Tuesday, September 04, 2012


THE NEXT TIME a Moslem says that Islam respects women, gives her equal rights, and treats her like a jewel or princess, post these videos….
Moslem girl beaten and stomped to death while surrounded by Moslem men taking snapshots and videos….

“You can beat her but not in the face because you cannot hit an animal in the face”
Wife Beating in Islam - No more than 10 blows!
Wife Beating as instructed in Quran is a God given Right of Muslim Men
“Do not leave bruises”…How can you beat a woman without leaving any bruises??
How To Beat Your Child Bride
“Allah honors women by calling for them to be beaten”
“A man will not be asked as to why he is beating his wife”
“Beatings are part of Islamic Law and part of the Qur’ans teachings”
Spanish imam 'incited men to beat wives'
 — with Channie Kahan.

I'd be happy if senior Islamic spokespeople denied this .. and terror.

DDB The us vs them rhetoric is strong here. Where is the respect? Where is the strength of 'our' way? Try and speak clearly without swearing and denigrating. Of course there is a moral high ground .. exercise it or lose support.

The age of Atheism 
because the way of most religions exclude the non religious. also if you live in a religiously dominated country, but its not you faith, you will be discriminated against. obviously i think all religion should peacefully cease there operati
ons, for the good of humanity. secular law is the only way we can all live peacefully. the fact is religions cannot handle the fact they wont have a role in government, so we get stupid political wars that are now almost out of control. i am in no doubt these are religiously influenced, keeping the faith strong in both sets of believers.

DDB Both sets? Not all sets? Is Atheism a faith? If it is, should Atheists have more say than other faiths. If it isn't, should it dictate to the faithful? I respectfully point out that secular government administration separating church and state is a creation of Christian peoples on biblical grounds. Their arguments were faithful, compelling and far better argued than your case put here.

The age of Atheism 
well obviously as this is a brief discussion on a page on facebook!
secular law allow everything to challenged and discussed by any person without fear or persecution. and im not sure where you live but at least in the uk we have 23 minist
ers, bishops etc in the house of lords! this obviously means that religious influence is still rife in the modern, western world! And america is far worse! my point is that the only way we can progress is by rights and not rhetoric, and by discussion not scripture. there will always be ground onto which religion will claim one thing that non religious will say is irrelevant. consider stem-cell research, with it we could cure most diseases, replace organs without donors and recuperate stroke victims to full health! but this research has been hindered and harassed by the religious, setting us back years and costing so many lives in the process. and thats not even starting on religious wars! yes you might have guessed it, but i think ( among other things) that 9/11 and the events following it, were propagated in order to fan the dying flames of faith into a roaring blaze of personal affront at alternative views and a truly us vs them culture in regards to what you believe. the funny/tragic thing is, even though it is 2 religious groups that are fighting (i.e. xtians and muslims) guess who gets most hated? thats right...... ATHEISTS! cos we think its all rubbish!

but i will definatly agree with any religious perso that wants to separate church and state!

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