Wednesday, May 27, 2009

glitter... right there

December 16, 2008
everyone loves glitter. I remember once in art class a teacher actually said that anything with glitter on it wasn't allowed to be called art. Sucks to him because he obviously hadn't seen my english poster circa 1992
hope you're all well
I remember hearing this story about a mum who was run off her feet, and yet had to make time for a doctor's examination. Her daughter was planning for a school presentation as a fairy and had placed glitter all over herself in practice. First thing, she got all the kids together and took them to school, making sure they were all fed and had money and knew where they were supposed to be. Then she rushed home, showered and went to the doctor. The doctor commented that she was taking care of herself. Later that day, the daughter preparing herself for the presentation complained to her "Mommy, mommy. Someone has used my glitter towel."
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