Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Gladstone Region is being exploited by the State and Federal governments Senator Sue Boyce, Senator for Queensland, said today.

“There seems to be enough money to splash cash on everything, but vital infrastructure like Gladstone Airport. The State and Federal governments are happily pulling massive revenues out of Gladstone’s industrial development but they refuse to contribute a miserable $15m each to assist the council in delivering a first rate airstrip.

“It isn’t even a case of providing all the funding to improve the airport – the Council has poured $65m of its own funds already.

“It’s a simple case of exploitation.

“The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has determined that substantial safety improvements must be made to the Airport if it is to comply with current standards.

“Repairing the runway and keeping it at the current 1635 metre length provides for Q400, E170 and possibly E190 operations.

“Expanding the runway to 1915 metres will allow flights by the larger B737 and A320 aircraft.

“Whatever the outcome, security requirements will still require modification of the terminal for security and passenger screening.

“You can’t keep taking money out of the region without putting something back in, Senator Boyce said.

Senator Boyce is visiting the Gladstone region today and tomorrow.
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