Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A local Job Network provider who lost their contracts to two Sydney-based agencies deserves an explanation, according to Senator Sue Boyce, Senator for Queensland.

“I sat down with Nat Minniecon and Mitch Burke, directors of Minniecon and Burke, and they told me they will be forced to close down their businesses and their eight offices between Gladstone and Cairns, retrenching 100 staff.

“I cannot understand why a successful local company, with a very high DEEWR rating, lost their contracts to two much larger interstate organisations.

“Minniecon and Burke have been a regional Queensland success story. Their successful involvement in indigenous employment has established them as a role model.

“In one unexplained pen stroke, Minister O’Connor has destroyed 14 years of solid growth.

“I’ll be following up on this when Parliament resumes in May. On their track record alone, the agency deserves to be treated fairly.

“In the current economic climate, the poor handling and worse outcomes of this Rudd Government policy is counterproductive. It’s disgusting,” Senator Sue Boyce said.
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