Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Headlines Tuesday 30th December 2008

O’Farrell sharpens his fighting cabinet
Piers Akerman
THE state of NSW, the lead in federal Labor’s saddlebags, has just experienced a massive increase in weight. NSW Opposition leader Barry O’Farrell has delivered a considered reshuffle of shadow portfolios that reflects his grasp of his job and an understanding of the task he faces to unseat the Labor Government at the March 2011 elections.
Clearly it cannot come too soon for the long-suffering residents and taxpayers of the embattled state. - I think there is still a ways that the ALP can implode. It is good to hear about the positive steps that the Liberal party are taking. I get tired when a good policy from the libs gets butchered by journalists fighting tooth and nail for the ALP in government. I can recall a time when it was suggested that the ABC were balanced because they could criticise the ALP in government .. and now it is clear that has been lost. Too often good policy is laughed to the roadside.
Yet when Barry was asked the morning of Monday 29th on 2GB if he was planning to sell power in NSW he gave a reasoned, balanced response and was met with the incredulous questions which suggested that it could never be sold .. an ALP line. Power can be sold, when it is responsible to do so. Iemma was wrong for a fire sale attempt .. the ALP were wrong not to sell it in ‘96.
Thing is, the ALP have been so rusted on that when they go there is a danger that a fauning press will sell the idea that it was the last bunch that was bad .. when it is all bad.
I’ve just had a major break in my case. It is possible (not likely) I will take down the government. I think Barry is ready to lead. - ed.

US backs Israel's attack on Hamas, but Obama has no answers
Rebuffing Arab appeals, the United States on Monday gave its blessing to Israel's war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip but said it was working behind the scenes to forge a "durable ceasefire".
Woman gives birth after being turned away from hospital
Two women about to give birth have been turned away from Blue Mountains Hospital because of a staff shortage.
Bank robber leaves behind pay slip with name, address
A 40-year-old Chicago area man allegedly robbed a Chicago bank on Friday using a threatening note written on the back of his own pay slip, which was printed with his name and home address.
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