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Headlines Wednesday 10th December

No place here for “teachers” of murder and suicide
Piers Akerman
THERE is something fundamentally repulsive about religious extremists who rejoice in death.

The degree of revulsion towards such people is magnified when their teachings are directed toward children, the simple-minded and other impressionable individuals.

Sheik Feiz Mohammed is such an extremist.

He has targeted the young with his messages of hatred toward non-Muslims, and particularly Jews, and he has encouraged them to become jihadists prepared to die for his interpretation of Islam.

Now he is linked to a group called the Global Islamic Youth Centre which is attempting to build a huge Islamic school complex in Liverpool based on his abhorrent teachings.

As the most prominent spiritual leader of those behind the centre, is anything less to be expected?

Two years ago, this loathsome monster called on children to sacrifice themselves to Allah, describing Jews as ``pigs’’ and calling non-believers ``filth’’.

He has been in the past been associated with convicted terrorist ``Jihad’’ Jack Roche and several other terror suspects. - I have been to public schools and seen some reprehensible things. But I think that public schools mean well for their students. I think horrible things can happen in schools if the school leadership intend it.
I believe that the case of Hamidur Rahman is an example of negligence. But how would the justice system work if there were malice?
Jonestown in Guyana happened when the drug addled communist leader asked his flock to suicide. Only a few didn't. It was the leadership ..
I would not mind teaching in an Islamic school. I would object to working for such an extremist while being held down by laws that allow extremists to persecute conservatives while prosecuting their agenda.
I note that the ALP NSW attorney general had a pin up girl who liked cocaine. She was NSW young Australian of the Year. I think she was picked for her gender and her race .. but not her attitudes. - ed.

Mumbai with nukes
Andrew Bolt
Thomas Sowell warns that soon Islamist terrorists will be armed not with AK 47s but nuclear weapons:

Will the horrors unleashed by Islamic terrorists in Mumbai cause any second thoughts by those who are so anxious to start weakening the American security systems currently in place, including government interceptions of international phone calls and the holding of terrorists at Guantanamo?
China’s call
Andrew Bolt
It really is up to China, with a sixth of the world’s population, to decide whether the world’s carbon dioxide emissions rise or fall:
(Global warming policy advisor Ross) Garnaut shows that since 2000 developing nations accounted for 85per cent of emissions growth. Their emissions growth is eight times faster than that of industrialised nations. He forecasts that by 2030 China will be responsible for 33 per cent of emissions, the US 11 per cent and India 8per cent. Garnaut says that by 2030 China’s emissions will “easily exceed those of all developed and transition countries combined”.
Pick the killer’s best excuse
Andrew Bolt
This sentence seems unusually light, but it also throws an unusual light on modern justice:

The WA Supreme Court yesterday sentenced Mathew Roy McDonald, 22, to five years in jail for the manslaughter of pastoralist Bill John Rowe, 49, last year…

The Supreme Court heard the Rowe family had decided late on Christmas day to go to the beach to play a game of cricket with a new kit that Mr Rowe had given as a present to the family.
Rudd’s example
Andrew Bolt
Kevin Rudd doesn’t just preach hot air on global warming:

The Herald Sun can reveal The Lodge and Kirribilli House emitted 272 tonnes of carbon in just nine months.

It’s about 21 times more than an average household, which emits about 14 tonnes a year.
A strange way to fight homelessness
Andrew Bolt
The homeless at the Homeless World Cup have finally given this bizarre competition a point:

AT least 15 foreign soccer players who competed in the Homeless World Cup in Melbourne have lodged applications seeking asylum.
Greenshirts strike again
Andrew Bolt
Global warming is the new faith of people with the old totalitarian temptation. Latest example: the protesters who shut down a British airport, hurting thousands of people, to get some media attention for their absurdly apocalyptic opinions:

There was the grandson of a peer who served in Wilson’s Cabinet, a film animator and a hat designer, not to mention the undergraduates and postgraduate research students.

This was, in the words of one campaigner, “designer direct action”, and those taking part were adamant that there was no time to lose in tackling the peril of climate change. Tilly, 21, explained: “If we fail, it will be the people on this runway, and our children, who’ll live with the consequences.”

