Friday, December 19, 2008

Headlines Friday 19th December

V-v-v-v-viva Las V-v-v-v-vegas
Andrew Bolt
Beautiful Sunset
What would you bet on snow in Las Vegas in this era of global warming?
Mad despair
Andrew Bolt

When green groups are this addicted to suicidal gloom, someone’s going to get hurt.
Coral blooms as warming fears wither
Andrew Bolt
Corals turn out to just love this global warming, after all:

Scientists say warm water and calm conditions have provided perfect conditions for the start of the coral spawning season along the Great Barrier Reef this week.

But some people just can’t let their hostage go:

Northern parts of the Great Barrier Reef is likely to suffer severe coral bleaching this summer, the conservation group WWF Australia warns.
Tunnelling to a financial disaster
Andrew Bolt
A mega rail tunnel from Footscray to Caulfield instinctively makes no sense. And building only half of it seems even more stupid - especially when it still costs more than three times the price of a dam
Rudd gets detention
Andrew Bolt
Will the Left now demonise Kevin Rudd as it did John Howard?

THE Rudd Government has been forced to open the $400 million detention centre on Christmas Island in an embarrassing admission it is struggling to cope with an influx of boat people…

The Age understands the Government was extremely reluctant to open the centre, because it sends a message it is losing the battle against people smugglers and validates the Howard Government’s decision to build it.
The 10 worst warming predictions
Andrew Bolt
GLOBAL warming preachers have had a shocking 2008. So many of their predictions this year went splat.

Here’s their problem: they’ve been scaring us for so long that it’s now possible to check if things are turning out as hot as they warned.

And good news! I bring you Christmas cheer - the top 10 warming predictions to hit the wall this year.

Read, so you can end 2008 with optimism, knowing this Christmas won’t be the last for you, the planet or even the polar bears.
Hows Baz blew our $80 million
Andrew Bolt
BAZ Luhrmann’s Australia may be drowning at the box office, but here’s one record it has set.

Never have Australian taxpayers wasted so much on a single work of art.

Australia, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, was actually made by a Hollywood studio, 20th Century Fox (under the same parent company as this newspaper).

It portrays Australia as viciously racist, has been panned by many critics and has so far returned just a third of its bloated $180 million budget after almost four weeks in the critical US market.

But somehow the Rudd Government and its funding agencies have blown some $80 million of taxpayers’ money on this duckling in tax write-offs, promotions and piggyback campaigns.

Need a comparison? That’s almost equal to the $105m annual budget the Rudd Government gave Screen Australia, its new super funding body for Australia’s entire film industry.
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