Monday, December 22, 2008

Headlines Monday 22nd December

Murder: teen charged with train killing
A 16-year-old boy has been charged with murdering another teenager on a busy commuter train in Sydney's south-west....
'Cowardly' bikie gangs slammed over drive-by shootings
Bikie gangs are being told to stop 'fighting like little girls' as they resist moves for a peace deal to stop a recent spate of drive-by shootings....
PM defends Andrew O'Keefe's drunken night out
VIDEO: As video footage of Andrew O'Keefe's now infamous drunken night out emerges, Rudd has weighed into the debate over the 'Deal or No Deal' star.... - Rudd is a 'survivor' of bad personal choices. - ed.
Motorcyclist bashed with own helmet, bike stolen
A motorcylist has had his bike stolen in Sydney's south-west after being struck over the head with his own helmet....
Desperate Ponting ready to wield the axe
Captain Ricky Ponting says Australia need to think hard about making changes to their bowling attack after Sunday's six-wicket humiliation against South Africa in the first Test at the WACA....
2009 will be "even darker": IMF head
The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that the economic situation could get even worse in 2009 if governments fail to take firm enough action....
Warner Music's video clips pulled from YouTube
Warner Music Group's videos will no longer be available on YouTube due to a contract dispute between the music company and the popular video-sharing website, US media reported....
Iraq wants Aussies to get out
Australia’s forces have been told Iraq’s parliament wants them out by the end of the month, despite a push from Canberra to keep them in the country for another six months. - I feel the same way about Rudd. - ed.
Horror sex attack on 86-yr-old woman
An 86-year-old Townsville woman was hospitalised after being sexually assaulted by a home invader at the weekend.
Stressed nurses turning to prostitution
Overworked and underpaid nurses have turned to prostitution in Queensland as a survey shows nurses in the state "hate their jobs".

A mother of two has told the Courier Mail she left her job as a registered nurse after 10 years to work in a brothel.

Four of her colleagues did the same, she said.

"We could no longer work in such an understaffed and stressful environment," the woman – known as Jenna – said.

"I was overworked, poorly paid and a mistake could have led to charges if I caused a death.

"I came to the conclusion the nursing shortage wasn't my problem but it was my responsibility to protect myself from burning out or making a fatal mistake."
Hicks won't go back to Afghanistan: dad
Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner David Hicks has no intention of travelling back to Afghanistan, his father says.
This will cost
Andrew Bolt
The unintended consequences start now:

LANDLORDS could find it harder to evict tenants under a Rudd Government plan to combat homelessness...The Government will review the impact of without-grounds termination clauses on homelessness in state legislation and the lack of legislative protection for boarders and lodgers.
Grocery Unwatched
Andrew Bolt
How much did this fiasco of a stunt cost?

Just 100,000 hits were registered on the GroceryChoice site last month, down from 3.3 million in August.
Will Bryce get the Palin treatment?
Andrew Bolt
Rudd runs out of cash
Andrew Bolt
Spinning again:

KEVIN Rudd has resurrected his budget razor gang to slash government spending to counter the global financial crisis and ensure he can deliver his promise to boost pensions next year.

Rudd is cutting spending to counter the financial crisis? But haven’t reporters been announcing his plan after plan to boost spending to fight it instead? Indeed:

THE federal Government is introducing a $4.7 billion nation building plan to combat the affects of the global financial crisis, Kevin Rudd says.
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