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Anonymous ALP Wikipedia Users

N.b. the user pretends they are apolitical yet they aren't. They post discredited lies about conservatives. 


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Disgusting... every single last word.

Debt: Does getting a personal or business bank loan mean i'm living outside of my means? If Australia's debt to GDP ratio remains one of the lowest in the world, does that mean Australia is living out of its means? People like Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce seem to fail to grasp this. They also fail to grasp that the Coalition said their proposed stimulus plan would have also put is in to debt, just "not as much". And according to Abbott, climate change is crap and we need direct action to combat it, not a simple tax that he suggested in 2009 before Gillard did. Notice some big logic gaps here on their two big criticisms?

Victorian state election, 2014 - only half way through the first term of government and already the leader is on minus approval ratings - LOL!!!

Ratings agency Moody's says there is nothing surprising in the federal budget and has no reason to change its outlook for Australia's AAA credit rating ... and said the budget maintained Australia's financial discipline.[1]
We even hear this positivity from Abbott when he's overseas addressing overseas people. But at home? A completely different and disingenuous story is being told, and built on by News Ltd. It is a shame.

Abbott harks back to the Howard days as if they served the country well. They didn't.

What did a current Liberal Premier say recently?
people should do without their Foxtel and air-conditioners before whining about electricity prices[2]
Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is how the Liberal Party are when they're in power. But as far as backflips go, I guess Abbott has had the most practice... here's a nice paraphrase: "Climate change is crap and we need direct action to combat it, not a simple tax that I suggested in 2009 before Gillard did!"

The opposition and media go to the extraordinary lengths of claiming the government has killed people and houses have burnt down as a result of the stimulus, when infact the pink batts program actually drove the statistics down. Where's the articles now? Are the batts really burning? No, but the right-wing media are.

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