Thursday, February 24, 2011

US Campaign for Burma request

Inspire Through Art

It's time to vote! We are excited to share with you the creative and inspiring designs we received for the Free Burma Design contest. Kudos to those who submitted their artwork to inspire millions to join our Free Burma movement. Now it's time to start voting for your favorite designs!

The designs are posted in the Photo section of our Facebook page, where you can vote by 'Liking" your favorite designs. Voting begins today, Wednesday, February 23 through March 2.

The four designs with the highest number of 'Likes' will be reproduced on campaign materials such as stickers, mugs and t-shirts. Due to the relatively fewer numbers of designs submitted in some categories, we did away with themes. All designs are represented with the four with the highest votes winning. The winning artists will each receive a $100 prize, plus a free t-shirt featuring their design. The winners will also be recognized on our website.

You can vote ("Like") as many designs as you want. Encourage others to vote and share our USCB Facebook Page and get a few extra votes for your favorite designs!

As shown in Tunisia, Egypt, and now Libya, the power of the people, when inspired to participate and protest against injustice, has the ability to topple seemingly invincible regimes. The youth across the Arab world have ignited the fire for freedom and democracy and they have renewed hope for thousands of Burmese youth who have been fighting against one of the world's most brutal military dictatorships. Using music and art, many Burmese youth, like their counterparts in the Middle East, have shown creative defiance while refusing to be complacent and oppressed.

Please continue your support for activism through art and vote for your favorite design today.

In solidarity,

Nadi Hlaing

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