Saturday, June 27, 2009

Headlines Saturday 27th June 2009

China quarantines Aussie students
Fifteen Victorian students have been quarantined in Shanghai because of a swine flu alert.

Swine flu toll reaches five
A Perth woman has become Australia's fifth swine flu victim. - apparently none of the deaths are from swine flu, but the patients had it. - ed.

10 arrested in Kings Cross drug bust
10 people have been arrested following a two day crackdown on drugs by Kings Cross police.

Innocent grandfather killed in gunfight
He safely driven millions of kilometres in his long career as a truckie, but Canberra grandfather Bob Knight had no chance against the stray bullet that killed him as he drove past a Sydney gunfight.

"Criminal doctors killed Michael"
A close friend of Michael Jackson has said "criminal" doctors who took advantage of the star's hypochondria are responsible for his death.

Jackson's death not foul play
Initial autopsy reports have ruled out foul play in the sudden death of pop icon Michael Jackson.

$100,000 reward for murder information
Police looking into the murder of a drug dealer with links to two notorious bikie gangs are offering $100,000 in exchange for information.

Soldier killed in armoured car crash
A soldier has died after an armoured personnel carrier in which he was travelling rolled during training exercises at the Puckapunyal army base north of Melbourne.

Armed robber holds up CBA in Syd west
A man has escaped with cash, after threatening a bank teller during an armed robbery in Sydney’s......
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The legendary "King of Pop" dies. As new details emerge & information breaks, we're LIVE on the scene!

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Tim Blair
Not wanting to overdo it here on all the celebrity deaths, but it would be wrong to miss the passing of Harry the Wonder Dog. Also, here are two excellent Michael Jackson obits – written from opposing points of view – by Ray Smuckles and Mark Steyn.
Tim Blair
Climate change is stomping West Timor, according to a review of all available data:
Oxfam’s West Timor program manager Aloysius Suratin said there was evidence the problem was growing worse, as farmers were at the mercy of more unpredictable weather patterns.
About that evidence; how many years were reviewed, exactly?
Mr Suratin said a review of the area’s rainfall records for the past 13 years – the limits of available data – showed only 46 per cent fell in the expected rainy season.
Tim Blair
“Walked past the fantastic Abbey’s Bookstore in York Street yesterday, where they were holding a big annual sale, clearing out old stock,” emails James Morrow. “And what do you think they had the most remaindered, can’t-give-them-away copies of? James Lovelock’s The Revenge of Gaia!”
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