Inside the departure lounge would-be passengers were dealing with the more immediate consequences of her actions… Anita Kelleher was due to fly to Ireland for her father’s funeral, but her flight was cancelled: “His funeral is tonight, the Rosary is tonight. I’ve missed being at my dad’s Rosary tonight and I’m heartbroken.”

Mick Hume sums up:

Fifty posh-kid climate-change protesters, whose spokesperson was called Lily, hijacked the local campaign against the airport’s expansion.. (T)he self-righteous zealots of the Lily-ban must be among the least supportable protest movements in history, combining killjoy neo-Puritanism with the anti-democratic elitism of the cavaliers.
Choked by our stupidity
Andrew Bolt
THAT’S it. Joke’s over. Time to rescue this city from the do-nothing, finger-waggers that have done their damned best to choke it to death.

Yesterday crossed the line.

So I’m in my car on what’s laughably called the Monash Freeway, like it actually was free or fast.

Only this time I’m not crawling, but actually standing stock-still at Hawthorn because of some accident near the West Gate Bridge, many miles on the other side of this creaking city.

The radio’s telling me of delays on the Tullamarine Freeway, too, and on Dandenong and Warrigal Roads. It’s two hours plus into the city from Jackson’s Road, laughs a radio person in astonishment. Oh, and a burst water main has cut traffic somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Connex has cancelled a whole bunch of trains, again, and no one is going anywhere any time soon.

That’s when I hear this: “VicRoads is advising motorists to be patient.”

Patient? Patient? You’re advising me to just sit there and take it? - maybe a reason not to vote ALP? - ed
Jackman sticks jackboot into Oz
Andrew Bolt
HUGH Jackman has a funny way of selling Australia - both his movie and his country - to Americans.

I mean, likening us to Nazis?

Let’s check the transcript of the actor’s extraordinary rant this week on The View, a popular women’s TV chat show in the US hosted by Barbara Walters and Whoopie Goldberg.

And let’s check if, at the end of it, you’d want to see either the Baz Lurhmann movie in which Jackman stars or the evil country which spent $40 million on tourism ads meant to piggyback the film’s “success”.

The history of the “stolen generations”, burbled Jackman, was “at the heart” of Australia. He went on:

The stolen generation was a policy that was born out of eugenics. Eugenics in Europe, as we saw with Nazi Germany, was sort of popular at the time. This idea that if you mixed races or mixed breeds you lessened the blood or something and that you had an inferior human being, right?
New Zealand loses warming faith
Andrew Bolt
New Zealand’s new Climate Change Minister, Nick Smith, has asked a committee to have another look at the former government’s plans for an Emissions Trading Scheme. But this look may at last be more concerned with evidence than faith.

Smith has not only declared that ”the new government takes a more modest view of New Zealand’s role in the global efforts to tackle climate change”.
Save the teachers from the parents
Andrew Bolt
Are we really reduced to this?

Security guards were hired to watch over a grade 1 barbecue at a primary school in Melbourne’s outer north-east.

Hurstbridge Primary School principal Jan Shrimpton today confirmed the security presence, saying it had been necessary due to the “actions of a small number of parents’’....
Blame our drought on the sun, instead
Andrew Bolt
Robert Baker of the University of New England blames our drought on the sun, not man-made “global warming”.
How much for the kid?
Andrew Bolt
It’s wonderful how Kevin Rudd’s spend-spend-spend handouts are bringing poor families together:

ALCOHOLIC parents are driving hundreds of kilometres to dry Aboriginal communities to reclaim their previously abandoned children so they can legitimately claim welfare bonuses, a senior Kimberley indigenous leader claims
A licence to despise
Andrew Bolt
Discriminating against people because of their gender is now to be encouraged by law in mad Victoria:

DISCRIMINATION against dominant white males will soon be encouraged in a bid to boost the status of women, the disabled and cultural and religious minorities.

Such positive discrimination—treating people differently in order to obtain equality for marginalised groups - is set to be legalised under planned changes to the Equal Opportunity Act foreshadowed last week by state Attorney-General Rob Hulls…
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