Monday, June 01, 2009


Federal public servants will receive $544 a week from the Paid Parental Leave Scheme plus their existing generous paid maternity leave of 12 weeks on full pay including superannuation.

Under questioning by Senator Sue Boyce during Senate Estimates last night, the Department of FaHCSIA confirmed that all public servants would get two lots of benefits meaning taxpayers will pay twice for women having babies in the public service.

“Women in the private sector will get $544 a week if they earn less than $150,000 a year and pay full tax on this amount. They will not receive superannuation payments.

“But at taxpayers’ expense, Federal public servants will receive this benefit as an extra,” Senator Boyce said.

“I’ve asked FaHCSIA how much this is likely to cost taxpayers next year. I’m sure the scheme for women who receive nothing right now could be more generous if the double dipping was stopped,” Senator Boyce said.

Earlier in Estimates, FaCHSIA confirmed that its staff received superannuation between 12.5% and 24% compared to the 9% received by most Australian workers.

The Rudd Labor Government has announced a Paid Parental Leave Scheme will start in 2011.The Government ignored Productivity Commission recommendations to pay superannuation for primary caregivers taking leave.

FaHCSIA staff superannuation scheme recipients:
Under CSS Super is 24% - 288 recipients
Under PSSAP Super is 15.4% - 1016 recipients
Under PSS Super is 12.5% - 2078 recipients
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