Sunday, July 03, 2011

What the Lord has done in me

By Your Side is the eighth album in the live praise and worship series of Praise & Worship by Hillsong Church.

Making of the album

By Your Side was recorded live at the Hills Christian Life Centre building (now known as the Hillsong Church Hub auditorium) by Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong team.

Album design

By Your Side cover artwork features the title using the font Trajan Pro. The title uses different versions and weights of the font. This album cover shows images of Darlene Zschech and is also the first to show Reuben Morgan on the cover (he appears five times more on For This Cause, Blessed, Hope, For All You've Done, Mighty to Save, and A Beautiful Exchange as well as the back cover of Saviour King).

The majority of the songs were written by Reuben Morgan & Darlene Zschech

Marty Sampson, Russell Fragar, Raymond Badham, Miriam Webster, Luke Munns & Aran Puddle contributed to songs also.

This is the first official Hillsong Live Album to feature songs contributed from Hillsong United. "My Redeemer Lives" and "Your Unfailling Love" were also on the Hillsong United album "One".

Track listing

  1. "My Redeemer Lives" (Reuben Morgan) - 4:08
  2. "Great in Power" (Russell Fragar) - 3:24
  3. "I Feel Like I'm Falling" (Raymond Badham) - 5:28
  4. "Your Unfailing Love" (Reuben Morgan) - 6:27
  5. "Dwelling Places" (Miriam Webster) - 5:05
  6. "What the Lord Has Done in Me" (Reuben Morgan) - 4:59
  7. "Sing of Your Great Love" (Darlene Zschech) - 8:25
  8. "By Your Side" (Marty Sampson) - 4:47
  9. "In Freedom" (Aran Puddle) - 3:26
  10. "You Said" (Reuben Morgan) - 4:33
  11. "Stay" (Luke Munns) - 8:27
  12. "Eagle's Wings" (Reuben Morgan) - 6:29
  13. "Free to Dance" (Darlene Zschech) - 4:15
  14. "This Is How We Overcome" (Reuben Morgan) - 3:48

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