Thursday, April 30, 2009

Barack Obama at 100 Day Press Conference: Waterboarding Is Torture

ABC reporter Jake Tapper asked Barack Obama if the previous administration tortured. Obama answered that waterboarding is torture.
Why does Lord (I mean load) Obama keep saying he inherited an economic mess? The dem congress was in charge for the past two years and Obama voted YEA on Bush's budget request including funding the wars. He is just as guilty as anyone.
As far as his presser goes-ZZZZZZZZZZ!
He cannot answer a question either. If you think he can listen to the question asked by the BET reporter, you decide.
Obama press conferencesshould be considered torture!
The Swine flu will be his Katrina!
Political oppurtunist hack. Try to imagine that we just caught someone like Obama errr I mean Osama. You're telling me we're going to put him into a room with a bunch of CIA interrogators who are going to treat him like a police officer would treat some common criminal? You think threatening him with fail time is gonna make him spill teh beans on his buddies and plans? Give me a freaking break. We should let the CIA covertly do whatever it needs to do to terrorist leaders to protect our country.
Even with his teleprompters Obama comes across as a git who is perpetuating a blame game instead of addressing issues. I am proud that Bush was President and I feel Bush made good, sound decisions. I think Obama is an opportunist without an idea or agenda to address the issues at hand. - ed.
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