of the Beyond India Monthly, which published this witness statement from yet another attack in Sunshine?

Tanveer and Nusrat…
4th of Jan Sunday Night at 11.30 pm…

When i turned on anderson road i saw 4 black men standing over there . They were blocking my way i requested them way they started abusing me and my wife nasir . I kept low i preffered to step on the road and go around them as i walked bit further one of them came running behind us and hit me with the stick . Then they started hitting my wife . And man handeled her my wife escaped and ran for help on the road while they were beeting me .... I want action against those african guys . I want them arrested and punished So that they dont touch any lady again.
ABC “balance” is when it’s 2 to 1
Andrew Bolt
The ShadowLands runs a ruler on the ABC’s Q&A, which is said to have tried especially hard to be balanced. Leaving aside the obvious political leanings of its host, Tony Jones, we find this:

* 42 out of 80 guests were lefties (52.5 %)

* 27 out of 80 guests were righties (33.75%)

* 11 out of 80 guests were of indeterminate political persuasion (13.75%)

* Excluding the two Federal politicians from opposing sides who appeared each week, 27 guests were lefties, 12 were righties and 11 were of indeterminate political persuasion.

* Three Islamic representatives were given the chance to speak for the Islamic world, but no Jewish people were given a similar opportunity any week. One Jewish person who did appear, (Louise Adler) spread vile falsehoods about Israel that the show has yet to correct.

* Only one vocal AGW climate sceptic appeared, namely Andrew Bolt...

Go to the link for more analysis and to discover who ShadowLands has tagged as a “rightie” or “indeterminate”. You’ll find he’s been quite generous, yet the results still don’t flatter Q&A, which seems to operate on the usual ABC principle applied to the token conservatives the broadcaster deigns to invite: Be glad we let any of you speak at all.


Speaking of balance and token conservatives, I’ll be on Insiders on Sunday.
Our cash could just sweeten Holden’s sale
Andrew Bolt
But, but, but:

Holden may be sold by General Motors even if the parent company avoids bankruptcy expected this week, some car industry experts believe.

But what about the $149 million of our money that Kevin Rudd sunk into Holden just last year? More handouts to the dead?
Name 10 of the people global warmed to death
Andrew Bolt
Which people were killed directly by global warming? Where? Name, say, 10:

CLIMATE change kills about 315,000 people a year through hunger, sickness and weather disasters, and the annual death toll is expected to rise to half a million by 2030.

Not a single reputable climate scientist, I’d wager, would guarantee the truth of that wild claim. So who actually made it?

A study commissioned by the Geneva-based Global Humanitarian Forum...

Oh, and which reputable climate scientist fronts it?

“Climate change is the greatest emerging humanitarian challenge of our time, causing suffering to hundreds of millions of people worldwide,” Kofi Annan, former UN secretary-general and GHF president, said.

Oh dear. And what does Annan want, as if I couldn’t already guess?

To avoid the worst outcomes, the report says efforts to adapt to the effects of climate change must be scaled up 100 times in developing countries. International funds pledged for this purpose amount to only $400 million ($510 miilion), compared with an average estimated cost of $32 billion ($40 billion) annually, it notes.

For $40 billion, even I might be tempted to peddle such despicable nonsense.


Professor Ian Plimer explains why the academics attacking his bestseller Heaven and Earth - which explains the case against catastrophic man-made warming - have been so short on science and so long on personal abuse:

Green politics have taken the place of failed socialism and Western Christianity and impose fear, guilt, penance and indulgences on to a society with little scientific literacy. We are now reaping the rewards of politicising science and dumbing down the education system. If book sales, public meetings, book launches, email and phone messages are any indication, there is a large body of disenfranchised folk out there who feel helpless. I have shown that the emperor has no clothes. This is why the attacks are so vitriolic.

And he has a suggestion for seven of our most strident warming preachers:

In a wonderful gesture of public spiritedness, seven academics who include three lead authors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and a former director of the World Climate Research Program wrote to Australian power generating companies on April 29 instructing them to cease and desist creating electricity from coal....

“The warming of the atmosphere, driven by human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases, is already causing unacceptable damage and suffering around the world.”
No evidence is provided for this statement and no signatory to this letter has published anything to support this claim. These university staff are unctuously understanding about the plight of those who face employment extinction in the smokestack towns of Australia.

They write: “We understand that this will require significant social and economic transition that will need to be managed carefully to care for coal sector workers and coal-dependent communities.”. This love for fellow workers brings tears to the eyes.

The electricity generating companies should reply by cutting off the power to academics’ homes and host institutions, forcing our ideologues to lead by example.
Australia comes after Iceland
Andrew Bolt
All those calls Kevin Rudd boasted of having made to his pals in the Obama administration, and then this:

The US President yesterday announced a swath of new ambassadors, from Iceland to India. Despite not having had a US ambassador in Canberra since Mr Obama’s inauguration on January 20, Australia did not figure in the 12 new US ambassadors nominated yesterday.
Gender and Racial Politics Take Center Stage
By Bill O'Reilly
The nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court has focused the country once again on race and gender, a political discussion that can get very nasty. Listen to this exchange on NBC News:


PAT BUCHANAN: He got down to four women. Not a single white male. All women and then we're going to pick the Hispanic.

NORA O'DONNELL, NBC NEWS: Did it ever occur to you, Pat, maybe there weren't any white men who were qualified?

BUCHANAN: Yes — no, it did not occur to me. You mean there are no white males qualified? That would be an act of bigotry to make a statement like that.

O'DONNELL: In the past there have been no women that have been qualified.

BUCHANAN: They certainly have been qualified in the past.


So I guess according to Ms. O'Donnell, it's payback time.

No matter how you feel about Judge Sotomayor, you should understand that there is a double standard when it comes to evaluating political people. If you are a woman or a minority, you will be treated differently, especially in the liberal press. The left sees white men as a problem. They believe women and minorities in power is a solution to that problem. That is called gender and race politics.

With minority voters now able to swing presidential elections, gender and racial situations become extremely important.

This morning I received an interesting letter from Eileen Mullan, who lives in Weston, Wisconsin: "Bill, you state the GOP will alienate Hispanic voters if they fight against Ms. Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court. Perhaps you are right, but I don't think you understand how many of us voting citizens are sick of the political games."

I am very aware of voter anger, Eileen. And the Republican Party should challenge the judge, but in a meaningful way. Calling her names will damage the party. Respectful debate will not. That's my point.

Of course, it is true that the liberal media was vicious towards Judge Clarence Thomas and Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, and the Democratic Party does not seem to have paid a price for that, as blacks and Hispanic-Americans continue to support the Dems in large numbers.

But the media spin is this: If conservatives go after women or minorities, they are seen as bullies. If liberals attack minorities who are conservative, they are still seen as champions of the underdog. That is brutally unfair, but when has the media ever been fair?

So President Obama shrewdly nominated a judge who will most likely be confirmed and whose presence could damage the Republican Party in the process. Another big time political move from Mr. Obama, who certainly learned his Chicago lessons well.
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