Monday, August 05, 2013

Early election leftwing spotting

I commented on ABC Gippsland because there were people saying how bad TA would's my comment and a reply. What do you think?

Jen Graham I cannot believe how many people there are who say they will vote for the most corrupt conniving govt. Australia has ever known. I was there when Whitlam was voted out and this situation is far worse. I was there when Keating was voted out and I didn't think it could get worse than that (our business went broke) but it is far worse. Wake up people leave labor in charge and nothing will save Australia. Think of our great country when you are voting.

Royce Moncur Simplistic Jen. The pendulum swings. Howard and Costello continued to sell our profitable assets to fund tax cuts [read ' bribes to voters'] and then went on to use the tax windfall from mining to buy votes. Meanwhile Labor comes in and builds up the social supports the community needs. This takes money... taxes. Then we reach a point where the debt level worries the uninformed and out they go. Get ready for the country to be shut down under Abbott. "Corrupt conniving".... apart from normal political push and shove, that's not true... or at least no difference between the parties. Get some balance.
Also from Royce, 

Royce Moncur
I'm prophet... I can tell the future. Tony wins. Amazingly finds a 'black hole'... can't quite manage to do all the things he promised. Turns out he wasn't a liar because 'circumstances have changed'.... the boats can't be turned back because it isn't 'safe'.... the 'carbon tax' is repealed and a 'direct action CO2' tax takes it's place... He isn't a 'bitch' because... well .... he's a man.... the deficit might take a few more years to bring back to black... it will be all the fault of the last mob... even in three years it will still be all the fault of the last mob... hospitals, schools, police, army, courts will start to run down because we 'had to make cuts'....again all the fault of the last mob... the economy will slow to a crawl because spending has stopped and programs have stalled...and then ...there is the maternity leave at based on your nice big wage paid for by big business... sure.... that'll happen.... no... I mean that will happen.... I think. Andrew Bolt will conduct some in depth interviews with Tony pointing out some selected facts he found in the back of an alternative science book somewhere. I'm sure that he will be gentle no matter how much Tony has stuffed up. Anyway... What am I saying, Tony will fix things up because Australia is in a really bad way. Of course I'm only a novice, trainee prophet, so I might be wrong... and Labor might get back in... and.... well... I don't want to be negative, but I'd like to see some care taken this time around. It was all a bit messy the last six years.
Irene Wilk Very well put, Royce. Lets see whose grizzling when they lose jobs, power still gets dearer and they don't even have penalty rates to pay for the rising rent and food costs!

Irene Wilk Can I share this?

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