Sunday, September 30, 2012

Community gave permission to kill?

From Larry Pickering ..


Okay, I always seem to be on the outer regarding these things but my original question still stands. What the hell were the Victoria Police doing?

This germ Bayley had at least 16 convictions for violent rape that we know of and was prematurely out on parole. He was a person well-known to police and there had been a rash of rape reports in inner Melbourne suburbs prior to Jill’s murder.

The backpacker who was raped in StKilda, only last month, would have given police an excellent description of a ginger-headed man. Police even issued an identikit pic.

But when Jill went missing, and fears were held for her safety, the police made public a copy of a bridal shop’s CCT video and asked for the public’s assistance.

That police cars didn’t immediately arrive at Bayley’s address demanding alibis is astounding. And where the hell was his parole officer?

A report obtained by the Herald Sun, written two years ago, recommended that "immediate priority" be given to fixing a Victorian Police problem: The report revealed 11 parolees were charged with murder between July 1, 2008, and November 17, 2010. What the hell has been going on here?

The police report, marked "Protected" and written by Detective Acting Inspector Mark Newlan, warned the problem exposed Victoria Police to "legitimate criticism by the media and the broader community" and significant damage to the force's reputation.

Screw the force’s “reputation”! What about the public’s safety?

Premier Baillieu said at the time, "We've known about the problems, but particular problems in regards to parolees, the failure of Victoria Police, I’ve read about those over the last 24 hours," he said.

"I think like most Victorians I'm shocked that basic information like this has not been available. Police should have available to them all the information about parolees, indeed any breaches of parolees ought to be addressed very promptly.

"I am appalled, I am shocked, I can only say we will deal with this problem," he said.

Police Association Secretary Greg Davies said the parolees charged with murder should not have been let out of jail early in the first place.

"Why are these people on parole? How can the Parole Board get it so wrong that they allow these people to be released early from jail?" Mr Davies told the Herald Sun.

The Victorian Police have been accepting of praise for work well done but why wasn’t this known serial rapist parolee in their sights long before this tragedy?

No wonder the Victorian Police asked Jill’s husband to tell everyone not to discuss the matter.

Melbourne residents have not been safe for years and had no way of knowing.

A close friend of mine once encountered a man of Bayley’s ilk.

This man broke into my friend's home in Sydney and raped his mother in front of his 10 year old sister and 4 year old brother.
My friend was not home at the time.

This man then brutally murdered the two children in front of their bound mother, then murdered the mother.

This man, too, was on parole.

After his incarceration for this offence he escaped and promptly raped two 17 year old girls.

He was imprisoned again. He was then allowed to send the two distraught girls a Xmas card each.

There is no relief for my friend because this man continuously applies for further parole requiring submissions from the family and reopening fresh wounds that can’t ever heal.

There is a sick delight for these type of people in antagonising their victims while enjoyably re-living the details of their crimes.

Requests for legal/political correctness fall on deaf ears.

If the ridiculous notion that the Bayleys of this world could ever be set free to murder again, it would be me who would be promptly charged with murder, and with no regrets, because this man’s face is tatooed on my brain.

His name is Cribb. My Friend’s name is Garry.
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