Friday, April 24, 2009


Sick children have been excluded from the “education revolution” by the Rudd Labor Government, Senator Sue Boyce, Senator for Queensland, said today.

“Hospital schools in Queensland have been told they are ineligible to apply for funding through the National Secondary School Computer Fund.

“There are up to 120 students at hospital schools situated at the Royal Brisbane and the Mater on any given day.

“These schools cater for a wide variety of children, including long term sick children, siblings of sick children, and the children of adults from regional and rural Queensland undertaking treatment in Brisbane.

“The Rudd Government has told the hospital schools that they are ‘double dipping’ because the children are registered students at their normal school.

“These children are already suffering with illness. They are away from home and their school friends, and they are behind in their school work, so instead of making their lives a bit easier in hospital, the Rudd Labor Government has callously dismissed their need for computers.

“Minister Gillard needs to seriously look at this claim from the only two hospital schools in Queensland. If we can provide sick children attending these schools an opportunity to keep up with their education, then surely that has to be the most compassionate option.”
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