Monday, August 19, 2013

Jason Clare?

Six years ago I approached you about a serious matter and asked for your help. I am a constituent. You were running for your first time. You saw I had your campaign notepaper and remarked to your date that you hadn't considered that worthwhile until I walked up to you. You gave me your email contact and I sent you a sketch of the issue. You declined to involve yourself. On election day, we shook hands. I wished you well. You won in '07.

My matter is a serious one involving ALP back politics. As my member, I wasn't directing you to involve your office, but I wanted you to clear things up for me in the back rooms. Some of your corrupt mates were nervous that I was a whistleblower who had been shafted in a bungled pedophile inquiry. Nothing more might be heard of it, but it later played out that a child died from apparent school neglect as a result of the bungled pedophile investigation. Embarrassed Department of Education officers, along with major ALP identities, were targeting me with harassment. I have done nothing wrong, but resigned to speak out.

I sought you out because I had worked with your mother at school .. the one you went to. I met your brother who had, at the time, been a McDonalds manager. You are known as a future ALP leader.

After you did nothing for me, I took steps to move on. I became an Australian Citizen again. I reported the matter to the police again to maintain clean hands. I couldn't secure any work in or outside of my profession, but worked as a volunteer with refugees and taught ESL for free. I am a Math teacher by trade. I tutor when I can.

In 2010, I ran for your seat. Your campaign office did a deal with the local press. You were campaigning with Gillard, and so my issue was ignored by the papers because you were too busy to campaign. On one occasion, in Gillard's electorate, you are on video standing behind Gillard while she spoke of the dignity of work being a right. It was almost a direct insult.

I note you were were Education Secretary during the bungled BER. You were defence Appropriations Secretary when some Australian soldiers died after their equipment failed. You were Home Secretary announcing failed border protection policy. Impressively, you told the world it isn't compassionate to drown desperate people, making me wonder why your party did it. You announced a drugs inquiry and over half a year later no one is charged with performance enhancing drugs.

I won't run this election. I note when Gillard was still leader, your local campaign people walked around with Liberal coloured T Shirts. I will vote Liberal.
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