Friday, February 18, 2011

Culture .. reach for your gun ..

A vote for ALP is a vote for Racism.
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  • Warwick Poulsen Drawing a long bow there, Dave.
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  • David Daniel Ball
    You need to read the article to know if I were .. Bowen has raised this issue now after Gillard buried it in the election and then "Labor has not only noisily revisited the dismal and divisive multicultural policy, it has resuscitated the moribund multicultural council and promised to establish a national anti-racism strategy.

    It doing so, it is sending the signal that the ALP believes Australians are racist and newcomers need government protection.

    That we are the problem, not those who refuse to learn English and render themselves unemployable, those who cling to tribal culture, those who reject Western culture and values.

    This is Labor’s strategy to win the ethnic vote now, just as the discredited Al Grassby sought to do for Whitlam nearly 40 years ago."

    I reject the view that Australians are generally racist.
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  • Warwick Poulsen There has been a lot of progress, but don't be naive.The struggle against racism (in other words, the struggle for a culture that is empathic to ALL humans) is not likely to become unnecessary for a good long time to come.
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  • David Daniel Ball How about the struggle against racism (in other words the struggle against those who demean and diminish those according to their race)? I find that struggle achievable and compelling so long as they don't get sidetracked by those shifting goalposts to include the impossible.
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  • Carl Cord Race is not Culture; why do people confuse the two?
    about an hour ago ·
  • David Daniel Ball because cultural division is no less relevant and pervasive.
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  • Carl Cord People have a beef with multiculturalism, not the race, there is a muddling of the issue to load it up, why is that? To sabotage open and public debate of the matter?
    about an hour ago ·
  • David Daniel Ball
    Because the issue of picking on someone for being black or for being Somalian or for being dressed in Islamic garb is the same issue. It is related to fear, but it isn't the same as fear .. it is hatred. Multiculturalism is an attempt to face such hatred, as is cultural pluralism.
    I feel Multiculturalism fails while cultural pluralism works. To claim there isn't an issue with part of the debate is to misread what is happening.
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  • David Daniel Ball I would add that ALP policy is divisive and racist .. culturally divisive as well as racially divisive.
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  • Carl Cord
    ‎"Because the issue of picking on someone for being black or for being Somalian or for being dressed in Islamic garb is the same issue"
    You are mixing race with culture. It is not the same issue, would anyone pick on an African-American, when he shares the same culture yet is of a different race? By that people Chinese descent who have anglo-saxon values? This is basically an issue of the individual with poor education and their personal prejudices.

    " Multiculturalism is an attempt to face such hatred, as is cultural pluralism. "
    I think you are reading your own mind into what multiculturalism should be. I see for the Aussies, to destroy their culture inch by inch, for Labor, bureaucrats and its academics to build a career out of it. Plus attack debaters to shut own debate and label them as racists, despite debating culture and not race. Debate is derailed when Race and Culture are treated as one and the same.

    "I feel Multiculturalism fails while cultural pluralism works"
    I think this breaks down when other cultures don't value what you value such as the cliche motherhood words "DIVERSITY AND TOLERANCE".
    Race and Culture are not synonymous with each other, at best this is basic misunderstanding and at worst at an attempt to obfuscate and confuse debate to silence it. A misrepresentation in other words.
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  • Warwick Poulsen Cultural pluralism IS Multiculturalism. As for the rest of what you're saying, you have offered no evidence for the alleged "racism" in the ALP's multicultural policy. None. Now: if you had hammered the Gillard Govt for pandering to the same XENOPHOBIA that the Howard Govt exploited so ruthlessly in Australia's recent mandatory detention policies, you'd have no argument from me. But you (and Piers) don't have a leg to stand on on this one.
    14 minutes ago ·
  • Jane McDonnell There is no such thing as positive discrimination.
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  • David Daniel Ball
    Carl, my argument stands and the way you deny it, by saying it is not possible by definition flies in the face of the example .. it exists. I get it that there are some, like Oldfield, who would like to denounce any mixing of race or culture, and cultural pluralism. I on the other hand embrace it .. I am after all a product of it.
    Jane is right. There is no positive discrimination.
    Big, I get it you want to deny the existence of cultural pluralism by putting it in the same basket as multiculturalism .. it means you can make the assertion I haven't addressed any issues or given any examples because I seem to be both embracing and opposing multiculturalism. But in fact that is a semantic construct you have. My arguments work if you accept the demarcation. Culture is related to many things, including upbringing. Multiculture is a meta concept which is absurd in expression .. no one is a child of more than one culture, although they may lean from a culture towards others. Hence multiculturalism is an absurdism, but cultural pluralism is a desirable state.
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